Mine and Slash mod for Minecraft 1/14/4 is an amazing mod that transforms minecraft into a hack and slash looter. The mod was made by mcrpbertx22.

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A decent Epiphone LP sent to a luthier for a fret level, set-up and some Seymour Duncan Slash pickups soldering in won't be far off what you're wanting to be fair. Will you miss the name on the headstock though?


This is a point-and-click hack and slash-styled dungeon crawler where the dungeons are procedurally generated. As you explore them, you will discover new weapons and items that will help you battle endless swarms of new enemies. You will have to fight your way through canyons, swamps, and mines!

I was in a similar boat trying to decide which LP would be the the one for me since I really only planned on buying one. I ended up picking the Classic over the Standard or a Sig model, mainly because I preferred the plain top, uncovered pickups and it came in Green (my favorite color). The extra switching options weren't really a factor, though they're fun to play with. Plus at $500 less than a Standard it made my wallet a little happier.


Do you feel like the Minecraft world is too peaceful? You consider trying to survive in such a world is too easy? So you want to slay monsters, conquer dungeons? Loot Slash Conquer Mod 1/12/2 is an action RPG mod inspired by the legendary mod Hack/Mine, and it was made for you. Explore the towers, massive dungeons, collect various loots and experience thousands of weapons which come at different stats for you to conquer the world of Minecraft.

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Hi guys please help me with this one. I have a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty purchased used in 1976. The serial # is 00120780 and is imprinted on the back of the headstock, along with LES PAUL CUSTOM and Made in USA. I know it could not have been made in 2000 as it was purchased before then.


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I've been comparing to the 50's LP, I have a 60's neck Standard and hate the medium jumbo fret wire and not the biggest fan of the neck carve. The Slash neck is also different from the modern 50's neck on the Standard. Oh and don't forget the goofy Slash (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=9394) graphics.

While the D-C-G-D progression is drawn from the G major scale, it’s actually the 5th degree, D, that is used as the tonic. In other words, D is the primary chord and where the music begins and ends. When the 5th degree of the major scale is used as the tonic, it’s called Mixolydian mode. See Fretboard Theory Chapter 8. For this reason, you use G major scale patterns over the progression for melodies and solos. And because D is the primary chord, you can also use D major pentatonic over the whole thing. I play the first two solos in the position of D major pentatonic pattern one, and add in the notes G and C, which are a 4th and b7th if you count D as 1. The D major pentatonic with an added 4th and b7th becomes D Mixolydian mode, which is also called the D dominant scale. D Mixolydian mode is simply the notes of G major but with the notes centering on D instead of G. Pentatonic and major scale patterns, including modal scales, are all covered in Fretboard Theory.

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Gotta love the snake on the fingerboard. Did Gibson do that or was it sent out. I'm not sure but I read that one guy did the snake carving on the top.


Hack / Mine 0/6.4/7 by Technic is an old school modpack which runs on Minecraft 1/2.3. Collect magical loot as you adventure through randomly generated dungeons. Invite your friends to help explore the new breath taking dimensions.

As far as the production numbers, 0001 to 0300 are reserved for the acoustic plant in Montana. Nashville uses from 0301 and up. That means 0675 is the 375th guitar built in Nashville that day (probably one of the last of that day).


I have a 2021 Les Paul Standard 1960’s. It’s my favorite guitar I’ve owned and I owned many over the past 35 years The ‘61 Burstbuckers are awesome. Clean, gritty or super dirty - they sound incredible. The slim taper neck is super comfortable. The only upgrade I made was swapping the nickel Grover tuners with 19:1 Kluson Deluxe locking tuners. I prefer the traditional look of the plastic tuning knobs and I put locking tuners on most of my guitars to make string changes quicker.

It's because Hack Slash Mine (https://dybdoska.ru/content/uploads/files/download/hack-slash-mine-123.zip) doesn't run on Java 1/8. You'd have to download Java 1/7 and select it under Java Settings in the Launcher Options.


The amp on SCOM is a fabled modded 2203, then with some mixing magic added to the recording. Anastasia is the same, signature (modded) 2203, with some studio processing on top. Best thing to do is find a live tone you like the sound of and twiddle away until you're close. As mentioned, you are also factoring out pickups (type and height), speakers, room, mic, venue, volume and most importantly fingers. Definitely do as Batman suggested though for 'woman tone'. That's where the tones you seek live!

You said it; you're paying for a nicer top, a different paint job and some different pickups. By all accounts the pickups aren't as nice as those on either the Standard 50s or 60s, and they aren't what Slash uses himself.


I remember seeing Guitarworld many years ago another red Les Paul that Gibson made for Slash with black hardwhere, exposed pick-ups and yellow binding. Is that what the other red Les Paul in your photo's is. What's the story on that one if it is the case. I thought only I handful where made and they all went to Slash.

Which of the 3 settings in that picture you reckon? Im heading towards the second one; the black and white pic.


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Aside from pickups, slash (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=1827) truss rod cover and available finishes, theres no real difference. Most of the 2021+ standards ive seen all had 1 piece back. All of the slash (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=1853) sigs ive seen had 1 piece back.

Teleport back to the Lower Mines and head east. A short bit of hack-n-slash later, you reach the elevator that takes you to another elevator that takes you to your boss fight against the Dark Wizards.


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I used a PRS P22 with 57/08 pickups. The first three solos were played on the neck (bass) pickup and the last solo on the bridge (treble) pickup. I plugged into a PRS Custom 50 amp head and used the lead channel with the following settings (12 represents 12 O’clock). Volume: 3 Treble: 12 Middle: 12 Bass: 10 Master: 8 Presence: 12. I used a plate reverb on my Alesis MultiMix8 mixer. I used a Morley mini Wah/Volume for solo four. The amp head was plugged into a Rivera Silent Sister isolation cabinet with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker and then miked with a couple of Shure SM57s. I use Dava Jazz Grips Delrin guitar picks.


The AFD marshall was modded and was quite bright, even for a JCM 800. Maybe presence high but treble not full.

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Powered by BOSS's custom-made new-generation processor and proprietary COSM sound-modeling method, the GT-10 ushers in a new era of audio quality for guitarists. BOSS's legendary know-how of effects and sound modeling are fully integrated into this new flagship floorboard multi-FX unit. As a result, tone quality is significantly higher, and response to playing dynamics is much more natural and musical. And not just for the stage - the GT-10 is also great in the studio thanks to its USB capability and digital output.

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Hack Slash Mine Server Hosting

As soon as you order, your server will be automagically created within 30 seconds. We'll handle all of the technical stuff like port forwarding.


Hard pass for me unless you like the artist tie-in and want his signature on your guitar, or you are in love with one of the paint finishes. I would spend a bit more and get a used R7 or R8 rather than waste my cash on what is essentially a tarted-up USA Standard. Or get a brand new Standard of course.

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