At this point, we have Azure Sentinel up and runnig and connected to our new LAW (Log Analytics Workspace). Next up: Connect the Office 365 logs.

  • Office 365 Data Connector for Azure Sentinel
  • Connect Office 365 logs to Azure Sentinel
  • Office activity by Workload
  • Monitoring Office 365 tenants with Azure Sentinel
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With pre-defined Dashboards you can easily get started with seeing the most important data to your organization. You can easily customize what's appearing in the dashboards, but it's nice to get a running start.

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Sentinel will hep you increase your general Security Posture in your Azure services, and any services you connect through the data sources. Having this single place of security-related data ingestion is amazingly helpful.


Installing the Office 365 Dashboard in Azure Sentinel

Going back to my Azure Sentinel dashboard, I can see an overview of what's been happening. Since I just connected and nothing has happened yet, it's fairly empty. The more data sources you connect and want to ingest here, the more clever insights you'll benefit from.

Once you've clicked on Azure Sentinel, you can go ahead and create a new LAW (Log Analytics Workspace). Sentinel does not work with default workspaces from Azure Security Center, which is why they're not listed here.


That's just a small portion of what's available right out of the box with the Azure Sentinel and Office 365 data connector integrations. This is some extremely beneficial data and insights for anyone responsible for technical operations and cloud governance, including handling your overall security posture.

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If you had previously connected multiple tenants to Azure Sentinel, using an older version of the Office 365 connector which supported this, you will be able to view and modify which logs you collect from each tenant. You will not be able to add additional tenants, but you can remove previously added tenants.

Azure Sentinel is a product from Microsoft, offering a cloud-native SIEM service. Sentinel uses clever AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make your threat detection and responses faster and smarter.