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  • Sudbin's family wasn't massacred by some sinister Serbian government; they were massacred by his neighbors
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  • I’ve already got a letter ready to go to the office on Monday only 7 days after the last one
  • Be prepared to provide evidence of damages and that you might not speak to your neighbour again
  • I attached all complains and also the Officer want visit my home next Monday at 10am
  • A mediator usually speaks to everyone involved and arranges a meeting between you and your neighbour
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Between the death camps and the rape, most of the Muslim population in Bosnia was scattered to the wind and wound up living in other parts of Europe. The war criminals who wanted to turn Sudbin's chunk of Bosnia into a Serbian, Christian-dominated region succeeded. Even if the dead of Omarska get a monument someday, even if people "never forget" what happened in Bosnia, the Bosniak Muslims who survived still lost their homeland.


Yugoslavia was a Communist country in Southeastern Europe until communism imploded in 1991. It was located in the Balkans, which is historically Europe's "bad neighborhood," filled with ethnic groups who've been killing each other since the days of Rome. The iron-fisted dictator who'd been keeping the peace in Yugoslavia died in 1980, and all of the different factions (Serbs, Croats, and Bosniaks) started turning on each other. Lifelong neighbors were splitting along racial lines.

MCD - Illegal Commercial Activities In Residential Area — Illegal commercial activities in residential area

This kind of feeling is the same for everybody - to be at home, to be happy, to have a family. And this is the most expensive thing in the world.


These commercial operators illegally cover the common passage or guli for their purpose whenever they are operating their activities. All the gullies have been constructed properly barring ours and these people cover the gully and cause inconvenience to the passerbies.

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Sudbin and his brother weren't shot. They floated away and were eventually rescued by the Czech Red Cross and taken to a refugee camp.

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Oh, there were some token efforts made at getting justice for the dead and displaced. Serbia's President, Slobodan Milosevic, was forced from (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=8714) power in 1997 and arrested in 2000, but declared innocent of the genocide committed by his armed forces during his time in office (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=7411). Many of the soldiers (and civilians) responsible also evaded prosecution. Sudbin described his town as "#1 in terms of war criminals per capita.


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Also discovered in Ardolf’s possession was the pornographic image posted on MySpace and sent to the husband’s co-worker, and evidence that he’d secretly staged a similar harassment campaign against a neighbor at Ardolf’s previous home in Brooklyn Park, another Minneapolis suburb. Among other things, he sent that family a snail-mail message consisting of a one-page, color print-out of the family’s “TurboTax” return with personally identifying information, in addition to several skull images.


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It's weird how quickly it happened. The Nazi "Final Solution" wasn't the state policy for years; the organized plan for the Holocaust was only laid down in 1942, and until 1941, the vast majority of people murdered in their camps were political prisoners, not Jews or other targeted groups. The Bosniak Serbs, on the other hand, started genociding within days of taking over. Sudbin pointed out a local church at one point during our interview.


Sudbin was one of the only survivors in his family. The Serbs primarily targeted adult men.

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Historically, this is a painfully common trend in the aftermath of genocide. For instance, the "vast majority" of the hundreds of thousands of SS officers and German police who gunned down the victims of the Holocaust were never prosecuted for their crimes.


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Oh, there are still Bosniak Muslims, just as there are still European Jews. But in both cases, the genocide accomplished much of its goal. At the time the killings came to Sudbin's sleepy town of Prijedor, Muslims were the largest ethnic group in the city, composing 43 percent of the population.


Ardolf had no criminal record, but an investigation revealed that he’d also hijacked the WiFi of other neighbors, and terrorized them as well. A father of two, Ardolf had turned down a two-year plea agreement last year to charges related to the Biden e-mail. After that, the authorities piled on more charges, including identity theft and two kiddie-porn accusations carrying lifetime sex-offender registration requirements. He pleaded guilty to them all last year.