HP released recently the next version of its Software Update bundle called SPP Service Pack for Proliant. This new release is versioned 2021/04. This is 8 months after the previous version 2021/09.

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  • HP Service Pack for ProLiant 2021.04.0 released, includes vSphere 6.0 support
  • HP Service Pack for ProLiant Version 2021.04.0 is out
  • The HP USB Key Utility for Windows v2.0.0.0 can now handle downloads greater than 4GB
  • It is now possible to set the USB transmission timeout value from the preferences window
  • HP Beats On/Off Utility
  • Minor improvements for Windows 7
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If you are using HP OneView >1/10 and ≤1/20/04, you will be unable to manage HP Virtual Connect 8Gb 24-port Fibre Channel Modules after updating the module to firmware version 3/00 or later. This is also the case, if you use the smart components from Virtual Connect firmware version 4/40! After the update, the VC module will enter a “Configuration Error” state.

Resetting ILO, BIOS, reflashing ILO back to 2/03 and firmware switching doesn't help. Intelligent Provisioning is also gone.


I've mentioned this bug in another thread. You need to unplug your microserver and plug it back in again.

My experience with it has been that it just stops booting from the SD card inside my microserver. It tries to boot from the HDs instead so I get the usual error about no OS found. Unplugging the microserver and then plugging it back in again has always fixed it for me. IP didn't work either until I unplugged + plugged it back in.

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You basically boot off the SPP image and it updates all your HP firmware + HP drivers to the latest version inside the image without needing internet access. It is a massive ISO because it contains all the drivers and firmware for all the currently supported ProLiants and OSes.