The Gears of War Twitter page showed an image of someone holding some loose COG tags, which are the Gears of War universe equivalent of military dog tags. The image was somewhat reminiscent of the Gears of War 2 cover art, so speculation started running rampant that it was a legitimate tease for Gears of War 2 Remastered.

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The WW II jeep (Willys MB / Ford GPW) was originally under the authority of the Quartermaster Corps. Therefore, the original manuals were 10-series QM manuals, later superseded by 9-series Ordnance manuals.


Many known faces return to the game, as well as a cast of new support characters. There is a larger focus on the story, picking up on new threads and continuing old ones, with more attention to the history of the Locust and emotional encounters. Again, there are branching paths in certain levels. One of the stories further explored is Dominic Santiago's search for his lost wife Maria. The game's campaign mode takes the player through five acts with large-scale battles in different environments such as ruined cities, but also locations where ice or water is prominently present. During a few sequences there is also vehicular combat. The Reaver riding level for instance has on-rail shooter gameplay.

Warmonger Tribe – It’s a common thought among the human species that the Warmonger Tribe represents the default type of orcs. Warmongers live for war and combat and favor close combat. They have sense of honor and are kind of close in terms of culture and traditions to Vikings or even Samurai.


This jeep resulted from a 1940 design competition that involved American Bantam, Willys-Overland, and Ford

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It was also common to install parts from Willys into a Ford jeep and vice versa

Kill captains and warchiefs that belong to this tribe to loot an item from this set. This Legendary armor set can only be obtained if you own the Slaughter Tribe DLC, available as a stand-alone purchase or as part of the Expansion Pass.


Pre-war Models were manufacted from 1923 to 1939. Pre-war Models are identified by their Engine Serial numbers.

The Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel. This is the type of boat that General Eisenhower stated had won the war. While it was not quite as simple as that, the LVCP was very important in amphibious landings, and at one time made up 97% of the ships in the US navy.


Each time you level up a Legendary item, a new challenge will appear. You can find the requirements for the next level in the description of the item itself. Every Legendary Item can be leveled to lvl 60, regardless of where and how you have found or looted it.

The standard production Army jeep of World War II was produced by Willys (the Model MB) and by Ford (the Model GPW). The full story of the development of the original WW II Army Jeep is on the linked page. Additional photos are found in the Military Jeeps section of the Olive-Drab.com Military Vehicle Charts.


Early pre-war equipment had snap fasteners, but long before World War II most standard equipment utilized LTD (Lift the Dot) fasteners. The LTD system can be seen on the First Air Pouches above, and also on canteen covers and most other equipment (but not clothing and certain bags that used snaps or buttons).

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  • Changed to nylon material in the Vietnam War era
  • They are all rewards from completing the Shadow Wars in Act IV
  • Warmongers live for war and combat and favor close combat
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There is a cooperative Horde mode where up to five players play together in 50 waves of the Locust horde. More camera modes are present in the multiplayer games and players can take photos of the action to upload them to the official website.


All Willys MB and Ford GPW jeeps have a serial number tag on the left front of the frame

Ultimately the Warrior BiS is pretty amazing, with only a tiny percentage of “wasted” stats (A tiny bit of parry and accuracy). Thankfully, with the exception of melds – the difference is just ONE item (and weapon).

The web canteen cover held the canteen and canteen cup for most World War II soldiers. The design originated in 1910 is still basically in use today, although many details have changed. Dismounted covers attached directly to the belt with the wire hooks, while Mounted covers attached to a T-strap that hung from saddle gear (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=9733). A T-hanger was available that converts a regular canteen cover to a cavalry model, with a snap hook and 2 hole tab.


In 2021, The Coalition released Gears (https://dybdoska.ru/content/uploads/files/download/gear-of-war-2-crack.zip) of War: Ultimate Edition, a remaster of the original Gears (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=5809) of War game with improved visuals and other new bells and whistles. Since then, fans have been wondering if the other games in the Gears of War series may one day get a similar treatment. A recent tweet by the official Gears of War Twitter page kicked up rumors that a Gears of War 2 remaster could be next in line, but those rumors have since been put to rest.

The M1944/45 field packs were issued with a new suspender system, the M-1944 Combat Suspenders. These packs and suspenders were in the dark OD #7 shade.


Tabulated data from TM 9-803, February 1944. All Willys MB and Ford GPW jeeps have a serial number tag on the left front of the frame. The serial number appears in other locations and there is also a non-matching engine number.

In the field, at least a canteen and a first aid pouch were added. Many other items were optionally attached to the pistol belt.


Marauder Tribe – They are all about hoarding treasures, looting and collecting rare items. They are having pure fun being orcs and are proud of that fact.

The M-1942 pouch continued in use for many years, and was redesignated as either "Pouch, First Aid" or "Pouch, Lensatic Compass" being a size suitable for either use. It was finally replaced by the now common LC-1 pouch.


Pontiac's first war contract was building 20mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft cannons for the US Navy. This particular weapon, along with the stand and gun sight, were all built by Pontiac. This weapon is serial number 223843.

Machine Tribe – These guys are obsessed with the industrialization of Mordor. Their arsenal includes machines and mechanical tools.


How to get the set: Complete the main storyline campaign (Act III) and all 6 items of the set will be granted to you: Urfael Sword, Acharn Dagger, Helm’s Hammer, Servant’s Armor, Dark Embrace Cloak, Isilur’s Ring. You need 100% completion on the main story quest chains.

The main chassis or body component that distinguished a Willys-Overland MB from the Ford-built GPW is the tubular front frame cross-member on the MB as opposed to the inverted U-shaped cross-member on the GPW with a flat top. That cross-member is located behind the grill, at the base of the radiator so it usually cannot be seen in photos. Below are two close-up photos showing the difference.


You can find examples of the First Aid Pouch for the Carlisle bandage such as the one on the left with date stamps in the 1940s. But a new color was introduced at the start of the war: Olive Drab #3, the light greenish shade of the center pouch. Starting in 1943 new equipment was introduced, as well as clothing, in the darker shade Olive Drab #7, seen in the example pouch on the right.

Update 1: The Coalition has updated their initial forum post overnight with consolidating answers to questions from the Gears PC community. The most interesting answers, include answers to VSync, VRAM, borderless fullscreen gaming, and Cross play.


This is a GM of Canada built 15-CWT 4x4 General Service truck. It was part of the reenactment of Sword Beach at 2021 Conneaut D-Day 75. Author's photo added 6-5-2021.

Gears (the original source) of War Ultimate was released earlier this month, as the world's first DX12 game. Unfortunately the shooter suffered from some serious visual corruption issues. More about these issues can be read in this post right here and here.

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  • The serial numbers from 1960 to 1945 should include a year letter code
  • Both Frame and Engine Serial Numbers

The pistol or cartridge belt could be worn alone, but were designed to be used by attachment to an M-1928 pack or to suspenders. The Suspenders, Belt, M-1936 were in common use in World War II, later replaced by the M-1943 updated model. Suspenders attached to the belt with snap hooks front and rear, to transfer weight to the shoulders and to keep the load in proper position. The USMC had similar suspenders designated M-1941 along with their M-1941 pack system.


Why STRENGTH melded in accessories? Yes, 3/2 is all about VIT on tanks – BUT that doesn’t mean STR is WORTHLESS. In fact, it still EASILY beats any secondary stat in terms of DPS (Crit, DET, SS). So we maximize this by melded STR when we can – in this case, only Accessories.

With the July Update Monolith added five new Legendary Masks and one new Armor piece to the Ringwraith gear set. They are all rewards from completing the Shadow Wars in Act IV.

  • Rune of War – by killing a Legendary Warmonger Commander or Warmonger Trickster
  • Cloak of War – by killing a Legendary Warmonger Beastmaster or Warmonger Berserker
  • Armor of War – by killing a Legendary Warmonger Tank or Warmonger Destroyer
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The pistol belt was intended for soldiers who were not riflemen such as officers or crews of tanks or other equipment. On left side, between first two sets of grommets, was a large snap fastener.