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This is the only look we get at Mr. Mucus on the website and I’m not sure it worked out very well for the brand. That may be because the mascot resembles Jabba the Hutt instead of a fun-loving mucus ball you want to watch walk down the aisle with Mrs.


Take, for instance, an incident that happened earlier this year when Gritty was accused of hitting a child at a game. The accusation was investigated and Gritty was cleared of the charges. Through it all, fans had the mascot’s back.

So, if you have a website that performs just “okay” with its audience, a change of tone and pace might be needed. And if you don’t have a mascot yet or one that’s not a good fit, creating one that’s well-designed for a modern-day audience might be exactly what you need.


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In this case, being hated was a good thing. Mucinex wanted its customers to be disgusted by Mr. Mucus. The whole purpose of the company is to help people fight off phlegmy throats and stuffed noses.

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Searching on mobile should be easily accessible. For example, Youtube, Amazon Prime, Slack, Google Maps make it difficult for users to reach the search menu by having them reach the top right corner.


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The mascot in the main banner is designed the same way it’s always been designed (including the facial expression). However, it’s now donning winter gear for a seasonal touch.

It would also be useful to have this spreadsheet on hand once a site has gone live. Using data from Google Analytics, you can start prioritizing design choices based on which web browsers your users primarily use.


If you’re struggling to get traction on an existing website and fear the mascot might have something to do with it, this post is for you. You should also keep reading if you’re designing a mascot from-scratch and aren’t sure how to create something your audience will fall in love with.

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Let’s say we have 2000 page visitors, and 70% are leaving immediately from the landing page, and 600 are proceeding forward (30% click-through rate). Instead of presenting one landing page to all visitors, we display two landing pages and show one landing page to half the visitors, and the second landing page to the other half.


For each of the event handlers, we call preventDefault() to stop the browser from executing its default behavior. The default browser behavior is to open the dropped file. We also call stopPropagation() to make sure that the event is not propagated from child to parent elements.

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Maybe you’re not quite ready to betray other frameworks yet, or you haven’t been convinced to embrace the goodies that come with Tailwind CSS. Allow me to give you a few reasons why you may want to consider Tailwind CSS.


Kevin van der Wijst is a digital designer based in Valencia, and you can feel the influence of that sunny Spanish city in his site. In recent decades Valencia has become known for some of the most extraordinary public architecture in the world, and the geometric shapes of van der Wijst’s portfolio echo the shapes of sunlight on buildings. If you cursor over it, you’ll see there’s a liquid mouse trail effect, as if the buildings were reflected in pooled water.

In reality, adding a new block to a blockchain is not that easy because of the several checks that have been placed. Nonetheless, for this simple cryptocurrency, it’s enough to demonstrate how a blockchain actually works.


Some apps use the search screen as a content discovery screen. They recommend users what they’d like, what they searched before, what’s trending and so on.

Blisk is the only developer-focused web browser that allows you to access all of the functionality you need for creating sensational online experiences. You can view what your website or app is going to look like on virtually any phone design, from Google Pixel, to the iPhone.

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I don’t know that there was anything wrong with the caveman advertisements. They were smart and funny and were lauded for taking on the subject of political correctness.


The date HTML tag is one of the most used tags and, yet, Chrome, Firefox and Opera are the only ones that fully support it — as indicated in the top blue bar above the test area. Even then, these browsers provide very different user experiences.

The jolly green giant mascot is front-and-center on the home page. This is in addition to all the small appearances it makes in every product featured on the site.


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However, the more time you spend building your skills as a designer/developer, the more you’ll recognize the need for a unique kind of browsing experience. Fortunately, we’ve found some of the best browsers for web developers, to get you started.

To handle states, React provides the useState and useReducer hooks. We’ll opt for the useReducer hook given that we will be dealing with situations where a state depends on the previous state.


During Baymard’s Product Listings & Filtering study, it was observed that sites with an average product list usability saw abandonment rates of 67–90%. What’s more, there was about 17–33% abandonments from users trying to find the exact same types of product from e-Commerce sites with a slightly tweaked toolset. This resulted in approximately 4X increase in leads.

Next, we install a few development dependencies. You can use any of the options that work for you.


If you ask me, this is one of the grossest mascots ever created. It’s literally mucus in human-like form. And yet, it works somehow because it’s done in a humorous manner.

Again, smart testing is meant to help you quickly locate and report issues during regression testing. Find the method that works best for you, so you can get these issues resolved as quickly as possible from now on.


Whether it’s because the cat imagery was distracting or people didn’t like it, this website has undergone a drastic change. Everything is now very buttoned-up.

Be upfront about any extra fees or shipping costs. Let them know how long shipping may take. Customers want to feel like they can trust you.


Above, you can see the first option in the sidebar enables you to quickly switch the device view. That way, if you have a couple of browser views you’re trying to compare or check errors on, you don’t have to backtrack.

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Since every new block should point to the previous block, if a block is incorporated into the chain without containing the right hash of the last block, it could render the entire blockchain invalid. This immutability property is key to the security of blockchains.


Although reachability is a big part of it designing for one-handed usage, it is not just about ensuring everything close to users’ reach. Apps that have good one-handed use also save the time of users, remove friction, take out unnecessary steps, and most importantly focus on quickening the “distracted short burst usage” of apps.

GQ - Usa June.2021 Filelist

Corey Haggard has taken more of a traditional single-pager approach to his portfolio. He’s hopped on the out-sized typography trend, and if you click on any of the thumbnails on his site you’ll be rewarded with a flag-style enlarge effect, but basically this is a no-nonsense portfolio that shows off some inspiring work, and is well-worth a few minutes browsing.


For many apps, Search is one of the top 5 features used. But many app designers make reaching the search icon difficult. See the comparison below for Apple Maps vs Google Maps and Netflix vs Youtube.

We looked at many patterns that designers can use to solve different UX challenges. For more, you can check these websites to find patterns that help you design for one-handed use.


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Most of the leading (and some not so leading) browsers support CSS grid layout (the ones in green). Internet Explorer (in blue) provides partial support and Opera Mini (in purple) provides none at all.

Cross-browser testing isn’t just about making sure websites are mobile responsive. What we’re ultimately looking to do here is take the guesswork out of web design. There may be over a dozen possible browsers and hundreds of browser/device configurations, but automated cross-browser tests can make checking all of these possibilities and locating errors much easier.


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Any valid transaction data is logged into the blockchain network, which is governed by peer-to-peer rules that the participants stipulate. For example, this data could contain the “value” of the block such as in digital currencies, a record of transactions (such as when parties exchange goods and services), or entitlement privileges such as when the chain records ownership information.

Use gestures or easily accessible buttons for search. When users go to the search screen give suggestions as well as open the text box immediately.


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For starters, the mascot has gone from a small tabby to a large black-and-white cat. In addition, the website’s tagline now reads “100% animal-friendly web development blog”. Those are both pretty significant changes.

Every user is different and a feature that is important for one user may not be that important for the other. To make the most of your app, you can allow users to customize their tab bars with frequently used functionalities.


Sandy Dauneau’s portfolio is centered around her beautifully emotive animation, with a slider that offers various projects to enjoy. It features some really expressive typography, but nothing here outshines her delicate, and expertly observed animation. Make sure you check out her showreel, which really convey’s the best of her current work.

It’s an object that contains the blockchain property, which is an array containing all the blocks in the chain. As you can see in the image above, each block references the hash of the previous block. For example, the second block references the hash of the first block.


Spotify used the Hamburger Menu at the top-left which concealed these features and set the users on a treasure hunt of sorts. With the advent of bigger screens, however, another design challenge was added to the list — reachability.

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Today, Ryan Reynolds has become the face of Aviation Gin, pushing it at every turn on his social media. It hasn’t changed the direction of the company itself, but by having a human mascot like Reynolds on its side, the message (and likely the audience, too) has changed.

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The cat mascot no longer exists in its previous iterations. Now, it’s relegated to a small cat-like icon with code brackets where its face used to be. The website’s cat-friendly messaging is gone, too.


If your website could benefit from a little levity, a mascot would be a fantastic way to draw visitors into the content of your website as well as into the brand’s story. That doesn’t mean that every mascot should draw laughs or be shocking. There are plenty of recognizable and well-loved mascots that have subdued personalities. It’s all about working with the personality of your brand and fitting a mascot to it.

In the current context, we will be dragging files from outside the browser. On dropping the file(s), we put them on a list and display their names.

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You can see why it’s so important to understand the differences between browser renderings and support. The more you familiarize yourself with them, the less scrambling you’ll have to do when a new discrepancy is discovered.


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It was still very simple in design and the bottle of gin remained the sole focus. Aside from some industry awards, Aviation Gin wasn’t the media darling it is now.

Filling up forms can be less laborious by turning a lengthy form into multiple screens. Using things like auto-fill, thumb reachable buttons for next and previous steps, continuous keyboard presence, and no scrolling makes this approach faster and easier.


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Creating boards, favorites, and wish lists can be a drag, especially when they are placed at the top extremes. Let’s look at the patterns that handle multi-step data inputs.

The interaction design, especially the light-dark transition on Six N. Five’s portfolio site is something to behold. Cursor to the left, or right, to switch from studio work to films. Scroll through some exceptional work, and hover over thumbnails to see a preview. What we really love is the simplest of touches: when you scroll past the bottom of a case study, it automatically returns you to the home screen.


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What’s especially nice about automating with LambdaTest is that it gives its users options. From fully automated tests that check how your code impacts the frontend to semi-automated tasks that ease the work in managing updates and bugs, there are so many ways to automate and optimize your process.

This should be done regularly during the web building process as by doing so when you launch your website, you might uncover major or recurring problems that could have been prevented. If you do it in early development stages, you can use the information from the test to plan before you start building things that don’t work!


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We have gone through hundreds of apps and thousands of patterns to find the best patterns one-handed usage in mind. So let’s look at what works, what problems are solved, and what benefits you will get out of these.

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The mascot also started appearing with a crown on the bottom right. This callout encouraged users to subscribe to the Pro tool.


Jeep Wrangler Installation Instructions Carid

It’s all very well presenting beautiful animation if that’s your focus, but what if your focus is on user experience? A Color Bright is a Berlin-based design agency that provides UX/UI design, product development, brand growth, and other digital design. Its portfolio is all about the potential of the user, with a focus on the dynamics of the team you’ll be working with if you hire them.

It doesn’t matter the size of the websites you build. All public-facing sites would benefit from an automated cross-browser testing tool.


Microsoft Word and WPS Office offer a host of editing tools and multi-level menus within thumb’s reach. These intuitive menu systems are smart and powerful allowing users to do complex operations and multiple choices.

The checkout process can be made more efficient and straightforward. What’s more, you can also add a swipe-to-pay option for higher conversions.


Remote testing is the same principle as in-person testing but executed remotely. This may save you the hassle of meeting up, but might mean that you need to use software (such as a camcorder) to monitor their browsing, along with voice or video calling, to discuss the process with them.

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The drag-and-drop API is one of the coolest features of HTML. It helps us implement drag-and-drop features in web browsers.


For instance, the CNN App was among the few who got early access to iPhone 5 introduced in 2021. The developers not only gave it an aesthetic transformation but also designed a reader-friendly, visually-appealing experience that made headlines stand out.

Now try dragging and dropping some files onto the drop zone. You’ll see that as we enter the drop zone, the background becomes less opaque because the inside-drag-area class is activated.


While I was writing my last article on mobile storytelling, I did some digging into the alcohol industry. One company, in particular, stood out for its use of a human mascot and storyteller: Aviation Gin.

Our next step will be to write the logic for each of our event handlers. Before we do that, we have to consider how we intend to keep track of dropped files. This is where we begin to think about state management.


Speak the language of the users and keep users intent in mind when organizing filters. Keep the filters/sorting button near the reach of users. Also, make accessing and closing the filters menu with one hand.

Don’t just go based on your gut. Do some market research and throw some user surveys out there. Maybe message old customers of your client or do a poll on Twitter. You need to know why the mascot isn’t hitting the mark.


Many apps like Amazon or Google Drive use the search bar prominently at the top of the home page. In such cases, we can use gestures (swipe down) like the Inshorts app to immediately start typing instead of having to reach the top and tap on the search bar.

With your new browser, you can access a best-in-class JavaScript debugger, a Master CSS Grid, and various other features too. In fact, Firefox is the only browser that is specifically built with tools that help developers to build and design with their own CSS grid. These tools make it easier to visualize information, display area names, and preview transformations too.


One of the most stressful parts of writing custom CSS is having to name classes. At every point, you’re pondering which class should be generic or specific. How do you organize them and ensure they’re cascaded? Tailwind CSS solves those problems seamlessly by providing utility-based classes that can be used all the time.

Gone are the crazy color palette and illustrations. Today, the website is much more subdued and customer-centric.


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When we’re designing portfolios, it’s easy to get carried away with all kinds of different effects like liquid effects and hover states. Fancy effects help get you noticed by design agencies, but if you’re a design agency selling to business, what works is simplicity. Frank has done an amazing job of keeping its portfolio simple, not because simplicity like this is difficult, but because it’s brave.

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Likewise, when dragging out of a drop zone, each time we hit a boundary, the ondragleave event is fired. This happens at boundaries A-out and B-out. Since we’re leaving the zone, we decrement the value of dropDepth. Notice that we don’t set inDropZone to false at boundary B-out. That is why we have this line to check the dropDepth and return from the function dropDepth greater than 0.


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Without the right UX, finding just the right products or items can be a tedious challenge for the user. Searching, filtering, and sorting tools determine how easy or difficult it is for the user to browse the site’s product and item catalog.

Facebook, for instance, conceals numerous features in a Hamburger Menu that declutters the main screen. Although this inclusion has a cleaner and more organized appeal, users suffer from one-handed reachability.


We’ve seen how to handle file uploads in React using the HTML drag-and-drop API. We’ve also learned how to manage state with the useReducer hook. We could extend the file handleDrop function. For example, we could add another check to limit file sizes if we wanted. This can come before or after the check for existing files. We could also make the drop zone clickable without affecting the drag-and-drop functionality.