NASCAR '14 is authentic to the original sport and features each of the 23 officially licensed NASCAR events from the upcoming season. Players can begin a career as an established racer or head in as a rookie driver attempting to make it in the big leagues.

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  • NASCAR 14 RAM recommended requirement is 225% LESS powerful than the Avg. AAA Recommended Requirement RAM
  • NASCAR 14 CPU recommended requirement is 118% LESS powerful than the Avg. AAA Recommended Requirement CPU
  • NASCAR 14 offers an authentic experience for all fans, with your favorite characters and live replays
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Whatever AI issues hurt prior games have clearly been done away with here as it’s fairly challenging even in quick race mode. NASCAR (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=5578) ’14 is quite accessible, with easy to use menus and something more games should have – a difficulty slider. Unlike some games that penalize you for changing the difficulty, this one doesn’t. Highlights mode allows you to rewrite history, which will test your mettle if you’re used to driving with assists since everything here is a pure simulation. The meat of the single-player game is a career mode that sees you go through a whole season – practices and all. Now if you’re impatient, this can be quite troublesome, but the time it takes to go through everything is worth it.


Spring - Adjusts how the car reacts under acceleration and braking. An higher setting (stiffer rear springs) will make the car looser.

Stiffer suspension makes the car quicker to react to steering inputs, while a softer suspension can result in a more controllable car when driving over the limit. If the suspension is too stiff, it can cause the car to lose traction over bumps and become hard to handle. Suspension that is too soft will mean the car will suffer from excessive body roll and handle sluggishly.

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  • Now, with a few years of experience at the helm, Eutechnyx returns with NASCAR ’14
  • To find the cheat menu, go to My Nascar -> Options -> Enter Code
  • Like previous releases of the series, NASCAR 14 created Eutechnyx studio
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  • I think NASCAR 14 is not well optimised
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Caster - Provides directional steering stability. Higher settings loosen the chassis the more the wheel is turned through a corner.

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NASCAR '14 is the fourth NASCAR (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=1721) racing game to be created by development studio Eutechnyx. The game features 23 different tracks available as "day time tracks" with extra night versions tracks for Atlanta, Bristol, Charlotte, Daytona, Kansas, Kentucky and Texas. The player has the ability to create custom paint schemes for their car which can then be used in both Career mode and online. The game features a highlight mode where the player replays a past real life race event and must meet various criteria. The highlight game modes use real life telemetry data from NASCAR to determine the location of every car on the track, as such they are similar to "on rails" events where AI cars will always follow the same paths.


If none of these methods worked for you, you should probably think about getting a new one. Not all scratches are repairable.

Once you make it in, it is in your best interest to write down the drivers in the chase and paint a virtual target on them. There is a big chance you entered the chase with 0 wins (I only had 1 but it was because of the aforementioned glitch), so it is important to take out those competing against you. Personally, I made it my sole goal to continue crashing the field until all 11 other chase drivers were trashed, and then finished ahead of them. That way, no matter what, I was earning more points than them and retaining my points lead. You have to either simulate Martinsville or settle with a bad finish during the chase, please keep that in mind.


The first four are basically the same, and each winner or highest finishing driver (if a repeat winner in a segment) start the field in 1st-4th position during the final segment. You have to choose 20% length minimum, but it doesn’t take long and the final segment is very short.

Cold Pressure - Adjusts handling characteristics. Higher rear right settings increase spring rate, reduce grip and will loosen the car.


Do yourself a favor and don't give deep silver the satisfaction of ripping you off. Until these issues are dealt with this game is virtually unplayable. Don't buy it. Tak heed to my words. I promise I'm telling the truth. I even contacted tech support and these deep silve folks have to be lousiest game producers in the modern gaming era. They made no attempt to help me whatsoever or offer condolences or even say they were looking to fix the problem. Never in the modern age of gaming have I played a more broken title. And for this reason I think all gamers should think twice before EVER purchasing a game produced by deep silver again. They are truly the Ljn of the modern gaming era. Just putting broken bs on store shelves merely just wanting some poor sumo to dish out 50 dollars of hard earned money regardless of game performance.

Ride Height - Adjusts ground clearance at this corner. More rear right clearance will decrease wedge, loosening the chassis in left turns.


Fix a Scratched Video Game Disk with White Toothpaste

Pick short tracks such as Bristol, Richmond, or Dover and mix it up a bit. Head over to the trading thread [HERE] to find partners to race with if you’d like. Don’t forget to create a one race fantasy league for "Legend of Leagues" and save an online replay for "Saving Memories". After that, 100 races with at least 20 wins will net you the rest. I personally did almost all of mine on Watkins Glen because it is only one lap and cuts down on race times.

These tracks are Bristol, Martinsville, Sonoma, and Watkins Glen. I personally recommend you simulate these races during the career unless you are decent at the game and can muster a strong finish in a 2-5% long race.


Unlike previous Nascar (hop over to this website) games, these sponsors expire and give you fixed payouts. When a sponsor expires, you can choose to renew it. Once you have ten different sponsors stamped on your car, the achievement will unlock.

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Make sure each one says “Refurbished” before entering the weekend. Qualify high in the field and race against easy AI to make this achievement easier.


After this simulation, you may have fallen in the points a bit. I was sitting in 5th place in the standings with six wins now.

How does racing just 14 out of 36 races sound? What you need to do is start up a single season under the single player tab at the main menu. Pick your career car or favorite driver, it doesn't matter. You will obviously want settings on easy and any settings you desire to use are all okay.


If you get critically damaged yourself (it happens often) or you aren't happy with the result, restart restart and restart. There is no penalty to doing this, and once you advance, you can't go back to a race.

Online Veteran (25 points): Participate in 50 Online Races. Online Master (50 points): Participate in 100 Online Races. Saving Memories (10 points): Save an Online Replay. Paint Booth Pro (10 points): Make a custom brush in the Paint Booth. Custom Ride (10 points): Create a custom paint scheme. Poser (15 points): Take a picture using Photo Mode. Race for the Chase (25 points): Win the Sprint Cup in Chase Mode. Seasoned Champ (50 points): Win the Sprint Cup in Single Season Mode. Star Driver (15 points): Win the All-Star Race. Laying Down the Laps (10 points): Run 10 laps in a single Track Testing session.


NASCAR 14 Xbox 360 graphics comparison

Select some of the shortest tracks such as Bristol, Dover, and Richmond to mix it up a bit. If you would like to boost with others (trust me, this gets boring and quick) head over [HERE] for the achievement trading forum.

Heading to the Garage (20 points): DNF from a race by critically damaging your car. Chevy Fan (15 points): Win a race while driving a Chevy. Ford Fan (15 points): Win a race while driving a Ford. Toyota Fan (15 points): Win a race while driving a Toyota. Fully Sponsored (25 points): Sign 10 Sponsors to your car. Egg Head (25 points): Research everything in the R&D department. Investor (20 points): Invest in all areas of the Race Shop. Sprint Cup Champion (25 points): Win the Sprint Cup in Career. Champion Driver (50 points): Win the Sprint Cup in Career on at least 90% difficulty. Bye Bye Rookie Stripe (25 points): Finish your first Sprint Cup Season in Career.


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The drivetrain and aero comprise several different areas of the car, but noth can be altered to fine-tune performance. These areas can be tweaked to compliment the changes made to the rest of the car.


You will need uTorrent to download games here @FreeToGames. You can get it in our Tools Page for free and start downloading!

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Most of these methods will not work very well with Blu-ray discs. These discs have much thicker layers to prevent scratches, but if one does get scratched it's usually too deep to repair.


To earn this, you must purchase at least one thing from all three categories in the R&D department: Engine Shop, Body Shop, and Parts Shop. This will cost you 390,000Cr if you purchase one each of the first upgrades.

The overall weight of the vehicle never changes. However, teams can transfer weight to different areas of the vehicle. Adjusting the distribution of weight using the chassis affects the vehicle's balance and handling. Teams create light chassis and use metal weights that add ballast to the vehicle. Altering the balance and weight of a vehicle can tailor a vehicle to any team's needs.


If you are for some reason outside of the top 20, restart the season or see if it is possible to make it inside the top 20 during the Richmond race. Your finish doesn't matter here, as long as you make sure you don't fall outside the top 20 like I said.

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Seller Notes: “AS IS FOR REPAIR -Fair Condition. All games have heavy scratches -I saw at least two that had circular ring scratches as well (those were tested and did not play). All other games are untested -some may play as they are now, some may not. I did my best to remove any with cracked hubs, but please assume that one or two might have them. Many games will play great with resurfacing, a few may not.


Here, you can create a new league with one race and invite any of your friends (they don’t have to own the game). Now, you can choose your driver and race the single race by yourself to earn this achievement.

Avoid using heating methods that apply a lot of heat, such as a stove. This will likely melt your disc beyond repair.


Running Flat (20 points): Make it to pit road with a flat tire. Use the Force (50 points): Win a race with the HUD turned off. Expert Racer (25 points): Start and finish a race without any driving assists. Big Mover (25 points): Pass a total of 250 cars. Spice of Life (10 points): Drive as 10 different drivers. Perfect Weekend (50 points): Win a race after Qualifying first and leading the most laps. Engineer (10 points): Run a custom tuning setup in a race. Lucky Dog (15 points): Be the Lucky Dog driver in a race. The Big One (15 points): Be involved in a wreck at Talladega. Front Row (20 points): Qualify on Pole 20 times.

NASCAR '14 Xbox 360 Front Cover

Unfortunately, no. It is supposed to be plain toothpaste. If it isn't, it risks damaging the disc further.


Now you will be able to see your position. I personally had fallen all the way back to 15th in points. Remember that the two wildcard spots go to the 11th-20th place drivers with the most wins. With seven wins under your belt, you should easily be able to receive the spot.

Today is the final day of the Ultimate Games Sale. To celebrate, we have a massive FIVE Games on Demand to accompany the solitary XBLA title.


Here, you can turn off the HUD completely and resume the race. It does not really make things harder, so you should have no trouble winning the race without it.

Use a soft cloth the buff away the excess lip balm. After applying several layers to the scratch, use a soft cloth to buff the balm in small circular motions. Continue buffing until all excess wax has been removed. You should notice that the scratches are much less visible than before.


Feel free to take note of who is high in the standings and wreck them if it makes you feel good about yourself. Doing so will increase your points lead drastically.

Use the eraser to scrub the scratches. Make sure to scrub in straight lines from the center outwards. Apply a fair amount of force so that the eraser can polish the scratches, but not so much that it wears away the entire layer.


NASCAR ’14 offers up a solid racing experience, and should be a satisfying pickup for fans of the sport. Casual fans may want to wait for a price drop, but die-hards will easily get $50 worth out of — especially with DLC coming monthly that updates everything to the current season. There’s a lot of fun to be had in the career mode tinkering with settings and getting things just right for a race, while the core racing action is quite exciting in any mode. The soundtrack is terrible, though, and the engine roars lack oomph. There are also some iffy visual issues that don’t make the game as a whole look bad — just unpolished.

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You must run 3 complete laps and make a four tire pit stop. If you wish to skip this, simply avoid pitting when your crew chief tells you. If you are on easy difficulty, then you should have no trouble at all winning the race without having to qualify first.


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Some of the other offline modes present in NASCAR '14 include free races that allows gamers to choose real drivers from the NASCAR (read here) sport to use in the game. There are over 40 different racers in the game all with the same cars they use in real life. The game includes many different paint schemes and designs as well, so that players can choose not only their favorite driver but their favorite version of their stock car as well. More DLC is planned for the game that will add even more driver specific content to the game as the season progresses for fans who want the game to stay as up to date to the 2021 season as possible. NASCAR '14 supports splitscreen multiplayer so that players can enjoy NASCAR gaming in the same room, a feature that is often overlooked in many current generation games. There are also plenty of different options available to customize races that includes pit stop options, number of laps, difficulty settings for the AI and the effect damage has on vehicles during races.

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Fans of the Eutechynx and Deep Silver NASCAR (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=8679) games will expect an excellent presentation in NASCAR (look at here) '14, and they likely won't be disappointed. The in-game menus are easy to navigate and there is plenty of content packed into the game that basic game modes and options don't cover. Players will be greeted with friendly tutorials when starting up the game that can help with learning to navigate the various screens and menus in the game. As for the game itself, the graphics are adequate; the game doesn't look bad, but it obviously doesn't look nearly as good as other recent racing releases such as Forza Motorsport 5 and Gran Turismo 6. The game's soundtrack is decent once again too with some songs being really catchy and others falling flat out of the gate.