Asiasoft announces the launch of the new Block Beat Mode for AuditionSEA, a new dance beat mode with a little old school twist that pulsates rhythm and groove at every move. In this new mode, the control of the rhythm and grooving to the beat in this mode is very simple. Players only need to use three dropdown arrow keys and a spacebar and in a “New – Meets – Old” twist, a puzzle gate status is activated when a “Perfect” score is recorded.

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STEEZY Studio is another popular and free dancing apps for android and iOS users which helps you to learn dance without joining any dance classes or institute. It has listed dance lessons and tutorials with HD video quality so that you can easily get them and lean dance at your home. It provides unlimited video tutorial so if you’ve ever felt lost or confused then get it from video tutorial. Dance lessons are listed in many levels and styles, you have to learn them step by step.


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Dance School Stories is another popular and amazing dancing apps developed by Crazy Labs for android and iOS users. It provide chance to perform a dance event on live stage with lots of crowd. Using this app you can easily learn different dance moves and impress your teacher and headmaster by your dancing talent. It has listed different dance styles, it is your choice to choose your favorite style and learn them in less time using this app. You will also be fit after learn dance from this app.

Dancing elf is one of the best free dancing app for those who think they can’t dance easily. You can easily click your photo from your phone and upload it on this app the app will generate a custom funny video. It is fully fun and easy to use dancing app for android and iOS users. Along with the video and photo you can also add some funny text for your video and share it online.


Learn Bhangra is a good dance instructor app which helps you to learn Punjabi bhangra dance for free. It has listed different bhangra moves and steps so that anyone can easily learn it without joining any bhangra classes. This app also provides 30 days fitness plan to all of its users. This plan names as The Bhangra Workout which has listed instructional videos with workout routines so that you can easily learn bhangra in 30 days. One of the best feature of this app is to provide option to track your progress report for your bhangra dance.

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It is easy to use and free dancing apps for android and iOS users


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Face Dance is a popular app which has listed top and popular dance video you can easily make your dancing video using this app. You have to simply click your photo and upload it on this app and replace the default face from your to make a new video. It is easy to use and free dancing apps for android and iOS users. It also allows you to add accessorize with wigs, hats, sunglasses and other to make unique video on your android device. You can also share your video with your friends and family via social networks.


Step Dance is popular dancing apps for android users which let you to learn dance step by step. It has listed different types of dance so that you can easily search any dance and learn it easily. It is free and easy to use app which allows you to learn more about the legacy and culture of Step Dancing. All dance are listed in video format so that you can easily learn it by following the steps as in video.

Afro-American pianist/MD for The Original USA Gospel Singers & Band European Tour 2021 / 2021 Location: nationwide Type: Musicians You would be functioning as well as pianist as well as Musical Director. You need to be able to play the traditional gospel songs and maintaining/correcting/rehearsing the sound of the choir.

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Animate Yourself 3D is a unique dancing video maker app for iOS users which let you to be director for free. You can easily make a dancing video on your iOS device for free. It has its own specific feature which helps you to make a different dancing video from others. Easily choose characters, costumes, background, dance genres and other from its collection and make a video. You can also add some crazy words on your video for fun and save or share it with your friends.


Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance is a 3D baby dancing game app which helps kids to easily learn dance with fun moves. It is a fun and interesting no WiFi game apps for android and iOS users which helps to enjoy your kids. It has different dancing steps with easy to learn by playing it. Along with dancing it has also game playing option so that your kids can easily start a dance show on smartphone. It is a full entertainment and fun loving dancing game game app for kids.

Hip Hop dance school is a better app to learn and improve your moves make more fans and show that you are the hottest hip hop dancer. This dancing apps will give you the skill to choreograph your moves and stand out on stage. You can easily choose your outfit and crew members for perfect dancing performance using this app. Easily impress the judges and work your way up the competition level.


Animate Me is a popular app which let you to be a music and video director for free. It is a free dance video maker app for both android and iOS users. You can easily use and control everything to make a dance video on your phone. It has listed different body characters so that you can easily make a dance video. Easily record dance moves, edit skin color that matches the faces you use. It also allows you to share your dance video via social networks.

Description: Hot Dance Party, also know as Steps 2 Evolution, is a 3D, rhythm-based dancing MMO. Players create custom avatars and dance along to various English and Asian songs. Gameplay involves hitting the proper arrow key sequence and hitting the spacebar at the correct time.