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  • ANN: TopStyle Acquired by Stefan van As
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WinkSite is a free mobile service that helps you monetize your site with Google AdSense and determine the best place to put ads. You can also create in-house ads for your sponsors. Winksite is free for up to five sites.


All Fluid Grid elements have been placed within the Structure category under the Insert menu. New options include Ordered, Unordered and List. Options for DIV elements such as duplicate, lock and swap now appear when you select an element. You can nest fluid elements as well. Fluid Grid elements will work with Web apps as well as mobile sites.

  • I do not think EditPad Lite is a good alternative to Topstyle
  • I do not think Stylizer is a good alternative to Topstyle
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  • HTML and CSS editor TopStyle 5 is a major upgrade
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With DA-Formmaker you can quickly and easily create online forms and HTML forms that are sent to your email address with a single click. You don't need in-depth HTML knowledge and.

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You’ll have to preview the results to be completely sure all is well, of course, and as previously, the program can display your project in IE, Firefox or Safari. But TopStyle 5 also adds Google’s Chrome to the mix, installing the necessary files automatically (you don’t have to have Chrome installed already for this to work).


You can also change the message type (for example, you can change a warning message to an error message). The Configuration Editor also lets you add your own validation messages, as well as new tags and attributes. The Configuration Editor is not included in the home/standard edition.

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The next step is the Mobile Site Menu. Here you add elements to the site, then edit the order of appearance, the look and feel, CSS attributes, colors, monetization, analytics, social media integration and more.


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The table below highlights some of the major differences between editions and provides more details in the footnotes. Minor differences are not mentioned.

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It's a powerful yet simple automatic Web site generator from structured contents. Working from a single site source file and CSS templates, you can produce a Website with the exact.


And so it goes on. TopStyle 5 adds new support for CSS groups, for instance, making it easy to organise your CSS selectors into a neat, folder-based layout. While the program’s CSS Tidy tool can then scan your CSS code to optimize and clean up your code.

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  • If you’re a web author/developer and you’re not already using TopStyle, why not give the trial version a spin
  • TopStyle is a CSS editor that is designed to enable you to draft your CSS, by hand, as quickly as possible
  • Top five new features in TopStyle 3.5
  • TopStyle 5 also gives you Site Reports that show you how styles are used in your website
  • I think Stylizer is a good alternative to Topstyle
  • For this, you need a dedicated CSS editor and there are few better than TopStyle
  • One Response to HTML and CSS editor TopStyle 5 is a major upgrade
  • A myriad of fixes to make TopStyle Vista-compatible
  • I do not think VisualNEO Web is a good alternative to Topstyle

Adobe offers several pricing models based on its Creative Cloud package. This offers a range of software components for businesses that begins at $19/95 per month.

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To sign up for GoMobi, you must go through a reseller such as HostPapa. This option is inexpensive— $5/95 per month with HostPapa—but it also means you don't have full access to the interface. If you want to have full control over the the domains, registration and the GoMobi sites, you need to become a reseller yourself. The fee for this will vary depending on the hosting provider, but it will give you full access to the GoMobi Site Builder, the option to regulate users on the interface and the ability to charge a hosting fee to your clients.


C-Organizer Lite is a beautiful and powerful personal information manager. The program can help you organize and plan your business and personal life. It is a fully featured solution providing.

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CSS3 also offers the capability to create gradients. However, this can be time-consuming when working with code. TopStyle has created a tool that lets you quickly specify gradients for your layouts and edit those settings later.


In fact, if you’ve been using TopStyle for a while, you may recognize his name: he’s the guy I hired several years back to develop a Dreamweaver extension which enabled using TopStyle as Dreamweaver’s CSS editor. I found Stefan to be very capable and easy to work with, and it certainly helps that he’s so familiar with TopStyle.

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Volusion offers a free trial to get you up to speed, but you should know that the free trial goes only so far. If you want to test out the mobile aspect of the service, then you'll need to pay. When you sign up for an account, you can choose to build a site yourself or work with a sales representative on the design process. It's also worth noting that the service is proprietary—it runs on Volusion servers only and can't be used with your own hosting.


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DA-OrderForm creates order forms for your products to sell them on your web page. You don't need any HTML knowlegde. Just add your products, customize the design and export the form.

Please note folks, TopStyle 5 will be released later in 2021. Customers purchasing today will GET A FREE UPGRADE to v5. And folks, it's gonna be a good one!


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The generated animations are very light because the generator tries hard to only save valuable picture information. MobaMotion is the best alternative to - animated GIF: MobaMotion animations are not.


Astyle CSS Editor, free download. Astyle CSS Editor 3/5: Visual CSS editor for beginners. Dealing with CSS for the uninitiated can be a daunting if not impossible process.

Unfortunately, the ActiveX project hasn’t been updated since 2005, and appears to have been discontinued entirely. Although TopStyle customers can still use this ActiveX control, it’s woefully outdated. This is a big problem because the ActiveX control doesn’t embed the version of Mozilla/Firefox that’s installed on the customer’s computer – instead, it relies on the version of the Mozilla engine that’s included with the control. This makes it practically useless, since customers want to know what their web pages look like in the most recent version of Firefox, not one from 2005.


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Volusion is an all-in-one ecommerce tool that lets you build a shopping cart and add it to your website. It will display on desktop, tablet and mobile versions of your site.


While GoMobi offers a numerous display options, it doesn't support tables or JavaScript. One way around this is to use Dreamweaver to create custom mobile pages that plug into the GoMobi interface; this way, you can use JavaScript, tables and custom CSS in your mobile website. You can also host these custom pages wherever you want; this is worth knowing because GoMobi, like Volution, is proprietary and runs only on GoMobi servers.

You can now do it from TopStyle (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=1750) 5′s built-in image-map editor. Just draw hotspots with the mouse, and the program will generate the appropriate code when you’re done.


Dreamweaver lets you build both mobile apps and websites. The chief difference is that some mobile sites can be designed to display on all mobile devices. In contrast, mobile apps can offer more functionality, but they have to be custom built one each device.

GoMobi offers an easy-to-use interface with the complex programming happening behind the scenes. For example, to add your GPS coordinates, just enter the address, add that section to the mobile site and save your changes; the GPS feature appears automatically on the mobile interface and is ready to use. For designers who want more options, the interface can be customized through the use of templates. In addition, you can add custom CSS, HTML and JavaScript programming by linking those pages to the GoMobi interface. You can upload your own icons as well.


DVD Region + CSS Free, free download. DVD Region + CSS Free 5/9.6/8: Watch and copy a DVD from any region.

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 has the capability to build fluid layouts. This lets you create three layouts—for the Web, tablets and mobile devices—all at the same time. Add Media Queries to these fluid layouts and you can easily control the appearance of your pages. Media queries let designers target different styles to different devices; one example would be a group of styles that only take effect when the screen size is larger than 800 pixels.


Rapid CSS Editor, free download. Rapid CSS Editor 9/5.0/104: Quick, convenient and powerful cascading style sheet and HTML editor.

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It will generate a neatly formatted HTML report with the results (view sample report). It can also check URLs and follow the links in the URLs to check an entire small to medium sized web site or part of a large one. The Batch Wizard is not included in the home/standard edition.


Unicode support is long overdue, and I can tell you that adding it to TopStyle was no easy task. The fact that Stefan could take over an existing product and add such a complex feature is a testament to his skill.

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As you can see from the release notes, version 3/5 isn’t a minor upgrade – it offers a ton of new features, improvements and fixes. It could easily have been called TopStyle (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=4643) 4/0, but I know customers have been waiting a long time for a new TopStyle, so we’ve named it v3/5 and made it a free upgrade from v3/0.


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