More adoption would help Adobe -especially if it encouraged camera makers to embrace DNG natively so Adobe doesn't have to reverse-engineer proprietary formats and so photographers don't have to convert the files manually. But Adobe isn't twisting any arms, Hogarty said.

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In other words, neither raw nor DNG is the destination for Crabbe's work. It's a step on a path, not the final product that deserves the archival attention.


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The lossy DNGs are another matter altogether, though. Some people like raw photos because they record the original image exactly how the camera captured it, with no artifacts resulting from JPEG compression throwing away some data. Lossy DNGs, though, throw away data to produce a file size something like a quarter the size of a regular lossless DNG.

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Better performance in editing catches his attention, though, he said. So perhaps Adobe (image source) is onto something when it comes to attracting people to DNG with better performance.


Its chief benefit is a way to store the original image data. But through nondestructive editing tools such as Lightroom, editing changes can be stored as just more metadata. That lets the DNG file store not just the original, but the processed version, too. If you edit your photos with Lightroom, though, you'll need Adobe (this)'s DNG decoder to see the changes, since those editing instructions aren't part of the specification.

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The difference between the fast-load data and a standard embedded preview is that the fast load data is unrendered. The fast load data is used to make the initial preview display very fast, while we are busy loading the full-res data in the background (which takes longer, naturally). So if you are zipping from image to image, we can get you on-screen display faster by first showing you the fast-load preview image.

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DNG is an attempt to give photographers the benefits of shooting raw without the drawbacks of the proprietary formats. Because it's an openly documented format -the most recently released specification version is DNG 1/3 (PDF) -it offers archival advantages over raw formats that may or may not stand the test of time as camera manufacturers come and go.


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Another advantage of DNG in general compared to proprietary raw is that, when using Adobe (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=6317) software, the file itself can hold metadata such as titles, captions, camera information, and editing settings. Without DNG, that information is often stored in separate XMP-format "sidecar" files that must be managed carefully in conjunction with the raw files, or in a catalog database separate from the raw files themselves. Another DNG perk is that file sizes can be smaller than some cameras' native raw formats -though still much larger than JPEGs.

But judging from Adobe's changes with Lightroom 4, and Photoshop 6, DNG 1/4 is also just a step on the path. With standardization, more allies, performance improvements, and new features, Adobe has the potential to spread DNG to many more photographers.


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