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I had this idea myself as well at one point, like how text scrolls for example in 999. However, as Lycanroc said, this would take much more effort than it's worth. Having 3 lines of text at once is probably more simple to do.


Naruhodou points out that the autopsy report says Chihiro died instantly. There is no way she wrote the bloody memo, hence it is a contradiction. Mitsurugi argues that the autopsy technically reads as “almost instant death” therefore it was indeed possible that Chihiro wrote that memo. Next, a witness, Umeyo Syouchiku is brought in to the stand. Umeyo says she watched the murder scene from her hotel room. She testifies that Mayoi hit Chihiro with that table clock, and it was 8:50 pm. She claims that she remembers because the clock announced that exact time when the sculpture’s neck is bent by the impact of the hit. Mayoi shouts that it is impossible, the table clock couldn’t have produced any time announcement.

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Apparently they will be releasing corresponding FDs in the summer to compliment this. Don’t expect too much except a bunch of 3P ends here.

Gyakuten Saiban 123 JP cartridge: English included

We require Luma3DS 7/2 or above. You can check this version by holding SELECT when powering on the console. Luma3DS will remove the region lock on your 3DS, so any region 3DS will be able to play this game!


Trials and Tribulations, the third of the Phoenix Wright games, is basically the same game with a different story. There aren't any new features or game mechanics according to Capcom, and that's probably how fans want it. The new storyline fills in a lot of the narrative holes from the first two games, as it skips way back to Wright's past when he's framed for murder. It's the first of five new cases, which features a younger, svelte Mia Fey as a rookie attorney, cutting her teeth on the Wright case. It just so happens the victim in question is her ex-boyfriend.

Watch Gyakuten Saiban: Sono ”Shinjitsu”, Igi Ari! Episode 13 English Subbed

ARMEN NOIR Portable – Ported to give everyone happy ends instead of shitty sad ends. Still, I won’t be replaying it, one trolling was enough for me.


My advise would be, don't go out there thinking you should do what others should be doing. If law doesn't work, don't force your law. Find a way to make the law itself work.

One of the DGS proposal docs makes multiple references to AA7. At the time it was slated for Q3 FY 2021, but this was likely pushed back due to covid.


Shortly after Naruhodou returns to the office, the lawyer who ditched Mayoi, Hoshikage, visits him. He explains that he is inspired by Naruhodou’s fighting spirit that he demonstrated at the court. Hoshikage pulls out a photo, and suggest to dig deeper into the information on Masaru Konaka, the president of Kona Culture. The man in the photo appears to be Konaka himself, wearing the same cuff button that Naruhodou has picked up at Umeyo’s hotel room.

Oh wow, this is so refreshing to hear. Congrats on taking the decision nobody had the courage to before. Looking forward to the work you guys are doing.


Fandoms: 逆転裁判 Gyakuten Saiban Ace Attorney, Sonic the Hedgehog - All Media Types

We have adapted most of our tools, but not all yet. It's definitely in the works, though.

PM @Uwabami if you're interested. You will need a Discord account and your abilities will be tested.

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This new version installs the patch for you. No need to install anything with FBI.


Gyakuten Saiban 3 Patch 015.4

People doesn't like to be "ordered". They want to be as free as internet let them be. And I think that's fine. I don't have anything pirated, iirc, as I have a job, and I can pay everything. Also, I'm a dev, and I know how much hurts when people steal your job. But this is a kind of censorship, IMHO. I think we should educate people, not "hitting them" and "negating them". It's similar as a parent's education to their childs. They won't teach the child to not steal other baby's toys, if they hit them, or they scream at them. They will learn it if you tell them, carefully, slowly, without violence, why what they are doing is bad, and why doing "bad" things is, indeed, bad.

Run the full hash on the file (level3 verification), it's asked after the initial verification. Since it's longer it's not done automatically but sometimes it detects corruption on files not detected by level1 verification.


Translation The Great Ace Attorney 2 - Episode 3 English Patch

No idea what else is going on but they plan to give her a voice. Not sure if this is R-18 or not.

Capcom Ransomware Leaks Thread - Check OP for latest contents

There is a "proof-of-concept" version that is really just that - proof that it could be done in theory. It's not polished and doesn't have anything translated but the script. We have not researched all texture formats required for it and the binary does not have all necessary patches to get it to work. To bring it to the level of the Android version would require a lot of work.


This package produces a single web page displaying a front end to an ANT based build system. The purpose of the package is to automate the process of calculating dependencies and building YUI 3 incremental.

Amazing to see episodes 1-4 done. Im guessing EP 5 is the final one. Ive been waiting for the complete translation before i jump in. And your working on the sequel too!


Apparently it does, but not very well and we don't support this use-case - you're on your own. If you own neither a 3DS nor an Android device, we recommend emulating Android on your PC instead, as this leads to much better results.

Also, confirmed to have same crashes on the EZ Flash IV. I'll test it on my 3 in 1, EZ Flash III, M3 Perfect, and M3 Lite in a bit. I'm sure it won't work but it's worth a shot anyways. HAVE TO TEST THOROUGHLY yesyesyes.


The Great Ace Attorney - Episode 2 English Patch

OZMAFIA – Mafia games are the hot thing now. Does anyone remember Jingi Naki Otome & Death Connection?

Ok, definetely is an issue with the verification, the same nca files as nsp verify fine. I keep the xci and nsp code separately while it's mostly the same so when i added the changes to the xci verification i must've left some line unchanged somewhere creating the issue with the hash verification on patched (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=3174) cnmt files.



First time i installed the game and patched it with IrisMobile on my Huawei P20 Pro, i was automatically refunded (lol) because it was less than 15 minutes of play time before iris uninstalled it (double lol). Then i bought it again and patched it again, now it is only showing the screen with the scarlet logo and the note about only working on legitimate purchases and after the same screen swiping from right to left a couple of times it crashes back to home.


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But it's not very handy like this. Sometimes I need them splited (for MicroSD), somtimes not (for HDD).

Post-Gyakuten Saiban 4 Apollo Justice

Chihiro Ayasato was brutally murdered by someone. Her younger sister, Mayoi Ayasato, is under arrest for the charge of the murder. Mayoi appointed a lawyer named Hoshikage to defend her case, only to be turned down. Someone is pulling strings from behind. The freshman lawyer Naruhodou decides to step up and to defend Mayoi. On the day of the trial, Naruhodou comes face to face with the star prosecutor, Reiji Mitsurugi, in court. This is not their first encounter, in fact, this is their reunion.


Canvas 2 english patch

Apparently the DGS collection is also coming to Steam? That's neat, if the slide is legit.


Starry☆Sky~After Winter~ – Well gee it was only delayed by like 6 months! As long as Tsukiko gets to makeout with Oushiro I ain’t even mad!

Tiny x Machinegun – Forgot to mention this. Mafia game that takes place in NYC, I’m in!


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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy / Gyakuten Saiban 123 Naruhodou Selection

I am loving that Great Ace Attorney will come out here! I had been waiting for the fan translation of 2 to start them seriously but what I played of the first was great. I imported the both of them in anticipation and I'm so excited to play the fully now.


Dai gyakutan saiban is an ace attorney spin off. The ace attorney series is known as Gyakutan Saiban in Japan. Generally the expectation is it'll be called the great ace attorney or something similar when it is officially announced for an English (look at this now) release.

Kona Culture is a legitimate information gathering company, but that’s only on the surface. On the flip side, this organization sells collected information for a high price, especially the kind that people don’t want others to know. Threat is outright illegal, but, Konaka is connected to bigwigs in the political, defense, and judicial industries. In fact, he’s got dirt on all kinds of important people, which makes him a criminal on loose. It is possible that Chihiro has been after Konaka.


BROTHERS CONFLICT Passion Pink – I thought this was supposed to come out in 2021; guess not. Oh well it’s the non rape version of Koisuru Oniisama.

This version was first released in Japan, and later in North America, Europe, and Australia. The Game Boy Advance version was also re-released for the PC as Gyakuten Saiban PC, published by the Japanese company SourceNext shortly after the Nintendo DS release. A mobile phone version of the same name as the English (click this over here now) version was released in 2009 episodically. However, only a portion of the game has been released to date. In a Famitsu scan, a series of Wii ports of the first 3 games (including the fifth case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) were announced, for releases to go between December 2009 and March 2021.