Added support for hardware license keys in ARM devices. Your USB hardware key with a current Xeoma license will be detected automatically in the new version in devices with ARMv7 or ARMv8 architecture.

  • So you can create VPN-client in the router and connect your camera to Xeoma Cloud
  • Archive: search by motion and visualization of motion are now also available in the regular Xeoma
  • ‘Location of Xeoma files’
  • Trial edition of Xeoma
  • Emotions recognition in Xeoma ”)
  • Multilayered eMap in Xeoma

Modules panel in IP cam software Xeoma. You can add a module to the work field by way of pressing it

This module allows for quick turning on/off of the modules in the chain connected after this module with the help of the button in the lower panel or option in Main menu. You will find more information in our article.


There was an accident in the field of view of camera that could have happened anywhere between now and last week. Do we need to view a week’s worth of archives or is there a simpler way?

Please check that you’re using correct login. Login is created according to the email that you indicated when you created the user.


PRO: License Plate Recognition: added the ability to set the number of frames the iANPR utility has to process. If it is not possible to limit the maximum speed of the traffic flow, this new setting, if used properly, can help avoid blurred frames, and thus aid in higher successful number recognition rate.

Also, in the latest versions of Xeoma “pre-record” can be found in “Preview and archive” module’s settings

Usually, if you choose ‘Decode only key frames’ option in the ‘Universal camera’ module’s settings, then Xeoma will decode only important “key frames” once in half of a second (or even more often). So Xeoma will not waste time and resources on recovering the rest of the frames (it reduces CPU load). This way detectors might receive fewer frames and there might be fewer attempts in search by motion.


We do not recommend activating Xeoma software key licenses on virtual machines (including Docker) and containers as we can not guarantee stable work of licenses in such cases. We recommend using physical machines, where it’s possible.

New types of objects added to the additional module “Object recognition”. Now the module can recognize boats, buses, sport balls, trains, trucks.


Most probable is the Internet connection speed. We recommend to check the bandwidth. Perhaps, several clients connect to the server at the same time and drain all of the bandwidth.

You can connect and test your PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera in Trial version of Xeoma. Cameras can be added via «+» menu (you can specify necessary PTZ port in «Universal camera» module’s settings). If you use PTZ camera, Xeoma will automatically add controls to move your camera.


Parking Spots: new Additional module “Parking Spots” has been added. This module is used to automatically determine and update the status (empty/occupied) of parking spaces in a parking lot. The module can also be used for other objects types, for example, for attendance in offices, statistics in cinema, etc.

In such cases, usage of the ‘Device list’ is recommended. See detailed photo instruction for more information.

  • Xeoma Android app: now still images from the app get stored in the system /screenshots folder
  • Web server: added possibility to add cameras through Xeoma’s web interface in a web browser
  • Connecting Xeoma via VPN
  • Proxy server setup in Xeoma
  • For this you will need Raspberry Pi single-board computer, Xeoma and a simple IP camera
  • Buy and activate license renewal to continue getting software updates in Xeoma system security software
  • Invalid serial number error can be shown in Xeoma NVR when the license is misspelled

Because Xeoma needs constant Internet connection when working on virtual machines. If there’s no Internet, you’ll see messages in Xeoma instead of camera’s image «Waiting for image from camera».


The new official version introduces 2 new modules. One of them – Face Detector – is available only in PRO edition and is meant for detection of human faces in the cameras’ field of view. It can be used to detect excessive presence of people where they are not supposed to be or, in reverse, detect if there are insufficient staff.

Added possibilty to scan for cameras manually even if Xeoma was launched with the key -noscan

The “Layouts” menu has a new option to hide the All Cameras page when you have multiple tabs. Find it in Layouts-Manage Layouts-Hide All Cameras page.


Repeater and Xeoma Cloud are optional services purchased by subscription. Payment for such services is charged monthly. You can purchase a subscription for a longer period. Automatic monthly subscription renewals are available for payments via PayPal. For other payment methods, the payer undertakes responsibility to renew the subscription on time.

Why I can only view recoding for the last hour/Why are there no recordings in the archive? Is it because I use non-licensed version?


When you paid with your card in either way, you will receive your license key by email automatically immediately after the payment is processed. If you did not receive the email from FelenaSoft in one hour, please contact us.

When you buy a license, you pay for the number of cameras or other sources that you will be able to use in your Xeoma. With this license-limited number of cameras you will be able to build chains of certain length, complexity, configuration, and containing modules of the type that the conditions for the mode allow. For more information, please refer to the comparison table above or to pages dedicated to the selected mode.


PRO: improved selection of archives for the simultaneous view. Now you can select multiple cameras that you’d like to view archive recordings for right on the page you’re in or any other page.

Microphone module in Xeoma VSS – surveillance with audio

Sending email: fixed issue when messages were not sent if one or several of listed email addresses were invalid or misspelled. This new version of Xeoma will send messages to all the rest of listed email addresses.


If the payer did not renew the Xeoma Cloud subscription before expiration, the account becomes unavailable, and the settings and records made during the subscription period are kept for 7 days. During this time, the payer has the opportunity to renew the subscription and restore the account. In 7 days from the end of the subscription all data will be permanently deleted and will be impossible to restore.

Multiple monitors can be connected, in fact, as many as your computer allows for. Xeoma will work with (full report) all of them.


But you can connect it via openVPN. We’ve checked your router and it allows openVPN connection. So you can create VPN-client in the router and connect your camera to Xeoma Cloud.

Xeoma 15/10/7’s improvements: enhanced layouts’s custom-sized grid (‘Layouts’ menu in the lower panel -> ‘Larger grid mode’ -> Select the desired grid and mode) where you can view cameras in bigger slots. Another good news is that MJPEG cameras streaming over RTSP now can also be connected to Xeoma Cloud. This and all most important bug fixes and usability improvements are at your disposal in the new version. Download it here or from the program’s user interface.


New version Xeoma 15/8.7 offers some fixes and improvements. For instance, now you can use individual settings for each user profile to save unique cameras order. Fixed are issues with the “ANPR”‘s detection methods, transparency in the multiserver mode, text overlays in the “Information” menu of a customized Xeoma, AAC sound crash, and updates crash on Windows. Also “Problems Detector” and “Visitor Counter” modules have been enhanced.

It is impossible to change the license type from software to hardware or vice versa. You can add new licenses to the already formed hardware key via Offline activation.


One of such error messages is the ‘Wrong IP or port‘ message. If you see it, we recommend to check if the cameras really have the IP address you specified. Also check if the port matches what camera uses.

If the connection to camera is temporarily gone, I’d like the camera to continue storing records to its embedded SD memory card. When the connection is back, I need the records from SD card to be downloaded to and visible in Xeoma archive player.


You can restore your video surveillance software license using email on which it was registered. Go to the “Get information on licenses registered to this email” page. Enter all the needed information here and you will get full data on the email on which license is registered. If you don’t remember the email please contact us and try to provide as much information as you can, so we could effectively help.

In addition, you’d like to use screen capture module. In our example, total number of video sources is 6 (microphone doesn’t count as a video source). You will need to buy a license or licenses just for 6 cameras (video sources).


Buy a regular Xeoma

If you see all cameras coming back behind this message, you can click ‘Continue work’. If the ‘Waiting for image’ warning continues to be shown instead of cameras image, please click the ‘Activate’ link and activate the licenses anew.

Mask Detector: new Additional feature has been added to the “Face Recognition” that automatically finds people in the camera frame and determines whether they have a medical mask on their faces or not. With the mask detector, you can use Xeoma notifications and reactions to quickly alert authorized personnel when people with or without medical masks are discovered. This feature is purchased separately and activated over Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro modes. Available for testing in the trial version of Xeoma for 1 hour, then reconfiguration is required.


Also, Repeater is availalbe 10 mins per day free of charge in Commercial modes. In Trial version Repeater is also available to test, but in Trial version all settings are reset within 4 hours and after program’s restart.

Server and client parts

Buy economy pack 1: 75% discount for renew license for 1 year when bought together with ordinary Xeoma license! Economy pack 2: 80% discount for renew license for 2 years when bought together with ordinary Xeoma license!


Hardware keys can be transferred between servers, but one key can be used only on one device at the same time. You can use multiple hardware keys on one server (depending on server capabilities).

Modbus Controllers: added new Additional module “Modbus Controllers”. It can receive commands from controllers that work through the Modbus protocol, and trigger various pre-set reactions in Xeoma. This is a very popular type of controllers used in automation systems, smart homes, traffic lights equipment, etc. This module is purchased separately and activated over Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro modes. Available for testing in the trial version of Xeoma for 1 hour, then reconfiguration is required.


You can activate trial version as many times as you need to feel all the powerful possibilities of Xeoma

Additional module: added new module “Gender Recognition“. This module is based on Artificial Intelligence and enables automatic recognition of a person’s gender, and reaction to either male, female, or both genders. Ideal for retail stores where promo ads or notifications can be adjusted based on a visitor’s gender for higher sales rates. You can select to which gender the system will react, and set the desired accuracy level to get rid of episodes where the system is less sure of recognition quality. The module needs additional resources to work that will be downloaded automatically. This module is purchased separately and activated on top of Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro licenses. Available for testing in the trial version of Xeoma for 1 hour, then reconfiguration is required.

The Security folder will be created again. Once again, click “Accept certificate permanently” option. This warning should not appear at next launches of Xeoma on this machine.


Universal Camera: added option to buffer the incoming stream. It will aid to smoother real-time view of cameras.

Accelerated processing of JPEG pictures, thus lower traffic use on client part of Xeoma IP camera software

Note: if during payment in Paypal you receive an error that you cannot complete the transaction it means you are trying to pay from a business account. Please use another paypal account (of a private person), or use another payment option.


Video surveillance installation with Xeoma software

Yes, it will work with DVR that transmit data via http/rtsp (MJPEG/JPEG/H264 streams), no matter the manufacturer. If the conditions are fulfilled, the cameras will be detected as IP ones automatically, or they can be added manually with (see this website) their respective URLs.

You buy and activate license only on server. All clients are free, you can use unlimited number of them.


It’s easy to feel confident and safe with Xeoma – you can check what is going on any time

It depends on how many cameras you are going to use. Use trial version to build chain(s) to meet your demands, count how many cameras are there in use. You will get the number of cameras you need to buy a license for.

For more information about server-client connection, you might find our article “Architecture of Xeoma” useful

CommandDescription-helpshow this help-corerun server only-client [[email protected]:port]run client only. Can be used without parameter, also password and port can be empty.


An option to limit maximum parameters (bitrate and resolution) of H264 streams that subscribers can use is added for Xeoma Pro Your Cloud. Good news for owners of TrendNet TV-121WN camera: in Xeoma 15/12/21 added support for sound of this model. Usability is also enhanced: more precise information why archive might not be recorded is now shown on the preview.

I have Xeoma server on my Linux without GUI. How do I get to know the server part’s version?


Improved rewriting archives for the option “Always leave free space” in the “Preview and Archive” module. Implemented an even removal of all archives by days.

Will Xeoma work with my capture card

Xeoma Pro You Cloud: now license limits are not spent on subscribers whose accounts are suspended due to absence of cameras. Such accounts are not taking up camera count.


If you’re working with Xeoma via console (command line or Terminal), you will get Xeoma messages there. For more, please read the ‘Supported console commands’ article and the guide on how to use Xeoma on Linux (troubleshooting included).

Added digital zoom for moving objects. Now, even if your camera does not have the PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) functions, you can use the ability to automatically track objects or people in the field of view of the camera. Find this option in Main menu -> “Zoom” -> “Automatic objects tracking”. If there are several objects in the frame, the automatic tracking still works flawlessly and monitors the largest object.


When you activate the renewal license, you get the possibility to use new versions, where you can find new features and program improvements. More information about update license and its activation.

Please take a closer look at what Xeoma version started supporting this edition, and use it instead

PTZ Tracking: added the option to use a PTZ preset as the initial position of the camera, to which it returns after finishing tracking an object. To use it, rotate the camera to the desired position, make a preset in that position, and use it in PTZ Tracking settings as a start position (or use one of camera’s existing presets).


Mobile video surveillance with Xeoma free Android app

Added support for FTP Upload from the Dahua cameras. Now you can connect Dahua cameras to a remote server (including our Xeoma Cloud) even without a static public IP address or a working 24/7 computer.

Improved error output when activating multiple licenses at once. Now you will receive information for each license.


You will need to forward to port for remote access. For access through Xeoma client that’ll be 8090 by default, and for web browser view it’s 10090, and 10091 for flash broadcasting (if you have changed Xeoma ports manually, please forward the new ports instead). A router model-based guide on port forwarding can be found at portforward.com. Also, we recommend to install Xeoma (or execute the -showpassword command in console) – it will “open” the port for client connection.

Social Distance: a new feature called “Social Distance” has been added to the “Crowd Detector” Additional module. Thanks to this option, the module can automatically track whether a given social distance is observed between people in camera sight. Setting up this feature is simple: the allowed distance is set by a line in the module itself. This feature will be useful in any public places to automatically track compliance with the recommendations stopping the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. This module is purchased separately and activated over Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro modes. Available for testing in the trial version of Xeoma for 1 hour, then reconfiguration is required.


PRO: added a special feature called “1-click Cloud” for addition of “local” cameras to your Cloud server. Once you have connected “local” cameras to a “local” Xeoma, go to Main menu -> Cloud service. Authorization form will appear for IP address and login for the Cloud server.

Xeoma will work as long as my PC is on, won’t it? What about sleep mode/hibernation?


Universal camera: added the ability to configure ONVIF camera streams directly from the Xeoma interface. Now you can change the resolution, stream type, frames-per-second rate, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other parameters of the streams that the ONVIF camera allows to change through the ONVIF protocols, right from the “Universal Camera” dialog. All settings are available for the ONVIF cameras automatically.

Can’t save file to this directory is an error message that is shown by Xeoma when it cannot use some of its resource due to limited rights. Please make sure that Xeoma folder has all the necessary rights assigned, for example with the chmod 777 in Linux.


This order depends on camera’s (or rather camera’s stream’s) name in the Web server module’s settings, sorted alphabetically. So to make cameras be displayed in the web main page in the certain order, change the names in Web server’s settings.

I tried to use a new version of Xeoma and it says my license only allows older version. Where do I get old versions of Xeoma from?


Added support for CUDA hardware acceleration under Linux. If your graphics card supports the CUDA technology, it might help reduce overall CPU load.

Do you charge for each year that the license hasn’t been updated? Is there a time limitation for renewing licences after they are expired?


Multi-server mode: added the ability to use digital zoom. Now you can zoom in on the parts of a camera image in real-time and in the archive, even if you are connected to several servers at once.

CCTV systems in traditional farming with Xeoma

Is it possible to set up “sleep mode” for cameras when no recording is done and no one is viewing them? At night recording is disabled but Xeoma still loads the network to receive data.


Older versions of Xeoma are conveniently stored at the History of changes page. Scroll down a little to find the version you are looking for. If you are not sure what version to use or cannot find the right version, please contact us – we will be delighted to help!

Xeoma Pro You Cloud: added more logs for users connecting to Cloud server when redirect is engaged

You only need the static IP address on a server computer (the computer you connect remotely to). If this computer doesn’t have the real static IP address, you can use Repeater service or dynDNS services. Usually those who have the static IP address, already know that for Internet providers usually charge extra fees for that. Please request this information from your Internet provider.

  • Client-Server Architecture of Xeoma
  • Connect camera to Xeoma Cloud
  • Xeoma’s new feature — timelapse
  • Demo license for Xeoma Lite
  • For Windows, you can do it in Xeoma interface via Main Menu -> Install -> Autostart settings
  • C:\Users\test\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Xeoma\xeoma.exe -service -startdelay 10 -serverport
  • So Xeoma will not waste time and resources on recovering the rest of the frames
  • New version Xeoma 15.7.7

To do that, go to Main menu -> Information -> Check for updates. If you’re using a commercial version of Xeoma, be careful to read the warnings in this window to know if the license allows for such update.


Enhanced Xeoma’s free edition: now you can view up to 1000 cameras live in Xeoma’s free mode! Free mode still allows for up to 3 modules per chain (max 1 video source per chain), and up to 4 Preview and Archive modules total, and up to 4 Email Sending modules total. View, access and changing of settings is available from the same computer.

New version Xeoma 15/9.1 is already available to try. This time we offer you few improvements – additional information of your camera in Universal Camera settings, fixed Archive sound issue and updated Android version.


Each Xeoma Pro license gives you the right to additionally train the Recognizer for 1 person/face

Operation algorithms of the “Cross-Line Detector”, “Visitors Counter”, “Crowd Detector” modules have been improved. Now they have built-in artificial intelligence mechanisms that allow modules to identify objects more efficiently and accurately.

Please check whether Xeoma is launched or not. If Xeoma is installed and launched, then customization will not work. You need to uninstall Xeoma with settings saving if it’s installed (Main menu – Install – Uninstall (except for archive and settings)) or simply close Xeoma if it’s not installed. You can check if Xeoma server is working in foreground in task manager.


Additional module “Object Recognition” now offers the possibility to select the desired recognition accuracy level for each type of object separately. Now you can flexibly set what percentage of recognition accuracy suits you for type of object. For example, when you need more accuracy for recognition of cars of various form-factors, and lower accuracy is enough for the lower-priority task of recognizing people.

How much free disk space will I need for my surveillance? What are the system requirements for my projected system?


To get your full license number, please visit our “Get information on licenses registered to this email” page. Enter all the needed information here and you will get full data to the email on which license is registered. If it was your former employee email, please use our “Change registration data for a license” page and change the information. If you don’t know the password to the email on which license is registered, please contact us. We will change it for you and provide all the needed information.

New edition: for a limited time licenses for a new mode – Xeoma Starter – are available for purchase! Xeoma Starter is a hybrid of the Free edition and Xeoma Lite taking the best of the two: affordability, remote access, unlimited view, no watermarks or adds or donation requests, etc.


Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added configuration of the Email sending and SMS Sending modules through web interface

Yes, you can buy the software and use it without paying every year. Please note that free updates of the program are included for the first 12 months since the license purchase date. Concerning the technical support it isn’t limited in time and is free of charge.

I get Connection-to-server dialog when I run Xeoma. What is that? What should I type in there

Added search through archive recordings by object types for the previously released Additional module “Object Recognition”. Find this option in the Xeoma Archive Viewer menu. If object visualization is enabled, the recognized objects will also be visualized.


Multi-server mode: added the ability to edit the already added servers. Find this new option in the multi-server mode settings dialog.

I use connection to server from remote client via Repeater service. While video is ok, sound gets intermittent.


You can activate trial period again. Specify settings once more and continue using Xeoma. The settings will be reset in 48 hours again. You can activate trial version as many times as you need to feel all the powerful possibilities of Xeoma.

  • You can purchase /xeoma/en/buy/#modules additional modules for your Standard or Pro licenses
  • Maximum number of video sources in that can be recorded in Xeoma Starter is 2
  • Xeoma Pro: you can now hide modules, ready schemes, or restrict adding and deleting cameras
  • Download Xeoma from its official site
  • Request test account in Xeoma Cloud
  • Fixed cameras image quality loss that used to appear when the Xeoma window was resized
  • Garbage disposal, ANPR ticketing and other city surveillance needs: how to do in Xeoma
  • How do I change the size of Xeoma’s PTZ control for my camera
  • Will my camera work in Xeoma

Do I need to purchase Xeoma license to use Repeater subscription? Or can I simply purchase Repeater subscription?

Learn how to get rid of this problem with Xeoma Video Surveillance Software

Archive time of counting was improved. Now it’s not the actual time of the file creation, but the total duration of the archive that counts. For example you have an hour-worth of recordings made 32 days ago, and 1 hours of recordings made today. This will be counted as 2 days of recordings instead of 32 days as before.


Added long-awaited export of the archive in the timelapse form. Now you can specify the desired speed (frame rate) of the resulting piece before the export starts. This faster playback timelapse effect will help you quickly evaluate what happened outside the Xeoma Archive Viewer. If viewed in the Xeoma’s Archive Viewer, you can use the flexible playback speed to achieve the timelapse effect. This effect is widely popular for visualizing long processes: for monitoring of building erection, or in the scientific fields for watching over plant growth, chemical reactions, etc.

It means that Xeoma settings folder is no longer used, that’s why your program was launched in Trial mode

Operation algorithms of the “FaceID” module for dual authorization have been improved. Now the module can distinguish whether there is a live person in front of the camera or just their photograph. This is done without use of any additional equipment in the new version while previously this could only have been achieved with special 3D cameras.


Xeoma Pro: ANPR. Added the ability to run a search for numbers directly from the log of found license plates

Lite doesn’t support activation on virtual machines, including Docker, on Xeoma versions older than 20/10/13. Starting from this version, Xeoma Lite can be activated on virtual machines as well.

Yes, exported videos get stored on the client side. You can choose the storage folder in the Export dialog.


Xeoma can be installed inside DVR/NVR or camera, so you’ll be able to sell plug-n-play bundle

The “HTTP Switcher” module’s icon is now available on the main page of Xeoma’s web browser interface – for webRTC streams as well. This module can be used for integration with various devices like gate barriers, sound alarms, smoke detectors etc.

In this new version you will find support for maps in PNG and BMP format (in addition to the already supported JPG). Also improved was visualization of which archive is now being played alongside cameras live previews. Usability improvements include improved interface (now you can see options and modules available in other Xeoma editions) and automatic update improvements (once the trial version is activated, automatic updates for the server get turned off and you can enable it manually).


PRO: added new module “Mobile Notifications” that allows to receive notifications in mobile devices running iOS (iPhone, iPad) even without connecting to the server (unlike the simpler module for mobile notifications “Client Window Pop-Up” that requires the app to be always running to push alerts). With the new module you will see alerts from selected servers as iPhone’s or iPad’s standard notifications – on the lock screen, in the Banners area, or in the Notification Center.

You need to check if you’re logged in under necessary User and not Administrator, because Administrator doesn’t have possibility to use cameras. Also, please check SourceLimit parameter in configuration files for all users.


Yes, you can use Reseller’s admin area. You can leave deposit and generate licenses yourself on Reseller’s admin page.

Use the trial edition of Xeoma to test all modules, including PRO, and find it out for how many cameras you need a license. In trial edition you can use unlimited quantity of modules of any type in any combination during unlimited period of time (your settings will be reset to defaults at program exit and every 8 hours of continuous use) and besides feel the ease and flexibility of Xeoma’s remote access feature.


PRO: improved algorithms for the “Face Recognition” module (“Statistical Analysis” option). Thanks to new modifications of the module, the accuracy of face detection and recognition has been increased drastically.

If this option is not ticked, then Xeoma takes the minute number in the file name and counts the days by it

Added new archive playback speeds. Now you can view your archives 60 and even 900 times faster. Suitable for systems with a lot of records to watch really quickly.


8 ways to grow your business fast with Xeoma

Eye Tracking: new Additional module “Eye Tracking” has been added. This module is used to track what people in camera’s sight are looking at. This can be successfully utilized in various spheres including psychology research and neuromarketing.

Drawer opening alert, space full alert and other small business needs: how to do in Xeoma

This error message might also appear when the to-be-exported extract has part of recordings made in H264 and another part in MJPEG. Please try to export a piece of footage that only has one type of recordings in it (either MJPEG or H264) to see if that helps.


Console: added support for more separators when activating several license codes at once. Now you can separate several serial numbers with a comma, point and even a space.

Added the ability to synchronize the ONVIF cameras time with (navigate to this site) the server’s time. With (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=8626) this option, your ONVIF cameras connected to Xeoma will be automatically reconfigured to the server’s system time.


It depends on the method of deleting Xeoma. If you want to keep your settings, you can uninstall Xeoma with settings saving via Main menu – Install – Uninstall (except for archive and settings). In this case licenses, settings and archive will be kept.

Automatic updates: if successfully updated, free video surveillance software Xeoma will display the ‘You’re using the latest version‘ message. It can also appear if you are not connected to the Internet when you request the update, even if you’re not using the latest update.


Yes, you can buy new licenses for the hardware key. To do this, you need to buy a software license (without a hardware key) and add it to the hardware key using the offline activation “Main menu” – “Registration” – “Activate” – “Offline activation”.

Yes, Xeoma Lite, Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro licenses don’t need constant Internet access on the physical machine. Licenses can be activated both online and offline (without Internet access).


PRO: added detection of speed limit violation. The combination of the new PRO modules “ANPR Speed Sender” and “ANPR Speed Receiver” calculates the time that a vehicle takes to travel the distance between two virtual points, and if it’s lower than a set time, the module is triggered.

To be able to add more cameras, please buy a regular Xeoma license for as many cameras as you want to add

PRO: Added failover (server backup) for the Xeoma Pro Your Cloud mode. Before this improvement you could do that with system tools. Now there’s the built-in Xeoma feature for such “hot” and “cold” servers.


This variant perfectly suits resellers that want to sell customized version of Xeoma under their own brand

Improved Additional module “Vehicle Speed Detector”: an adjustment factor has been added to its settings to compensate for when the speed meter appliance is known to display a speed value that differs from the real one. This correction factor can be a coefficient (for example, enter 0/9 to decrease the value by 10%) or a plus/minus value to add or deduct a certain number (for example, 15).

Xeoma’s modules are functional blocks, that, when combined, are used to build chains or combinations of modules. Simply put, a module is a certain feature represented by an icon. Modules differ in their functions.


The payer has the right to stop using service subscriptions at any time. Unused time or possibilities of subscriptions are not refundable.

You don’t need Repeater if server with a static IP address or Xeoma Cloud is used

Delivery time: License will be sent to the email used during purchase, as soon as the payment is confirmed, usually in a few minutes! If you didn’t receive it, please check the Spam folder of your email, or contact us from another email so that we could reach you.


Sometimes it’s just uncomfortable or unsafe to call for help outright in case not to escalate the situation. For such moments there is a panic button that allows a person under duress to quickly and silently call for help. Learn how to use a virtual panic button in Xeoma.

Pro licenses can summarize (be combined) with Xeoma Standard licenses (exception: Xeoma Pro Your Cloud mode) and be added to Xeoma Standard licenses or used instead. Also Xeoma Pro can work together with renewals, or with Xeoma Cloud and/or Repeater subscriptions (the latter are not included into Xeoma Pro licenses and should be bought separately when needed).


As for video capture card, we can not guarantee that a particular capture card will work 100% with your analog camera and OS. We only have info from our users about the following ones that worked fine in Xeoma: Lumens (USB b PCI), EasyCap VZ-007 with HTV600 chip, TVISS4E with (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=6402) saa7134 chip. You can contact manufacturer to find out if necessary capture card was tested in Xeoma.

I’m trying to send e-mails over gmail but it doens’t work. When I press the Test button, it says “Invalid username/password” even though I’m sure they are correct.


Added Xeoma Cloud service

Icons can be put into custom folder. Icons in the bottom panel shold be “double”, first position – usual view, second – when the icon is ‘clicked’.

Sure, this feature is available in all Xeoma modes. If you want to store recordings from cameras on a hard drive, you can set the desired path in the “Preview and archive” module settings.


A Xeoma Pro license for the number of cameras that will use Face Recognition is also required

Problem Detector: Added new camera defocus option. Now the program can automatically notify you when camera is out of focus suddenly. This new feature is a great addition for stand-alone systems that work for months without human supervision.

Failover and failback in Xeoma. Instruction


Please check your server’s time zone and make sure it’s correct. You can do it via Main menu – Remote access – Users. But there’s no such menu in Lite, so you need to switch to the Trial version first via Main menu – Install – Switch to 4-hours Trial version. After you check (and change time zone if needed), you can get back to the Lite version via Main menu – Install – Switch to Lite version.

Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added new web interface for admin and users. New Admin page allows administrator to manage Cloud and users, and User page is for users to view their cameras, their records, and run search for cameras – all in browser.


How can I get a cheaper solution with Xeoma

PRO: support for the third-party Platerecognizer utility has been added to the “ANPR”(license plate recognition) module. The utility offers a wide range of supported countries, affordable prices, and quick addition of new countries and types of license plates.

ANPR: Added support for iANPR version 1/793 in ARM versions. Better recognition accuracy and new features for recognition of CIS license plate numbers.


Added the ability to edit created PTZ tours. Learn more about PTZ presets and guard/patrol tours here.

In Xeoma I can see other people’s feeds. Will mine also be shown all around the world

Number of licenses depends on how many computers you are going to use them on. Since licenses for more modules give you a discount, it’s natural that you might want to buy just 1 license for the total number of video sources you are going to use. But please be careful: while IP cameras can be accessed from several computers in network, and shifted if necessary, embedded USB cams can’t, so every embedded USB cam means using a separate computer, and therefore a separate server, since licenses can be used on 1 machine only, and servers is what you buy licenses for. Another thing to keep in mind here is that client parts (as many as you want) connect to server for free. For more information about server-client connection, you might find our article “Architecture of Xeoma” useful.


New Xeoma 15/7.27 features improvements of several modules’ work: “Email Sending”, “Archive” and “Problems Detector”. The work of multiserver mode is even more convenient now.

If your server part is not installed to autostart, you get the info in Terminal when you launch Xeoma

Sound Events Detector: new Additional module “Sound Events Detector” has been added. It can recognize 5 types of sounds: glass breaking, car alarms, baby cries, screams and gunshots. This module is purchased separately and activated over Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro modes. Available for testing in the trial version of Xeoma for 1 hour, then reconfiguration is required.


When you work on 1 computer without remote access, you don’t need to type anything. Xeoma will find and connect to the ‘local’ server by itself (learn more about the program’s architecture). If you use remote access feature, type in the IP address of the server you’d like to connect to, or Repeater address.

Such OEM versions are often used by reseller companies that sell Xeoma licenses and their own OEM software

If you’re getting the “Install blocked” message at launch of Xeoma on an Android, you should allow installation of apps from non-Google-Play apps. Tick the “Unknown Sources” box – it should be somewhere in Settings (for example, Settings – Security – Unknown Sources or Settings- Applications – Unknown Sources).


Then just run the “Search by IP/password” option in Xeoma with the camera’s IP address, port, login, password

We have hundreds of cameras so it gets hard to see anything on the preview window. We need a way to quickly recognize where a certain camera is and switch to view it. Ideally, the cameras should be sorted by the city of their location.

I purchased license, activated it and configured Xeoma. After customization license and settings reset themselves. How can I get my license and settings back?


Another good news is that MJPEG cameras streaming over RTSP now can also be connected to Xeoma Cloud

Apart from that, the new version offers a few important bug fixes and usability improvements. See more on the Changes History page.

You can activate trial period again. Specify settings once more and continue using Xeoma. The settings will be reset in 4 hours again. You can activate trial version as many times as you need to feel all the powerful possibilities of Xeoma.


First of all, please check the Spam folder of your email box. Due to a large amount of license letters we send some Spam filters can’t properly process them.

To ensure security of your device we recommend you to use only official licensed software by FelenaSoft. By buying official license you support software developers to create new products and improve the already released ones.


You can purchase necessary licenses at our website and resell them. We provide different discounts and bonuses to our resellers. There’s no need to sign any papers (agreement is optional).

Before professional features were added to Xeoma there was only 1 commercial edition simply called Xeoma. It is governed by the same rules Xeoma Standard now is. For example, if you need renewals for your “Xeoma” license from old times, opt for renewals for Xeoma Standard. Contact us if you need assistance.