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I believe what got me interested in this career path waswhen I attended Denver Start Up Week, which was a phenomenal experience. Itopened my eyes to the unfamiliar world of customer success. Seeing howcompanies used technology and data to proactively understand their customerpersona, and on top of that, scale engagements to fit their customer’s needs wastruly insane. I thought what better way of molding my interests than being onthe front lines serving as an advocate between people and product.


I think one of the most significant challenges was switchingto an industry I’d never worked in before. The learning curve was steep interms of familiarizing myself with the products we offer, our workflow with allthe various systems we use, and the dynamic relationships between our variouspartners.

Like many of the technologies we discuss on this blog—thinkphishing scams or chatbots—deepfakes aren’t necessarily new. They’re justgetting a whole lotbetter. And that has scary implications for both private citizens andbusinesses alike.


Deepfakes will likely make the internet even more difficultto rely on as a source of information in the years to come. But reducing theirimpact starts with understanding how far they’ve come and what they’re capableof.

More About Eking Ransomware

Q: Wonder Woman encountered her fair share of comic strip villains, like the Duke of Deception, Doctor Psycho and Cheetah. Who are the villains in the digital world?


You also surrender power by not protecting your home networkand not using VPN when you’re on public Wi-Fi. People often think “it won’thappen to me,” until it’s too late.

In accordance with our approach to photography, all automatic features can be turned off and switched to manual mode. Take control of a number of settings to adjust your corrections to best reflect your artistic intention.


For the third year running, we’ve examined the year’s biggest cyber threats and ranked them to determine which ones are the absolute worst. Somewhat unsurprisingly, phishing and RDP-related breaches remain the top methods we’ve seen cybercriminals using to launch their attacks. Additionally, while new examples of malware and cybercriminal tactics crop up each day, plenty of the same old players, such as ransomware, continue to get upgrades and dominate the scene.

Q: Wonder Woman had several superpowers, or super powerful gadgets, like indestructible bracelets and a lasso that forced people to tell the truth. Is cyber resilience a superpower?


We all need assistance because as humans, we are fallible. Inevitably,someone might click on a malicious link, or some unforeseen event might happen whereyou need a backupthat’s going to allow you to recover data instead of losing it permanently.

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While initially used to humiliate or extort people, mostlywomen, malicious actors began to see them as a way to sway public opinion orsow chaos. Deeptrace,a company dedicated to uncovering deepfakes, has noted instances wheremanipulated video was used to promote social discord and scandal across theglobe.


Rather than video, this attack took advantage of voice-spoofingtechnology to pose as an executive’s manager, insisting he wire nearly $250thousand to a “supplier” immediately. In the aftermath of the scam, the victimreported being convinced by both the accent and the rhythm of the fake speechpattern.

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A database containing highly sensitive information belongingto over 600,000 customers and employees of TownSports International was found publicly exposed on the internet. TownSports recently filed for bankruptcy and was notified of this breach roughly aweek later. While the company did not publically respond to the findings, theinformation secured the following day included everything from physicaladdresses to payment card info and other billing data. Past clients of thefitness chain should be wary of any emails they receive regarding their TownSports memberships.

How to Remove Eking Ransomware

Our toolbox of cyber resilience includes basic bestpractices like knowing how to create a strong password, not clicking every linkthat comes into your email inbox and daily behaviors of how to navigate anddefend yourself online. The goal is to live your best digital life confidently, withoutdisruption.


Q: At one point in the story, Wonder Woman surrendered her superpowers and used fighting skills instead. In what ways do we surrender our powers when it comes to cyber resilience?

While creating deepfakes used to require good hardware and asophisticated skillset, app stores are now overflowingwith options creating them. In terms of technology, they’re simply a specificapplication of machine learning technology, says Murray.


There were over 4/8 million DDoSattacks during the first half of 2021, a 15% rise over the same period lastyear. May alone saw more than 900,000 DDoS attacks, a record for most in asingle month. Ninety percent of these attacks lasted for under an hour, markinganother shift from previous years’ attacks. They have also increased incomplexity, leaving victims and researchers with little time to defendthemselves.

Continuing to expose these DNS requests through an echo tothe local network provides this, while the actual requests are secure andencrypted by the DNS protection agent using DoH. This option achieves the bestof both worlds by adding the security of DoH to the security of the localnetwork.


The encryption of DoH enables options for fine-tuningprivacy preferences while preserving the security benefits of DNS filtering. Thosethat must comply with the needs of privacy-centric users now have control overwhat is revealed and what is logged, while maintaining the benefits ofcommunicating using DoH.

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All computer systems and websites belonging to CMACGM, a French shipping giant, were knocked offline by a crippling ransomwareattack. This attack on CMA CGM makes them the fourth international shippingcompany to fall victim to a cyberattack, which have proven profitable, in asmany years. The company has verified that the Ragnar Locker ransomware groupwas behind the attack, though they have not revealed the ransom asked.


Officials have decided to pay roughly $670,000 in ransomfollowing a ransomware attack on the UniversityHospital in New Jersey. The hospital was likely forced into this decision afterbeing unable to restore from backups the 240GB of data stolen in the attack ontheir systems. It’s not entirely clear what information was stolen, but given thehaste of payment it was likely highly sensitive patient data.

On the other hand, for CEOs and other strategic businessunits, tracking online activity can be cause for privacy concerns. Too muchdetail into the network traffic of a unit tasked with investigating mergers andacquisitions may be unwanted, for example.


Businesses have varying motivations for tracking onlinebehavior. For persistently troublesome users—those who continuously navigate torisky sites—it’s beneficial to exert some control over their network use oreven provide some training on what it takes to stay safe online. It can also beuseful in times of problematic productivity dips by helping to tell if usersare spending inordinate amounts of time on social media, say.

What we found was that the more constraints you put on a password,the fewer viable options you have for a strong password, meaning it decreases thenumber of good password options. Whereas if you focus on creating a strongpassword, where length is more important than the various character-typeconstraints, you’ll end up with a much stronger password. Length is strengthbecause it takes more computing power to break.


Logging too much user information can also be problematicfrom a data privacy perspective. Collecting or storing this information inareas with stricter laws, as in the European Union, can unnecessarily burdenorganizations with red tape.

Businesses must be especially careful about the data theycollect from customers or users, asking both if it’s necessary to collect and ifit can be stored safely afterwards. If personal data must be collected,security must be a top priority, and not only for ethical reasons. Governmentsare starting to enact some strict regulations and doling out some stiff finesfor data breaches.


How to remove MR.ROBOT ransomware

I was previously a retail buyer thenI went back to school for computer science and ended up switching to the businessschool. I was hired at Webroot (https://dybdoska.ru/content/uploads/files/download/webroot-2020-full-key-torrent.zip) to be a bridge between engineering and business– you have to have people that can speak both languages – and that’s exactlywhat I wanted to do and what I was trying to forge with my new career.

I would say my time is split between two mainresponsibilities. My primary role is to oversee the renewal process for a subsetof SMBC contracts projected for the quarter. On the other hand, we are acustomer facing role. So handling business customer inquiries asthey arise. This involves everything from advising customers on certain buyingdecisions to providing in-product guides.


Here is the new PhotoLab program from famous guys from DxO studio. This means that the theme of the schedule and we were not mistaken. It can work with RAW and JPG images, it will allow you to significantly improve them by changing various important parameters. If the photos have some defects, they can be corrected, let’s say reduce noise, play with the color settings, you can apply complex optical corrections and improvements. After starting, you just need to add a picture, then thanks to the sliders and settings, adjust the parameters of interest, at the output we get the picture without any flaws, it’s simple and clear.

Nearly 800,000 customer records were compromised following adata breach at ChowBus,a Chicago-based food delivery service. With roughly 440,000 unique emailaddresses exposed, many individuals are now more susceptible to additional phishingattacks or identity theft. Fortunately, however, ChowBus does not store paymentcard information on its site.


Blackbaud,a third-party vendor for a Long Island hospital, may have exposed sensitivepatient information after it suffered a data breach this summer. In a July statement,Blackbaud revealed personally identifiable information for a number of patientswas stolen but claimed it was destroyed shortly afterwards. Affected patientshave been contacted regarding the breach and stolen information.

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But there’s a big difference between being reasonably confident and having false confidence, as we saw in our recent global survey. Featured in the report COVID-19 Clicks: How Phishing Capitalized on a Global Crisis, the survey data shows that, all over the world, people are pretty confident about their ability to keep themselves and their data safe online. Unfortunately, people are also still getting phished and social engineering tactics aimed at employees are still a major way that cybercriminals successfully breach businesses. These data points strongly suggest that we aren’t all being quite as cyber-safe as we think.


In Customer Success, it’s not simply about securingrenewals. The process involves having to solve roadblocks in order to help acustomer achieve their goal. We have to work with a range of departments tosolve issues the customer is facing—whether it be from a product standpoint ora billing redundancy. So being able to learn each player’s role and then managethose relationships was obviously a challenge to begin with.

QakBot – an info-stealing Trojan oftendropped by Emotet or its own malspam campaigns with links to compromisedwebsites. It’s similar to TrickBot and Dridex and may be paired with ProLockransomware.


By adding this weird extension to your important data, it makes those files completely inaccessible for you. In order to make the data unusable, this precarious virus uses a strong encryption algorithm and targets the popular files like images, text, audios, videos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc. After that, opening those files becomes impossible for you unless you use a private decryption key/tool.

If businesses want to staysafe, they need to implement multiple layers of protection against these typesof layered attacks. Here are some tips from our experts.


What happens when they get hacked? Will the breach of asocial media platform allow a hacker to impersonate you,” asks Murray.

How To Remove Eking Ransomware And Restore Infected Files

The term “deepfakes,” coinedby a Reddit user in 2021, was initially most often associated withpornography. A once highly trafficked and now banned subreddit was largelyresponsible for developing deepfakes into easily created and highly believableadult videos.

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You’re also surrendering power when you practice poor cyberhygiene, like repeating passwords across multiple logins. Once a cybercriminalgains access to one login, they can discover more details about you and use itelsewhere. For example, you may not be worried about a criminal getting accessto your Netflix account, but if you use the same password there as you do withyour bank, then the situation just became much more serious.


Computer systems for all 400 UniversalHealth Services facilities around the globe have reportedly been shut downfollowing an attack by the Ryuk ransomware group. Ryuk is known for targetinglarge organizations, but the healthcare industry has been gaining popularityamong these groups due to high volumes of sensitive information and typicallylow levels of security. It’s unknown if the healthcare firm has paid ransomsfor the encrypted data or if they are restoring systems from available backups.

Q: Wonder Woman was a founding member of the Justice League. So, even she needed the help of a squad to defeat the villains. Do we need help from a squad to be more cyber resilient?


To combat misinformation, Murray advises to keep in mind howmuch of it is out there. Always consider the source of the information you’vereceived before acting on it, especially if it makes you angry or elicits someother strong emotional response.

The Fortune 500 insurance firm AJGwas forced to take several computer systems offline over the weekend afteridentifying a cyber-attack. It’s still unclear which ransomware variant wasresponsible for the attack and officials with the firm haven’t revealed if customeror employee information was stolen. Third-party researchers confirmed multiple AJGservers, unpatched for a serious vulnerability, could have been the entry pointfor the attack.