In my last article I introduced Microsoft Whiteboard, an open canvas where you can draw anywhere, insert text boxes, sticky notes and images, and the accessibility features built into each of those. Today, Day 93 of 365 Ideas for Office 365, we will explore the rich options available in the Insert Menu. Just look at all these options in the Insert Menu! These are all items you can insert onto a Whiteboard canvas. Note grid A Note grid is a collection of sticky notes. When you add sticky notes, you can change the color.

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But here's where I say that it will always be two cubes next to each other, and while one is moving the grabber 10mm one way, the neighboring cube is moving it's grabber 10mm the other way => 20mm. And that way the cubes will literally "walk", like your legs, across the cubes. Also, I like these connector designs.


The advantage to using a spreadsheet for discussions is. it is a spreadsheet! Google Sheets are in your Google Drive, easy to locate. It can be embeded into another website or linked to from just about anything. Information in the spreadsheet can be sorted and organized. Formulas can be applied, Add-On’s can be used, charts can be generated. Since the discussion board is not in another platform, it is easy to save the discussion board.

It's fun that something I've done has smitten you ;) And yeah, those nylon gears usually works great. Sadly they are great for making noise, large ABS gears usually makes low noise to no noise, but the ones from china.


Okay, now that you have waited and the process is 100% complete, you are done! Type stop to gracefully close the server and make sure all those generated chunks are saved.

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Similar to the Pro model, the MacBook Air comes with only two Thunderbolt 3 connectors and an Audio jack. And although this is a bit easier to swallow, because it is not a Pro-branded product, it is still too little for effortless work with accessories.


Here's a short high quality stereo mp3 recording I made of a suppressed 300 Blackout shot where you can hear the muzzle blast, bullet whizzing by and the target impact. It was a 100 yard shot with the microphone about 70 yards downrange. The impact is as loud as the muzzle blast. The bullet was a 220 grain Sierra MatchKing boat tail bullet.

Twist each glue joint a quarter-turn as you are pushing it together. This will encourage a better seal.


Dry fit the parts before you glue them. This means loosely assemble the gun without glue or anything permanent to make sure that you have all the correct and functioning parts.

Floor levels of residential buildings are higher than the natural ground level. Fill the area with soil up to floor levels and compact the soil. Now earth work of residential building is finished.


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It will work but there is a lot of rotational movement in the forend and that means your dot will move left and right so it will throw your zero off. The rail sits high enough that you can still aim with the factory bead sight. In the photo below you can see the Wraptor handle. My Mossberg is a Roadblocker version and that is why it has the gigantic muzzle brake.

Standard velocity ammo also functions the action more reliably than subsonic ammo. I install a Volquartsen Target Hammer in all my 10/22s for a huge improvement in trigger pull and break. I also installed a JG Bolt Lock on this rifle to allow single action silence by flipping a lever. The bolt lock holds the bolt closed and keeps it from cycling to minimize noise. Your rifle must be registered as a short barreled rifle with a Form 1 and tax stamp to legally install a barrel shorter than 16 inches.


And yes, it's something very strange going on with the shaft size. It's really stupid that there's still no "standard", there's 1/45 mm, 1/8, 2/3, 0/7, 0/45. It's very awful, and the gear that I bought for the project doesn't even have a shaft, I had to drill inside the cog and file a threaded rod (2 mm) and put some glue in it in order for me to make my "threaded (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=9534) planetary mini dc motor".

While I want threaded discussions in Google Classroom, I do not want them in the stream. Multiple student responses will clutter up the Google Classroom stream quickly. I always say “the answer is always a spreadsheet” so I created a way to use Google Sheets for a threaded discussion and use it in Google Classroom. It is not perfect, I’m a teacher not a programmer.


Continuing with the iGPU inside the Apple M1, there are two distinct versions of the M1’s GPU. One has all of the 8-cores enabled and will be used for high-end devices such as the MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and some configurations of the MacBook Air. The other version has one of the GPU cores disabled and its clock speeds lowered. With that, Apple has also shaved off some bucks off of the devices that will feature this version of the M1, mainly the MacBook Air.

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A total of 7 captive Phillips-head screws hold the bottom panel in place. After you undo them, you need to pry the panel with a plastic tool, preferably starting from the front edges.


Glue the reducer in the coupler. Apply more PVC cement to the inner lip of the coupler and below the outward flanging collar of the 4- to 2-in reducer. Nest the reducer in the coupler until the collar of the reducer meets the end of the coupler.

At the moment I plan to use bought DC-motors for all the mechanical movement. Sure, I can be swayed, but at the moment I feel that there's a reason for why all the RC-toys share one, among many others, common thing.


Origami Flapping Paper Crane Mobile

The linear actuator is a Firgelli Automation 40" length track linear actuator capable of a 200 pound force. I'm guessing, but figured if it took more than 200 pounds of force to slide a bookcase on roller, something was seriously wrong.

Since publishing this instructable, I added an exit pushbutton to allow the room occupant to exit easily. Without the exit pushbutton, the only way to close or open the door from the room side is by using the secret knock. I found the push button on eBay for about $20. It is a momentary contact button that has both normally closed and normally open (NC/NO) pins on it. I wired it in series with the bookcase pushbutton. That way activating either button causes the door to operate.


Message Vista freeware, shareware, software download - Best Free Vista Downloads

A highly rated power supply capable of providing more than enough of the power we need. Do not plug this into a USB hub unless you know it is powered and has more than enough power for the Raspberry Pi. You also need a good power cable. The official Raspberry Pi power supply or the Canakit power supply (linked below in my configuration) will suffice.

Solidworks threaded hole callout

Assemble one end of the 4-in wide PVC segment. Screw a 4-in wide PVC plug into place on the threaded (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=2960) end of the female adapter. On one end of the 4-in segment, liberally apply PVC cement around the outer lip. Repeat this process to the inner lip of the PVC female adapter. Fit the adapter onto the end of the segment.


I'm a big fan of holographic and red dot sights for subsonic weapons due to the typical short ranges used. Pistol iron sights are also a good match for subsonic shooting.

Now it’s time to log into the pi using the default username of pi and the password raspberry. Now that you have signed in and changed your password it’s time to configure Raspbian.


Now, we conduct the battery tests with screen brightness adjusted to 120 nits and all other programs turned off except for the one we are testing the notebook with. This device’s 49/9Wh battery lasts for 24 hours and 20 minutes of Web browsing, 13 hours and 20 minutes of video playback, and 4 hours and 13 minutes of continuous video rendering.

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Looking closely into upgradability, we see one RAM SODIMM slot, covered by a metal bracket. It fits up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, working at 3200 MHz. Moreover, Lenovo state that it may or may not be able to fit more, as the technology develops.


I assume you're not talking about the EM-Cube, but rather the robot pebbles. And yeah, the electropermanent magnets are very attractive. It's pretty weird that no manufacturer has stolen their design and mass produced them considering they are "good enough" for many applications. As far as I am aware, no one sells them.

Step 1: Type sudo raspi-config and it will take you into the Raspberry Pi configuration options. Choose menu option #1 and Change your password immediately. The stock password of raspberry is the same for everyone and is a huge security risk. This is the very first option on the raspi-config page. Select it and choose a secure password.


What I’m Using: Google Classroom- Creating a Discussion Board via @alicekeeler Learning is Change

I've been interested in the idea of programmable matter for ages. Interested seeing what you come up with!

The Sidewinder kit is a unique modification that you can do at home to your Mossberg 500 to make it a magazine-fed shotgun. However, it leaves much to be desired. It is fine as a range toy but reliability is compromised and it is not good to have issues in a home defense shotgun. The kit starts at $199 for the basic Vemon kit with a 5-rd box mag. And you can go all the way with the new handle, stock and 10-rd drum mag for $339. They do come dipped in camo and that is another charge. For more information check out Adaptivetactical.com.


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One new addition to the M1, which not many CPUs on the market have is a Neural Engine, which is implemented heavily in Apple’s other SoCs inside their iPhones. The Neural Engine is specially designed to handle Artificial Intelligence and machine learning tasks, across various applications such as video analysis, voice recognition, and image processing.

Unfortunately, the lack of active cooling means that the M1 chip is throttling. The Cinebench R23 stability score is 6905, as the first run scores 7688, the middle one 6823, and the last one 6660 (out of 16 runs). As you can see, the temperature is 8°C higher than that of the actively-cooled MacBook Pro 13 (Late 2021).


Interestingly, this laptop has basically no vents to be found. This is a result of the passive cooling setup.

If you wire the controller incorrectly, you will likely burn out your motor controller on your expensive linear actuator! You should INDEPENDENTLY confirm this works for YOUR actuator.


If the download was successful you may proceed to the next following commands which will extract the JDK. If it was not successful you need to go to the Oracle Java website and download the latest JDK manually.

Google Classroom: Create Group Documents

If you want to see a particular layer you press that number on your keyboard, if you want to see more layers at the same time then hold down shift while pressing the different numbers. If you R-click an object, hit G and then Y, then you'll move the object in only the Y dimension.


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If you create the ssh file and it looks like a text/Notepad document for the icon then you have your file extensions turned off. Click “View” at the top of the window and you will see a checkbox under “Show/Hide” that says File Extensions. Check this box and you will see the ending extensions for every file. If there is no extension and you have a file that just says “ssh” then you are good to go. Have Windows safely eject the drive and let’s proceed. Put the newly formatted card into your Raspberry Pi and fire it up.

Since subsonic bullets are limited to a velocity of around 1050 feet-per-second, the best way to add stopping power is to increase the bullet's diameter and weight. That's why I'm a big fan of suppressed 45ACP because it's hard to beat a 230 grain 45 caliber bullet for short range subsonic stopping power. For even more stopping power 45ACP +P in 200 to 230 grain jacketed hollow point can be used for maximum energy transfer at subsonic velocities like this Buffalo Bore 45ACP +P 200gr JHP with 490 foot-pounds of muzzle energy.


Since I have a Grizzly combo lathe/mill at home that I use for making race car parts I already had everything I needed to make a suppressor. By the way, I have been asked about my lathe/mill but I cannot recommend the Chinese made Grizzly combo lathe/mill because its tolerances are a little sloppy and I'm not familiar enough with any other lathes and mills to make a recommendation.

If the server has completely loaded you should see something at the bottom like “Timings Reset”. This is one of the last lines that prints as the server starts. You can type console commands to the server from here. We are going to use WorldBorder to create a border and then use the fill function to pregenerate the world. This is so that the Pi doesn’t have to create the world dynamically as you are trying to play. These commands will set a worldborder radius of 1000 blocks. The first time I did this I set a radius of 2500 blocks and the server ended up being about 350mb and it took hours and we will probably never go to most of those places. You can adjust this number based on how big you want the world to be. I recommend starting with something like 1000. Remember, this can be adjusted later.


Looking at the keyboard we see nothing out of the ordinary – spill-resistance, Red Nipple, long key travel, and clicky feedback. Also, there is an optional backlight. Let’s not forget the fact that the Power button is separated from the keyboard deck, and hides an optional fingerprint reader inside.

To build a flashlight or filter suppressor you may need to make baffles. Dorman steel automotive freeze plugs can be formed into baffles with some work and the cost is low at about 80 cents each. Call ahead and most auto parts stores can get you a box of 10 overnight. With a lathe you can spin the plugs and center drill a 3/16" hole. Drill from the cupped end so the concave shape will keep the drill bit centered. Then place the plug over a wrench socket that fits and use a large punch and hammer to enlarge the hole to the desired bullet path size. As you enlarge the hole the punch will also bend the plug into the desired "M" shape to make the baffle more efficient. The baffle will stick to the punch but you can tap alternating sides of the baffle with your hammer to knock it free. Use a bullet path size drill bit to verify the hole size as you enlarge the hole with the punch.


OSD Menu OSD Menu 5. OPTION menu Description OSD Language: Allows you to select menu language. TTX Language: Allows you to select teletext language. OSD Duration: Allows you to select the time for the OSD display on the screen. Blue Screen: Turn on/off the blue screen function when there’s no signal. Restore Dafault: Press OK button to restore factory default.

Oh well, enough about Blender, in the next gif there's two sides screwed together, forming 1/3 of a cube. The reason for this is to verify that even the chassi fits snuggly, which it does. The red side has the male handle attached to it, and the motor worked splendid with the handle, moving it correctly 8mm out or all the way in. When it moved 8mm out there handle also stopped because it hit a button, aka a stop sensor.


Old fashioned firearms used "wadding," or cloth wrapped around projectiles, to create a better barrel seal and more power. This can also be done with potato guns.

This laptop manages to maintain almost 4 GHz for quite a long time. And even at the end of the test, the frequency was 3/58 GHz. Well, it does so with quite the noise penalty and some heat on the core, but we are happy with the results from Intel’s “worst” Tiger Lake CPU.


And that brings me to the next part which is how is ONE atmega supposed to communicate with 6 other cubes (neighbors). There's only one TX/RX port, and I am not going to use a multiplexer on that channel, I have to think of something clever.

Npt hole in solidworks

Tapping the baffle -Do not use lathe power to do this. I used the tailstock to simply hold the tap for perfect alignment with the bullet path.


Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2’s IPS panel (LG LP140WFA-SPD2) has a Full HD resolution, paired with a good contrast ratio, and comfortable viewing angles. Thankfully, its backlight doesn’t flicker at any brightness, but on the downside, it covers only half of the colors in the sRGB gamut.

This MacBook Air comes with a preinstalled version of the macOS Big Sur. Of course, all updates are done automatically, and you can configure when, and how to be implemented from the OS, itself. However, the biggest and most interesting feature of the software this device comes with, is undoubtedly the Rosseta 2. This is a real-time code translator, which lets you run x86 apps on your ARM processor. And this is exactly what makes the new MacBooks based on the M1 chip so special, as it provides almost full support for most Intel-based macOS programs.


I wrote twice recently about Flipgrid, but I really didn’t get to the fun parts, like stickers! Today let’s walk through all the options students have before, during and after creating their video responses. Welcome to Day 89 of 365 Ideas for Office 365. You have created your assignment in Flipgrid and shared it with your students. Now it’s time for them to have some Flipgrid fun. They will start by clicking on the big, green plus sign. They can jump right in and press the record button, but there are many Flipgrid fun options they can do first.

Wiring Devices & Light Controls

Make sure you glue every single fitting. If you don't, the gun will fly apart when you fire it and you risk serious injury.


There's a mouse encoder strapped on the motor along with reduction gear for the yellow gears that will move the cubes around. In other words, I'll know with a very high resolution how far I've pushed another cube.

Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2’s speakers sound pretty good. Additionally, its low, mid, and high tones are clear of deviations.


WARNING: Just because these Maglite and filter suppressors are easy to make doesn't decrease the severity of penalty for illegal possession. You can do hard prison time if you don't have a Form 1 and tax stamp for a suppressor.

So in other words, the communication will not be the fastest, the reason for why I'm not using anything more "normal" is because I need to solve the communication in software which is slow. So I'm sadly fine with using a slow solution like the circuit above.


Apple’s engineers have made their first-ever SoC that is to be used for desktop Mac and Macbooks. It is a statement that shows that Apple is relieving Intel and AMD from their duties of supplying chips for them since 2006 and that the Cupertino-based company is ready to dominate on the CPU/GPU hardware front, same as how they have been really dominant in the laptop, desktop, and smartphone markets as well.

Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 - Specs

OSD Menu OSD Menu 1. CHANNEL menu Description Auto Scan Press OK button to start auto tuning. You could press MENU/EXIT button to exit the process of tuning, there will be a hint on the screen, and you should press button to confirm, or press button to cancel the operation.


A suppressed pistol with a red dot sight can be frighteningly accurate. Less noise, less recoil, less muzzle flip and a sighting system that can take advantage it.

Remote Control Remote Control The remote control is using Infra-Red(IR). Point it towards the front of the LCD TV. The remote control may not work correctly if it is operated out of range or out of angle. POWER: Turn on/standby the TV SOURCE SOURCE: Press to display the input source menu.


All Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 configurations

The larger diameter NAPA 4003 and WIX 24003 filters can be purchased with various barrel threads. An ebay search of "4003 filter 5/8x24" or "4003 filter cups" will find them. They're probably good only up to 308 Winchester but I've never tried a more powerful cartridge so I'm not sure. These filters have a 9" internal length. The inside diameter is either 1/8 or 1/75". Real NAPA or WIX filters have a 1/8" inside diameter. Some of the ebay clone filters have an inside diameter of 1/75" so verify what you have before you order freeze plugs or filter cups.

See all Apple MacBook Air review – the MacBook Air is a more viable option than ever configurations

Your Cosmetic Thread issue should now be fixed! If your Cosmetic Thread (learn the facts here now) issue is more specific than the solutions described here, we recommend contacting your SOLIDWORKS Reseller for assistance.


Step 8: We are done in this configuration utility. Hit the tab key until “Finish” is highlighted and hit enter. Make sure that you don’t accidentally highlight the cancel option or you may have to do all these steps again. It will now ask if you want to reboot the system.

In my opinion it is not acceptable because each of those motors costs roughly 1$, and that's 12$ per cube just for the handles, plus the weight is unnecessary. No, I need to solve it in a similar way that cars shifts gears works. But in this case motor shifting or whatever you want to call it. One motor shifts the "state" of another motor which acts on only one handle. For this geneva gears are excellent since they make continues motion to discrete-ish motion, which is perfect for "states".


Get all your parts ready for assembly. All the parts necessary for this project can be bought at your local hardware store if you don’t already have them at home. Some hardware stores may even cut the PVC pipe you’ll need for this project to length as a free service or for a minor fee.

Masonry work Residential Building Construction Mortar

After a lot of delicate thinking, I began to think about DLIM and SLIM (Double-sided Linear Induction Motor / Single-sided Linear Induction Motor), and that's technically electric motors that has its poles unrolled from circular to flat. So I applied the same thing for gears and ended up with the solutions above. What you get is sliding sockets, and that's something that I can easily 3D-print, compared to gears, so I went a little bit overboard with the idea and used the unrolled gears for everything.


If you plan to do a lot of AR flash hider/muzzle brake/suppressor work I highly recommend the $83 Geissele Automatics Reaction Rod. You put the Reaction Rod in a vice then slide the AR upper on the rod. The rod is the same diameter as an AR bolt so it fits snugly. The bar has lugs that lock into the barrel lugs to keep the barrel from turning. This holds the barrel securely while you torque on muzzle devices so only the barrel is torqued and not the upper receiver.

Fortunately, there is a plugin that offers a solution to this problem. It is a plugin called “WorldBorder”. The plugin allows you to set a border on your world that stops people from going further, but this isn’t the feature we are necessarily interested in. WorldBorder has an option to “fill” all of the chunks in your server inside your defined border. This means we can generate all of the chunks before the players reach them so that all the Raspberry Pi has to do is read the chunks from the disk which is MUCH faster than having to generate the chunk from scratch and then save it to the disk.


Oh woaw, this is one of the slowest replies I've ever done, there was no reply button. And then I totally forgot about it.

Step 6: Choose “Advanced Options” from the main menu. Now choose “Expand Filesystem” which will expand your partition to the maximum size of your SD card so you can actually use all your space.


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As expected, the laptop is completely silent even under an extreme workload. Ultimately, the hottest temperature we measured was 38°C right above the middle of the keyboard.

Most semi-auto pistols are recoil operated and require a spring & piston "booster" to decouple the suppressor from the barrel to function. A pistol with its short barrel is typically louder than a rifle of the same caliber so I run my longer 7" suppressor on pistols.


Moving some ideas I have to Blender that will actually move the cubes around and how the electrical signals and power will interconnect the cubes. I have a couple of good ideas, and we'll see them soon next week probably. I've said it a couple of times now, that I'm going to 3D-print some stuff, trust me. I will once I cement the designs.

Raspberry Pi with 1GB of memory or higher required. The 1GB of memory in these boards is still barely enough to run the server and can only support a few people. The 4B 2GB and 4GB models have much more breathing room. If you are using a 512MB version of the Pi (like a Raspberry Pi Original Model B/B+ you are not going to get the performance necessary to deliver a stable Minecraft (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=447) experience without major sacrifices that will be outside the scope of this guide.


Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen

The most challenging part of reusing the code was to insert (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=6057) it in my program. I didn't include a programming switch to allow me to change the knock code for simplicity reasons. So, I used the part of their code that listened to knocks, output the values to the serial monitor and then hardcoded them into the program. Not flexible, I understand, but I wanted something simple and straightforward.

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Services are very important for every single house. Different types of services are provided during construction. These are Electricity supply, gas supply, water supply, sanitary etc. Conduits for electric supply are fixed in walls before plastering. Similarly water supply and sanitary lines are also laid before pouring of building floor. Note that gas lines are not fixed in walls or slabs.


Before we run the server we need to install one more package. It is an application called “screen” that will allow you to run the Minecraft server on the Pi without having to keep your SSH connection open.

Just drill the bullet path hole and add a notch. I like to drill a hole about half the size needed to clear the bullet then use a punch to enlarge the hole to final size. The punch will push metal outward to form a sharp edge to catch gas. They come in C & D cell and 4003 filter sizes. C size works well for 22LR. D is big enough for 9mm and similar size rounds and 4003 is good for 300BLK and 308 Win (subsonic only).


Step 3: Choose menu option 4 (Localization Options). By default all Raspbian images will be in the en_GB language. Choose option 1 to change locale and go down and uncheck en_GB and check your own locale’s UTF-8 option. This is important for performance later as the Minecraft server is formatted it UTF-8.

For hunting distances I recommend 300 Blackout because of the excellent BC and aerodynamic efficiency of the 200 to 220 grain subsonic 30 caliber bullets. There are several new 300 Blackout subsonic hunting rounds available that will fully expand at subsonic velocities such as this Hornady and Underwood ammo.


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Adaptive Tactical has brought this feature to us in the form of a conversion kit for the Mossberg 500. It will also work with Mossberg 590 and Maverick 88 shotguns. The conversion kit only works with Mossbergs because the factory magazine tube can be unscrewed from the receiver. If you are interested in this make sure you have a five-round mag tube, Mossberg Persuaders usually have a longer magazine tube of about seven rounds. While you could still remove the magazine tube, the Persuader barrel would not work with the Sidewinder Venom Kit.

If you have any experiences with other companies regarding the sourcing part (or anything for that matter) then I'd gladly listen. Or if you have any feedback at all, I'm all ears.


Add A Magazine To Your Shotgun

Page 20 Multimedia Operation Multimedia Operation 3. Movie Play the movie Press button to select the option on the table, and press OK button to change. Repeat ALL: Select the repeat mode from Repeat All, Repeat 1, Repeat None. None A-B: Select and play the preferable paragraph of the program by seting A and B at the beginning and end, and there will be a sign on the left screen, press OK button again to cancel.

Face both ends of the baffle and tube. Facing the baffle and tube will also make it easier to mount them square in the lathe.


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The magazines come in 5rd and 10-rd box mags. Or they come in a 10-rd rotary drum magazine.

How to make threaded holes in solidworks

Did you know there is a Whiteboard app in Windows 10? Whiteboard is our topic for Day 92 of 365 Ideas for Office 365. The Whiteboard Windows 10 app is designed for collaboration. When you open Whiteboard, you start with a blank canvas. Since it is an open canvas, all of the items can be placed absolutely anywhere. Once placed, you can also click and drag to move them or resize them. Digital Inking in Whiteboard It include digital inking tools, which offers an array of drawing tools.


But I'm planning to do what happened to solar-panels, make something expensive, less expensive. Right now the supply and demand of piezomotors are mainly for medical equipment, and you know what medical equipment usually cost.

Nothing to see here by VITRI0L

A thick piece of rubber sheet can be placed between the last baffle and exit hole to form a "wipe". Cut an "X" slit for the bullet to pass. The rubber will slow the exit of gas from the suppressor exit hole but may reduce accuracy.


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Then, let’s take a look at the keyboard. In contrast to the Pro model, this device lacks a Touch Bar but still features the Touch ID, fingerprint reader. The key caps are decently sized, and the entire board feels exactly the same as that on the MacBook Pro 13 (Late 2021). In practice, this means that it has shallow travel, but clicky, satisfying feedback.

Wait 24 hours for the PVC cement to harden and cure. If you use your potato launcher before the PVC cement has enough time to harden, the launcher may explode. Explosive force in the combustion chamber puts stress on the PVC when you shoot an item.


The barrel of the launcher will be made up of the 2-in wide PVC segment. Spread the PVC cement on the inner lip of the reducer and the outer lip of one end of the 2-in wide PVC segment. Slide the barrel into the reducer until it is about even with the base of the coupler.

So I used the connectors as grabbers by rotating the connectors 90 degrees apart, forming a lock whenever I connect the headers. Also I solved for how to use one motor to move a grabber in X and Y direction. Enough blabbing, time for some animations to illustrate the solution that I am about to 3D-print.

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DIscussion Board attach in classroom

Oh well, another problem that I came across was what you see in the first video in this project log. It shows how a male handle is gripping a female handle. If the cube with the female handle is stationary and the cube with the male handle is floating in air, then the cube will follow the female handle trying to let go. So when the cube thinks that "Oh, it's okay to pull in my male handle.


As always, it is great to see a laptop that feels this good in daily usage. The keyboard is amazing, the browsing experience is snappy, and the performance is there. However, the disappointing battery life and lack of some features like the SD card reader let the entire setup down, despite the optional fingerprint reader and IR face recognition system.

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The maximum measured brightness is 300 nits (cd/m2) in the middle of the screen and 286 nits (cd/m2) average across the surface with a maximum deviation of 10%. The Correlated Color Temperature on a white screen and at maximum brightness is 6920K (average) – slightly colder than the 6500K optimum for sRGB.

It will be up to you and the seller to determine how the products will be transported. If you both live close together, you can even choose to meet for a more straightforward exchange. A shipping service could be necessary for parties that live far apart. If you choose to meet the seller, be sure to select an open and public place. It is easy to run into conmen, thieves, and other dangerous people when shopping online, and that precaution can help keep you safe.


But I've done some wiring of my own. Or rather, I've done a coil winder and let it do a couple of hundred turns for me. After all the wiring I've come to the conclusion that it's not worth it to do it myself.

Steps In Construction of Residential Building

The black rectangular things are graphite rods (2mm diameter), and they are very rigid and works perfectly for sliding ABS on them. In the animation above they have the length 30 mm, it may look big, but everything is actually very small.


An ebay search for "C Cell tube 1/2x28" or "C Cell storage cups" or "C Cell filter cups" will work. Dorman 555-097 steel freeze plugs are 1" in diameter and should fit.

There are two types of Apache virtual host configurations: 1) IP-Based Virtual Host and 2) Name-based Virtual Host. Name-based virtual host is recommended for most scenarios.


We simulated extremely high ambient luminance – 30 000lx, with a color temperature of 9000K. Under these conditions, the Correlated Color Temperature on a white screen and at maximum brightness is 7160K (average) – slightly colder than the 6500K optimum for sRGB. This value, when adjusted to 300 lx and 4000K ambient light, was 5620K, which is warmer than the optimum for sRGB.

How to add a body to a HTTP request using Java Spring's RestTemplate's exchange method

Boring the tap hole to the pre-tap size. This is not necessary if you have the correct size drill bit as listed above.


But for the low price point, near invisible integration with the system and little system resources, Extreme Text looks to be a program to at least give a trial run, especially for smartphone users. More importantly, it has a ton of potential, so it is smart to be aware of it as a viable option in the future.

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One trick for creating hyperlinks is to type a short description of what you are linking to in Column E. Press enter. Click one time back on the cell with the text. Use Control K to create a hyperlink. Paste the URL where the text will link to in the “Link” box.


The cores are divided into two pairs of four, with four high-power cores that kick in when performance is needed and four low-powered cores for power efficiency that are there to handle background tasks and other processes that don’t require huge computing power. The combination of both ensure that power is there when needed, but in a way that doesn’t compromise the power efficiency of the device.

You can also purchase "flashlight storage cups" or "filter cups" that come in the form of an M baffle and work extremely well but they cost much more than freeze plugs. They come in C cell, D cell and 4003 filter sizes. You just have to drill the bullet path holes into the M baffles, notch the hole and slide them into the tube with the notches aligned. There are even storage cups made of steel which will hold up better than aluminum to supersonic rounds.


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Your Pi explodes, your house gets hit by a meteorite, or anything else that happens! This is solely at your own risk! These are very common overclocks though and the risk is minimal, but you have been warned!

Since we chose the lite image Java is not yet installed on the system, but we are *not* going to use the Java in the Raspbian Jessie repositories because it is outdated and many performance fixes and optimizations have been added. We are going to download the latest Oracle JDK ourselves.


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On the left side, you will find a Thunderbolt 4 connector, that is used for charging. Then, you can see a USB Type-A 3/2 (Gen 1) port, an HDMI 1/4b connector, and an audio jack. When you look at the right side, though you will only find a security wedge lock, an RJ-45 connector, and a USB Type-A 2/0 port.

Apple MacBook Air 13 (Late 2021)’s panel has a wide color coverage, high resolution, comfortable viewing angles, and high maximum brightness. Its backlight doesn’t use PWM for brightness adjustment. In comparison to the MacBook Pro 13 (Late 2021), the Air has a significantly lower contrast ratio, maximum brightness, and a slightly worse uniformity of the colors across the area of the display. However, you still get the True Tone option, which aims to make the colors as accurate as possible, according to the ambient light – keep in mind that you can always turn this feature off.


A filter or flashlight spring can be used as a spacer to form the blast chamber area (first chamber the rifle gasses encounter). You can also cut aluminum tubing to form spacers to separate the baffles or you can simply fill the tube with baffles but that does add weight when using steel freeze plugs. Mixing freeze plug and M baffles can also work very well for sound suppression. If you plan to shoot supersonic rounds greater than 22LR I recommend a steel blast baffle (first baffle). You can add one steel freeze plug blast baffle to a suppressor full of aluminum storage cup M baffles to ensure longevity.

A shot to an animal's chest with a subsonic 300 Blackout round sounds like a two-by-four body smack. Hollywood really does need to pick up on this for a little extra realism.


If your cannon can be handheld, then it would be able to fit on a vehicle. I'm assuming you mean "ram" as in ramming into things, in which case I would use a stronger set of pipes to avoid instant damage on impact. I would then attach a strong metal object to it, like a sledgehammer head, and drill a hole in it that matches the diameter of the barrel.

Be sure and check the security of the suppressor for tightness with a gloved hand between shooting breaks. They can loosen over time and cause a baffle strike.


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The suppressor wrapped and installed on the 300 Blackout upper. The wrap helps reduce noise too.

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Page 19 Multimedia Operation Multimedia Operation 1. Photo Play the photo Press DISPLAY button to display playing list. Press button to select the option on the table, and press OK button to change. Repeat: Select the repeat mode from Repeat All, Repeat 1, Repeat None. Playlist: Display the playlist on the screen, and you can select the photo by button, and press OK button to program.


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Low velocity bullets spin slower than full speed rounds so a tighter twist is needed for heavy and slow subsonic rounds. Trail Boss pistol powder works well because it's fast burning for less muzzle blast and it's a low density powder that will fill more cartridge space for more consistent subsonic velocity.


Apple MacBook Air (Late 2021)’s stereo speaker setup sounds very good. Its loud, and clear sound has no deviations across the entire frequency spectrum.

Cut the pipes along the mark using a hacksaw. It may help to clamp the pipes down to a work bench or have someone hold the pipe on a flat surface as you saw. The cuts don’t need to be perfect. Once you’re finished, remove plastic burrs by rubbing the cut edges with a medium grit sandpaper.


I like the HFG since it is closer to me. If you look at the forend in the photo above, you will see a big handstop. That is to protect your hand from being pinched by the mag well when the pump grip moves back.

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I got the Venom-SE 10 Rnd Box Kit Shotgun Magazine Conversion Kit with 10 Rnd. Box Mag, Wraptor Forend and EX Performance M4 Style Stock.


When you find the product you were looking for, you will just click on the ‘contact’ button, and then you will be redirected to the site where the ad was posted. This could be eBay, Amazon, or any other major second hand shopping website. Through this site, you can find products like clothes, music, office furniture, toys, DVDs and CDS, accessories, and books.

Grit or plastic shavings from cutting the PVC can negatively impact the seal of parts when fitted together. Take a clean rag and wipe all parts of the PVC clean. If there are a lot of shavings, use a vacuum cleaner.


If you hand load then try faster burning powders for your suppressed ammunition. If your powder is still burning when the bullet clears the barrel they will cause extra noise. Compare the too slow burning powder in the 45ACP pistol below to the 9mm with completely burned gasses.