Yes, I have to say that my learning process of c is greatly benefitting from BurgZerg Arcade tutorials. Airmand, Mar 6, I Collective, Jan 10, I have working on a small city or town and need some type of game play so i will be looking in to this.

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Chapter 10, Revisiting Types, Methods, and Classes, takes a more in-depth look at data types, intermediate method features, and additional behaviors that can be used for more complex classes. This chapter will give you a deeper understanding of the versatility and breadth of the C# language.

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Chapter 5, Working with Classes, Structs, and OOP, details our first contact with constructing and instantiating class and struct objects in code. We'll go through the basic steps of creating constructors, adding class or struct variables and methods, and the fundamentals of subclassing and inheritance. The chapter will end with a comprehensive explanation of object-oriented programming and how it applies to C#.

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Unity has become one of the most popular game engines in the world, catering to amateur hobbyists, professional AAA studios, and cinematic production houses. While mainly considered a 3D tool, Unity has a host of dedicated features that support everything from 2D games and virtual reality to post-production and cross-platform publishing.

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Chapter 3, Diving into Variables, Types, and Methods, takes a deeper look at variables. This includes C# data types, naming conventions, access modifiers, and everything else you'll need for the foundation of a program. We'll also go over how to write methods, incorporate parameters, and use return types effectively, ending with an overview of standard Unity methods belonging to the MonoBehaviour class.

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Chapter 9, Basic AI and Enemy Behavior, starts with a brief overview of artificial intelligence in games and the concepts we will be applying to Hero Born. Topics covered in this chapter will include navigation in Unity using the level geometry and a navigation mesh, smart agents, and automated enemy movement.


Chapter 1, Getting to Know Your Environment, will get you started with the Unity installation process, the editor's main features, and finding documentation for both C# and Unity-specific topics. We'll also go through creating C# scripts (visit this site right here) from inside Unity and take a look at the Visual Studio application, where all our code editing will take place.

Unity3d Tutorial - Player Movement 2.0 Part 3

Chapter 7, Movement, Camera Controls, and Collisions, will explain different approaches to moving a player object and setting up a third-person camera. We'll discuss incorporating Unity physics for more realistic locomotion effects, as well as how to work with collider components and capture interactions within a scene.



After a few years as an iOS developer at small start-ups, and one Fortune 500 company, he fell into a teaching career and never looked back. Throughout allthis,he's bought many books, acquired a few cats, worked abroad, and continually wondered why Neuromancer isn't on more course syllabi.

I have working on a small city or town and need some type of game play so i will be looking in to this. Just curious as to what you are going to cover in your future vids and what we have to look for ward to.