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WHAT WENT WRONG: Shortly after its 20,000-mile update, our car developed a series of cooling woes. It started with intermittent overheating and low coolant, along with the saccharine stink of antifreeze. The dealer diagnosed a leak in the hose coming off the coolant reservoir and replaced it under warranty. That addressed the overheating, but we couldn't shake the scent. We mentioned this at the 30,000-mile service, during which the tech discovered seepage from the water pump. After changing the oil, replacing the spark plugs, and completing inspections (for a total bill of $751), the dealer sent us on our way until the replacement part arrived. We returned the following week for what we thought would be a single-day visit. It ended up being 13 days before we drove our Boxster again.

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They seem impressed with the Tesla Model 3 turning radius, especially in relation to the Model S, and the smooth drive. And Trevor says it feels like it has the same acceleration as a base Tesla Model S 85.


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Air compressors are equipment that take in air at atmospheric pressure and deliver it at a higher pressure. Parts for air compressors should always be sourced from reputed brands.


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This update comes with some major content additions and updates. This includes audio polishing, quality of life improvements for various levels, a brand new gameplay perspective, and the inclusion of a long-awaited vehicle! We hope this content continues to bring some much-needed fun and immersion for you. As always, we appreciate your continued support.

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Days shortened and the mercury fell with the arrival of the Boxster's first fall, when we traded the factory Pirelli P Zero PZ4s for Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 winter tires. Even shrinking the envelope of grip couldn't diminish the reward of driving the Boxster, though, and we continued to flood our serotonin receptors with doses of mid-engine thrills. As long as the snow doesn't fall more than a few inches at a time, the same virtues that make the 718 so competent on a fast, technical road lead to confidence in slick conditions.


CarBikeTech is a technical blog in the automobile field. It regularly publishes specific technical articles on automotive technology.

Chapter 3: Components & Systems 1750CH, 1950CL,1952CN, 1954CW, 2150CT and 2152CY. The following is the procedure for converting the jump seats into a sunlounge for the Capri 1750CH, 1950CL, 1952CN, 1954CW, 2150CT and 2152CY. Step - 1: Remove the jump seats (A) by sliding them forward.


WHERE WE WENT: While the Boxster may lack small-item stowage space in the cockpit, the front and rear trunks offer adequate cargo space for a smartly packed weekend trip for two. Despite that, our Boxster has largely stayed close to home throughout the summer.

Fun fact of the day concerning icing and aeroplanes: The stuff used on runways and ramps to get rid of ice years ago, was actually an extract from pig's urine called carbamide (carbonyl diamide). These days it is synthetically reproduced, the synthetic stuff isn't as good as the real original stuff, but it is more environmentally-friendly.

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The excellent chassis dynamics could cover for all manner of sins, but this Boxster's only flaws are trivial. The one complaint peppering the Porsche's logbook: The ramplike center console doesn't offer a single uncovered bin, tray, or cupholder to catch sunglasses, cellphones, or wallets. Online copy chief Rusty Blackwell attempted to quell the popular discord: "Just put your phone in one of the generously sized door pockets, people.


Chaparral has been building quality family boats since 1965. Founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Chaparral has called Nashville, Georgia home since 1976. Encompassing over 1 million square feet of manufacturing facilities, we are one of South Georgia’s largest employers with a full time roster of over 800 employees. Building high quality boats is still a process completed by hand by skilled craftsmen. At Chaparral, many of our builders are second or third generation boat builders that take personal pride in every boat they build.

Great Lakes Skipper is pleased to bring you OEM Wellcraft boat parts at low prices

Wiper blade: Blade is a rubber part that comes in contact with glass. It also has a metal clamping attached to it which aids in maintaining uniform pressure on the blade.


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The new engine's torque curve is certainly better suited to traffic and suburban driving than the old flat-six's. It charges ahead relentlessly when the tach needle points anywhere between 2500 rpm and the 7500-rpm fuel cutoff. And while it's not as melodic as the old 3/4-liter six, the four blats and snorts a mechanical rawness that's been edited out from the internal-combustion lip-sync so many modern cars perform. The engine won over a few converts as the miles piled on, but for most of us, time couldn't erase fond memories of days spent with two additional pistons and only atmospheric pressure underfoot.


The pressurized fours deliver greater output with minimal efficiency penalty. The Boxster S's 2/5-liter four-cylinder grunts out 350 horsepower and 309 pound-feet of torque, gains of 35 and 43 compared with the old 3/4-liter six. During the initial visit to the test track, our long-termer touched 60 mph in 4/3 seconds and closed the quarter-mile in 12/6. The former metric meant this Boxster S was just 0/1 second quicker than the car it replaced. That was due, at least in part, to the new car's more restrictive rev limiter, which caps the engine at 4500 rpm when the vehicle is at a standstill. But by the time we returned to the proving grounds 38,000 miles later, we'd dialed in a launch technique to work around the governor. That footwork, along with the reduced powertrain and driveline friction that comes with miles, trimmed the S's figures to 4/0 seconds and 12/4.

Sea Ray Searay Porthole Boat Bow Window Ring New Oval 23-58 X 5-14

At the moment, unfortunately, the wipers don’t sense the rain (so you have to keep your eyes open and press a button if it starts raining — #thetoughlife). The rain-sensing wipers will reportedly come later with a software update, and the Model 3 Owners Club crew notes that even Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles with Autopilot hardware version 2 (not the Mobileye stuff we have on our 2021 Model S) don’t have the rain-sensing wipers.


Several staffers are still hung up on the four-cylinder's exhaust note, a Subaru-like blat that is discordant with the Boxster's seductive looks. You can fix this by hammering everywhere at full throttle in the lowest possible gear, at which point the Porsche blares an angry mechanical growl. Then there's the whiff of turbo lag found in the flat-four's low end. You can drive around it by slipping the clutch slightly from a stop, keeping the revs up, or downshifting earlier than you might in something with more than the Boxster S's 2/5 liters of displacement.

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Interior/Exterior Reworks MEGAPack v1.5

Starting at $69,450, the Boxster S also earns the unhappy distinction of being the most expensive way to buy a new non­hybrid series-production car wrapped around a four-cylinder engine. We pushed the price higher with adaptive dampers and a 0/4-inch suspension drop ($1790), the Sport exhaust ($2540), the navigation module ($1730), Porsche Connect Plus ($1300), and Sport Seats Plus ($800) with added heating ($530) and ventilation ($730). Cosmetic enhancements on our car included the C/D-themed Sapphire Blue Metallic paint ($640) over Guards Red seatbelts ($350), and the smaller-diameter GT Sport steering wheel ($320).

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FLOODING AND SWAMPING HAZARD - Never anchor by the stern alone - there is less freeboard and flooding or swamping is more likely to occur. When using only one anchor, secure the anchor line to the bow cleat or bow eye. Capri Runabouts • Owner’s Manual Supplement.


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WHERE WE WENT: There were no midwinter escapes to warmer climes for our Boxster. This car spent the entire season in the Midwest's chilly embrace, which is a greater test for this car than logging highway miles all the way to Key West. The one recent trip of note is more remarkable for what we did rather than where we went. In late fall, before the snow started falling, six-foot-five-inch VanderWerp used the 718 for a golf outing. His golf bag didn't have to ride shotgun; it fit nicely in the Boxster's rear trunk, although the longer woods had to be removed from the bag itself. You can't do that in a Mazda Miata.

Every last aspect of the flight experience from boarding, to taxi, to takeoff to landing is replicated in near-perfect fidelity, making you feel like a true pilot. But given that the whole appeal of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021 is its emphasis on realism, the best way to really amplify that experience is to get some hardware accessories that replicate the gear found in many airplane cockpits.


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Despite its odd weight and size, the Wendover is considered by many to be an excellent performance car given the right modifications, and has been used for everything from track racing, rallies, hillclimb time trials or even demolition derbies. We hope you run the storied Wendover through this entire gamut of activities, and much more!

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Here's a quick test with a TActionList descendant and TCustomActionManager: when an instance of TActionListEx component is dropped on a form at designtime, it enumerates all current project's modules and try to find a form/datamodule with an instance of TCustomActionManager. If it finds one, it adds the newly created TActionListEx to its LinkedActionLists collection.


But for all the 718's tactility, its movements and body motions are never abrupt or jarring. They're not even particularly sharp, the Boxster boasting remarkable composure for something so capable. Palpable to highly skilled and untrained drivers alike, the Boxster's inherent goodness isn't just world-class in the sports-car world. The ride quality rivals that of large luxury four-doors. As evidence of the Boxster's light touch, note that we lost just one 19-inch tire to road damage, which qualifies as a resounding victory given our record with other cars. A Jaguar XE that overlapped the Boxster in the long-term garage suffered three damaged wheels and 10 spent tires in its 40,000 miles.

Sitting on seat backs, lounging on the forward deck, bow riding, gunwale riding or occupying the transom platform or the aft sunlounge cushions while under- way is especially hazardous and WILL cause personal injury or death. Capri Runabouts • Owner’s Manual Supplement.


WHAT WE LIKE: The combination of Porsche dynamics, 350 horsepower pushing a feathery 3090 pounds, and open-air romanticism continues to be one of our office's great shared joys. That's true if you're setting a blistering pace on a desolate back road or loafing through town on a Sunday cruise.

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DASH Portable Toilet PORTABLE TOILET STORAGE LOCATION (TYPICAL) Your boat may feature a portable toilet. Read and follow the manufacturer’s operat- V-BERTH ing instructions supplied in your owner’s packet before using your portable toilet. Capri Runabouts • Owner’s Manual Supplement.

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After a 2000-mile break-in, our 3090-pound Boxster S ran the zero-to-60-mph sprint in 4/3 seconds and slipped through the quarter-mile in 12/6 seconds. It looped the skidpad with 1/03 g's of cornering grip, stopped from 70 mph in 142 feet, and registered a peak 90-decibel blat with the accelerator pinned to the floor. Our staff remains split on whether the new flat-four sounds more like a Subaru or an air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle, but we're all in agreement that we dearly miss the yowl of the old flat-six. Turbocharging does have its benefits, though. The Boxster's performance numbers look very similar to a base 911's.

Last but not least, the Bruckell Legran Remaster is finally rolling in! Featuring new facelift variants, a remastered 3D model, highly improved interior, and loads of different configurations for various play styles. Whether it’s a plain sedan or a police cruiser, there’s lots to take on with the Bruckell Legran Remastered.


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This 718 Boxster S came to us in April 2021, its rich Sapphire Blue paint a shade of sky we hadn't seen in months. The Porsche's arrival, like the annual return of robins and construction barrels, signaled that the dark days of winter were finally behind us. As we rowed doglegs through the six-speed's gates and pressed the steering wheel into long sweepers, the Boxster's foldaway roof allowed fresh spring air to fill our nostrils. Life was brighter than a laundry-detergent ad.

Chapter 3: Components & Systems Canvas Stowage CANVAS STOWAGE (TYPICAL VIEW) Your boat may feature venti- lated stowage space for the can- vas top under either the canvas stowage cover or the aft sun- lounge pad. MOTOR BOX Capri Runabouts • Owner’s Manual Supplement.


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With 60 years of innovative boat design and engineering, Wellcraft is one of the best known brands in the marine industry. From a legacy of hull design breakthroughs that changed recreational boating to dominating salt water fishing power boats, Wellcraft delivers. Great Lakes Skipper is pleased to bring you OEM Wellcraft boat parts at low prices.

We didn't need 40,000 miles to know that the 718 was a chassis-dynamics hero in either Boxster or Cayman form. A 10Best award had already established that. But a stint in Car and Driver's long-term fleet is even more enlightening when the enlisted is widely regarded as a part-time, fair-weather plaything. This tour of duty would eventually include the indignities of commuting through Michigan's thickest slush, grayest days, and the third-world road conditions brought about by our annual freeze-thaw season. Plus, at the time of delivery, we were still working out unresolved feelings about Porsche's latest engine controversy. Our therapist says it's important we talk about these things.


Upon replacing the water pump, the service department pressure-tested the cooling system and discovered another leak at the thermostat housing. They attempted to address this by replacing the seal around the housing. When that didn't work, they replaced the housing itself under warranty, requiring another multi-day wait for parts. That appears to have fixed the problem, and our Boxster is once again happily chortling around Ann Arbor.

When it comes to games and hobbies, there are few that you can get fully lost in quite like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021. That because the attention to the finest details in this game gives it a level of immersion and depth that is impressive, even by 2021 standards.


What I would be interested to see with all this stuff, is the option to have your aeroplane de-iced/anti-iced, and this be reflected in the sim, both visually and in the effect it has. Anti-icing is usually good for about an hour tops (varies on the conditions, but that's a reasonable average). De-icing is more 'of the moment'. Visually, anti-icing is inclined to give your aeroplane an ever-so-slightly greenish tinge which is very noticeable because the fluid is greenish/yellowish and and about the consistency of machine oil, so it sticks on surfaces quite readily.

If the vehicle is to be parked in open for a long time, lift the wiper arm so that contact between wiper blade and windscreen will be avoided. This practice helps to reduce the hardening of rubber blade due to the contact of warm windscreen.


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Nestled in the luxurious, comfortable interior is the latest and greatest high-tech digital dashboard; the Wendover Information System, or WIS. Futuristic gauges and easy-to-read display can keep the driver constantly aware of everything they might need to know. The Wendover received a face lift in 1992, adding flip-up headlights, even sleeker, more modern styling and a lightly updated interior. Unable to recapture the initial popularity brought on by Bruckell’s deal with the Belasco 400 to make the Wendover its official pace car, production stopped in 1995.