I have a bitbucket cloud account. Under: I have generated an API Token which I am trying to use in a REST call to upload a public SSH key to my account.

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  • Bitbucket: is there some user password other than Atlassian password
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Step 2: Push the insert into the hole & screw up the nut underneath. This is knurled; it’s just meant to be finger-tight.


This resulted in an animated comment discussion – many developers who are professionally (and emotionally) tied to Objective-C would be understandably resistant to the concept of its eventual demise. However, I still feel the writing is on the wall for Objective-C. I think this particular aspect deserves a bit more treatment, so I’m presenting the reasoning behind this viewpoint here.

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Are you using the REST API for a program (native or for example Confluence) to access your Jira installation? We offer tailored interfaces and custom solutions.

If you need to use a remote API as part of your scripts, the chances are that your API provider lets you use their protected resources with an API key. You can safely add credentials to Bitbucket Pipelines using secured environment variables. Once saved you can invoke them in your scripts, and they'll stay masked in the log output.


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Will it reach where you want it to reach? It’s a bit difficult out of the mount, but I’d try holding the base of the arm in your proposed position and making sure the mic can be positioned comfortably. At full stretch, the arm will reach roughly 600mm from the centre of the hole.

Over the last few months, I’ve tried to be aware of instances where I need some information off my phone, but pulling it out & launching an app seems like too much of a hassle. One scenario I noticed was when I was heading to the train station – I used to know the departure times off by heart, but now I’m not sure whether to run or dawdle. It would be great if there was an app on my watch that gave me live departure times for my nearest station – challenge accepted!


Centrally manage which users and user groups need to use 2FA and for which system. Manage your users and the login protection settings centrally in Crowd.

I’d go further and say the industry as a whole would be negatively impacted by ‘language homogenisation’ — having a single language across all platforms would stifle development of new languages and technologies that work to make the industry better. Would we all genuinely be happier and more productive if Java 6 was the only mobile development language?


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I bought a Rode Podcaster dynamic mic a few months ago to start experimenting with recording screencasts – both to distribute over the web, and also as a backup for an epic presentation demo failure. Now the important thing with sensitive microphones is that they’re shock-mounted to protect from bumps & knocks (and even just vibrations on the desk from keyboard use), as these tend to create significant noise in the recording.

Eclipse - Add Repository

Prolonged googling later, and I discovered that the -files option needs to come first. However, StreamingStep doesn’t give me any way to change the order of the arguments – or does it?

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If you need to install dependencies as part of your script, ensure that it does not prompt the user asking for validation or input. Look into the documentation of the commands you are using to see if there is a flag that allows you to run them in a non-interactive way.


At a higher level, Swift departs from Objective-C in other aspects. Type-safety and the monadic option type will result in much more reliable apps, the various functional programming aspects will enable us to design software in different ways, and the (intentionally) less capable error handling and reflection features will force us to do so.

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Add SSH public key in the target repository

Run cabal sandbox init in your project directory. Cabal sandbox installs dependencies in a project scope, similar to Bundler in Ruby.

The other good practice is to force a two-step verification in addition to your password. It guarantees that your account stays secure even if your password is compromised.


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In addition to querying for live times, I also have a flat text file of station names & locations I lifted from Darcy’s project. This is used to respond to the ‘all stations’ API call, and also supports a geospatial query endpoint using the gps package. Initially I started getting build failures with this dependency – it was trying to compile GPX file support, which I don’t need. The latest version (1/2) of the gps code has removed this dependency, but it’s not on Hackage yet.

Add Enum as supported Dictionary Key

For application development, Swift will be a better tool for the job by almost any measure. I can’t envision a situation where, on an ongoing basis (and purely on language merit), Objective-C will be used for some parts of a new application, and Swift will be used for others. Swift is interoperable with Objective-C only so that we (and Apple) can leverage our existing code and slowly transition to the new world, not so that we have additional language choices for development.


Author bio: Ayush Sharma is a software engineer specializing in infrastructure and automation. In his free time he enjoys hot tea and a good book.

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Clarify where to copy public/private key for GitHub and Bitbucket Integration #4641

To run a deploy just make a new commit and push it on branch master. Pipelines will be triggered without any manual action.

Cloning another Bitbucket repository in Bitbucket Pipelines - Generate keys

Installing the dependencies necessary for your pipeline to run can be time-consuming. You could save a lot of running time by creating your own Docker image with the basic tools and packages required to build and test your application.


The ID Server can be operated in any Cloud,for example AWS Amazon Webservices. Similar to the Atlassian Datacenter setup.

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Learning a new language only takes a few weeks, however learning frameworks, tools, UI idioms, platform processes and cloud service models takes years. I think there’s an implicit and significant overestimation of the actual benefit to developers of using an existing language.

The main reason why Objective-C is used to build the application frameworks is because it’s the language used for building applications. Once we transition to using Swift for applications, it will exist there only for legacy reasons.


To celebrate being granted publishing access on LinkedIn, I’ve put up a post with my thoughts about the new Swift language. I’ve tried my best to make it understandable & accessible for non-developers, but still present useful technical content.

Click the Accounts tab, select the account where you want to add the SSH key and click Edit

The system adds the key to your account. Bitbucket (website here) sends you an email to confirm addition of the key.


We don’t need to hide the public key

YellowBox for Windows, which was used by WebObjects for a while). There’s a lot more involved in fully supporting a technology for third party developers vs using it internally.

I recently had a use-case where I wanted to clone another Bitbucket repository during a Pipelines execution. Doing this is very simple, but there is a lot of conflicting information online, so I thought I would document the steps here.


Let’s now take a look at how Atlassian and specifically – BitBucket – is trying to protect your repositories on their site. Below you will find some of the most important Bitbucket security measures.

The course was intended to be language agnostic, but in practice it was very much a Haskell course. Certainly the FP concepts covered in the lectures were generic and widely applicable, and Erik did a good job of demoing functional style in other languages, but the assessments were nearly all Haskell-specific, and I can’t imagine anyone would have made it through without doing Haskell.


Nemanja is currently working for ApexSQL LLC as a Software sales engineer. He’s specialized in SQL database schema and data comparison and synchronization, and he helps customers with technical issues, providing DEMO presentations, and does the quality assurance for ApexSQL Data Diff and ApexSQL Diff.

I really wanted to try out a web project in F#, but I didn’t want to develop on Windows and I ended up running into significant problems with Xamarin – broken project templates, unimplemented parts of the aspnetwebstack, etc. ASP.NET vNext looks promising, but I had issues with it also.


With this example, the pipeline will be execute every time we made a 'push' against branch master. Is it possibile to set many triggers with manual or automatic mode and different branch.

Based on the IP range it is determined if a user is within a safe range or not, for example an office. If he logs in from for example home or on the go, additional 2FA is required to prevent unauthorized access. This feature can be set up conveniently in the administrator panel.


Younger people, on the contrary, simply do their computing entirely on their mobile phones. That’s what they’ve grown up using. Older adults use laptops and tablets to access the internet. Teens and young adults use their phones.

You likely need to configure your SSH keys properly. Login to Bitbucket through the web browser. Click on your icon in the top right corner and click on Bitbucket (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=1968) Settings from the pop-up menu. On the next screen will be a Settings menu on the left hand side.


Once completed, click Copy public key. We will need to paste this in the next step.

It doesn’t matter if you think Bitbucket (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=2829) security is sufficient or not, it’s a fact that your business would be in very big trouble if an attack strikes your intellectual property. Accidental deletion of a branch, or a ransom attack targeted at your repositories, doesn’t matter, you need to make sure that your data is recoverable and accessible so your employees can get back to work as soon as possible, minimizing the risk of business interruption. Having a proper backup of your repositories can ensure that you will be able to recover your code at any point in time and get back to work immediately.


It shows a list of anyexisting keys. Then, below that, a dialog for labeling and enteringa new key.

The error occurred for me because the BitBucket repo had no master branch

After you add a key, you can edit the key's Label but not the key itself. If you need to change the key's contents, you must delete and re-add the key.


The other areas Swift will diverge is through the new language features. Generics, ADTs, top-level and curried functions will allow new styles of API, but none of these are available from Objective-C. We’ll initially see third party frameworks adopt a ‘Swift-first’ or ‘Swift-only’ API approach, but I expect there’ll be increasing pressure from developers for Apple to follow suit. Note this isn’t necessarily a rational process – see Erica Sudun’s recent anecdote on ‘Cocoaphobia’.

Disclaimer: I spent hours reading threads about this topic and fiddling with settings. I suspect the problem to be related to the delayed deployment of network drives under Windows10 (a known issue). My windows group policy is set to wait for the network on boot/login.


However, this isn’t an accurate comparison. Evan Swick posted a detailed look at Swift internals – if I can ineptly summarise, Swift, like Objective-C, is implemented on top of the objc runtime, but differs in key areas like method dispatch. It’s more of a peer to Objective-C rather than just a ‘client language’ compiling down to the same executable.

However, anyone assuming that Objective-C will stick around forever is ignoring the warning signs. Swift and the Mac & iOS platforms will outlast Objective-C, hopefully by a significant margin.


How to Configure BitBucket Git Repository in your Eclipse Environment? Git version control with Eclipse

Not exactly, we already have enough problems drawing an invisible line between the categories that we’ve invented an entirely new one. It can’t be cellular connectivity. Could it be the label applied by the manufacturer? If Apple’s 4/7″ iPhone is branded the ‘iPad Nano’, does that change the category?

Step 3: In my case, the desk drawers go nearly all the way to the back of the desk, and needed surgery to clear the bottom of the insert. I removed the drawer, carefully cut down with a handsaw, and used a sharp chisel to remove the section. It looks a bit rough, but hopefully no-one will see it.