VoIP tools like Teamspeak and Discord stand out amongst their peers. Discord has steadily optimized its software to deliver value to gaming communities.

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  • With this tool, friends and teammates can interact and discuss a wide range of gaming topics and activities
  • Also, this tool allows users to share their games with teammates, friends, and the entire community
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  • A universal server connect tool, compatible with all Renegade-based mods on the W3D engine
  • Some MFAs include self-help tools to free up time for help desk team members
  • Tox has military-grade, end-to-end encryption and is a secure tool for gamers

Setting up TS3 Sync Plugin for ProCon

Any changes you make to these variables will have an instantaneous effect. Changes to the Teamspeak (browse around here) 3 Server variables still require the plugin to be disabled/enabled to take affect.


Via Plesk, in addition to an exclusive offer of license packages, you will also be able to manage them via the extension with the help of a very convenient license pool. You’ll never lose track and assignments are done in just a few clicks.

The tool is open-source and expandable 
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For simplicity's sake, I have chosen to not attempt to disallow the user to delete saved items in the Games and IRC Profiles lists even if those items are currently associated with a Server Profile (this will break the associated profiles). There are warnings, but the user may do as they wish (since they can manually edit the file anyway).

Changes to the Teamspeak 3 Server variables still require the plugin to be disabled/enabled to take affect

This extension is used to manage TSI instances via Plesk and is FREE. The "TSI – Tea(m)speak Interface" is a software of the company DW Web-Engineering and has no business relations with the companies whose software can be managed with the help of the TSI.


With the Go Live feature, users can stream a game in a server voice channel for up to 50 server members. More so, users can enable in-game overlay.

With this tool, users can communicate with teammates and other players via voice or text. Players can launch into games with their teammates and friends.


Steam support client supports up to 28 languages. Plus, gamers can easily make purchases on the platform. Their shop supports more than 100 payment methods and over 35 currencies.

Users can discover where other people are chatting from and friends with similar gaming interests. Overtone is built to provide gamers with tools that’ll enhance the gaming experience.


This is a simple application which uses basic reading of Microsoft Windows executable files to get exports section of DLLs so as to properly create DEF files. They are useful for generating LIB files from DLLs to be used, for instance, with Visual Studio projects. That's the case of MinGW DLLs; for them to be used in Visual Studio projects you need the LIB and header files of those libraries.

Discord allows users to create servers for their projects, join servers, and communities. For example, Discord is dominated by gaming servers and communities.


More so, Overtone has a reliable voice performance and over 100 million users. Plus, the software is available for downloads on Windows.

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The tool is available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux devices. The Steam Chat mobile app allows users to keep up with conversations on the go. Also, users can see who is playing, chat, tweet, and more.


Battle.net is a top choice for esports gamers. It hosts over 60 million players. Plus, it is available for Windows and Mac devices as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

Today, the platform has about 56 million monthly players, and up to 963 million messages are sent every day. Discord is available for download on Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.

  • Prime25 - Benchmark Tool for all Windows versions
  • This tool is compatible with all Renegade W3D-engine mods
  • This voice, chat, and communication tool is suitable for gamers
  • Download latest named TeamSpeak 3 server files from 4players.de
  • Automated detection of one or more TeamSpeak 3 server instances
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  • It includes the tool in English and German
  • Plug-ins, Add-ons - Skins and other tools

Gaming communities, teams, and different workplaces adapt Mumble to suit their needs. Mumble allows large gaming communities to host more than 100 voice participants simultaneously.


Is it possible or planned for this to work with Channel Groups as well? I utilize channel admin groups as a way to separate admins of groups from messing with each other.

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EVEAI is a Deep Learning Library based on python Keras and Tensorflow. EVEAI dll allows embedding inference images from keras models into user-written applications.


This means players who swap teams will not be swapped in teamspeak (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=602) until the next interval rolls around. I plan on re-implementing swapping players right when they swap teams in one of several "smaller releases" planned for v0/7.

If your Teamspeak 3 Server is being hosted by a server provider, ask your provider to do this for you

This software revolves around chat rooms with extensive features. The software offers webcam and microphone support, and users can invite other players using a link.


Communities can create and organize their rooms, share ideas, file, and embed widgets. Teams can make voice and video calls and group calls.

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  • Overtone is built to provide gamers with tools that’ll enhance the gaming experience
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  • NR2003 complete game tool archive
  • Asterisk Connect Tool 0.46
  • You must rent or purchase a server to utilize Ventrilo’s VoIP tool 
  • Веб интерфейс для TeamSpeak 3 TS3.su
  • Skype is not well optimized for gaming when compared to Teamspeak 

Furthermore, users can access Riot apps using their mobile device. The software is available on the Apple app store, Google Play Store, and F-Droid store.

TeamSpeak is software for quality voice communication via the Internet. Please write down the server query password, and server admin privilege key that.


Introducing myTeamSpeak, a new service which lets you synchronize bookmarks and identities across your devices

With their multi-player audio recorder, users can record podcasts. Plus, their positional audio for gamers provides a realistic feel for players and enhances their gaming experience.

The ivrSVR is a CTI server for IVR system and front-end applications. The tool (read review) uses TSAPI library to monitor IVR and agent extensions, it hides the technical details of TSAPI and provide a simple REST, WebSocket and OCX interface for IVR system and front-end applications to perform CTI call control functions. The ivrSVR program supports passing of customized user data between different kind of CTI software when a customized DLL is developed.


Currently, only GPUs are supported. This is mainly due to the current code not being vectorized properly. However, OpenCL also supports CPUs.

Battle.net lets core gamers shop for digital games, goodies, and expansions directly from the app. Also, users can seamlessly access in-game items such as pets, loot boxes, mounts, and more.


For hosters, Mumble has free software resources and a stable server. Plus, the administration can be automated using Ice middleware. Users can choose between using an official or third-party server software.

The inbuilt voice communication makes it easy for gaming teams to coordinate their play. Right from the battle.net app, users can exchange in-game items and digital gifts with friends.


Steam chat is easy to use and multimedia friendly. It supports video, audio, and GIFs.