A while back I downloaded the entranc e delete pack at Collars Mods and it worked fine. After I downloaded the radical remake extra biomes, the hack didn't work. I've added z's and redownloaded it but it won't work.

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There’s a Zoopedia shortcut to save you from having to scroll down the usual list. Click on an animal in your zoo to bring up their welfare summary.

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And the bacic is simply a pack of many of his objects I think. It doesn't 'overwrite' any files.


Enclosures are required to keep animals there. Without Enclosure, you cannot put animals and all enclosures are of different types and you can keep a specific species of an animal there.

You can add cool-looking windows to your wood, brick, and concrete walls (just to name a few). To do so, click on a wall or habitat, then hit “edit barrier,” and look near the bottom right of your screen for a “Window” option. From here, you can toggle glass windows on and off, and – once researched by Mechanics – even use one-way glass.


By planting facilities such as ice cream cart, snacks cart, drink cart, drink shop, and more, you can earn coins gradually. Upgrade these buildings to earn more. Tap a building and hit the upgrade icon.

There is only the triangular Zoo Entrance currently on the map

So, this is the Zoo 2 Animal Park guide for the beginners. Now, let’s learn some Zoo 2 Animal Park tips, cheats & strategies to master the game.


Guests also like donation boxes. Make surethree of your four walls are made with the hill device in the "Landscaping" section. The otherwall should be made with a fence so that guests can see the animals. Set all of your prices low, including the admission price. Do not forget benches, restrooms, and ATMs. For entertainment, add photo souvenir stands, arches, playgrounds (make an area out of sandpath and put your playground equipment on top), fountains and statues. Also put in picnic tables and gift shops. With any extra money, crate playgrounds or peacock exhibits with onemale peacock. They are more beautiful and will amuse guests. Note: Make sure to fully close exhibits with natural walls.

You can not place an animal into an enclosure if there is no path provided to the visitor. And if it’s working, then no visitor will come there since there is no path.


BZM's Entrance Delete Hack

Is an animal’s Nutrition rating lower than you’d like? You may want to bump up your food quality. The more you research a species (with Vets), the better food you’ll be able to produce, but there’s more to it – you have to manually change the meal plan.

Download Zoo 2 Animal Park For Android – Here

If a plant is ill-suited, after you plop it down, you’ll see a little red warning symbol in your animal’s “Environment” tab. You can remove them right from this menu by clicking the red X.


Now, let’s learn some Zoo 2 Animal Park tips, cheats & strategies to master the game

Note: you can’t ditch your juveniles/infants. You’ll need to raise your animals until they reach adulthood/sexual maturity before selling them off.

Before I downloaded RR, I had Snowleo's CombiPatch, which allowed me to delete the Zoo Entrance (explanation) if I so desired. RR replaces the zoo entrance and in doing so, makes that deletion impossible. Is there a way to get back that deletion?


You can sell animals, buy new animals, unlock new buildings, and even breed the animals. Let’s start the Zoo 2 Animal Park guide and after it, check out Zoo 2 Animal Park tips, cheats & strategy below.

If keepers aren’t cleaning habitats well enough, you may want to promote your existing staff or bring on some fresh faces to help out. You can increase a staff member’s rating by opening the Zoo menu (at the bottom of the screen), going to the “Staff” tab, and putting your cursor next to an employee’s star rating. You’ll see a little arrow appear.


And there’s a way to do in Planet Zoo. First, with the path-laying tool open, you’ll want to click “Align to Grid” at the bottom of your screen – doing so will give your cursor a blue grid. You’ll then need to click on an existing path or building in your zoo to sample it as a point of reference. Once you do that, you’re free to plop down perfectly-spaced paths to your heart’s content.

Selling and trading animals in Planet Zoo is a two-step process. First, locate the animal, click on them to bring up their summary, and look for a “Send animal to storage in Trade Centre” button below the “Call Vet” and “Call Keeper” buttons.


Okay, so say you made an ugly walkway. Say you want to get rid of all the evidence and take out the witnesses.

Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.


Lotro account hacked characters deleted

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There are two types of currencies featured in the Zoo 2 Animal Park game; coins & diamonds. Don’t use diamonds to speed-up tasks, it would be waste. Instead of spending on this activity, save diamonds and use to purchase a much-needed item. Because some items can be purchased using diamonds only.

You earn coins from shops, stores, upon leveling up, completing quests. But you rarely get diamonds as a reward.


Once you save the zoo from being closed(when you successfully attract five visitors), you will be able to sell animals. Just tap the animal you want to sell and hit the last icon. You can release or sell; releasing an animal reward you EXP(required to level up), selling an animal reward you coins(required to build items or purchase new animals).

Anyway, so I have another request also now, where can I find a Invisible-Zoo-Entrance hack? I remember it was somewhere here but I forgot where.


As for making barriers climb-proof, many walls are inherently resistant to would-be climbers (you can hover your mouse over a barrier type to see this info). But for habitat barriers like Wood Logs, one of my personal favorite designs, you can stop animals from climbing out by heading into the “edit barrier” menu, clicking on the right-hand tab found toward the bottom of your screen, and selecting one of the “Climb Proof” options. Just be sure to choose the correct direction (pick “both” if you’re unsure).

Well, if you’re just starting out, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Make a single habitat, get your animals situated, and have your Veterinarians research the species so that you can add the appropriate enrichment toys and feeders.


It’s time to build an awesome animal park and make some money by attracting visitors there. Zoo 2 Animal Park is a new simulation game for Android from the creators of Idle Kingdom Builder game. In the game, your objective is to expand your small animal park into a zoo and it can be possible if you manage all the activities intelligently. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Zoo 2 Animal Park guide and tips, cheats & strategy.

As you progress and build new enclosures, it would be difficult to manage the whole zoo alone. You can hire workers and they will help you.


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In Zoo 2 Animal Park game, you need to add more animals, buildings and other items to the zoo in order to attract visitors. But you can not build or add an item an unlimited number of times. There is a specific limit and you can not exceed it. If you want to build more, then you will have to level up. And it takes time.

The first time I played after getting the hack my entrance was gone automatically, and the zoo mat in it's place. Now I have to delete (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=631) it manually (which is fine) so maybe there are different versions or a conflicting download or something?


To delete a path

But just one real question for Iben, how do you select the fence? Using the remove tool doesn't seem to do anything.

Legend Of Solgard Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

You cannot sell an animal but you can send it to the wild or setit up for adoption. To do this click on your animal and on the veryleft of the box that pops up you'll see two different buttons. Makesure you click on the top heart first though. The yellow arrow isfor adoption and the hand with the bird is for releasing it. If yourelease it to the wild you could get an award.


You can give your animals contraceptives. Click on the “Zoo” button at the bottom, then head to the “Animals” tab. On the far right, there’s a “Contraception” toggle. Note: you can reverse this at any time.

See paragraph 4/1 for more information about this bug. If it wasn't the bug, you don't have enough zookeepers :p __________________________________________________________________________ [5/7.6] Escaped animals __________________________________________________________________________ This is also a common bug in the BETA-version. See paragraph 4/2 for more information about this bug. When the animal is escaped, trace it down and place it in its exhibit. If it keep escaping, build a stronger or higher fence. You must understand that a low wooden fence won't prevent a tiger from escaping ;) - [5/8] Guest list - You'll find various button in this screen (if you click on a guest, a new screen will open.


Sorry to keep dragging this up, but it's not working. I downloaded the select patch and added a bunch of 'Z's to it, but it's still not allowing me to select the zoo wall?