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Related Manuals for Cambium PTP 700 Series

Page 69 Chapter 1: Product description System management • Read Only • System Administrator Read Only and System Administrator users are associated with fixed views allowing access to the whole of the MIB, excluding the objects associated with SNMPv3 security. System Administrators have read/write access as defined in the standard and proprietary MIBs. Web-based management of SNMPv3 security allows an operator to define the security levels and protocols for each of the security roles.


In order to work properly, straight-through Ethernet cables must be terminated with the same pin configurations on either end. Two different wiring standards exist for wired Ethernet: T568A (A wiring) and T568B (B wiring). A and B wiring offer the same electrical properties and either standard can be used. StarTech.com uses the T568B wiring standard for all of the straight-through Ethernet cables.

Overview Of The Ptp 700 Series

Chapter 1: Product description System management System management This section introduces the PTP 700 management system, including the web interface, installation, configuration, alerts and upgrades. Management agent PTP 700 equipment is managed through an embedded management agent. Management workstations, network management systems or PCs can be connected to this agent using a choice of in-band or out-of-band network management modes.


Input from GPS receiver or from the daisy-chained SYNC OUT signal of another PTP-SYNC. SYNC OUT Output to daisy-chained PTP-SYNC units.

Flat network cable vs standard

Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) network. Further reading For information about. Refer to. How to plan networks Chapter 3: System planning, or contact your Cambium distributor or re-seller. TDD synchronization PTP 670 supports three hardware options for TDD Synchronization: Page 1-26.


Cat6 flat network cable

For details of how to install the capability upgrades, refer to Generating license keys on page Software License Key page on page 6-11. Table 6 Capability upgrades available for PTP 700 Series ODUs Cambium description (*1) Part number PTP 700 128-bit AES Encryption – per END (*2) C000070K001A PTP 700 256-bit AES Encryption.

One arrestor is required per antenna cable. One example of a compatible lightning arrestor is the Polyphaser LSXL-ME or LSXL (not supplied by Cambium Networks).


HOWEVER it is the customer experience that make this company a cut above. Shipping was fast using USPS got me the cable in two days.

Chapter 3: System planning Site planning Site planning This section describes factors to be considered when planning the proposed link end sites, including grounding, lightning protection and equipment location for the ODU, PSU and PTP- SYNC unit (if installed). Grounding and lightning protection Warning Electro-magnetic discharge (lightning) damage is not covered under warranty.


Spectrum management measurements The PTP 670 Series performs two mean signal measurements per TDD cycle, per channel. This mean measurement represents the mean received signal power for the 40 microsecond measurement period.

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Page 282 Chapter 4: Legal and regulatory information Compliance with radio regulations The PTP 700 takes into account the antenna gain and cable loss configured by the professional installer in the web-based interface to limit the EIRP to ensure regulatory compliance. No additional action is required by the installer to reduce transmitter power in band edge channels.

Chapter 1: Product description System management Network management IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces The PTP 700 ODU contains an embedded management agent with IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces. Network management communication is exclusively based on IP and associated higher layer transport and application protocols. The default IPv4 address of the management agent is 169/254/1.1.


The word “Documentation” refers to electronic or printed manuals and accompanying instructional aids licensed to you. The word “Product” refers to Cambium Networks’ fixed wireless broadband devices for which the Software and Documentation is licensed for use.

Instead of plastic, consider a material like gold-plated metal. Durable and strong, these connectors also offer better speeds and connectivity. The gold plating also helps prevent rust and corrosion from forming, which can be a problem with lower-quality metals like steel.


Page 285 Chapter 4: Legal and regulatory information Compliance with radio regulations The maximum transmitter power in band edge channels for the FCC 5/8 GHz band is listed in Table 112. Réduction de puissance aux bords de la bande 5/8 GHz La Puissance isotrope rayonnée équivalente (PIRE) est limitée dans les canaux en bord de la bandes lorsque le PTP 700 est configuré.

This authentic Cat8 ethernet cable is available in lengths ranging from three feet to 100 feet. You can also choose a limited number of two-packs (6 ft. + 6 ft. or 10 ft. + 10 ft, for instance). The bright orange ends are highly visible, and the gold-plated connectors ensure better performance while resisting corrosion or rust. The FM-PE coating is suitable for indoor, in-wall, and outdoor use, as well.


Chapter 1: Product description FIPS 140-2 mode FIPS 140-2 mode This section describes the (optional) FIPS 140-2 cryptographic mode of operation. PTP 700 provides an optional secure cryptographic mode of operation validated to Level 2 of Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Publication 140-2. FIPS 140-2 approved mode PTP 700 operates in the FIPS 140-2 approved mode whenever a validated version of the special FIPS software is installed in the PTP 700 ODU.

Page 190 Chapter 3: System planning Security planning • RADIUS authentication disabled. Caution Configure all of the above correctly to ensure that PTP 600 is operating in compliance with the FIPS 140-2 validation. Further reading For information about. Refer to. Generating security material for the HTTPS/TLS Planning for HTTPS/TLS operation on page interface.


Chapter 3: System planning Planning for connectorized units Planning for connectorized units This section describes factors to be taken into account when planning to use connectorized ODUs with external antennas in PTP 700 links. When to install connectorized units The majority of radio links can be successfully deployed with the integrated antenna in the Connectorized+Integrated ODU.

Page 267 Chapter 4: Legal and regulatory information Cambium Networks end user license agreement within a display generated by the Derivative Works, if and wherever such third-party notices normally appear. The contents of the NOTICE file are for informational purposes only and do not modify the License.


Chapter 3: System planning TDM network planning TDM network planning This section describes factors to be considered when planning PTP 700 TDM networks. Caution If the ODU port has negotiated a link at 100BASE-T, the NIDU will not send or receive TDM data, and will not bridge customer data traffic.

Aux port to the second data service at the other end of the link. Layer two control protocols The Second Data Service in the PTP 670 Series is transparent to layer two control protocols (L2CP) including: •.


Updates are available for download at the support website. Major features may be available from time to time for an additional license fee. If Cambium Networks makes available to you major features and no other end user license agreement is provided, then the terms of this Agreement will apply.

Since we only sell our cables on the Web we do not have the expenses and overhead required to run a brick-and-mortar store. The second reason is that we manufacture our own cables. Brand-name cables are well-known for being overpriced while our cables have the exact same technical specifications.


CAT5e Clear Boot Patch Cord

Further reading For information about. Refer to. How to plan for SNMPv1/2c Planning for SNMP operation.

Some regional variants of PTP 670 are locked to a single country of operation. For the remaining regional variants, use the Cambium Networks Support Centre to obtain a country- specific license key for the country of operation. Country-specific license keys are automatically populated with the list of regulatory bands allowed in that country.


Caution Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Cambium Networks could void the user’s authority to operate the system. Caution For the connectorized version of the product and in order to reduce potential radio.

Use weatherproof connectors, preferably ones that are supplied with adhesive lined heat shrink sleeves that are fitted over the interface between the cable and connector. Order CNT-400 RF cable and N type male connectors from Cambium Networks (Table 14).


PTP 700 provides optional encryption using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Encryption is not available in the standard PTP 700 system. AES upgrades are supplied as an access key purchased from your Cambium Point-to-Point distributor or solutions provider. The access key authorizes AES operation for one ODU. Two access keys are needed to operate AES on a link.

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Chapter 2: System hardware Power supply units (PSU) PSU part numbers Order PSUs and (for AC power) line cords from Cambium Networks (Table 11). Table 11 Power supply component part numbers Cambium description Cambium part number PTP 650/700 AC+DC Enhanced Power Injector.


Our shielded Cat5e patch cables are specialty network cables that offer protection from EMI interference that is often present when running near power. In order to receive maximum benefit from shielded patch (see page) cables your entire network needs to be shielded. Shielded patch cables often connect computers to devices such as cable modems, routers, patch panels, hubs, and switches. It features a molded boot that protects the connector from being damaged during installation, shielded twisted pair to prevent crosstalk, and large bandwidth, 350 Mhz, to distribute data with low return loss.

With regard to the copy made for backup or archival purposes, you agree to reproduce any Cambium Networks copyright notice, and other proprietary legends appearing thereon. Such copyright notice(s) may appear in any of several forms, including machine-readable form, and you agree to reproduce such notice in each form in which it appears, to the extent it is physically possible to do so.


Chapter 2: System hardware Outdoor unit (ODU) Outdoor unit (ODU) ODU description One ODU is required for each link end. The ODU is a self-contained transceiver unit that houses both radio and networking electronics. Hardware platform variants PTP 700 ODUs are available in two different hardware platform variants: •.

Network Router Cambium PTP 670 Series User Manual

HTTPS/TLS operation is configured through the web-based interfaces using the Security Wizard. Note The PTP 700 has no default public key certificate, and Cambium Networks is not able to generate private keys or public key certificates for specific network applications. Note PTP 700 supports a single public key certificate for HTTPS.


FT Fully Loaded Serial Cable - DB9 F/F

One of the most affordable options on our list (when purchased in bulk), the Zosion Cat8 ethernet cable offers lots of benefits. Choose from black or white and get gold-plated connectors with either option. The connectors also feature an anti-snag design, as well as a long tail to make installation easier (although this may actually be a hindrance when installed in tight spaces). Note that unlike some Cat8 ethernet cable manufacturers, Zosion does not include cable clips with the purchase.

In order to comply with these FCC requirements, Cambium supplies variants of the PTP 700 for operation in the USA or Canada. These variants are only allowed to operate with license keys that comply with FCC/IC rules.


6FT USB to DB9 Serial Converter Cable

The FIRST road-worthy, dependable, verified Ethernet cables which combine long-term reliability and unsurpassed handling characteristics with critical data integrity just got better! Now greater data integrity and noise reduction characteristics are but two hallmarks of the recently upgraded ProPlex CAT5e (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=207) cables.

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Available in white or black, the Cat8 ethernet cable from Kasimo is well suited for connecting switches, routers, and modems. Measuring just two feet, it is perfect for those tight fits where you don’t want a lot of excess cable is visible. It also features gold-plated connectors and a snag-free design for better usability.

Flat ethernet cable vs round

Chapter 1: Product description Wireless operation HCMP topology In the HCMP wireless topology, PTP 670 always uses the Group Access method. The Master and Slave ODUs must all share the same Group ID. Note The configured Access Method provides effective protection against an accidental attempt to form a link with the wrong remote unit.


Chapter 1: Product description Ethernet bridging Further reading For information about. Refer to. Relationship between synchronous TDM description on page 1-33 Ethernet and TDM Availability of synchronous Ethernet Capability upgrades on page 1-51 Relationship between synchronous Additional port allocation rules on page 3-44 Ethernet and Ethernet port allocation.

Leviton's shielded connectivity products include a 1RU/24-port patch panel with cable management bar, and CAT5E (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=10000) and CAT6 shielded connectors and shielded patch cords. These shielded products protect critical data from EMI (electromagnetic interference), which is known to degrade, disrupt, or even interrupt connectivity. Electromechanical devices, such as computers, electric motors, fluorescent lighting and cell phones cause this type of interference. These shielded Leviton solutions are ideal wherever interference can occur, and are especially useful in healthcare and manufacturing facilities.


PTP 700 AC+DC Enhanced Power Injector, the PTP 800 AC-DC Power Supply Converter or another source. Figure 34 NIDU Note To enable E1 or T1 capability over a PTP 700 link, purchase one access key for each link end from Cambium Networks (ODU capability upgrades on page 2-8).

Chapter 3: System planning Security planning • Login(1): Read Only • Administrative(6): System Administrator • NAS Prompt(7): Read Only If the auth-role and service-type attributes are absent, PTP 700 selects the Read Only role. The auth-role vendor-specific attribute is defined in Table Table 64 Definition of auth-role vendor-specific attribute Field.


About This User Guide Security advice Security advice Cambium Networks systems and equipment provide security parameters that can be configured by the operator based on their particular operating environment. Cambium recommends setting and using these parameters following industry recognized security practices.

Chapter 3: System planning Configuration options for TDD synchronization Single link configuration with PTP-SYNC Each link requires one PTP-SYNC unit connected to the master ODU and one compatible GPS receiver. Use this configuration where a site contains only one TDD master ODU. The GPS receiver and LPU can be replaced by an alternative compatible 1 Hz timing reference (Figure 49).


You can use these cables to connect your computer modem or router. Most household networks and internet connection devices use Cat5e (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=8622).

USB 2.0 Cable A to B M/M - 3 FT by Networx®

Page 54 Chapter 1: Product description Ethernet bridging Further reading For information about. Refer to. Relationship between IEEE 1588-2008 Transparent TDM description on page 1-33 Clock and TDM Availability of IEEE 1588-2008 Transparent Clock Capability upgrades on page 1-51 Relationship between IEEE 1588-2008 Transparent Additional port allocation rules on page Clock and Ethernet port allocation.

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  • RJ45 Cat5e Shielded Connector - 8P8C - Solid Cable - 10 Pack

Chapter 1: Product description Wireless operation The Master ODU includes an Ethernet bridging function with address learning to forward Ethernet data traffic via a wireless link to the appropriate Slave, based on the destination address of the end-station reached through the Slave. Traffic with broadcast or unknown unicast destination address is duplicated in the Master and forwarded on each of the links separately.


Chapter 1: Product description Wireless operation Authentication and authorization in TLS PSK 128-bit or TLS PSK 256-bit occur as a single step, based on the secret pre-shared key. Both ends of the link must be configured for the same key size.

Page 45 The PTP 700 Series does not generate or respond to any L2CP traffic. Quality of service for bridged Ethernet traffic The PTP 700 Series supports eight traffic queues in the Data Service for Ethernet frames waiting for transmission over the wireless link. Ethernet frames are classified by inspection of.


Chapter 2: System hardware GPS receiver GPS receiver GPS receiver description The GPS receiver (Figure 32) is an optional timing reference source for PTP-SYNC. It provides a 1 Hz signal, accurately synchronized in frequency and phase across the network. Figure 32 GPS receiver The GPS receiver is supplier with a GPS adapter cable kit (Figure 33).

Picture of USB to DB9 Serial Converter Cable, 6 FT -

That means going with Cat8 ethernet cable, as it offers the highest speeds, is fully shielded, and maintains high speeds even over longer distances. With that being said, not all Cat8 ethernet cable options are the same and it is important to make an informed decision. We’ll cover the top Cat8 ethernet cable options below.

  • Snagless Cat5e RJ45 connectors prevent cable damage
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Page 92 Chapter 2: System hardware Outdoor unit (ODU) Temperature -40°C (-40°F) to +60°C (140°F) Wind loading 200 mph (323 kph) maximum. See ODU wind loading on page 3-14. Humidity 100% condensing Liquid and IP66, IP67 particle ingress UV exposure 10 year operational life (UL746C test evidence) Static Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance on page.


Ethernet switch, and it is not possible to forward traffic between the Ethernet ports of the same ODU. Data and management services The PTP 700 Series ODU supports four different types of virtual circuits providing data and management services. Data Service This point-to-point transparent service carries customer’s data between one of the Ethernet.

Patch cord blindado gigalan cat.6


Since all the cats touched on above are still ethernet cables and they all use the same standard connectors, it’s difficult to really understand how they differ from one another. What really sets a Cat5 ethernet cable apart from a Cat8 ethernet cable?

  • Zip cord/bonded black & red wires can be pulled apart for quick separation
  • Selected Crossover Cat5e UTP Patch Cable
  • Lot of 2 150FT Cat5E PoE IP Camera NVR Ethernet Cable Outdoor/Indoor RJ45
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  • CAT5e ETHER NET / POE/ IP CAMERA pre crimped w RJ45 jacks, INDOOR/ OUTDOOR 
  • Flat ethernet patch cable

Cambium PTP 700 Series User Manual

Capability upgrades are purchased from Cambium and supplied as access keys. The user then enters the access key into the PTP License Key Generator web page on the support website.

CAT5 Ethernet Network Cable Cord Wire COUPLER Splice Extension Connector VWLTW

EMC glands must be used instead. EMC strain relief cable glands (quantity 5) are included in the LPU and grounding kit (Figure 23). These are identified with a black sealing nut. If extra glands are required, order them from Cambium Networks (in packs of 10) (Table 27).


Chapter 2: System hardware Ethernet cabling Ethernet cabling Ethernet standards and cable lengths All configurations require a copper Ethernet connection from the ODU (PSU port) to the PSU. Advanced configurations may also require one or both of the following: • A copper Ethernet connection from the ODU (Aux port) to an auxiliary device.

Crossover cables use two different wiring standards: one end uses the T568A wiring standard, and the other end uses the T568B wiring standard. To determine if you have a straight-through or crossover cable, compare the Ethernet cables to see if the colors are wired in the same order on each end.


60FT Cat5E PoE IP Camera NVR Ethernet Cable Outdoor/Indoor RJ45 Jacks Cord Wire

Chapter 3: System planning Data network planning Data network planning This section describes factors to be considered when planning PTP 700 data networks. Ethernet interfaces The PTP 700 Ethernet ports conform to the specifications listed in Table Table 54 PTP 700 Ethernet bridging specifications Ethernet Bridging Specification Protocol.

We hope you enjoy these products! But keep in mind, Grit Daily might take a small commission on the items recommended here—but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in them.


Page 268 Chapter 4: Legal and regulatory information Cambium Networks end user license agreement of your accepting any such warranty or additional liability. END OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPENDIX: How to apply the Apache License to your work. To apply the Apache License to your work, attach the following boilerplate notice, with the fields enclosed by brackets "".

Page 184 Chapter 3: System planning Security planning Web-based security management allows an operator to configure users, security levels, privacy and authentication protocols, and passphrases using the PTP 700 web-based management interface. The capabilities supported are somewhat less flexible than those supported using the MIB-based security management, but will be sufficient in many applications.