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Jeff McNeal performs 99/7% of his work from his private, solar-powered recording studio, but will travel to remote studios when needed. Both modern and professionally-equipped, his studio combines state of the art audio technology and digital sound tools with old school warmth and industry standard hardware. For microphones, Jeff uses either the Sennheiser 416 or Neumann designed MK-47 microphones going into either Focusrite 2i2, Avalon 737sp or Requisite PAL Plus MkIII preamps. Ultra quiet recordings are achieved using a Gold Series Vocalbooth and Jeff uses Adobe Audition for recording and editing. For directed sessions, he offers his clients the choice of Source Connect, Skype and Phone Patch for connection. In this industry, availability and efficiency are of paramount importance - and both are a hallmark of Jeff McNeal's client services.


Thanks to the Live Mode, you can quickly switch and layer patches (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=3812). This mode is meant for live-performance use, but is also extensively exploited in studio environment. It is of great help if you need to record multi-Part performances with the help of a single MIDI track in your host sequencer. It's very useful and difficult to find even in the popular Adobe Audition (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=8832) Free Version.

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Thanks for your excellent editing tips. Could you please explain how you access and apply the Adaptive Noise Reduction process on your recording.

The one question I have is how much opportunity is really out there these days? And how realistic is it for the newby to get started in a reasonable time frame? We all truly respect what you have accomplished and thank you for what you are doing online.


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With live mode, you can quickly change and layer patches. This mode is designed for live use but is also widely used in a studio environment. This is very useful if you need to record multi-part performances using a single MIDI track on your host sequencer. It is very useful and difficult to find even in the popular free version of Adobe Audition.

Hi Terry – You sure make things look interesting. I used to book Laser light shows for schools and Colleges. I personally booked over 1400 schools a year all the while talking to three times that many faculty and various entertainment coordinators.