The Improved Grand Campaign add-on for Europa Universalis is, at heart, an effort to make the game even more historical without compromising the game balance. For example, we have corrected and expanded the leader and monarch files for most of the neglected nations. There are also entirely new nations, such as Ethiopa and Ragusa, and new revolters like Novgorod and Greece. We have even fixed some bugs concerning population levels and army sizes.

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  • Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” Is Now Available for Download
  • Includes the original Europa Universalis III as well as the expansions In Nomine and Napoleon's Ambition
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We're in the process of making more finely grained options for random mission selection in Quickplay. In the next major update, planned for January, we will present players the option of playing only certain sets of missions - excluding, or including DLC levels.

It's been a long road, almost 7 years now, and it's a bit of a surreal feeling to be honest. This game now spans over 20% of my lifetime. That's, well, not exactly what the plan was.


Capcom announces Iceborne will be the first expansion for Monster Hunter World, saying this currently slated for console release in autumn 2021 and that future announcements will cover plans for a PC release. They offerthis trailer to celebrate the news, and though this is Japanese, it includes no dialogue to translate. They also announce plans for a collaboration with CD Projekt RED to bring Geralt from The Witcher series to the game, this trailer illustrates that news, and this offers English voiceovers. Details on this are scant, but they say it is expected early next year.

In three distinct campaign episodes hand-crafted from straight outta the '90s, players will battle through an onslaught of mystical backwater cultists, possessed militants and even darker forces and attempt to discover just what lurks beneath the Earth. Featuring a vast arsenal of badass weaponry including sickles, swords, crossbows, rifles, dual-wielded and double barreled shotguns and incredibly necessary grenade and rocket launchers, DUSK brings unapologetic retro action from start to finish.

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Golden Century focuses its improvements on parts of the game central to the kingdoms of and around Iberia,including new mission trees for the major historical powers and a hypothetical Andalusia if you manage to turn back the armies of Catholicism. But Golden Century also lets you live out your childhood dream of being a pirate king, ruling a republic of brigands, sending your ships to finance realm by raiding the trade routes of more powerful rulers.


Turn-based strategy RPG hybrid Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows is now available on Steam worldwide for $14/99. Created by two-man development studio Fair Weather Studios, Steel Shadows puts players in the role of a space outlaw looking to make his name in the outer frontiers.

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Where it was previously possible to join a DLC mission through Quickplay, even if you didn't own that DLC, from today that won' be the case. You will have to join a friend who owns it.


Yesterday, the NSA released an email from Edward Snowden to his superiors asking about the legality of NSA spying, claiming it was the only evidence they had that he ever tried to go through channels before turning leaker; on its face, this is pretty damning. But there’s one problem: six months ago, the NSA claimed that they had no emails of the sort from Snowden, and then this one happened to turn up just in time to counter Snowden’s allegations on US TV that he’d tried to blow the whistle from inside.

So for this release, we're changing how access to DLC missions works. From now on, in order to host a Custom game with a DLC mission, or have that mission be selected for Quickplay - you, or another player in your Keep, will have to own that DLC.


As tech support in the BlueTower, I have already been dealing (or attempting to, at least) with an emergency this morning. MrsBlue lost a Word document she was working on, and there is no trace of it for some reason. I did a thorough search which turned up nothing. I could find no temp files related to her loss, no deleted files in the recycle bin, nor any other indications that it even ever existed. This is pretty bad, as it took a couple of weeks of hard work down the drain. I've offered to set her up to be better backed up and protected from losing so much work in the future. And to show what a nice guy I am, I did not even mention all the times in the past she refused such offers.

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Hunters around the globe can prance in joy! Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced Monster Hunter World: Iceborne™, a massive expansion for the highly-acclaimed more than 10 million unit-selling Monster Hunter: World™. The new content will be available for download in autumn 2021 for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and the Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox One X, with more details on the PC release to be shared in future announcements. The content-rich Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will feature new quest ranks, locales, monsters, moves and gear in addition to a full narrative experience that continues on from the ending of Monster Hunter: World. The Monster Hunter: World base game is required for the expansion and is currently available across consoles and PC. More information on the expansion will be shared next spring. A new teaser trailer offering a sneak peek at the upcoming Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion is available to download from the Capcom press site now.


Scavengers is a multiplayer survival shooter video game that is developed by Midwinter Entertainment and Improbable. The game is published by Midwinter Entertainment.

Nostalgia forced me to go back to EU2, last time I've played it was 5 years ago. I played on vanilla which was patched (check my site) to 1/09 version. However, now, after I dug into the topic, I see that theres a mod called 'AGCEEP', which everyone recommend. However I have no clue where to download it, how to install it, which version should I choose, I've tried to google it but every information comes from like 2004-2005, and all the links are dead. Is there any ''active'' forum of that game?


The latest Beyond Good and Evil 2 Space Monkeys stream gave us a closer look at a whole bunch of new gameplay, featuring augments, ship-to-ship combat, combat skills, the scope of seamless co-op, how you can begin recruiting characters to your crew, and more. This recap gives a small taste, but for more, be sure to check out the full Space Monkeys livestream, with Senior Producer Guillaume Brunier and Associate Creative Director Emile Morel.

Or maybe I should ignore EU2 and go straight to For the Glory? And if yes, where can I find the newtest AGCEEP mod for For the Glory?


Scott Mitchell is back in Ghost Recon Wildlands: Special Operation 3: Future Soldier. Get access to new weapons, new icons, new PVP classes, and more starting 12/11/18.

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Chainsawesome Games announces Aftercharge will come after December, as they reveal a January 10th release date for this 3-vs-3, cross-platform first-person shooter. The game had an open alpha test in October, and they have a beta weekend planned for this weekend for Windows and Xbox One. The Aftercharge Keys Website will generate a key for Windows users, and word is testing gets underway on December 14th at noon EST.

Well, happy birthday to DOOM, as id Software's classic first-person shooter was first released on December 10, 1993. It's nice to celebrate such anniversaries, but a quarter century is a little boggling. For perspective, 25 years before DOOM was released gas was 34 cents a gallon, the year-end Dow Jones Industrial Average was 943, and "the 'mother of all demos' foretold our tech future" with a first look at things everyone takes for granted today.


Players must hire a crew of their choosing and then over the course of the game build an entire pirate fleet to steal, pillage and raid the fringes of Federation space. Ancient Frontier Steel Shadows allows pirate commanders to customize the ships in their fleet with various upgrades and weaponry to dominate on the battlefield against the various factions of the universe.

What I don’t love is the restriction of that freedom to choose- with Epic’s launcher, the only way they can funnel customers into their launcher is by locking everyone else out. Outside of a larger dev cut, no one would or should ever choose the Epic launcher as their go-to store, short of very specific circumstances (maybe all you play is Fortnite and want to expand your game library to 2, or maybe you just really have it out for Steam). Instead of working to provide a unique experience, building a feature-set that is strong out of the gate and can be improved upon in the months ahead, they have chosen to just pack the store full of exclusives and force you to use their extremely basic launcher.


Techrights Links 1/6/2021: Two Linux Mint Releases, New NSA Leaks From Risen Comments Feed

The only catch in the game is that when you have completed the task, Mother will send a ship to gather resources. This will signal every creature in the area and waves and waves of enemies will be after you. Will you help your team to survive and come back together? Or will you bolt out of there and reach the ship alone and get the rewards from Mother for yourself.

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Once on Earth, you will have to work together and attack outposts of bandits or mutated wildlife. Other things that can also harm you are extreme weather, starvation, and sometimes the occasional grizzly bear.

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The mighty barbarian returns, this time in the first-ever strategy game set in the brutal and savage world of Conan! Funcom is thrilled to announce Conan Unconquered, a strategy game releasing in Q2 2021 where players must build the ultimate stronghold and assemble an unconquerable army that can stand against wave after wave of enemies in increasing numbers and difficulty. The game is published by Funcom and created by the veterans at Petroglyph, a team that includes several of the lead developers on the classic and original strategy games such as Dune 2 and Command & Conquer.


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EDIT: I just checked and I can acesses my Base filtering engine and windows firewall now. I can also run peerblock now when before I could not due to not having my Base Filtering Engine service started due to the Error #5 Acesses Denied.

Links 1/6/2021: Two Linux Mint Releases, New NSA Leaks From Risen

Aftercharge is a 3v3 shooter where players put their strategic wits to the test in fast-paced matches of asymmetrical, competing teams — invisible robots facing off against invincible security enforcers! The game will launch with online cross-platform play between Windows PC and Xbox One — and three-way cross-platform play with the Nintendo Switch version due for release shortly thereafter, ensuring lots of battles between friends and foes alike regardless of platform.


Grab your hammer and prepare for war, as this post on Steam announces the release of Back to Ubersreik, the new DLC forWarhammer: Vermintide 2, Fatshark's melee combat sequel. This features a return to some of the most memorable locations in the first Vermintide with additional challenges, including tougher opponents.

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The Romero Games Website announces SIGIL is the project John Romero was teasing, revealing this to be a DOOM Megawad that will be released for free in February. There are also two limited-run boxed editions available now for preorder, offering additional art and exclusive music created by Buckethead. There is aStandard Edition for $39/99 and aBeast Box Edition for $166 (limited to two per customer) with various dustcatchers, including a statue of The Romero's head on a spike from the DOOM endgame (spoiler alert).