As the world leader in user interface development tools and experts in User Centered Design, Infragistics empowers developers to build and style immersive user experiences and rich data visualization in line of business applications across all platforms Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET and Silverlight. Infragistics also has a range of value-added services including UI testing tools, support, training and consulting services.

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Developers could use controls, included in this product to create both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone Mango 7/5 applications. You will have also possibility next days to download samples from Windows Phone Marketplace.


Another new component in the new Windows Phone 11/2 release is a XamFunnelChart. This control represents a chart with a funnel shape.

Add Your Own Report Data at Design-time or at Run-time - offers data access support for SQL data sources, and object data sources. You can also easily connect to Entity Framework and RIA Services (using client-side rendering).


This is an exciting new control which allows developers to use various social media authentication capability to authenticate their own applications. XamAccessControl provides a way to let users log-in with their existing Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Live ID credentials in Windows Phone applications. The control implements the oAuth 1/0x protocol for Twitter and oAuth 2/0 protocol for Facebook, Gmail and Live ID, providing a way to retrieve additional user-data at log-in time.

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Precision - Defines how the rating value will be displayed. Possible values: Half (default), Exact, Whole.

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