There are several questions to answer from the outset of a project. These may be a simple matter of self-reflection, or they may need investigation. The two key areas of concern to address are the organizational goals and the types of experiences you should map. After determining those, select the appropriate diagram to create.

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Talk to Our Expert

This book describes a formal approach to mapping. In some cases, such as an external consultant working with a large organization, a rigorous approach makes sense. In other situations, a full-blown process may be inappropriate.


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Informal efforts may not require a proposal at all. Formal projects will likely have a written statement of intent.

List everyone involved and their roles. Mention that you will need access to internal stakeholders and their involvement throughout.


For formal efforts, define the project and summarize it in a written proposal. This should include motivations, goals, participants, resources, and approximate costs of the project. Be prepared to negotiate the details of the proposal with stakeholders to arrive at an appropriate, well-defined effort. Informal efforts may not require a proposal or much documentation at all.

For external consultants, this may be a client with whom you have a longer, ongoing relationship. Internal employees need to know how to navigate decision making in their organization. In both cases a quick stakeholder analysis may help.

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Current state diagrams: visualizations of existing experiences. Envisioned future products, services, and solutions are generally seen as an added layer to these diagrams. I believe it is important to see both at once: cause and cure are visible simultaneously. Complementary techniques, however, help flesh out envisioned future experiences, some of which are discussed in Chapter 8.


Know the benefits of alignment diagrams outlined in Chapter 1. But also be able to provide convincing evidence to support your effort. For instance, find examples and case studies in the literature. Be able to point to those examples and integrate them into your discussion.

Mapping Experiences: A Complete Guide to Creating Value Through Journeys, Blueprints, & Diagrams

This is a sample chapter from the book Mapping Experiences: A Complete Guide to Creating Value Through Journeys, Blueprints, & Diagrams, by Jim Kalbach, which O’Reilly Media published in May 2021. UXmatters is publishing this chapter with O’Reilly’s permission. Copyright © 2021 O’Reilly Media.


Breadth and depth vary for each as well, providing a different focus. Figure 4-7 shows a skeleton for a generic chronological map. The chevrons at the top show phases of interaction. The top half represents a description of the individual’s experience, and the bottom represents the service an organization provides.

Draft the personas based on the primary attributes. Also include some basic aspects to flesh out the persona such as demographics, behaviors, motivations, and pain points.


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The focus here is on human experience, not on a particular company or business. There is no purchase decision or point of purchase. The organization in this case is not explicitly represented, but implied. As a result, multiple organizations could benefit from this diagram, such as a doctor’s office or a pregnancy planning service.

The proto-persona gives the team an easy way to refer to the individuals involved in the mapping effort early on. Instead of saying reader, you can refer to Mary, for instance. Fully fledged personas can then be created later as the project unfolds, if needed, after you’ve completed more in-depth research.


Of course, creating personas is also a collaborative process. Include others so that the resulting documents are reminders of shared knowledge.

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Personas are generally short—not longer than a page or two each. Figure 4-3 shows an example of a persona document I created for a past project.

Though your relationship to stakeholders may vary, many of the arguments are the same. To convince decision makers, know the objections, provide evidence, find a champion, and run a pilot to demonstrate the value. Also, create a pitch that you can recite at will.


If the scope of your effort, however, focuses on sellers only, you may still need to consider different types of experiences. For instance, casual sellers on eBay have significantly different experiences than professional sellers. Two different diagrams are probably needed in this case.

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The formality of a mapping effort can be seen along three dimensions, shown in Figure 4-1. The horizontal axis ranges from producing a single product to providing service ecosystems. The vertical axis indicates movement from the design of a discrete interface to the design of holistic experiences.

Identify the most salient attributes that distinguish one segment from another. You can usually find three to five primary attributes to focus on.


The types of diagrams most often conflated are customer journey maps, experience maps, and service blueprints. These are all chronological maps, so the mix-up is understandable: they have a similar form and similar use. But there are distinctions between these commonly used diagrams.

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When you’re illustrating a specific person’s experience, it’s common to include the persona or a shortened form of it on a diagram itself. For instance, Figure 4-4 shows a customer journey map created by Jim Tincher, founder of the Heart of the Customer, a consultancy specializing in journey mapping. In this example, you can see the persona of Passive Pat along the top of the diagram. It reflects basic demographic information, motivations, and a quote Pat might say.


But by making that knowledge explicit, we can keep the conversations going. Also, we don’t lose insight when someone leaves.

Creating personas is not creative writing. Personas should be based on actual data. The process consists of the following steps.


The time frame for mapping efforts varies greatly. It depends on the formality of the project, type of map you’re targeting, and the depth of information it contains. Small startups, for instance, may be able to quickly create a map in a matter of days. Formal projects typically run anywhere from a few weeks to a few months in duration.

Once the overall direction of the effort is outlined, assess the amount of time needed and approximate costs. In this step you’ll also want to ensure you have the appropriate skills, equipment, and resources.


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People often ask me how many diagrams they should create. To some degree this depends on how you’ve framed the effort.

Change by Design (Harper, 2009)—This full-length book is the definitive work on design thinking. Based on years of experience at IDEO, one of the most innovative companies in the world, Brown lays out an argument in favor of design thinking in detail. The theories are grounded in stories and case studies from the field. Though mapping plays only a minor role in the book at best, it advocates a change in organizational perspective—one that favors empathy for users and a general outside-in philosophy core to alignment diagrams.


What the Customer Wants You to Know (Portfolio, 2007)—Ram Charan is a highly acclaimed business leader, having worked with top executives at Fortune 100 companies. He is able to make business concepts very accessible. This book discusses value creation from the customer’s perspective in detail, including specific aspects such as customer value chains.

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Realize you can’t control everything. Strive for coherency across the entire experience, but also understand that you won’t be able to design every touchpoint. There may be interactions you can’t or choose not to control. Still, an awareness of the interdependencies across actors and touchpoints informs your strategic decisions.

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The next example (Figure 4-9) is an experience map for pregnancy. This was created by Beth Kyle, a Senior Technical Analyst at Cornerstone Information Systems, during her graduate work in Human-Computer Interaction at Indiana University.

Customer journey maps tend to focus on the experiential side of the equation, with only a brief description of the service provision processes. Service blueprints focus on the backstage processes. An experience map focuses on the broad customer experience but could also include detailed descriptions of the organization’s actors and processes.