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Ford’s emphasis on cheap mass production brought both benefits and disadvantages to its workers. Ford would not allow his workers to unionize, and the boring, repetitive nature of the assembly line work generated a high turnover rate. However, to reduce the turnover rate, he doubled workers’ pay to five dollars a day and standardized the workday to eight hours (a reduction from the norm). Ford’s assembly line also offered greater equality than most opportunities of the time, as he paid White and Black workers equally. Seeking these wages, many African Americans from the South moved to Detroit and other large northern cities to work in factories.


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Activate: Sets the date on which the key is to be activated. After that date, the key will be included in the zone and used to sign it. By default, if not specified during creation time, this is set to the current time, meaning the key will be used to sign data as soon as named picks it up.

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Radio also transformed how Americans enjoyed sports. The introduction of play-by-play descriptions of sporting events broadcast over the radio brought sports entertainment right into the homes of millions. Radio also helped to popularize sports figures and their accomplishments. Jim Thorpe, who grew up in the Sac and Fox Nation in Oklahoma, was known as one of the best athletes in the world: He medaled in the 1912 Olympic Games, played Major League Baseball, and was one of the founding members of the National Football League. Other sports superstars were soon household names. In 1926, Gertrude Ederle became the first woman to swim the English Channel. Helen Wills dominated women’s tennis, winning Wimbledon eight times in the late 1920s (Figure 24/8), whereas “Big Bill” Tilden won the national singles title every year from 1920 to 1925. In football, Harold “Red” Grange played for the University of Illinois, averaging over ten yards per carry during his college career. The biggest star of all was the “Sultan of Swat,” Babe Ruth, who became America’s first baseball hero (Figure 24/8). He changed the game of baseball from a low-scoring one dominated by pitchers to one where his hitting became famous.

What were the main features of Bhakti? Write about the Chinese Buddhist pilgrims. What kinds of evidence do historians use to find out about trade and trade routes? How did Buddhism grow during Kushana dynasty?


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All the answers can be found in general-purpose dictionaries (and are given at the end of this chapter). As these questions illustrate, dictionaries are invaluable for choosing a word with just the right shade of meaning, checking on spelling and usage, and even finding encyclopedic information. Furthermore, the information about a word's history provided in a dictionary etymology can make it easier to use the word precisely. The most authoritative dictionary is the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) , It was originally published in parts between 1884 and 1928, and a four volume supplement was produced from 1972-1986. A twenty volume second edition of the dictionary was published in 1989; it defines more than half a million words, using 2/4 million illustrative quotations. The OED traces the history of words from around 1150. In 1992 a compact disc (CD-ROM) version of the OED was published. It contains the full text of the printed version (at about a third of the price) and the accompanying software includes powerful search facilities. Other large dictionaries are Webster's Third New International Dictionary , which was published in the United States in 1961 and has had three supplements, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language , the Random House Unabridged Dictionary , and The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, in two volumes .

In the 1920s, prosperity manifested itself in many forms, most notably in advancements in entertainment and technology that led to new patterns of leisure and consumption. Movies and sports became increasingly popular and buying on credit or “carrying” the debt allowed for the sale of more consumer goods and put automobiles within reach of average Americans. Advertising became a central institution in this new consumer economy, and commercial radio and magazines turned athletes and actors into national icons.


The assembly line helped Ford reduce labor costs within the production process by moving the product from one team of workers to the next, each of them completing a step so simple they had to be, in Ford’s words, “no smarter than an ox” (Figure 24/5). Ford’s reliance on the moving assembly line, scientific management, and time-motion studies added to his emphasis on efficiency over craftsmanship.

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Who were the rulers, who ruled over central Asia and north-west India around 2000 years ago? Name the regions where Bodhisattvas became very popular. How did the chiefs use the tribute that they collected from neighbouring areas? What do you know about Syrian Christians? Why do you think ordinary people were attracted to Bhakti? Making silk is a complicated process.

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How some men came to be recognized as rajas? Which two powerful rulers of Magadha used all possible means to conquer other janapadas? Which category of people was excluded from many rituals in the Later Vedic Period? When was the first democratic government formed? How were forests useful for the people of Magadha? What were the two major changes that took place in agriculture during the Later Vedic Period? When Alexander wanted to march further eastwards, his soldiers refused.


The benefit of the Pre-publication approach is it does not dramatically increase the zone size, but the duration of the rollover is longer. If insufficient time has passed after the new ZSK is published, some resolvers may only have the old ZSK cached when the new RRSIG records are published, and validation may fail.

Today, thousands of AVs are on roads. Besides, that number is anticipated to climb up, and AVs are expected to constitute 25% of cars worldwide in 2035 . This chapter tried to find an answer to the question of whether AVs prevent traffic accidents. After providing information about the history, general description, and working process of the AVs, their pros, cons, and moral perspectives have been presented. It might easily be suggested that AVs are more advantageous than human drivers in certain areas: an AV is better in obtaining and maintaining situational awareness. It never feels fatigued, gets tired, and works under the influence of alcohol. Because of these advantages, we may expect that AVs to reduce the number of accidents. In addition to their possible contribution to accident prevention, we will also enjoy their economic and social benefits and positive environmental impacts.

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Embark on a magical journey across Stark and Arcadia in a setting that mixes cyberpunk sci-fi with magical fantasy. Play as Zoë Castillo, a young woman seeking answers to her own identity; Kian Alvane, Dreamfall Chapters Free Download PC Game Repack-Games.com a disgraced Apostle and assassin seeking redemption; and Saga, a mysterious child trapped in a house between worlds. Experience an engaging story about choices and consequences, dreams and reality, magic and science, chaos and order, and the three people whose actions will shape the course of history (read full article) — in all worlds.


Southern California in the 1920s, however, had only recently become the center of the American film industry. Film production was originally based in and around New York, where Thomas Edison first debuted the kinetoscope in 1893. But in the 1910s, as major filmmakers like D. W. Griffith looked to escape the cost of Edison’s patents on camera equipment, this began to change. When Griffith filmed In Old California (1910), the first movie ever shot in Hollywood, California, the small town north of Los Angeles was little more than a village. As moviemakers flocked to southern California, not least because of its favorable climate and predictable sunshine, Hollywood swelled with moviemaking activity. By the 1920s, the once-sleepy village was home to a majorly profitable innovative industry in the United States.

Highlight the chief features of stupa architecture. What are main features of the Hindu temples built around 1800 years ago?


Another method is to always carry a spare key with you at all times. You could always have a second key (pre)published (and hopefully this one was not compromised the same time as the first key), so if the active key is compromised, you could save yourself some time to immediately activate the spare key, and all the validating resolvers should already have this spare key cached, thus saving you some time.

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The form of the advertisements, however, was not new. These colorful print ads were merely the modern incarnations of an advertising strategy that went back to the nineteenth century. The new medium for advertisers in the 1920s, the one that would reach out to consumers in radically new and innovative ways, was radio.


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Bash programming to add exponents, how many solutions exist for a quadratic equation, solve 7/15-3/10, pizzazz math worksheets answers, modern biology chapter 8 study guide answers, holt science and technology directed reading worksheets answers. Calculator for exponential form, Lisa spends the same amount of time doing homework each day. On Monday, she spend 1/2 of her time studying for a history test. On Tuesday, she spend 3/5 of her time studying for the same test. In the two days, she spent a total of 3 hours and 29 minutes studying for the test. How much time does she spend doing homework each day, write in simplest radical form. Pre-algebra with pizzazz, solving for when a function equals zero matlab, Algebra Fraction Equation Calculator, jiji math penguin, how to do horizontal and vertical transformations of exponential functions on a TI-30XS, polynomial integer excel. How to cube root on TI-30XIIS, ti 83 compound interest formula, mixed number to percent calculator, solve and graph 5x+2y>6, Grade 1 printable math papers, 41.

Key Management and Metadata

Double Signature: Publish the new ZSK and new RRSIG, essentially double the size of the zone. Wait at least one TTL before removing the old ZSK and old RRSIG.


The pieces ordered in bulk were printed cotton cloths called chintz, cossaes (or khassa) and bandanna. The word chintz comes from the Hindi word chhint, a cloth with small and colourful flowery designs. From the 1680s there started a craze for printed Indian cotton textiles in England and Europe mainly for their exquisite floral designs, fine texture and relative cheapness. Rich people of England including the Queen herself wore clothes of Indian fabric. Similarly, the word bandanna now refers to any brightly coloured and printed scarf for the neck or head. Originally, the term derived from the word “bandhna” (Hindi for tying), and referred to a variety of brightly coloured cloth produced through a method of tying and dying.

Double-DS is the reverse of Double-KSK: the new DS is published at the parent first, then the KSK at the child is updated, then remove the old DS at the parent. The benefit is that the size of the DNSKEY RRset is kept to a minimum, but interactions with the parent zone is increased to two events. This is the method that is described in the section called “KSK Rollover” and the section called “KSK Rollover Recipe”.


In a brute force attack, a password cracker tries every possible combination of characters

The next step is to remove the DNSKEYs using the old algorithm from your zone. Again this can be accomplished using nsupdate to delete the old DNSKEYs (master zones only) or by automatic key rollover when auto-dnssec is set to maintain.

The rulers constructed these temples to demonstrate their devotion and establish their authority. They often awarded wealth and land to temples to carry out elaborate rituals, feed pilgrims and priests and celebrate festivals.


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The federal government passed laws allowing people to sell back land they could not pay for and use the money to pay their debt. States made it more difficult to foreclose on mortgages and tried to make it easier for people to declare bankruptcy.

What were the effects of Kalinga war on Ashoka? What were the means adopted by Ashoka to spread the message of dhamma? What Megasthenes wrote about Mauryan Emperor? Describe the governance in Mauryan Empire? What Megasthenes wrote about Pataliputra (modern Patna)?


How did poet praise the king Samudragupta? How did the Sabha function in ancient India? How do we come to know about Harshavardhana? What changes do you find in the army at this time? What do you know about Chalukyas kingdom? What were the new administrative arrangements during this period? Write a note on Pulakeshin II. Write a short note on Harshavardhana? Write about assemblies in the southern kingdoms.

How the technique of making paper spread around the world? Discuss several stages in building a stupa or a temple.


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The state built numerous rest-houses to take care of the needs of people from all over the world who came to the city. There were magnificent buildings and innumerable pleasure parks.

The earliest people: why were they on the move? How do we know about these people?


Revoke: Sets the date on which the key is to be revoked. After that date, the key will be flagged as revoked. It will be included in the zone and will be used to sign it. This is used to notify validating resolvers that this key is about to be removed or retired from the zone.

The increased prosperity of the 1920s gave many Americans more disposable income to spend on entertainment. As the popularity of “moving pictures” grew in the early part of the decade, “movie palaces,” capable of seating thousands, sprang up in major cities. A ticket for a double feature and a live show cost twenty-five cents; for a quarter, Americans could escape from their problems and lose themselves in another era or world. People of all ages attended the movies with far more regularity than today, often going more than once per week. By the end of the decade, weekly movie attendance swelled to ninety million people.


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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science History Chapter 6 - Towns, Traders and Craftspersons are provided here to help you learn all the concepts easily and effectively. We have provided here the best and the simplest answers to all the questions given in chapter 6 of the latest NCERT Book for Class 7 History. You can easily download all the questions and answers in PDF format form the link provided below in this article.

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Taking a loss on the watches paid off when the United States responded to Saddam Hussien's aggressive invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990, with Operation Desert Shield, a massive force build-up in the Persian Gulf that involved a total of coalition forces representing 35 nations. There was a surge in the need for mil-spec wristwatches, and Marathon answered the call with General Purpose wristwatches as well as a model called the Navigator, a watch specifically designed for military aviators. On November 29, 1990, the United Nations Security Council gave Hussein-led forces a deadline of January 16, 1991, to leave Kuwait. After diplomatic negotiations failed, George H. W. Bush issued the order to commence Operation Desert Storm. General Norman Schwarzkopf led a coalition campaign to liberate Kuwait, the largest military alliance since WWII. The operation ended in a ceasefire and the surrender of Iraqi generals on March 3. Marathon watches were issued to American and Canadian troops that participated in this chapter of modern military history. After the conflict, Mitchell Wein and his father Leon were awarded a Best Value Bronze Medal recognition by the United States at a ceremony in Richmond.

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What are the ways of finding out about early cities? What has been found in the archaeological excavations at Arikamedu? What were the functions performed by Shrenis? Mathura has been an important settlement for more than 2500 years.


The National Recovery Administration (NRA) established a “code of fair practice” for every industry. Business owners were made to accept a set minimum wage and maximum number of work hours, as well as to recognize workers’ rights to organize and use collective bargaining. While the NRA established over five hundred different codes, it proved difficult to adapt this plan successfully for diverse industries with very different characteristics and practices.

The directive auto-dnssec maintain makes named check for new keys and load them automatically on an interval. If you wish to not automate this process, you could opt to change it to auto-dnssec off. This makes all key management manual, and to load new keys, you will need to execute the command rndc loadkeys example.com.


Prosperity and the Production of Popular Entertainment

The International Association encouraged members to form national chapters (wikipedia reference). On June 16, 1898, seventy IATM members met in Philadelphia to form the American Section of the International Association for Testing Materials. The members grappled with two questions that were widely discussed throughout the engineering community at the turn of the century. First, how could standards for materials contribute to industrial progress? And second, how could producers and users of industrial materials reach a consensus on standards? ASTM’s early history (check this link right here now) was in large part a quest to find answers to these pivotal questions.

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Where manuscripts were usually written? How is the life of people living in city different from people living in the Andaman Island? Who gave the name India to our country? Where was the kingdom of Magadha located? How many languages were inscribed on stone found in Rosetta? Name some areas where women and men first began to grow crops such as wheat and barley? In ancient times, people travelled from one part of the subcontinent to another. What kind of danger they used to face during their journey? Why do you think ordinary men and women did not generally keep records of what they did? What led to the sharing of ideas between people?


However, it is still good to discuss why bother waiting a period of time before removing any old data, be it DNSKEY or RRSIG. The goal here is to not "orphan" anyone out there who may be getting a cached answer, and the information to verify that cached answer doesn't exist anymore. For example, if you chose to pre-publish your ZSK, but did not wait long enough before removing the old ZSK, you're running with the risk that there may be users out there receiving the old RRSIG out of cache, but they are unable to verify the cached old RRSIG because the old ZSK has already been removed. To these users, the domain names would fail validation, until the cached RRSIG entries expire, and their validating resolver retrieves the new RRSIG signed by the new ZSK.

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Basically, the new KSK is added first at the child zone and being used to sign DNSKEY, then the DS record is changed, followed by the removal of the old KSK. Double-KSK limits the interaction with the parent zone to a minim, but for the duration of the rollover, the size of the DNSKEY RRset is increased.

In any case the first step is to put DNSKEYs using the new algorithm in place. You must generate the K* files for the new algorithm and put them in the zone's key directory where named can access them. Take care to set appropriate ownership and permissions on the keys. If the auto-dnssec zone option is set to maintain, named will automatically sign the zone with the new keys based on their timing metadata when the dnssec-loadkeys-interval elapses or you issue the rndc loadkeys command. Otherwise for zones of type master, you can use nsupdate to add the new DNSKEYs to the zone. This will cause named to use them to sign the zone.


With each generation the children seem to have more money available to them than their parents. With this should come responsibility and learning how to spend or save wisely. The problem is that most just learn to spend as soon as they get it, get it by begging parents or an allowance with no responsibilities involved or similar. Enter Janet Bodnar, deputy-editor of Kiplinger's Personal Finance, mother of three, and writer of the Money Smart Kids column in Kiplinger Magazine. This is not a collection of hard and fast rules to force good finance habits onto kids but a framework within which parents can use good common sense to handle any situation. The book starts with a quiz to test your money smarts. This quiz is excellent and presents most of the potential situations you are likely to encounter with children and money. The author even includes examples of questions kids ask and how to answer them. One of the insightful sections is one on how kids think about money and how to deal with these concepts from preschool to teenager. Ms. Bodnar even includes a fascinating chapter on questions and answers about money's history, composition, and dozens of other miscellaneous facts.

Industrialization made manufactured goods more abundant and more widely available. All but the poorest Americans were able to equip their homes with cookstoves, parlor stoves, upholstered furniture, and decorations such as wallpaper and window curtains. Even such formerly expensive goods as clocks were now affordable for most.


You can find the fully solved CDS Exam previous years papers in SSBCrackExams CDS Exam Online Course

After adjusting the timing metadata, the rndc loadkeys command will cause named to remove the DNSKEYs and RRSIGs for the old algorithm from the zone. Note also that with the nsupdate method, removing the DNSKEYs also causes named to remove the associated RRSIGs automatically.

Genetics at the beginning of the new millennium is a corporate, personal, medical, ideological, emotional, and bodily conglomerate stretching across and through many institutions and many layers of society. It is a way of thinking about the body and about the state, a way of organizing social expectations and making decisions about what questions are worth answering. Haraway has proposed that there is no innocent place to stand in this network. The common life and future imagined through genomics and all its corollaries imposes on us all, and the “sticky threads of DNA wind into the frayed planetary fibers of human and nonhuman naturalcultural diversity” (chapter 6, this volume). We are both bound to all other living things through DNA and separated from them by DNA, which defines both similarity and difference. For anthropologists, genetics increasingly defines new questions and new methods, sharpening tensions within the field, attracting public notice, and raising new ethical quandaries. The new genetics has entered an older landscape in anthropology with a range of revolutionary or apocalyptic claims. Blood rewritten as genes provides powerful frames for kinship and identity, race and culture, history and the human future.


Name an Indian king who was known as ’musician king’. In ancient period, who was called sarthavaha? Who was the best-known Chalukya ruler? In which language is Harshacharita written? What was the capital of Chalukyas? Which ruler was described as equal as gods? How many rulers were there in dakshinapatha? Who composed the Prashasti of Chalukya king Pulakeshin II? Who led an expedition to western India against Shakas? Who wrote the biography of king Harshavardhana?

What I have said and what I now repeat—in answer to her first charge—is, that colored men have been lynched for assault upon women, when the facts were plain that the relationship between the victim lynched and the alleged victim of his assault was voluntary, clandestine and illicit. For that very reason we maintain, that, in every section of our land, the accused should have a fair, impartial trial, so that a man who is colored shall not be hanged for an offense, which, if he were white, would not be adjudged a crime. Facts cited in another chapter—"History of Some Cases of Rape"—amply maintain this position. The publication of these facts in defense of the good name of the race casts no "imputation upon half the white race in this country" and no such imputation can be inferred except by persons deliberately determined to be unjust.


CSEC Biology P1 Answer Keys for 2021,2021,2017Full description. This book includes Multiple Choice Questions along with their answers as well as tutorials on each of the questions.

Part 3, Chapters 4 and 5 Questions and Answers

Where the Harappans probably got copper, tin, gold, silver and precious stones from? Explain why metals, writing, wheel and plough were considered important for the Harappans? When and how Harappa civilization was discovered? What was special about “Great Bath” of Mohenjodaro? Write about the houses, drains and streets of Harappan cities. The Harappans can be called great architects and engineers.


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Write a short note on Palaeolithic period, Mesolithic period and Neolithic period. Why did the hunter-gatherers travel from place to place? In what ways are these similar to/different from the reasons for which we travel today?

How We Learn is an enjoyable enough book that doesn't have nearly as much to do with learning as it does memorization. The majority of the studies cited in this book have to do with memorizing what is largely random data that is not necessarily of use in real life. There are a number of practical pieces of advice for studying and retaining (any type of) information, but honestly, these could have been easily summarized in just a few pages. Just as often, these studies leave us with more questions than answers and in no case do the people conducting the studies have any evidence proving WHY some methods of study lead to better memory retention than others. There are a lot of theories in the book, but at this chapter in human history the brain is so little understood that most theories on memory retention are hardly better than educated guesses.


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What led to the development of grasslands? What do you understand by sites? List three ways in which hunter-gatherers used fire. Would you use fire for any of these purposes today? Many paintings show hunting scenes in which the animals are shown struck with arrows and spears. Why do you think early men made such paintings? Write one point of difference between perennial and seasonal rivers?

How were taxes collected by the rulers of Mahajanapadas? Write a short note on ‘ashwamedha’. Explain the four Varnas of the Later Vedic Period. What helped Magadha to become a powerful kingdom in North India?


What can we know about the past? What can we know about the past?

During an emergency rollover, you would follow the same operational procedures as described in the section called “Rollover Recipes”, with the added task of reducing the TTL of current active (possibly compromised) DNSKEY RRset, in attempt to phase out the compromised key faster before the new key takes effect. The time frame should be significantly reduced from the 30-days-apart example, since you probably don't want to wait up to 60 days for the compromised key to be removed from your zone.


What were the main teachings of Mahavira? What are the similarities between the teachings of Buddha and Mahavira? Describe the ways in which the Buddha tried to spread his message to the people. What were the reasons for the less popularity of Jainism? What type of people became Upanishadic thinkers? Write about Sangha as described in Vinaya Pitaka. Write in brief about the life of Vardhamana Mahavira. Write a short note on Gautama Buddha. Differentiate between a monastery and an ashrama. Write about the monasteries of Jainas and Buddhists.

Where were manuscripts preserved? What information do we get from Bones of animals? Name the ruler whose inscription has been found from Kandahar.


Generally speaking, ZSKs should be rolled more frequently than KSKs. In the section called “Maintenance Tasks”, we described at a very high level how to roll the ZSK every year using key pre-publication (described below), and how to roll the KSK every five years using double DS (also described below). Here, we show some other methods of rolling keys. To see examples of key rolling, please refer to the section called “Rollover Recipes”. For (far) deeper discussions and considerations on the topic of key rolling, check out RFC 7583.

Double-KSK: the new KSK is added to the DNSKEY RRset which is then signed with both the old and new key. After waiting for the old RRset to expire from caches, the DS record in the parent zone is changed. After waiting a further interval for this change to be reflected in caches, the old key is removed from the RRset.


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CBSE released the sample question papers of all subjects for class 10 board exam 2021. Along with sample papers board has also provided the facility to know answers to all questions of sample papers with the help of marking schemes. CBSE has published the marking schemes for all sample question papers of class 10. Marking scheme-cum-evaluation scheme contains answer hints with key concepts that must be involved in your answers.

Before starting to remove the old algorithm from a zone, you must allow the maximum TTL on its DS records in the parent zone to expire. This will assure that any subsequent queries will retrieve the new DS records for the new algorithm. After the TTL has expired, you can remove the DS records for the old algorithm from the parent zone and any trust anchor repositories. You must then allow another maximum TTL interval to elapse so that the old DS records disappear from all resolver caches.


The First World War changed the situation. Steel produced in Britain was being utilized to meet the demands of the war. As a result, the Indian Railways turned to TISCO for supply of rails. The TISCO also produced shells and carriage wheels for the war. By 1919, the colonial government was buying 90% of the steel manufactured by TISCO. Gradually, TISCO became the biggest steel industry within the British Empire.

AP World History: Modern Short-Answer Questions Strategy

CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Social Science History Chapter 6 Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owners is given below in updated form for session 2021-22. Download these solutions for offline use and Offline apps also based on latest CBSE Syllabus 2021-22.


Explain the term the Brahmi Script. Why did Ashoka decided to give up wars? What is Rampurwa bull and where it has been placed now? What were the things given as tribute by the people living in the forested areas?

Many words in English and other languages; in current usage; show the proof of the flourishing trade between India and other parts of the world. For example; the word “muslin” was used to refer to all finely woven textiles. This word has originated from Mosul which is in present day Iraq. This was the place where European traders first became aware about fine cotton cloth from India. The Arab merchants used to bring find cotton cloths in Mosul.


Ford did not invent the automobile—the Duryea brothers in Massachusetts as well as Gottlieb W. Daimler and Karl Friedrich Benz in Germany were early pioneers. By the early twentieth century, hundreds of car manufacturers existed. However, they all made products that were too expensive for most Americans. Ford’s innovation lay in his focus on using mass production to manufacture automobiles; he revolutionized industrial work by perfecting the assembly line, which enabled him to lower the Model T’s price from $850 in 1908 to $300 in 1924, making car ownership a real possibility for a large share of the population (Figure 24/4). As prices dropped, more and more people could afford to own a car. Soon, people could buy used Model Ts for as little as five dollars, allowing students and others with low incomes to enjoy the freedom and mobility of car ownership. By 1929, there were over twenty-three million automobiles on American roads.