Yes, Sony still hands out import codes for Piko. You can send them an email in English and they will respond.

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The Tencent Pocket Reader (腾讯口袋阅) is small and lightweight with its 5/2 inches 1280×720 eInk screen, it comes with 8GB storage and is priced at ¥889 ($136). The device is centered around the Tencent ecosystem and provides access to the Tencent Library and bookstore.


Here is an overview of the top 10 brands currently dominating the lists in China. This list is based on the rankings of Zol.com, one of China’s leading IT information and business portals.

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The VPN pico mentioned seems like a fairly solid plan, though still a bit of a risk. I guess if he sings about the weather in Japan, you'd have to give him a Japanese address, too, so he knows what weather to sing about.


Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku Original

The iFlytek also has a whopping 64GB storage, which can be expanded to 128GB. GizTechReview did a review of the Smart Office X2 here.

Currently, the Boox Nova 3 is the brand’s most popular model in China. Priced at ¥2480 ($377), it is also among the pricier models in the markets due to its multifunctionality. It has 32GB of storage, E Ink Carta Plus (the latest generation of screens made by “electronic paper” technology) and also has a screen front light system, allowing users to keep on reading in the dark.


The MiReader also has a Pro device (小米多看电纸书Pro) available in China, which is ¥1299 ($200) and comes with a 7/8-inch 300 PPI screen and 32GB storage. The Xiaomi e-readers allow access to the WeChat Library, which is a great advantage for Chinese consumers (Kindle doesn’t allow access to the WeChat Library).

Vocaloid 2 miku voice download

After releasing an additional three singles, supercell released their 2nd album, Today is a Beautiful Day in March 2021. The album debuted at 3rd place on the Oricon Weekly charts.


Although Hanvon is in the top 10 of China’s hottest e-book device brands, its Hanvon Gold House 3 model (汉王黄金屋3), priced at ¥799 ($123), is not nearly as popular as other devices in this list. The Hanvon Gold House comes with a 6-inch 1024×758 resolution screen and 4GB in storage. The device is marketed as being simple, stylish, and ergonomic.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f coming to a PlayStation Vita near you

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The devices mentioned in this list are all devices with E Ink (“electronic ink”) display technology, which gives them that low-power paper-like display. Devices using E Ink technology are usually in grayscale, but color e-paper technologies are now also available.

VTubers will save the day as Neptunia Virtual Stars heads to PS4 next year

This success continued with the release of Vocaloid 2, and Prima was released in January ’08 as an operatic soprano. This became their baseline for future releases with customized software. Sonika, released in July ’09, was designed as a global voice bank to be able to sing in most any language, and Tonio, released in July ’10, became the male operatic compliment to Prima. Of all that have been released so far, Sonika has become the most popular due to the versatility of the voice.


The Kindle e-book devices are much more affordable than the Onyx ones, and their functionality is more straightforward as an e-book reader. They are known for their great battery life, and since the first Kindle was introduced in 2007 it has become the world’s most famous dedicated e-reader. Kindles are designed to interface seamlessly with Amazon’s online store, which makes them perfect for Amazon fans and less appealing for those who have no desire to use the Amazon ecosystem.

Vocaloid 2: Sweet Ann Original

Its iFlytek Smart Office X2 (科大讯飞智能办公本X2) is the e-book reader that is currently in the top 5 list of most popular ink screen devices in China (it even scores no 1 on e-commerce platform JD.com at the time of writing), and it is also among the most expensive (¥4999/$762). The X2 is a 10/3-inch E Ink device.


In September 2007, the song "Packaged" using voice synthesis software VOCALOID 2 Hatsune Miku as vocals was uploaded to Nico Nico Douga and muzie. The song gained popularity from fans and played a significant part in the Hatsune Miku boom.

This has been a major trend in the consumer robotics industry within the last handful of years, and it is pretty frustrating. Sony's AIBO ERS-1000 and the Groove X Lovot both require significant monthly plans on top of the already expensive hardware. Local consumers in Japan complain about it, overseas consumers complain about it, but ultimately it doesn't matter because those of us that can't afford it are not the target demographic. Compared to those products, Charlie is cheap, but I fear that unless the singing gimmick and social elements are well fleshed-out, it will turn into yet another "Amazon Alexa with a servo motor" product that dies as quickly as it is launched.


The iReader Smart 2 is popular on shopping site JD.com, priced at ¥2299 ($353). It came out in 2021, and also is a note-taking device with 32GB storage and a 10/3 inch screen. The difference with the Smart X device mainly lies in its screen quality.

Otaku Culture Worldwide and Vocaloid

AHS’s debut in Vocaloid (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=5036) was a massive release in December ’09 of three Vocaloids and two Voiceroids. The Vocaloid SF-A2 Miki was initially given out to Vocaloid producers to produce a holiday mix album which advertised her release to the public. Kaai Yuki and Hiyama Kiyoteru were also released, the first ever primary-school Vocaloid and the first Male Vocaloid since Gackpoid. Afterward they released Nekomura Iroha in October ’10 in association with Sanrio, who’s character design has distinct Hello Kitty markings.


The first Crypton Vocaloid 2 needs no introduction. In August ’07, Hatsune Miku hit the shelves, the Vocaloid who arguably started the craze. This was also the start of the CV character series, a marketing solution that put a face to the voice and let the fans take it from there. The Kagamine Twins (or mirror images depending on who you talk to) came out after Christmas that same year, soon followed by their Act2 in July ’08. Act2 was designed to fix some of the glaring flaws that were in the initial voice sampling that went unnoticed in the initial release. Act2 was released as a free patch to those who had bought the original, however Act1 was eventually phased out, and is no longer available. Megurine Luka hit shelves in January ’09, the first ever bi-lingual Vocaloid (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=4562), providing a solution to many fans issues with combining English and Japanese within the same song.

The future for Zero-G’s Engloids seems to be going strong. With an unnamed Vocaloid still in development, they show no signs of slowing down. They also have been paying a lot of close attention to the fanbase, and have gotten them involved in interacting with the company. Sonika has her own Twitter and 4Koma, and Zero-G organized two separate contests involving her, and even changed the box art of many of their products to better-suit the fans. With attention like this to their core audience they continue to gain popularity.


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Cheer up with VTubers – VTubers can randomly join you during battle to help! With their support, they can cheer you on during play and even provide you with a special prize if you make their dreams come true!

Damn, that's a ripoff for how much Charlie costs on his own! Though I assume the $5 billing is for the upkeep of his cloud server and stuff?


The game is a simple rhythm action title that requires players to keep the beat by tapping designated buttons in time with the music and on-screen prompts. But of course, this being a Miku game, all of the tracks are recorded in the digital diva’s dulcet electronic tones. Check out the game in action in the video below.

While Vocaloid (investigate this site) is shredding up the Japanese music scene, it seems like VTubers have ruled the virtual airwaves. Today, Idea Factory announced that it will release the JRPG Neptunia Virtual Stars on the PlayStation 4 next year, which will also blend in rhythm game mechanics with shooter and hack-and-slash gameplay.


For example, if I buy a book, and I can do as I please with the physical book. Sell it, tear it, burn it, gild it and worship it at an altar. But that remains separate from the intellectual property of the actual book’s contents.

I was too excited before and looked too quickly, I added to the thread and realized I misunderstood the $5 plan. It's actually a requirement on top of the $230 purchase fee in order to use any of his functions (talking, weather, horoscopes, etc).


The American Amazon brand is also popular in China when it comes to its e-reader devices. While compiling this list, the Onyx and Amazon brands actually competed over the number one spot, so there is not much difference there in terms of ranking.

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While Crypton and Zero-G were developing their voice banks at the same time, Zero-G released theirs first. They followed with Meiko in November ’04, and Kaito in ’06. While Meiko showed a lot of sales, Kaito wound up being a marked failure with the numbers. This could have been due to a lot of factors, but when the popularity explosion of Vocaloid came about, many revisited the original releases and improved the sales records.

A much pricier model is the Smart X (¥3499/$539), which has 32GB storage and a 10/3 inch 1872×1404 resolution screen, making it just as big as the Onyx Boox Note Air and the iFlytek Smart Office X2. The iReader Smart X also comes with a Wacom pen for note-taking. There’s a review of this device on Gearbest.


The latest Onyx devices such as the Max Lumi (13/3 inch), Onyx Boox Note Air (10/3 inch), the Note 3 (10/3 inch), and the Nova 3 and Nova 3 Color (7/8 inch) all have a wide variety of functions. Besides the common e-reading functions and digital note-taking possibilities, these devices run Android, handle many different file formats, and allow an install of Google Play, Kindle, OneDrive, and more, which really make them “like a tablet unlike any tablet” (which just happens to be their slogan).

  • MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab v24.0.1.16 Full version
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  • Hatsune Miku English Vocaloid3 Library
  • She was first released as a prank, said to be the next Vocaloid
  • On the other hand, even to this day, Megpoid is considered the most realistic-sounding of the Vocaloids
  • I suppose it isn't necessary to mention the quality of all the Vocaloids though
  • She is still called the best English-speaking Vocaloid to date, followed by MIRIAM
  • The performances were accompanied by character images of Vocaloids projected onto a glass screen
  • アーティストボーカル megpoid メグッポイド megumi nakajima VOCALOID C.)ゆうきヌさみ TERNET Co.Ltd cartoon anime mangaka
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Ryo has stated that the only reason he used Hatsune Miku at the time is that he had nobody to perform vocals for him. A friend recommended that he try using Vocaloid. Since his major debut in 2009, it led to him working with several different vocalists, including Yanagi Nagi, Koeda, and currently Ann and Gaku. His band supercell has also previously worked together with EGOIST and Tia.