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Celebrating a fresh start and keeping track of an ever-expanding legacy is what compelled the family to start the reunion in the first place, said Rev. Robert Holt, who came in for the affair from California. The reunion can be traced to Moses Union and Georgia Ewing, who, in around 1928, “decided they would bring the family together so there would be no intermarriage. It started out with about 10 people and it grew. We’ve had as many as 2,000 attend.


The punk legend will be reissuing his seminal debut album with The Voidoids, Blank Generation, which includes unreleased outtakes, demos, bootleg live tracks, and more. The reissue will be released as part of RSD Black Friday, in honor of its 40th anniversary. In celebration of the new reissue, he'll be signing copies of the album at NYC's Generation Records.

Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival

Schutzer: During the preproduction phase, I received a beautiful and emotional script from SodaStream celebrating Laverne Cox’s life as a transgender advocate. It was a great challenge bringing the work to life, especially creating a cinematic flow based on superhero comic books.


All bookings are supported by experienced on-set virtual production technicians who remain with the system for the duration of the shoot. Several of these technicians joined the LA On-Set VP team earlier this year and have been on intensive product training with Mo-Sys specialists since then. Mo-Sys plans to add more LA team members and roll out the solution to other cities, such as London, in the near future.

Nelson here was introduced to animation and design early in his career as a camera operator in sports broadcasting, where he spent a lot of time crammed inside a production truck drinking coffee and filming tractor pulls. In most of these satellite trucks, there was a little bay with a Chyron graphics operator. The more he watched how those animations were made, the more interested he became. He realized that he had found his true calling and was lucky enough to land an internship with Optimus and learn from the industry’s best.


earshot - august 2021 - top 200

Jeopardy star James Hozhauer failed to cash in the events he entered in the World Series of Poker going on now in Las Vegas. Howard Stern asked Joe Namath who he considered the best quarterback of all time He answered “Tom Brady”. Allie Mac Kay thinks that in any debate you can go over your time once Next time you are allowed to finish that sentence “After that the floor opens up and you’re dropped through a trap door Bye” wrote KROQ’s Allie on social media. DJ Amen has been upped to music director at Urban KRRL Real 923 He has been with the station since 2021 and in 2021 contributed to the launch of Real 923’s “Young California Radio”.

MewithoutYou have experimented with so many different styles of music over the years. Their debut album, [A–>B] Life, was their heaviest, with traces of Fugazi and At the Drive-In and some hints of the highly distinct sound that mewithoutYou would eventually develop. The album turns 15 this year, and the band is currently touring in celebration of the anniversary, playing the album in its entirety. Excellent direct support comes from Pianos Become The Teeth, whose highly anticipated and long-awaited fourth album Wait For Love comes out in 2021.


These Are All the 2021 Grammy Award Winners

The 2021 BottleRock Napa Valley festival, which takes place May 24 to May 26 in Napa County, California, has announced that the headliners are Imagine Dragons, Neil Young + Promise of the Real and Mumford & Sons. The rest of the festival, which is now in its seventh year, consists mostly of rock acts, with some hip-hop and EDM artists on the lineup as well. In 2021, Live Nation acquired a majority stake in BottleRock Napa Valley, which is still partially owned by Latitude 38 Entertainment.

Sometime during the week, most celebrants end up at 24th and Lake Streets – the historic hub for the black community. There’s even a stroll down memory lane and tours.


The family made its presence known in the Native O parade the next morning with a mini-caravan consisting of a bus and two caddies, adorned with banners flying the family colors. T-shirts proclaimed the family’s Evergreen roots. A soul-food picnic that afternoon at Fontenelle Park offered more chances for fellowship. Gabrielle and her entourage showed up to press the flesh and partake in ribs, beans, potato salad and peach cobbler. She posed for pictures with aunties, uncles, cousins. A weekend limo tour showed out-of-towners the sights. A coterie of relatives strutted their stuff at the big dance at Omaha’s Qwest Center that night. A Sunday church service and dinner at Pilgrim’s Baptist, whose founders were family members from Evergreen, brought the story full circle.

Taking stock has added import with North Omaha at a tipping point. Ambitious new housing and commercial developments, job training programs, educational reform efforts and gang intervention initiatives are in the works. All in response to endemic problems of poverty and unemployment, low job readiness, poor academic performance, high dropout rates, epidemic-level STDs and ongoing drug traficking-gang violence. North O has a strong sense of identity and purpose yet struggles with scarce opportunities. The persistent challenges of segregation and inequality have led many natives over time to leave for better prospects elsewhere, but a sense of home and family keeps their ties to Omaha strong.


Native Omahans Take Stock of the African-American Experience in Their Hometown 

Crossover jazz great Kamasi Washington is on tour now in support of his great new Harmony of Difference EP, the followup to his 2021 breakthrough album The Epic. He played NYC's Terminal 5 on Wednesday (11/22), joined by Patrice Quinn (who sings on The Epic and Harmony of Difference), Robert Randolph, John Medeski, and Kamasi's father Rickey Washington. Pictures (including shots of openers Break Science) are in the gallery above.

My family comes from Colorado, Minnesota. It’s a time I can get together with them. I have a friend from Arizona coming I haven’t seen in 20 years.


Washington’s suite includes visual elements wedded to the musical works and draws voraciously from the history of jazz. Each of the first five movements is its own unique composition. The sixth movement, accompanied by a projected film, fuses all five compositions into one simultaneous performance. Beyond the impulse to expand the artistic possibilities within the concept of counterpoint, Washington wanted to create something that opened people’s minds to the gift of diversity.

I have a whole post facility just a few minutes from my house in South Pasadena, and it’s great as it cuts out so much driving back and forth as I just have everyone come to me now, which is far more efficient. So we do all the editing and all the VFX there in this huge compound. Then for the last leg we moved to the Universal lot where we continued with all the VFX work, all the sound work and mixing, and then all the color timing. I love post and I love editing, which is your final rewrite.


Kamasi Washington: The Epic torontoArm

As you may have maybe - just maybe - heard, UK indie record store Rough Trade opened its first-ever NYC branch yesterday (11/25). As a record lover and Williamsburg resident, I headed over to N. 9th after work last night to check it out.

The Native Omahans Club is quartered in a former lounge at 3819 North 24th. During the Days the building and street outside overflow with people reminiscing. Visitors mix with residents, exchanging handshakes, hugs, laughter, tears. Scenes like this unfold all over — anywhere neighborhood-school chums or relatives catch up with each other to relive old times.


Support for RSS in Microsoft Vista (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=9418) and Internet Explorer 7 will be indistinguishable from Windows 95’s Active Channels following the company’s removal of new features due to security concerns. There will be massive growth in enterprise (original site)-oriented knowledge management systems based on RSS and Atom. There will be a new generation of RSS/Atom aggregators exploiting data published using XHTML microformats and Structured Blogging.

Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York returns for the fourth time to the Williamsburg waterfront for an afternoon at the Brooklyn Flea. This vast and varied record fair will once again feature more than 50 independent record labels, high quality eats from the folks at Smorgasburg, and music provided by DJs we’ve enlisted especially for the occasion.


It would be nice to just have a really huge collective on what could actually happen with development here,” said Webster, a spoken word artist, “because, you know, people come from everywhere that are doing all kinds of things. They can bring their knowledge and tools with them to share something fresh, new and vital here.

Yes Wizkid, Beyoncé and Kanye are bound to win big in 2021. Follow along for all the winners in the 59th Grammy Awards.

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Ty is a great collaborator and relatively hands-off. He gave me full rein to do my editor’s cut first, then we’d dive into each scene together. He brings out my best work, and we’re always digging in to see every available option. We worked in sequences during the week, and then we reviewed the full cuts over the weekend.


There are people who were born in North Omaha, grew up in North Omaha and have gone on to do some wonderful things locally and on a national level. We want to celebrate those individuals and we want to celebrate individuals who are engaged in community.

BrooklynVegan Black Flag line up several 2021 tour dates Comments Feed

Do you listen to music while you work? Care to share your favorite music to work to?


Blues rock veterans Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady are constantly on the road, and they're currently embarking on an intimate, acoustic tour across the Northeast. This show is sold out, but you can join the wait list. Tuna also play City Winery next week.

Today (11/26) you can catch a free show from Danny Brown which happens at 5 PM. You do need to grab a wristband first which are available at the counter. Wednesday night (11/27, 7 PM) is a free in-store with Matthew E. White. Two shows from NYC legends Television will be Rough Trade's first ticketed shows (both are sold out).


David Byrne at Panorama 2021

The Recording Academy judges never seemed more willfully ignorant than in 1995, when a gold rush of alternative rock and mainstreamed rap forced them to press their fingers ever deeper into their ears. Even Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails – a band at its innovative peak with the vivid timbres of "The Downward Spiral" – wasn't loud enough to cut through.

Visual Data Media Services has added industry vet Theo Gluck as director of library restoration and preservation. A film historian and title management pro, Gluck joins Visual Data from The Walt Disney Studios. In his new role, Gluck will focus on growing the company’s restoration business.


Hughes, like Goldston, is pleased by gains that have been made via new housing developments, streetscape improvements and the Love’s Center, but is dismayed there aren’t more Mildred Brown figures in Omaha by now. In Hughes’ estimation Omaha should be much further along than it is in black entrepreneurship.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Program

One of my favorite events to write about is something called Native Omaha Days, which is really a bunch of events over the course of a week or two in mid to late summer, held every two years and in essence serving as a great big celebration of Omaha’s African American culture and heritage. There’s a public parade and picnic and a whole string of concerts, dances, and other activities, but at the root of it all is the dozens, perhaps hundreds of family and school reunions and various get togethers, large and small, that happen all over the city, but most especially in the traditional heart of the black community here – North Omaha. I’ve done a number of stories over the years about the Native Omaha Days itself or riffing off it to explore different aspects of Omaha’s black community.


The warm, communal homecoming known as Native Omaha Days expresses the deep ties that bind the city’s African-American community. It’s a time when natives long moved away return to roll with family and friends.

In addition to being accessible by MTA bus, bike, cab, and ferry service from Mid-Town Manhattan to and from the festival grounds, the festival is accessible to pedestrians via the RFK Bridge, the 103rd street footbridge, and Bronx Randall’s Island Connector. The 2021 festival will also have a robust Brooklyn shuttle program to bring patrons to and from the festival.


And I made a commitment to Vin when I first joined that we wouldn’t just remake the same film over and over again, and I think all the five I’ve done are very different types of films. They evolve and the characters age, and when the idea of exploring family more hit me, it was something new we hadn’t done, so I was excited about going back into the past and solidifying our mythology. But I never felt any pressure to top myself, and I feel it’s rhythmically a very different film to the others.

The counter Rough Trade

Like the aforementioned Sons of Kemet, drummer, producer, and beat scientist Makaya McCraven is playing the stacked Newport Jazz Festival and Brooklyn's Summer Series at Industry City; his Industry City show is on August 16 with L'Rain. Also like Sons of Kemet, Makaya released a great 2021 album that landed on lots of non-jazz-centric publications' year-end lists. Makaya cites hip hop/electronic producers like Madlib and Flying Lotus as influences, alongside jazz legends like Miles Davis, and his album, Universal Beings, sounds clearly inspired by both of those things. Shabaka Hutchings plays on it, along with a large variety of other guest musicians from Chicago, NYC, LA, and London, and Makaya's strong vision ties it all together. He performed the album's music with many of those guests in NYC and Chicago last year, and though his upcoming dates will probably see him joined by a smaller band, we suspect they'll be just as electrifying.


Kamasi Washington music @ All About Jazz

UK afro-jazz ensemble Sons of Kemet is one of two groups on this list featuring the great saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, who is emerging as one of the clear leaders of modern-day UK jazz. Their great 2021 album Your Queen Is A Reptile worked in elements of dancehall and other Caribbean styles of music, as well as strong politics and a punk rock attitude, and it deservedly landed on a lot of year-end lists. They make very kinetic, physical music, the kind that's often even more undeniable when you see it live. They're coming to the US for the stacked Newport Jazz Festival, and they'll also stop in Brooklyn for the Summer Series at Industry City. They play that series on August 6 with Irreversible Entanglements (a Philly/NYC/DC-based free jazz collective who count avant-rapper/poet Moor Mother as a member/co-founder). Tickets for the NYC show are on sale now. All Sons of Kemet dates and tickets here.

Being a mentor to the younger staff. I’ve had the pleasure to learn from some really great editors, and I enjoy passing these learnings on. I like to call Definition 6 a teaching institution, and we pride ourselves on helping and teaching each other. The tools and tech are constantly changing, and there are a million ways to do any task, so there’s always something new to learn.


Ewing, Sanders and others believe Omaha Days infuses major dollars in hotels, restaurants, bars and other venues. The Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau does not track the celebration’s ripple effect, thus no hard data exists.

The original Woodstock Festival took place August 15 to 18, 1969, and had an estimated attendance of 400,000 people. Artists on the bill included Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, Santana and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The original Woodstock Festival is widely considered to be the most important live music event of the 1960s. The official “Woodstock” documentary film won an Oscar.


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Let’s Target (Season 2 & 3). Check it out! It’s a great example of how a project can still be made during COVID restrictions. All footage was captured remotely with pretty awesome talent and all tied together with great editing work.

He was on set with me all the time, but sometimes he’d go off to 2nd unit because a lot of the process is that we have to do all the work before we start shooting. So he’d be there for the bigger sequences they were doing and oversee all the VFX components to make sure it was all going to plan. It helps that we’ve worked together before as we have this shorthand now.


In response to dire needs, the African American Empowerment Network was formed and a concerted process begun to to bring about a revitalized North Omaha. Native Omaha leaders and others expressed hope that events like Native Omaha Days and the Omaha Black Music and Community Hall of Fame might serve to unify, heal, and instill pride to help stem the tide of hopelessness and disrespect behind the violence. Things have improved recently and North O really does seen the verge of coming back, thanks in large part to efforts by the Empowerment Network, but the stabilizing role of events like Native Omaha Days shouldn’t be forgotten or dismissed.

If you're in the mood to dance, Australia's Cut Copy will bring their strong grooves to Terminal 5 Friday, as part of their tour in support of their newest album Haiku From Zero, released back in September. The group will be joined by hazy, nostalgia-tinged beatmaker Palmbomen II, who's set to release his second album Memories of Cindy in January.


I use Adobe Premiere Pro, my preferred software. I love the customization you can do, and after years working with the program, I have learned to use fast SSD drives and proxies, which keep it extremely stable.

If you're looking to dive more into the current jazz renaissance, one of the best ways to do so is by experiencing it live. It can be an intimidating genre to dive into, but if you're looking for some easy entry points, we've put together this list of five jazz musicians not to miss live this summer and fall. All of them are playing the NYC-area soon, and some have several other upcoming tour dates too. It's just a small sample size, but if you're looking for some live jazz to catch this summer, we strongly believe all five of these artists are unmissable.

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Poli got his start in the industry as a tape librarian with FX Networks. He later joined Avid as a certified integrator and installer. His background also includes engineering posts with Imaginary Forces, Digital Arts and Rockstar Games.


My blog also features many other stories related to Omaha’s African American community, past and present. Check out the stories, as I’m sure you’ll find several things that interest you, just as I have in pursuing these stories the last 20 years or so.

Besides editing, I helped manage sound, color, and visual effects on the film. It made sense for me to handle that part since we were all working remotely during the pandemic.


Hometown girl Felicia Webster has twice left for the East Coast but has since returned to live here with her young son. She wonders what would happen if residents collaborated with visitors on visioning new initiatives, ventures, projects, even start-up businesses aimed at reviving North Omaha.

April 29, 2021 UPDATE: Woodstock 50’s main investor has pulled out of the event, citing concerns about safety and overcrowding. Woodstock 50 has essentially been canceled before tickets went on sale.


The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics 33rd Edition book download

The week includes several big gatherings. One of the biggest, the Homecoming Parade on Saturday, August 6, on North 30th Street, will feature drill teams, floats and star entrepreneur Cathy Hughes, the founder-owner of two major networks – Radio One and TV One. She recently produced her first film, the aptly titled, Media.

Kamasi Washington - 2021 Tour Dates

While the biggest awards at the Grammys are handed out on stage—8pm Eastern time—many of the smaller ones are announced long before. We're updating the winners as they come in.


Charlotte Gainsbourg is one offspring of a legendary musician, Serge Gainsbourg, who more than holds her own. Her fourth album in 20 years, Rest, is a catharsis of sorts, aiding Gainsbourg in grieving the death of her half-sister, Kate Barry. Even so, Rest is not the somber work one would expect. Instead, Gainsbourg, singing for the first time in both English and French, and her own penned lyrics, another first for her, opens an intimate window that makes Rest all the more vulnerable. No matter what the language, Gainsbourg’s breathy tone and whispery delivery are the lynchpins for the album. In addition to primary producer SebastiAn (Ed Banger Records), Rest also boasts lofty collaborations with Paul McCartney on the twinkling “Songbird in a Cage” and Daft Punk’s Guy-Manual de Homem-Christo on the lullaby-like title track.

I’m all about collaborating and giving people opportunities to cut. Whenever I needed help on something, I passed it to either Jay or Chance, and we would trade-off. If I got tunnel vision on a scene and hit a dead end, I would bring them in with fresh eyes to give me a fresh perspective. They were both great AEs who have both become editors since then.


I’m very involved in the whole DI process, and I brought on our colorist, Andre Rivas, and Company 3, pretty early — DI often plays a big part in how we integrate the VFX shots, and they’re all being delivered as we color and develop the look. It’s not the traditional “last piece of post” for me. It’s an ongoing part of the whole post process.

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A lot of 3D applications require hours of training to be able to use them efficiently. The Substance 3D Collection looks easy to use, is relatively cheap and has depth for experienced 3D modelers.

Sunday's lineup, for example, was heavy on outliers - and brilliant ones at that. Though Pitchfork is not a jazz festival, it felt like one on this day with commanding performances from the Sun Ra Arkestra, resplendant in bejeweled gowns as they turned jazz history into an Afrofuturistic journey, and Thundercat, a six-string bass monster who could sing with butterfly delicacy or engage his power trio with dazzling dexterity. Saxophonist Kamasi Washington brought his father Rickey to the stage to play a deeply nuanced solo on a 13-minute version of the perennial "Cherokee," and he steered his band through a set that obliterated musical boundaries.


Tal: The 2D animation was fully hand-drawn. We used TVPaint 2D animation software to bring Laverne Cox’s animated character to life. There were certain elements, such as the six stripes from Laverne’s rainbow-flag cape waving in the wind, that could have only been done manually through this medium. Another interesting visual was the Pride parade scene that involved a crowd of about 30 individual characters and one dog. Fortunately, [The-Artery animator] Joey Karwal and I are graduates of the character animation program at CalArts, so we had the necessary background and experience to achieve this in traditional animation. Although challenging, pulling everything off was totally worth it.

The Adobe Substance 3D Collection is an interesting step for Adobe to take. Besides trying to open the gates to an easier way to create 3D scenes, Adobe is also introducing alternate subscription models for its products. We are no longer in the only-subscription Creative Cloud, and I’m curious what other apps and features will follow suit.


Top 100 Albums of 2021 list

We had a huge amount of VFX shots and so much post work that we had to start on it all very early. Another big challenge is that our post budget was only a half or third of what other big-budget movies have, and as the franchise has grown that’s put a lot of demands on our post schedule. That’s why we had three editors. But I also feel that if we have too much time in post, we could lose that momentum, so it’s finding that sweet spot in between not enough and too much time.

Located in the heart of downtown Austin, the Frank Erwin Center has served Central Texans with the best in live entertainment, including concerts, theatrical performances, family shows and sporting events since 1977. The multi-purpose facility, which celebrated its 40th Anniversary in November 2021, is owned and operated by The University of Texas at Austin and serves as thehome court for the Texas Longhorns Men’s and Women’s basketball teams.


You name it, we had it. We really didn’t have to go out of the neighborhood for anything,” Johnson said. Many businesses were black-owned, too. North O was, as lifelong resident Charles Carter describes it, “it’s own entity.

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Pitchfork Festival 2021 day 3 in pics

Not much at all in the way of shows tonight, but perhaps you'll engage in the annual tradition of sitting in front of the TV with your friends or family and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Among this year's many celebrity appearances are Wyclef Jean, Andra Day, Common, Smokey Robinson, Goo Goo Dolls, Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, and the casts of Broadway musicals Dear Evan Hansen and SpongeBob SquarePants.

A bonus Substance 3D Modeler will be introduced via a private beta. It works in a VR interface to model objects.


In celebration of Pride Month, SodaStream has launched a limited-edition sparkling water maker, also named Rainbow Story. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to global NGO ILGA World.

Growing up, I had done post production in the form of editing friends’ videos or my high school’s cross country team’s annual video. Never really considered that it could be an actual career. I took it a bit more seriously in college and I eventually evolved into it. It was also the thing that I found myself doing the most while freelancing and was “good at” according to my peers.


Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC 20036 · 202-785-2333

Pockets of despair do exist, but in fact north Omaha is a mostly stable area undergoing regentrification. There is the 24-square block Miami Heights housing-commercial development going up between 30th and 36th Streets and Miami and Lake Streets, near the new Salem Baptist Church. There is the now under construction North Omaha Love’s Jazz, Cultural Arts and Humanities Complex, named for Preston Love, on the northwest corner of 24th and Lake. The same sense of community infusing Native Omaha Days seems to be driving this latest surge of progress, which finds black professionals like attorney Brenda Council moving back to their roots.

Pennsylvania Ave NW Suite 1025 Washington DC 20006

A reunion ultimately means saying goodbye, hence the close of the Days is dubbed Blue Monday. Most out-of-towners have left by then, but the few stalwarts that remain mix with die-hard residents for a final round or two at various drinking holes, toasting fat times together and getting high to make the parting less painful.


Nobody seems to know how many expatriates arrive for The Days. That’s a shame, as these visitors represent resources for a strapped city and state hurting from a brain drain and a small tax base. Many natives who come back are the same upwardly mobile blacks Omaha has trouble retaining, a costly decades-long trend. The city’s black population is small to begin with, so every talented native lost is felt acutely by a community with a paucity of black entrepreneurs and professionals for a city this size.

A miked DJ “narrates” the action from an abandoned gas station, at one point mimicking the staccato sound of the drilling. A man bedecked in Civil War-era Union garb marches with a giant placard held overhead emblazoned with freedom slogans, barking into a bullhorn his diatribe against war mongers. A woman hands out spiritual messages.

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Here is the lineup of performers. Performance times are to be announced.


In addition, Gilbert has managed relationships with Netflix, Amazon and Google in content delivery. With 20 years of experience in the industry, Gilbert was also head of digital and technical operations at Premier, and held positions at Framestore, Technicolor Creative Services, Dubbs Eyeframe, Metropolis Group Limited and Richmond Studios.

Crossover jazz great Kamasi Washington will release his new EP, Harmony of Difference, on September 29 via Young Turks. It's his first studio release since The Epic, which came out on Brainfeeder. You can watch the video for closing track "Truth," and check out the artwork and tracklist, below.


If you’ve not heard of it or partaken in it, you’re probably not black or some of your best friends are not black, because this culture-fest is in Omaha’s Afrocentric DNA. But organizers and participants emphasize everyone’s welcome to join this week-long party.

Some pay respects at local cemeteries. Dixon will visit Forest Lawn, where the majority of her family’s buried.


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When asked what would surprise people the most about his job, Morales says, “How much footage is captured for one video — hours for a few minutes. Bonus surprise: How much of the creative is dictated in post?


The three-mile parade is aptly launched at 24th and Burdette. There, Charles Hall’s now closed Fair Deal Cafe, once called “the black city hall,” provided a forum for community leaders to debate pressing issues and to map-out social action plans. Back in the day, Hall was known to give away food during the parade, which ends at Kountze Park, long a popular gathering spot in north Omaha. Across the street is Skeets, one of many soul food eateries in the area. Just down the road a piece is the Omaha Star, where legendary publisher Mildred Brown held court from the offices of her crusading black newspaper. Across the street is the Jewell Building, where James Jewell’s Dreamland Ballroom hosted black music greats from Armstrong to Basie to Ellington to Holiday, and a little further north, at 24th and Lake, is where hep cat juke joints like the M & M Lounge and McGill’s Blue Room made hay, hosting red hot jam sessions.

Music Discovery With Kamasi Washington

Shameless plug to my Instagram @irisandpinecottage. Restoring a 1930s cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains with my fiancé has been a weekend project for the past year.


Visitors helped swell the numbers at Jazz on the Green, at clubs and bars on the north side and at black church services. Celebrants were out in force too at school reunions. Then there were untold family reunions and block parties that unfolded in people’s homes and yards, in the streets, and in parks all over the city.

Meanwhile, Jarvis will release Beyond the Pale, his first new album in over a decade on May 1, which is with his new band JARV IS. The band are currently scheduled to play Brooklyn's Elsewhere on May 14, whether that will still happen given the coronavirus state of the world remains to be seen. You can watch the video for his new single, "House Music All Night Long," below.


Kamasi Washington gets epic again with Heaven amp Earth double album and world tour

There are also no used records, which seems an odd choice to me given the way all other record stores in the area operate. Though in that way they're not so much treading on other's turf?

SEATTLE WASHINGTON04/23/18 – 04/27/18

Additionally, Mavis Staples just put out her excellent new record, If All I Was Was Black, written and produced by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy. The two are currently playing a five-show run at NYC's Beacon Theatre, a very intimate venue for Dylan especially (he played a sold-out show at the much larger Nassau Coliseum with Mavis earlier this month). Aside from Wednesday, the two are also playing the Beacon on Friday (11/24) and Saturday (11/25).


Native Omaha Days has been on my writing-reporting radar for more than two decades. With the 2021 Native Omaha Days underway, I thought it a good time to compile some of my work about this communty reunion and heritage celebration. My blog, Leo Adam Biga’s My Inside Stories at leoadambiga.com, contains hundreds of stories I have written over the years about Black Omaha people, places, events and occasions. If you are a Native Omahan back for this year’s festival, then I invite you to visit the blog, poke around and enter searches to reconnect – through words, memories and photos – some of the very things you are reliving this week.

The 2021 iHeartCountry Festival lineup will feature Country music’s hottest artists including Tim McGraw, Florida Georgia Line, Dan + Shay, Luke Combs, Little Big Town, Lauren Alaina, Old Dominion, Chris Janson, Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots and Tenille Townes. The festival will also feature a special live performance music collaboration featuring today’s emerging Women of iHeartCountry. In addition, one of iHeartMedia’s nationally-syndicated top on air personalities, Bobby Bones, will return as the official host of the iHeartCountry Festival main stage.



Fleet Foxes’ pursuit of the clean, perfect, and beautiful notes has not come to an end. Crack-Up expanded the Seattle quintet’s search, revealing longer, more sweeping songs that allude to and plays on Cicero’s “The more you squeeze” paroxysm and a subtle nod to Knut Hamsun.

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Sheila Jackson said it takes maturity to get it. “You don’t really appreciate Omaha Days until you get to be like in your 40s. That’s when you really get the hang of it. When you’re younger, it’s not a big thing to you.

Jarvis Cocker picks his five favorite films to watch while stuck indoors

Otherworldly Los Angeles singer/songwriter Moses Sumney has been hovering on the edge of our radar for a few years now, so it’s no surprise that his long-awaited debut album Aromanticism should end up on this list. What is surprising, though, is how remarkably self-assured and stunning the end result turned out to be. Sumney uses his beautifully tender voice to thoroughly explore the concept its title suggests: is it possible to live fully and not need love? From the aching dismissal of “Don’t Bother Calling” to the dynamic centerpiece/mission-statement “Lonely World,” this is the best debut album of 2021, and a sure sign that Moses Sumney is a true artist to watch.


So why are there very few superstar acts performing at Woodstock 50? A lot has changed in the concert industry since 1999. There are now more star-studded festivals than ever before, and people expect more diversity at festivals that are supposed to be represent several genres of music. In addition, the rise of mega-festivals such as Coachella (the world’s largest-grossing music festival), iHeartRadio and Bonnaroo has meant that people expect A-list talent every year at many of these events. And the fees for A-list entertainers have skyrocketed since Woodstock ’99, which is probably the biggest reason why there are few superstar acts on the Woodstock 50 bill.

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Northeast Omaha was jumping as visitors mixed with residents to sight-see or just kick it. Kountze Park, the Native Omahans Club, the Love’s Jazz & Arts Center, the Bryant Center, Skeets Barbecue and other haunts were popular gathering spots. Joe Tess on the south side was a popular stop. Streams of cars toured the black community’s historical corridors. Many made the rounds at post-card amenities like the riverfront, the Old Market, Lauritzen Gardend and Henry Doorly Zoo.


She drew from the fabled reunion her large family – the Bryant-Fishers – has held since 1917 as the model for Omaha Days. Thus, when her family convenes its centennial reunion picnic on Sunday, August 13, it will cap a week’s worth of events, including a parade and gala dinner-dance, that Omaha Days mirrors.

Post is crucial with these films, so you’re working on all of it long before production starts

While FilmLight is sponsoring and organizing the Colour Awards 2021, users of any grading technology are welcome to enter, as are all colorists — from junior colorists to industry veterans. The full criteria for the judging process will be detailed soon, but the key requirement is that the technology should be used to create visually stimulating and satisfying imagery.


She feels a big part of what holds Omaha back is its “small town ideas” that don’t readily embrace diversity. She believes North Omaha will not reach its potential until the cycle of inequity and despair is broken.

How has the Covid shutdown affected the way your studio has been working? Can you talk about transitioning some artists to a WFH workflow?


Yes, and we started the conversation about it almost a decade ago, and now here we are. We plan to start shooting it next year and I’m very excited.

Update: there’s also a NJ show on July 9 at Starland Ballroom with the same openers. Tickets go on sale 2/28 at 10 AM.


Unity is on the minds of natives as their community is poised at a historic juncture. Will North 24th’s heyday be recaptured through new economic-education-empowerment plans? Or will generational patterns of poverty, underemployment, single parent homes, crime and lack of opportunity continue to hold back many? What happens if the cycle of despair that grips some young lives is not broken?

We were right in the middle of the edit in March of 2021. It made it difficult for us to review and work together. The plus side was that I moved my suite back home and found that I do my best work there. Because I can implement ideas and thoughts at any time of the day, I don’t have to wait to try something the next day when going into an office.


Black Flag — 2021 Tour Dates

Showcases include “The New Negroes with Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle,” a new stand-up and musical series which premieres on Comedy Central this spring. There will also be the musical comedy showcase Riffs and Riff Raff with Nick Thune & Friends.

Beyond the cultural activities marking the festival, which officially concluded this week with the traditional “Blue Monday” farewells at northside watering holes, it’s an occasion when many families and high schools hold reunions. Whether visiting or residing here, it’s not unusual for someone to attend multiple public and private gatherings in the space of a week.


What's On Magazine for Wolverhampton and the Black Country, Staffordshire & Shropshire

UPDATE: Makaya will also be back in NYC for BRIC JazzFest in October. Joel Ross (who plays on Universal Beings is playing it too.

Although this hack shows that Vista (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=3408) can be tricked into activating, it is still just a workaround for enterprise activation. Ultimately, I have to believe that Microsoft will find a way to prevent this from happening in the future. Plus, even a system activated with this method must be reactivated every 180 days and cannot go through any sort of Windows Genuine Advantage check without some tampering.


Has Janet Jackson's family name been her blessing or her curse? Because she sang so many of her hits in the shadow of her older brother, it's easy to misjudge how close she was trailing behind him.

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Vaughn Chatman, 58, shares the same concerns. He left Omaha years ago and the problems he saw on visits from Fair Oaks, Calif, where he now lives, motivated him to found the Omaha Black Music Hall of Fame. The Hall seeks to restore the sense of community pride he knew. An induction ceremony held during the Days honors area black artists, athletes, activists, entrepreneurs and leaders. He feels young blacks can only feel invested in the future if exposed to successful folks who look like they do. He works with the Omaha Public Schools to have local black achievers discussed in classroom curricula as a way to give kids positive models to aspire to.


Rough Trade's Top 100 Albums of

This evolution of the business is in response to the changing media landscape of the past 12 months. The Mill has already been working directly with brands such as HBO, EA, Amazon and Spotify on campaigns across the interactive and experiential marketing space.

Mayorga here has been with Optimus for 15 years. Recently, he animated illustrated characters for Allstate, animated packages of food for Jimmy Dean, and directed a social media spot for Tyson. He is the lead CGI artist who created a falling car engine for Allstate and all the magical CGI effects for Glade Holiday 2021. He has previously directed stop-motion for McDonald’s, Nutrigrain and Sargento, as well as stop-motion recipe videos for Oscar Mayer.


Kristi Carni Holistic Health – Description coming soon! MTO Kombucha – Description coming soon! New Earth – Description coming soon! Prior Unity Garden – Description coming soon! Pure Love By Liz – Description coming soon! Purium – Description coming soon!

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That people still come back because they feel a sense of family, friendship and connection that a lot of young people don’t have today. All my friends are in town for their school-family reunions and we all love each other. There’s none of this rival Bloods-Crips stuff. We talk about making a difference.

A 25th anniversary Woodstock Festival called Woodstock ’94 took place in 1994 in Saugerties, New York. The performers included Aerosmith, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Green Day, Bob Dylan, Santana, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Crosby, Stills & Nash. A more controversial 30th anniversary Woodstock Festival (which included numerous incidents of assaults, vandalism, theft and arson) called Woodstock ’99 took place in 1999 in Rome, New York. Woodstock ’99’s lineup included Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bush, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Santana, Creed, Megadeth, the Chemical Brothers and Alanis Morissette.


In 2021, its inaugural year, the program features four categories: colorist in a theatrical feature, colorist in a nontheatrical or television series production, colorist in commercials or music videos, and the most innovative use of technology to achieve a creative result. The awards will be decided by a jury made up of noted cinematographers and other industry creatives, which will be announced in the following months.

The African-American diaspora migration from the South helped populate Omaha in the 20th century. Railroad and packing house jobs were the lure. From the late 1960s on, a reverse trend has seen African-Americans leave here en mass for more progressive climes. A variant to these patterns finds thousands returning each odd-numbered August for a biennial community reunion known as Native Omaha Days.


Kanye West had been in talks to headline at Coachella this year, but those discussions fell apart, reportedly over production issues. The festival, which is produced by Goldenvoice, refused West’s requests to completely change the main stage for his performance.

Condolences to former KXTA Talker Dave Broome on the loss of his mother Laura after a courageous battle with cancer. K-EARTH is again giving away moola redux of their contest “Say it and Win” If you are the lucky caller the more times you say ‘K-EARTH 101’ you can win 100 every time you say it in 10 seconds. KRLA morning man Brian Whitman returns after a couple of weeks with some time spent in the hospital.


She originally worked for the city’s other African-American paper, The Guide

In a recent article (Pirates work around Vista's activation feature, IDG News Service, 12/08/06), Nancy Gohring described hacks to circumvent Microsoft Windows Vista’s Key Management Service (KMS). The KMS, part of the SPP process, is designed to prevent piracy of the new Windows (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=2551) operating system while allowing enterprise customers to locally host the licensing process. Since Microsoft has been in business as long as I’ve been an IT professional, I find it hard to believe that they have forgotten the consequences of imposing stringent copyright controls.

The big one is that we always set out to put every dollar on screen with these films, so we have multiple units shooting simultaneously in different locations around the world — everywhere from London, where we started in 2021, to Edinburgh for the big chase scenes. While I was doing that, my second unit director and stunt coordinator, Spiro Razatos — who I’ve worked with for a long time on these films — was off in Thailand, which doubled for Central America, doing all the jungle chase scenes and the bridge-jumping sequences. Then we also shot in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, and we ended up back in East LA. Through that whole process we we’re also pushing the envelope in terms of the technology and what’s possible for all the action sequences and set pieces.


This year Governors Ball will celebrate its ninth consecutive running as “New York’s biggest summer bash” (Rolling Stone), and one of the premier live music events on the planet. Last June, over 10 million worldwide viewers tuned in to the live broadcast of the internationally renowned festival, which was praised by performers and press alike.

No singular experience can fully capture the flavor of this biennial love-in, but the Evergreen Family Reunion — a rendezvous of many families in one — comes close. Evergreen’s not the name of a people, but of the rural Alabama hamlet where families sharing a common origin/lineage, including the Nareds, Likelys, Olivers, Unions, Holts, Butlers, Turners and Ammons, can trace their roots.


The iHeartCountry Festival is an iHeartMedia Production. Proud partners of this year’s event include Delta Dental and Tito’s Handmade Vodka, with more to be announced. For more information visit iHeartRadio.com/countryfestival.

Mark Pritchard has seen electronic music from all sides. Over the course of a dozen monikers and near-innumerable collaborations, he’s made everything from ambient to techno, jungle, footwork and grime, tying it all together with a fathoms-deep knowledge of music technology, theory and history. On May 13th, Warp will release Under the Sun, Pritchard’s latest solo album and an especially personal project: it finds Pritchard, now based in Australia, burrowing into the emotional space of his birthplace in England’s Southwest. We’re bringing the album to life with an immersive audiovisual installation, featuring exclusive music from Pritchard and visuals by the acclaimed artist Jonathan Zawada, whose otherworldly landscape images grace the packaging of Under the Sun.


Founders Entertainment is proud to announce the lineup for the 2021 Governors Ball Music Festival. The ninth annual edition of New York City’s very own homegrown fest will take place from Friday, May 31 through Sunday, June 2 on beautiful Randall’s Island Park. Featuring performances from Florence + The Machine, Tyler, The Creator, The Strokes, Lil Wayne, SZA, Nas, The 1975, Kacey Musgraves, Major Lazer, Brockhampton, Louis The Child, Mitski, and many more, Governors Ball will showcase 70 artists throughout the weekend. Full festival lineup and poster below.

The studio now has three connected business sectors underpinned by the brand’s legacy at the intersection of art and technology — visual effects, creative production and experiences. The production business has grown to include over 40 rostered directors and creative strategists who will be working with brands and agencies across linear film and immersive and interactive experiences.


Everyone else’s lunchtime and the wee hours of the night. If you work in post, you learn quickly that you need to be a night owl.