Even though wireless connections such as Wi-Fi offer convenience, Ethernet cables are the way to go if you are looking to get the most speed and the best experience from your internet connection. Since they transmit data electronically via cables, Ethernet connections experience less interference. That makes them faster than wireless connections, which experience regular interference from nearby electronic appliances and mobile devices. Ethernet cable connections are also more secure since they require a physical connection to hack into.

  • What is a phone splitter
  • This device includes a kit with a 2 x RJ11 telephone splitter and has 18- months replacement guarantee
  • So as it is very easy to install a phone splitter, we will help you decide which one is best for you
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  • Q: Is it best to get a modem router combo or separate components

People move daily even on sleepy weekends. However, some Nigerians do not have cars while others find commercial buses uncomfortable. So, with if you have a vehicle and register with either Uber or Bolt, then you can start your transport business with ease.


The Netgear Nighthawk RAX200 is the fastest router we’ve ever tested, featuring 12 streams of Wi-Fi 6 spread across three network bands. With a 742/14Mbps average throughput at a two-metre range, it absolutely decimated the widely respected Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 (RBK852).

Yes, your modem has an effect on your WiFi’s overall speed. Sometimes, it can be a simple case of the fact that your modem router combo is too far from your device. The further it is, the weaker the signal gets, but a simple move of your modem router would do the trick. Certain times, it can be the router that affects speeds. Because it splits up your modem’s signal so that multiple devices can use it, if your router doesn’t support high speed connections, then it doesn’t matter how fast your modem is because it’s being channeled by the router.


What’s more, the wires have double-shield twisted construction that not only enhances data transmission but also reduces crosstalk. Its core is made of bare copper, known to have a higher conductivity and data transfer speed than copper-clad aluminum cables.

VeloCloud provides service providers with the ability to offer elastic transport and performance for cloud applications, while integrating the new SD-WAN with existing networks. Service providers enjoy optimal and direct access to cloud-based applications, on-demand bandwidth, and improved operational automation.


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This device is used to support up to Ethernet IEEE 802 standards and has multiple protection for Power. It is compatible with the normal POE switches of DC 44-57V voltage, overvoltages protection, shorter circuit protection, and over current safety, 3af / at is safer.


So, these are 10 businesses ideas in Nigeria that will meet the needs of millions of people. However, make sure you carry out proper research before choosing any of the ideas mentioned in this article.

The router-modem also comes with security options. There is an advanced firewall in the router.


As for its data transfer speed, the cable supports a speed of up to 10 Gbps and has a bandwidth of 600MHz, making it ideal for both LAN and WAN connections. Also, DanYee’s Cat 7 Ethernet Cable comes fitted with an RJ45 connector. This means it can provide universal connectivity to network components like a switch box, Wi-Fi router, Xbox, PS4, and computers.

What makes the best ethernet cable? There’s no short answer because ethernet cables are not created equal. To get yourself the best one, you need to understand how different types of cables work. That being said, when you are in the market for one, you will notice ethernet cables classified as Cat 5, Cat, Cat 7, and even Cat 8.


The Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 is the first Wi-Fi 6e router to hit the market, and the results are mind-blowing. By adding a 6GHz band to the already impressive capabilities of Wi-Fi 6, the Nighthawk RAXE500 delivers category-leading performance. With an AXE11000 rating, the tri-band device more than lives up to the hype by delivering nearly 2/5Gbps of real-world data. Add this to the slick design and highly customizable configuration options, and the Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 becomes one of the best routers we've ever reviewed.

Its user interface isn’t the most advanced, and power users will miss fancier features, namely guest networks. Other features like port forwarding and QoS are easy to set up. All in all, the PK5001z is a surprisingly capable way to get the most out of your CenturyLink Internet.


DD-WRT supports more routers than anyone else. As a result, they also have the largest community, so finding support for DD-WRT tends to be easier than other custom router firmware. Even routers that aren’t officially supported tend to get community builds that are actively supported in the DD-WRT forums.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 012Oregon from Far better than regular phone cable. I am using this cable from my line filter to my DSL internet modem. I'm getting a far better signal to my PC network than when I was using regular phone cable.


ARRIS SBG6950AC2 combines a cable modem with a dual-band Wi-Fi and four-port Gigabit Ethernet router all in one. With four upstream and 16 downstream channels, you can enjoy faster downloading and streaming in every corner of your home.

Profile for CertiKit Limited

Mbps, or megabits per second, are just about the most important factor in deciding what modem to get, as the number can make or break great internet service. The higher it is, the better and faster your internet will be. Modems can have anywhere from 10-1,000 Mbps, and the more megabits you have, the more traffic (or greater bandwidth) your modem can handle. The number of people in your home, and what you use the internet for, will help determine how many Mbps your modem needs.


But no matter which service you use, this massive ISP acts like renting network equipment is still the norm. What they don't tell their customers (and honestly should) is that it is both easy and inexpensive to replace their rental gear with your own 2-in-1 unit. The average cost of a combo unit that serves as both a DSL modem and router is about $100. If you instead pay a rental fee of $10 per month, you'll be overpaying in under than a year.

If you are on the market for a modem router that supports beamforming, the Motorola MG7540 is perfect for the job. Its dual-band capabilities ensure that the wireless network performance remains steady all day by reducing electronic interference.


Now that you know about the different types of ethernet cables, don't just go for the newest standard. Sure, it boasts the highest downloading speeds, but it may not be what you need. To get the best ethernet cable for your needs, consider the speed of your internet connection. If its 1Gbps, opting for a Cat 8 cable will only be a waste of money since even a Cat 6 ethernet cable supports higher speeds than that. The rule of the thumb is to go with a Cat 6 cable as it is fast and it is future-proofed, which means you will be using it for quite a long time.

Considering that this modem is used with an Internet protocol from the ’90s, it will only be as fast as your plan can provide for. This unit has an N300 router, which provides service to a medium-sized dwelling at most. It is easy to set up and manage thanks to a fairly simple UI.


Best small business routers

The cable has a unique flat design that makes it easy to run under carpet, rugs, furniture and line it up against the wall. Despite its ultra-thin profile, it’s notably hardy able to survive in any environment. This is because its wire interface is made of bare copper, which has higher tensile strength and high conductivity than aluminum.

With the increasing use of cloud computing, 25 GBase-t and 40 GBase-t networks over twisted pair have become the most sought-after technology. As a result, server rooms and data centers continue to experience consistently high demands for bandwidths, hence the need for Ethernet cables that can match up the demand.


If you run a number of applications or devices in your household, or you manage a business, it’s crucial to explore the impact of fibre optic broadband in terms of bandwidth. With fibre optic, there are virtually no limitations, so you don’t have to worry about your system creaking under the pressure of multiple users or high demands. Today, businesses use the Internet for a diverse range of purposes, and some applications, for example, cloud programs, streaming and interactive conference calling, can cause slower connections to stall.

This device is designed to automatically detect CenturyLink network setting configurations, making setup a breeze. The C1100z has a built-in phone jack to connect a handset without issues.


The Eero Pro 6 combines tri-band Wi-Fi 6 networking with a mesh setup that's quicker and easier than pretty much any mesh system we've reviewed, making it the best way to get great performance throughout your home without much hassle. With a single unit covering 2,000 square feet with reasonably fast Wi-Fi, the three-pack Eero Pro 6 will blanket up to 6,000 square feet with ease - and we set up the three-piece system in about 11 minutes.

It also boasts backward compatibility, an excellent feature if you have Cat 5 and Cat 5a devices. It also has a wide compatibility range and can work with printers, NAS devices, VoIP telephones, switches, and many others.


The ZenWiFi AC tri-band whole-home mesh WiFi system pushes performance to new heights without looking out of place in a living room. Like the ZenWiFi AX, ZenWiFi AC system offers sleek aesthetics inspired by the ZenBook notebooks.

Asus has a reputation for manufacturing great consumer products and the Taiwanese firm – known for its laptops and motherboards – has been trying its hand at wireless products. The BRT-AC828 is its only business router and the device ticks a lot of boxes, even for small businesses looking for more than 10 simultaneous connections.


For a CenturyLink modem, this is about as basic as they come. But with an appealingly low price, it is a solid option for anybody stuck in a more dated CenturyLink market.

Best small business routers: Netgear Orbi Pro overview

It comes with nearly everything you could want in a router as well as a whole lot more that you’ll probably never even look at. That’s simultaneously one of DD-WRT’s biggest strengths and weaknesses. For people looking for maximum control, DD-WRT’s plethora of options is a welcome breath of fresh air. If you’re looking for simple and direct, though, you’re going to have a hard time navigating DD-WRT.


In addition to massively improved speeds and handling of multiple devices, the Orbi also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for seamless voice control throughout the house. And every Orbi extension that we've loved in the past works with the new Wi-Fi 6 models as well, whether it's the outdoor extensions or the Orbi Voice that has a built-in smart speaker.

This makes a football viewing center very lucrative. All you need to set up this business is to rent a building, buy some plastic chairs, get a generator in case of power failure and subscribe to a cable service, I recommend DSTV they are second to known in broadcasting the English Premier league, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and UEFA champions league.


There is a provision for wired connectivity. You can use the Netis with an Ethernet cable or fiber modem. This provision allows you to connect to the router-modem directly.

Compatible with ADSL CenturyLink

With data centers looking for scalable copper cables that can compete with fiber optics, CAT 8 Ethernet is the new go-to cabling alternative. DbillionDa is one of the few companies producing CAT 8 Ethernet cables, and they certainly live up to their hype.


Unlike other ethernet cables, Vandesail uses a full-cover connector with gold-plated contacts and tri-chip for the best results. Also, having passed the Fluke test, you can rest assured that it has met all CAT 7 performance standards. The test checks compliance with performance standards depending on cable type, resistance, amount of noise during data transfer, among other parameters.

Best small business routers 2021: top routers for work

Well, it has an outer PVC jacket, an aluminum foil, GND, and an HDPE jacket. Add in the bare copper conductors which are super durable and, at the same time, enhance transmission speeds - slow internet automatically becomes the least of your concerns.


Its overall construction is pretty handy. It has a flat design that adds to its flexibility and makes it easy to manage when crossing it under the furniture, carpet, or wall. The design also reduces tangling too, because it has PVC housing that’s tough and flexible.

I want to clip off the connector at one end and use butt connectors to connect directly to cat5e cable. What gauge are the wires inside this cable?


When buying a modem, it’s imperative that you make sure it will work with either your current router or the router you plan to purchase. The Motorola MB8600 relieves you of that stress—it’s capable of connecting to any Wi-Fi router and, on top of that, has a two-year warranty. The design is functional, if not particularly attractive, and it has good ventilation to prevent it from overheating. There’s also built-in protection against service attacks and power surges. Reviewers noted that the MB8600 was easy to set up and connect, and confirmed that it worked well with multiple ISPs.

This unit combines an ADSL2+/VDSL modem with an AC1600 router to make for a fairly robust networking center that should meet the needs of most users. It is incredibly easy to set up thanks to Motorola’ Setup Wizard software. Let me just say that it is a rare treat for a piece of networking equipment to come with some decent software.


M!DGE – GPRS/UMTS/HSPA/LTE router – Operating manual

While at it, make sure you also consider the cable length. This is important because cable length not only affects your comfort but also impacts transmission speeds. Go for a long enough ethernet cable, but don't overdo it. Also, consider durability. Cat 6, 7, and 8 ethernet cables are faster but feature more sophisticated braiding, which means they can be easily damaged. Therefore, opt for a well-designed and durable cable.

Ethernet cable connections are also more secure since they require a physical connection to hack into

The Motorola MG7540 comes with an AC1600 Dual Band Wi-Fi connection. The connection includes a 2/4GHz and 5GHz band to ensure that you can easily connect to any network configuration offered by your ISP.


The lack of parental controls is the biggest issue here, making the Asus a better option for families. That said, we’re confident parental controls will eventually arrive with future software updates, which could boost this mesh system right to the top of this ranking at a later date.

For the best Ethernet cable, start by considering your home’s internet speed. If your connection is anything below 1Gbps, a Cat 5e Ethernet cable will be just fine. But if your internet is fast, opt for Cat 6 cables or newer ones. To check your home’s internet connection speed, directly connect your laptop or PC to the network, Google “speed test,” open the first website on the search result page, and run a speed test. Besides internet speed, check whether the cable you want is shielded or unshielded. Shielded Ethernet cables are the way to go since they’re designed to prevent distortion.


In total, the Zoom can accommodate up to 253 Wi-Fi devices. This generous capacity is good for anyone with an extended family. As long as your device is compatible with Wi-Fi, it can connect to high-speed Internet.

Despite its generic and boxy look, this wireless gateway is loaded with plenty of useful ports. It has both a DSL and phone port built right in, eliminating the need for an in-line DSL filter.


A phone splitter is two-line dividers that act as an option for two-line telephones. They work by diverting one line to one single line telephone and the other to another one-line telephone. Every phone has a jack where you can connect to the cord of your phone. The signal must be sent to two or more devices, and a phone splitter is a tool used for separating cable signals. Spark light technicians will install operators to enable additional outlets inside your home. This eliminates the need to reduce interference with the line. Plugin your DSL modem connected to a DSL line splitter on a wall jack. The divider splits the jack into two systems, one for the telephone and one for the modem. Plug one of the splitter jackets into a telephone wire. Plugin the back jack of the DSL modem to the other end of the cable.

With DOCSIS 3/0 and a channel bonding of 8x4, the modem router offers 8x better and faster performance in comparison to DOCSIS 2/0 modems. The TC-W7960 provides a 343Mbps download speed and an upload speed of up to 143Mbps.


If you are looking at outdoor camping alone or with good friends, ensure you have ready an emergency kit

ASUS today showcased the ZenWiFi AX (XT8) and ZenWiFi AC (CT8) mesh networking routers alongside the newly announced ZenWiFi Voice, fusing the power of Amazon Alexa and ASUS AiMesh technology, at CES 2021. The latest ZenWiFi AX and ZenWiFi AC routers also come in two color options: White and Graphite Black.

The best Wi-Fi 6 routers right now

A “network integrated” solution offers SD-WAN overlay edge nodes as multi-tenant virtual gateways. These are then deployed in data centers and the service provider network. Hosted services are provided by deploying gateways at cloud data centers, and private MPLS networks use gateways deployed at provider edge POPs.


Equipped with ADSL2+ technology, the D-Link DSL erases the need for a modem. This device connects directly to your telephone, taking the place of a modem. The ADSL2+ technology enables the modem-router to work at lightning-fast speeds.

This is not compatible with faster VDSL connections, even though its N300 router would perform adequately on either connection. It provides a solid wireless range, but its speed is inhibited by the limitations of this older DSL technology.


Dozens of devices have arrived with Wi-Fi 6, making it the current standard in home networking. If you've been waiting to upgrade from your old wireless AC router, it's time to stop holding off.

This cable replaced the stock Qwest phone line to my modem and raised the speed from 10Mb to 12Mb, it's rated speed. You can't beat top of the line cables.


Home lesson is one of the business ideas in Nigeria with low capital. There are various students in need of home tutors. If you are good at a particular subject, you can decide to start taking students either in your home or in their houses.

The adapter is suitable for all 3/5 mm jack, robust and compact headphones without downloading any software. It is the ideal way to listen to music and recharge your battery whether you are riding, running, or relaxing.


SDK – Software Development Kit

Ultimately, the most appealing element of this modem/router is its price tag. Its feature set still offers plenty for the casual user, so despite not having some more premium features, the X2000 is still a worthy pick.

With the Netgear Nighthawk AX8 (RAX80) Wi-Fi 6 router, top performance and enhanced security go hand in hand, combining throughput that smashes through the gigabit per second barrier with malware protection and Disney’s Circle app for blocking inappropriate content and managing family network use. And with excellent performance through walls and floors, the Nighthawk AX8 will work just as well in the real world as in the lab.


Would this also work as just a phone line? From a wall jack to a phone or phone equipment?

The very best snake nibble kits are the ones which use suction power

Most modems will also have Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification or DOCSIS technology. The preferred standard of cable providers, it’s speedy, reliable, and saves more energy than fiber cable. The most recent is DOCSIS 3/1, but DOCSIS 3/0 also works well for speeds up to 100 mbps. While there are other means of getting internet from your ISP, DOCSIS is by far the best, and sticking with a 3/0 should be sufficient for most internet users.

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If you aren’t ready to spend on a CAT 8 Ethernet cable and your network requirements are not as demanding, UGREEN’s CAT 7 makes an excellent option. By comparison, it has a lower bandwidth (600 MHz) and data speed (10 GBps), but it is a perfect choice for smart home applications.

You are not confined to wireless connectivity. The Ethernet ports allow you to connect to the Internet at fast speeds via a cable.


When Will PC OEMs Bundle ADSL Modems

Its core features a shielded foiled twisted-pair construction that minimizes interference. Each twisted pair has a unique shielding that eliminates near-end crosstalk, while the braiding provides additional protection from line noise. As for the gold-plated RJ45 connector, they are made of pure copper, enhancing oxidation resistance. This means the connectors hardly develop rust after extended use.

VeloCloud’s platform allows operators and MSPs (managed service providers) to deliver new, differentiated services across broadband or alongside with MPLS. Its enterprise-class connectivity also provides an extendable platform which makes new services possible, improving both security and the network itself.


The Cat represents the category of the cable, while the number that comes after represents the standard. The higher the number, the newer the standard, and consequently, the higher the frequency and speed. For instance, even though they are still in the market, Cat 5 cables are pretty slow, have a maximum speed of only 10mbps, and a maximum bandwidth of 16MHz.

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If you want the best Wi-Fi 6 router for the whole household, the Asus RT-AX86U is it

Another fantastic element about NETGEAR N600 is that setting up the device is quite straightforward. The modem has self-activation instructions that make things simpler. NETGEAR N600 is easy to use, offering convenient push-button Wi-Fi connections and power savings. The device works with a broad range of internet providers such as Xfinity, Cox, Comcast, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, and more.

The Nighthawk series is Netgear’s fastest and most angular. Their D7000-100NAS represents the top of the line performance you can expect from a compatible CenturyLink modem router combo.


You also get four ethernet ports, though this device does not have a USB port for NAS use. In any case, you will mostly be using this for its wireless functions, and with a potential for higher speeds from a VDSL2 line, this becomes an important matter once again.

The device is specially configured with multi-user MIMO technology which stabilizes and improves WiFi connection for users who have multiple devices. You will not have to worry about blocking some devices to increase speed on your primary computer, smartphone, or television; it will be unnecessary.


Parents with demanding jobs are always in six and sevens on where to put their kids when going to work. This is why setting up a Day care center is a brilliant idea.

The good news is that some of these ideas do not require many funds. You can even start some with at least N10,000 thereby making it possible for any interested person to start a business.


The Zoom uses DOCSIS 3/0 technology which is responsible for the lightning-fast Internet speeds in routers. With this technology, the Zoom has a maximum download speed of 343Mbps and an upload speed of 123Mbps.

The second thing you should consider when searching for the best modem router combo is the security of a cable modem. Well, you have to ensure that the device can protect you from hackers. A modem with DOCSIS 3/0 can keep your data safe, and is worth buying.


Just note that this device, like most on this list, do not support bonded DSL connections. It only has a single DSl input port and will need an adapter if you wish to connect a phone line to the same gateway. It has four ethernet ports out, a WAN out port to connect to a wireless bridge, and a USB 2/0 port to connect a network-attached storage device.

There are some very good business ideas in Nigeria that have not been fully tapped. Nigeria has a huge unemployment problem. Luckily the country has numerous opportunities for small businesses to thrive. However, some people might complain about the lack of capital.


Best Wi-Fi 6 gaming router

VeloCloud’s third layer concentrates on orchestration, as well as providing visualization, network services insertion, and business policy automation. Service providers leverage these capabilities to easily resell VeloCloud services to their customers while retaining control and monitoring abilities.


Rated 5 out of 5 by Fred from Is working great Appears to be of a higher quality than what the AT&T installer used. My only regret is the installer left a male connector coming out of my wall, Not C2G's fault. But I did have to use a coupler to make my new cable work. Would buy their cables again if I need any in the future. I originally thought they were a little pricey, but the outstanding quality when I got the product made up for the price difference.


Of course, if you’ve set up any networking equipment before, then you know that issues like this are fairly common. It’s rarer to know exactly why it happens.

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The Surfboard is a popular, affordable choice—and it shows since it’s frequently sold out on retailer sites. However, when you can find one, it’s one of the best available for such a low cost. The modem is compact, and the lights are bright and easy to read. Tom’s Guide praised the two-year warranty (which is longer than most policies you’ll find on a modem) and the speeds of up to 686 Mbps—features that punch well above the Surfboard’s price range.


As for the copper core, the OFC copper wires are known for their low resistance and high transfer speeds, hence this cable’s impeccable performance. The construction also reduces interferences, crosstalk, and noise that compromise the signal quality. Moreover, the shielded copper connectors are fitted with gold contacts to prevent possible disconnects and enhance point-to-point signal transmission.

This device gives a high-quality sound output of up to 48 kHz and 24-bit, with no distortion of the true sound quality. Original chips, high-quality materials, and trendy colors are ideally suited to the decoration of your handset, texture, and durability check.


That's why we did the hard work for you and researched the ten best gateways for CenturyLink DSL. Be mindful that whether you are on VDSL2 or legacy ADSL (useful source) depends on which service is provided locally, and will be a determining factor in which modems will work for you.

This unit even has some nice premium features like Dynamic DNS support and energy-saving GREENnet technology. When it comes down to it, this device proves that you can get some impressive performance out of a $70 wireless gateway.


Whenever there's mention about internet connectivity, most people naturally think of WI-FI. After all, wireless connectivity is now the norm, and moving large amounts of data through thin air is the future. But while there's no arguing wireless defines convenience, wired connectivity remains king. With the best ethernet cable, for instance, you can move over a gigabit of data in less than a second.

Video games and streaming videos take anywhere from 5-10 Mbps, while downloading large files can take up to 50 Mbps. In general, you’ll want to stick with at least a 50 Mbps modem. Still, most will be able to handle much more than this to power a heavy-duty router and multiple simultaneous users.


Its in-wire interface consists of four twisted OFC (oxygen-free copper) pair sets wrapped in an aluminum foil and enclosed in a PVC jacket that protects them from stress-induced damage. What’s more, the PVC housing is wear-resistant, maintaining the product’s new look even after extended use.

The Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR1000 is a powerful gaming router with Wi-Fi 6 speeds that goes above and beyond other gaming routers with excellent speeds and top-shelf gaming enhancements. The Netgear's high-throughput, low latency design is packed with customization options and built-in security, providing protection against hackers along with superb Wi-Fi 6 performance. It's also great for slightly larger homes, with a range of 105 feet, easily covering that extra room that other routers can't quite reach. If your current router isn't keeping up with your gaming abilities, the XR1000 is one of the best gaming routers we've ever seen.


In the market for a high-performance ethernet cable but working on a tight budget? If so, then you should take a look at the AmazonBasics RJ45 ethernet patch cable because it is an excellent fit. AmazonBasics is renowned for providing over-the-top hardware at excellent budgets, and this ethernet patch is no exception.

What’s more, the cable comes with RJ45 connectors on both ends, making it great for plug-and-play use. The RJ45 connector is the standard in many Ethernet connectivity setups, hence the best for any LAN switch or ordinary home router. Also, the connectors are gold-plated and have over-molded relief connectors enhancing the cable’s durability.


Mediabridge has a diverse product range and is a renowned brand, so you can be confident its products do not disappoint. Available in blue, white, grey, black, and red colors, the Mediabridge Cat 6 ethernet cable is yet another best ethernet cable to spend your cash on. It has a transmission speed of up to 10 gigabits per second and supports up to 550MHz. As with all Cat 6 cables, this means it is both future-proofed, versatile, and offers excellent performance.

One advantage of this router for small businesses is that it comes with 8 LAN ports. At twice the amount the most other routers carry, the RT-AX88U can save you from having to buy an Ethernet switch.


This football competitions are the most watched in Nigeria. In regards to the profit, you can charge N50 to N1OO depending if you are using a generator.

The newly unveiled ZenWiFi Voice integrates voice-enabled assistant Amazon Alexa for hands-free functionality into a versatile and stylish mesh wireless router that can serve as a building block in a smart home. It brings an intuitive and familiar user interface with touch-sensitive volume controls on its top surface and a three-color LED light bar encircling the middle of its body to indicate when it's listening to users and processing voice commands. Because ZenWiFi Voice supports AiMesh technology, device owners can use the ZenWiFi Voice as a standalone router, as part of a larger mesh network with otherAiMesh devices, or to boost the signal of any wireless router from any brand in repeater mode.


M!DGE – Cellular router

Setting up a new DSL modem is easy, too. All you have to do is plug your modem/router into the DSL line, switch it on, and open a web browser to automatically start the process. As for getting rid of your rental equipment, you simply call and ask for a pre-paid shipping label to return your rented CenturyLink gateway.

If you're looking for the best small business routers money can buy, then you've come to the right place. In this guide we look at the best routers for small and medium-sized businesses. Any of them are also perfect for home offices as well.


If you can look past the Nighthawk D7000’s hefty price tag, you will be able to set aside any worries about wireless speed or coverage. And if you use the Internet as much as I do, it is well worth the cost.

Downloading or making file transfers with a cat five ethernet cable will take you forever. Most Cat 6 cables, on the other hand, boast a braided design. It prevents crosstalk, consequently enhancing transfer speeds. Cat 6 cables have a transmission speed of up to 10Gbps and a maximum bandwidth of 100MHz.

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  • With the best ethernet cable, for instance, you can move over a gigabit of data in less than a second
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When it comes to the design, the Jadaol Cat 7 ethernet cable will also live up to your expectations. To begin with, you get up to 25ft of cable, greatly enhancing comfort as you will no longer need to be near the router. But that's not all because you also get up to ten cable clips. This makes cable organization relatively seamless.


As a router, the D-Link uses Wireless N technology. This technology allows devices to easily connect to the D-Link. The technology also enables you to connect to the Internet at a jaw-dropping 300Mbps.

ActionTec’s CenturyLink-branded GT784WN 2-in-1 modem router sets the bar for compatibility. This modem-router also provides an impressive list of extra features to further entice.


Runner up for best Wi-Fi router in the 2021 Tom's Guide Awards

Are you searching for an all in 1 device that can help you save internet bills monthly? Then, ARRIS SBG6950AC2 is the perfect choice for you. Through it, you and your family can enjoy uninterrupted internet connection for as long as you want.

Over 94% of businesses now use cloud-based systems. To take full advantage of cloud solutions, it pays to invest in fibre optic broadband to facilitate faster access to files and data stored in the cloud. Saving time and effort using cloud-based tools, for example, SaaS (News - Alert) (software-as-a-service) improves customer experience, increases efficiency and maximizes the chances of achieving business objectives.