In 2005, a hiker in Upper Lusatia happened to find an important trove of silver, known as the Cortnitz hoard. Most of the coins and silver jewelry pieces from the 11th century were hacked. The fragments came from Bohemia and Moravia, but also from Bulgaria, Scandinavia and even Baghdad. Hacked fragments of silver served as currency before official coinage was established.

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Surprises along the way fill in fascinating details of military chaplaincy: Who were the first Catholic military chaplains officially accompanying soldiers, and in which war? Which chaplains survived which battles? Who went on to found Boston College?

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Pilgrim badges were worn in the Middle Ages by Roman Catholics as souvenirs of their pilgrimage, and some of them took their badge with them to the grave. This lead alloy pilgrim badge from the 13th-14th century was found in Harburg (today part of Hamburg). It shows Christ riding on a donkey.


The Venus of Hohle Fels was discovered in 2008 in a cave in southwestern Germany. The nearly six-centimeter ivory figurine is believed to have been worn as an amulet. It is dated to between 35,000 and 40,000 years ago, making it the oldest known depiction of a human being in prehistoric art.

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An incredible find was discovered near Lake Constance in southern Germany: a Neolithic decoration on clay plaster. It shows that humans were already heavily decorating their houses by 4000 BC. The segment that was displayed in Berlin is believed to be a complex depiction of ancestors or deities that were to protect the house.

Surprising facts pop up, one after another. One concerns Father James O’Neill and Gen.


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The Warden & the Paunch DLC brings powerful new units, abilities, and mechanics to Total War: WARHAMMER II: Two new Legendary Lords, pitted against one another in a fierce rivalry from which only one will emerge. Eltharion the Grim commands Tor Yvresse for the High Elves.


The hand axe, the longest-used tool in human history, was already in circulation around two million years ago in Africa. The hand axes found in Eurasia were much younger however, dated back to 600,000 years ago. The all-round tool was likely to have different functions such as chopping, cutting, scraping, hitting and even throwing. This piece of flint stone is at most 35,000 years old.

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In honour of Alien Day on April 26th, Alien: Isolation is 30% off on the Nintendo of America eShop until 23:59 PST on April 30th. Buy from the Nintendo eShop and experience heart-pounding horror in the immersive survival horror game rooted in Ridley Scott’s masterpiece.

While conflicts from World War II to the present are the most familiar, Craughwell offers a chronological look at chaplains, beginning around the American Revolution and giving details of Civil War Catholic chaplains in both the Union and Confederate Armies. Chaplains played a necessary part in the military even back then. And, as the author highlights, hundreds of nuns worked as nurses during that tragic American conflict.


This Top War Battle Game gift code was announced on February 21, 2021

Actually, it's not the Old PSR that we need. What we REALLY need is for PGI's Paul Inouye to wake up and re-activate a little bit of Tonnage-related Balancing in the MatchMaker, because it is currently completely failing to do any at all.

The late author Thomas Craughwell knew how to weave together exciting stories. His last book, Heroic Catholic Chaplains, released this May, a month before his unexpected death, is filled with them. The subtitle captures them this way: Stories of the Brave and Holy Men Who Dodged Bullets While Saving Souls.