The Deploy job applies other SQL scripts and recompiles invalid objects (except in the case of Patch Sets). It then migrates the Listener from the previous Oracle Home using the Network Configuration Assistant (netca), updates the Target properties, stops the Blackout, and detaches the previous Oracle Home. Finally, the configuration information of the cloned Oracle Home is refreshed.

  • Steps to Create New Oracle Database from Command Line
  • SwisSQL - SQL Server to Oracle Migration Tool 3.5
  • Home Assistant OS Release
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  • Boxfusion Oracle Digital Assistant Oda

Oracle Digital Assistant integrates with Oracle Service Cloud and other helpdesk management systems to intelligently respond to service requests, offer best next-step recommendations, and drive cost savings of up to 40% with help desk automation. A seamless handoff of full call history to a live agent in the case of more complex calls ensures greater customer satisfaction and improved service levels.


My name is Tim Boles, and welcome to my course, How to Build New Skills in Oracle Digital Assistant ‑ Leveraging Bots. I'm a senior manager at Hitachi Consulting. The popularity of virtual digital assistants (check this site out) is growing at a rapid pace. The estimated number of people using digital assistants worldwide is projected to reach 1/8 billion by 2021. Knowing how to create a digital assistant will be a skill in demand for the foreseeable future. In this course, we're going to learn how to create an Oracle Digital Assistant skill that can help automate IT and business processes.

Review the information in the following sections. If any of the issues apply to your Oracle installation, follow the instructions before installing the patch set.


ITA National Summer Championships Host Site Identified

Client applications that rely on the old behavior can still work as before if the event is set. However, these applications must be corrected before upgrading to the next major release of the Oracle database.

After the initialization process completes you will be presented with the Welcome screen. Click the Next button to continue.


The disk space requirements depend on the components installed. However, the base product alone requires more disk space for 64-bit operating systems.

Set the ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID Environment Variables


Together, these two parameters indicate how long an RAC node must hang before the hangcheck-timer module reboots the system. A node reboot occurs when the system hang time is greater than the sum of the times set in the hangcheck_tick and hangcheck_margin parameters.

Set up Hass.io on top of a virtual machine

The Programs may provide links to Web sites and access to content, products, and services from third parties. Oracle is not responsible for the availability of, or any content provided on, third-party Web sites. You bear all risks associated with the use of such content. If you choose to purchase any products or services from a third party, the relationship is directly between you and the third party. Oracle is not responsible for: (a) the quality of third-party products or services; or (b) fulfilling any of the terms of the agreement with the third party, including delivery of products or services and warranty obligations related to purchased products or services. Oracle is not responsible for any loss or damage of any sort that you may incur from dealing with any third party.


Automated migration tool to convert SQL Server Transact SQL to Oracle PL/SQL

You can select the schemas for which the migration should be performed. This will trigger the metadata reading process which takes a while. Reference point for me is around 15 minutes per 100 tables.

Enable one authentication profile so users have seamless but secure conversational access to different applications in the backend based on roles. Oracle Digital Assistant security is pre-integrated with Oracle cloud applications to offer a single sign-on across applications.


If you were to have any scripts that need to be executed after the creation of the database you can add them on this dialog. Note that the scripts run in the order listed. You can use the arrow buttons on the right to change the order of execution.

Export, rebuild, and import the database. If the database is too large, use Transportable Tablespaces for the export/import process.


When creating Azure DW users, keep in mind the following. Workload classes will be assigned to users. If you are planning to run the SSMA projects for Data migration later on, you need to create as many users as parallel loads later on and assign proper resource class as per Synapse Documentation.

Oracle Digital Assistant bot

ODA also offers a set of interaction components for end-use with Select and Pick controllers, quick response with Yes/No buttons as well as an image carousel option. These capabilities truly come to life, with ODA’s consistent branding and personalised interactions, that can represent a brand persona with conversational tone and visuals.


Back in 2007, Canonical Landscape – a tool for managing Ubuntu systems – was introduced. So beside already popular tools such as Uyuni and Foreman there is yet another software with comparable features.

The following are the recommended default configuration settings for the hangcheck-timer module. These are in addition to the recommendations for parameters in the RAC documentation.


If this method was not used, then check with the system administrator to determine where and how the softdog module is loaded and used. The softdog module is no longer needed in this release of Oracle Cluster Manager.

Assuming that you already have setup libvirtd. You might need to install virt-builder and virt-viewer additionally.


It is a bummer that the tool officially only supports Ubuntu. When cloning external APT repositories it is also possible to enter a Debian mirror but the required Landscape client will be missing. Even though it should be possible to also install the appropriate Ubuntu package on a Debian system it is not recommended to mix packages of different distributions.

All the actions described below are triggered with the action buttons from toolbar menu. The scope for the action is defined by selecting the objects in the tree view (Metadata Explorer) to your left. You may need to select some specific objects out of thousands so you will find “Advanced Object Selection” functionality very useful.


The hangcheck-timer module monitors the Linux kernel for long operating system hangs that could affect the reliability of an RAC node and cause corruption of an RAC database. If the operating system hangs, then the hangcheck-timer module will reboot the node.

Try a digital assistant

Managed hosts are registered using landscape-client, the package is available to all currently maintained Ubuntu releases. For communication, the client uses two http(s) sockets – one for management and an additional one for checking availability. Optionally, the client is also able to run scripts on the host. By default, only the nobody user is used for execution. Running scripts as root is considered as security risk and needs to be enabled manually during client registration. A better option would be using a service user for scripts and grant higher permissions using sudo.


Amazon RDS is an inter-related database service program that assists users in creating, operating and extending Amazon Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL databases in the cloud. Users can handle repetitive database activities such as patching, providing backups, loss detection, recovery, and restoration using Amazon RDS. It allows users to quickly and conveniently start instances in the database and add apps.

Choose to install asm in oracle database 11g r1 or earlier versions

The reason for this is that I usually work with Red Hat-based distributions, mainly RHEL and SLES. I’m running some Debian-based systems in my Homelab: my Raspberry Pis are running on Raspbian and Ubuntu.


The installer creates the ORA_DBA group automatically on the Windows platform. A standard practice with SQL Server is to create another user that has administrator privileges to install the software and be the owner of the SQL Server services.

Removing the Patch Set Software

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP has also been upgraded. This solution now has joint venture accounting capabilities, which help to mitigate disputes between partners, improve cash flow and gain real-time insight into the financial condition of a joint venture.


On the Database Templates dialog you have the ability to choose from three default templates. The General Purpose or Transaction Processing template builds a database with configurations geared for OLTP type of access and the Data Warehouse template builds a database with configurations geared toward data warehouse activities. The third option, Custom Database is provides the most flexibility in database configuration and will be the template used in this document.

This is project is intended to be a sample and not an official extension to be used in production systems. For example, the implementation uses an in-memory cache to store metadata that is used by the implementation.


BuildRestCallPayload: This method generates the axios config body to execute. Webhook implementation uses axios as an HTTP client to invoke REST calls on agent system. The method is passed two parameters, the transformed payload and a payloadType.

Client applications may rely on the previous (incorrect) behavior. Typically, client applications will test for a scale of -127 to distinguish between NUMBER and FLOAT datatypes. It is not sufficient to test the scale alone to distinguish between these two datatypes. You must test for a scale of -127 and a nonzero precision to identify a FLOAT.


The port number COM1 corresponds to the Android virtual machine, /dev/ttyS0and the COM2 port of the address (p) corresponds to our virtual COM2 port. Of course, you can also set it to COM3 because we created two virtual ports in front.

How often did I launch a search in MyOracle Support (MOS) for a specific Bundle Patch or Patch Set Update. And usually the MOS search results don’t get me what I’m looking for no matter how clever I search.


Templates are a way to standardize and automate the creation of databases. DBCA includes three templates by default. Ensure that the Create Database option is selected and click the Next button to continue.

Keep in mind that there are limitations with this approach. Not all add-ons will work and some don’t make sense to use as the hardware is not present.


You might get a warning on the passwords chosen if they do not meet the following format: at least 8 characters in length, at least 1 upper case letter, at least 1 lower case letter and at least 1 digit. Enter the passwords and click the Next button to continue.

This is because our current ORACLE_SID is set to dev, which is a new database, which we have not yet created

The Championships are the culmination of the seven week circuit that has run throughout the summer. Following safe play guidelines, almost 30 tournaments were run in sites across the country.


In the preceding example, the file or raw device must be valid. If you specify the name of a file that does not exist, then the file is created if the base directory exists. If you specify a raw device, then that raw device must exist and have the correct ownership and permissions.

Cstan.io Canonical Landscape: Test and first impressions Comments Feed

Unsupported Oracle (find this) network client installations may introduce vulnerabilities to the database. Restriction to use of supported versions helps to protect the database and helps to enforce newer. V-15662 Medium Remote administration of the DBMS should be restricted to known, dedicated and encrypted network addresses and ports. Remote administration provides many conveniences that can assist in the maintenance of the designed security posture of the DBMS. On the other hand, remote administration of the database also. V-5659 Medium The latest security patches should be installed. Maintaining the currency of the software version protects the database from known vulnerabilities. V-15649 Medium The DBMS should have configured all applicable settings to use trusted files, functions, features, or other components during startup, shutdown, aborts, or other unplanned interruptions. The DBMS opens data files and reads configuration files at system startup, system shutdown and during abort recovery efforts. If the DBMS does not verify the trustworthiness of these files, it is. V-15610 Medium DBMS should use NIST FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography.

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Remove or disable the mechanism that loads the softdog module at system start up, if that module is not used by other software on the node. This is necessary for subsequent steps in the installation process. This step may require log in as the root user.


This article describes findings when working with SSMA version 8/5 on one large PoC. The results in your environment might be different. In case you are relying on the estimates provided below, treat them as reference only.

The standard method of debugging a device is to create a virtual serial port on a computer

Patch sets include all of the libraries that have been rebuilt to implement the bug fixes in the set. All of the fixes in the patch set have been tested and are certified to work with each other. Because patch sets include only low impact fixes, you are not required to certify applications or tools against the server unless directed to by the operating system vendor.


Here and there, the graphical interface is confusing and looks outdated. Also, not all product features can be accessed using the UI. As an example, cloning software repositories requires leveraging the API that also needs to be configured first. That’s unnecessarily complex in comparison with other tools.

Several Oracle applications received upgrades with new machine learning and digital assistant functionality. This allows companies to improve the management of their various workflows.


On the Database File Locations dialog you have the option of storing the files on a file system or ASM. ASM is only available as an option if an ASM instance is present on the server.

During the migration process the Migration Status tab normally tells you the next step to take, and provides links to jump to the next step so you don't have to use the menu. In this article I chose to use the menus directly, but if you don't like that, always click back on the Migration Status tab between steps to see what you should do next.


Multiple tags can be assigned to a host optionally. These tags consist of letters, numbers or hyphens and describe a system. As Landscape offers no system groups, tags are also used for grouping related hosts.

This is not possible to repoint the migration project to another source / target instance. You will have to start all over again. Reading metadata from Oracle was one of the longest processes (it took us around 24 hours to read the metadata for ~8000 tables and ~22000 views) so it is recommended to start the conversion with the real source database (we have to read metadata only once per project).


Oracle9i List of Bugs Fixed, Release 2 Patch Set

FromAgentPayloadStructure: in this method you convert payloads from agent structure to webhook implementation structure as specified in section From Agent to Webhook. This method is passed a payload property which is the raw JSON object as received from agent post back call. It is the the developer responsibility to understand the payload structures sent from agent system and differentiate between them and then transform to the corresponding structure as specified in section From Agent to Webhook. Method must return the transformed payload.

First, create two virtual ports COM2 and COM3 through Virtual Serial Port Driver. Of course, you can also create COM4 and COM5.


Identify the Oracle9i Installation

Check with the system administrator to determine where and how the watchdog daemon is started. If watchdogd is started using an rc script that starts Oracle or Oracle Cluster Manager, then remove or comment out the watchdogd start up in the script. If the watchdog daemon is started by a separate rc script, then ensure the references to this script are removed from the runlevel script directories.

The database is not really meant to be a stand-alone machine; it needs network connectivity. Clustering will have different requirements, but the database server needs to have a primary IP address that is accessible (it doesn’t need to be a static IP unless our environment requires it).


Introduced as Oracle Intelligent bots and relaunched in 2021 as Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA), it is the only multi-channel bot platform of its kind that offers cutting-edge features with 80+ back-end enterprise solutions. ODA boasts 4 key components of the Artificial Intelligence engine, natural language processing, digital channel configuration and real-time customer experience analytics, wrapped within an intuitive bot builder platform.

Listing USNs (Ubuntu Security Notices), Ubuntu’s errata information, did not work for me – maybe this requires Ubuntu Advantage. Another drawback is that managing systems is noticeably slow – even on powerful hardware. Usual configuration management tools such as Ansible and Salt are way faster here.


As you can imagine two last points are the most complex ones 😉 where you may need to allocate most of the time and efforts. This is a very vast topic and please refer to Azure Data Migration Guide for further information.

Oracle and the ITA are once again partnering to offer prize money. The total prize money purse of $15,000 will be split evenly between genders.


New project-driven supply chain functionality within this Oracle solution now works directly with Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM. The functionality supports complex business processes in industries with many assets, such as manufacturing. The tool helps companies gain insight into invoices and enables them to get more value out of material, manufacturing and maintenance costs incurred on special projects.

Installing the Patch Set Noninteractively

On the Operations dialog you have ability to Create, Configure Database Options and Delete a database. If DBCA is started on server with no databases configured and registered only the Create Database and Manage Templates options will be available.


Along with these new license terms come revisions to the support policy. As reported by BusinessWeek, in order to qualify for a support contract, Oracle (https://dybdoska.ru/content/uploads/files/download/oracle-patch-set-assistant.zip) now ties the support to both hardware and software. In other words, Solaris 10 support is only available if it's running on a supported hardware system. Customers without hardware system support will also have to get along without maintenance releases, patches and technical assistance from Oracle.

Before performing any further actions, I recommend tweaking a couple of parameters on SSMA side. First is to go to Tools->Global Settings->Logging and set up all the Logging to Debug mode. It may help you and support teams later. Second, open Tools->Project Settings->Synchronization and redefine Query Timeout (in case doing assessment in parallel with something else, I use 100 as a default). This will keep you safe from timeouts in most of the cases.


PayloadType is a string value indicating the type of payload, it is one of the following values requestChat, concludeChat, postMessage. You use this value as a control flag to differentiate between the different payloads generated from webhook and then convert to the appropriate corresponding agent payload structure. Method must return the transformed payload.

When applying a profile that would remove installed packages, an Approval is created within the web interface. If removed packages are re-installed, an alarm is generated and the profile can be applied for a second time.


The conversion will initiate the Scan Wizard again. Accept all the defaults by clicking the "Next" and "Finish" buttons where appropriate. Once the "Finish" button is clicked, the conversion will start. Wait for it to complete, then click the "OK" button on the final message box. You are presented with a screen showing you the outcome of the conversion.

Please check that you can connect from SSMA host to Synapse before starting the connection Wizard (it will simplify the connection troubleshooting). Please refer to Synapse Docs to check how to connect to your Synapse Analytics instance.


Now, we are making our new virtual machine available for libvirtd. If you get an error that the OS is unknown, use $ osinfo-query os to get the name to use with -os-variant. To access the virtual machine is connected to the bridge bridge0.

Shut down any existing Oracle database instances with normal or immediate priority. On RAC systems, shut down all instances on each node.


To set up storage for a particular system properly, a DBA needs to understand these different pieces: files, I/O events, and backups. We need to know which are the typical events for databases and which are not, which databases are heavy on reads and writes of the disk, and how each of these can affect the disk storage.

The CMDiskFile parameter has been changed from optional to mandatory. This ensures a cluster manager quorum partition is used and allows the Oracle Cluster Manager to reliably handle certain hardware and software errors that affect cluster participation.


Play will resume tomorrow at 9 AM ET at the USTA National Campus. The Round of 16 and quarterfinals matches will be played tomorrow. All matches will be streamed on PlaySight barring any technical issues.

After clicking Computers in the menu, another menu that offers filtering per tag is shown on the left. This enables doing management on multiple systems.


Oracle Field Service has also received an update. This tool now has new functionality for repair services to do repairs faster, report them and ultimately invoice them. Customers who work a lot with channel partners get a new channel management tool to automate the processing of these processes in the cloud.

How to download and install the SQL Server Database Experimentation Assistant
1 TechExchange: Building A Production Quality FAQ In An Hour With Oracle Digital Assistant 7%
2 Create New Oracle Database 18%
3 But none of them come close to offering the ‘holistic enterprise experience’ of Oracle Digital Assistant 41%
4 Oracle C++ Call Interface 88%
5 Oracle Integration and Migration 31%
6 Oracle BI Suite EE 96%

The Oracle Cluster Manager patch is installed on all RAC nodes. After the software has been installed, the End of Installation screen appears.

Opening Round of Oracle ITA National Fall Championships Wraps Up

By assigning roles to Access Groups, administrators can utilize permissions. After some pre-configured roles (GlobalAdmin, Auditor, SupportAnalyst) also customized roles can be created.


Agent Action Transition: agent terminates chat conversation with a user and redirects bot to a specific state as specified in the action property. For more details check section Request Chat.

Tennis equipment rests along an event banner at the 2021 Oracle ITA National Fall Championships

Fresh off a win at the ITA Cup, Luke Simkiss storms into the National Fall Championships and defeats Harvard’s Ronan Jachuck to move onto the Round of 16. Simkiss jumped out to an early lead to take the first set 6-3, but Jachuck answered with a 6-3 set of his own. In the third, it appeared that Simkiss would blank Jachuck pushing the score to 5-0 before Jachuck could get on the board. After surrendering two games to his opponent, Simkiss sealed the match at 6-2. In his first visit to the National Fall Championships, Simkiss moves on to meet No. 5 seed Eduardo Nava tomorrow in the Round of 16.


During the installation of Procedural Gateway for APPC or Transparent Gateway for IBM DRDA, you may encounter an error message regarding an unspecified target of the makefile. The error message can be ignored.

The Programs are not intended for use in any nuclear, aviation, mass transit, medical, or other inherently dangerous applications. It shall be the licensee's responsibility to take all appropriate fail-safe, backup, redundancy and other measures to ensure the safe use of such applications if the Programs are used for such purposes, and we disclaim liability for any damages caused by such use of the Programs.


Version 1/2 of the DMU is shipped with the 12c database. You can see it by running the following commands.

In this short article I will briefly describe some of the findings from a large-scale PoC we were working on recently. This includes what was successful and what was not, a few time estimations and certain problems we faced using the tool.


ITA #WeAreCollegeTennis Opening Round of Oracle ITA National Fall Championships Wraps Up Comments Feed

Before the introduction of this event, server code could return zero for the scale if a NUMBER datatype was created without specifying the scale. Other code paths would return -127. With this event, all code paths return -127, as this is the correct behavior.

Train the bot on custom domain vocabulary. Combining out-of-the-box training with human training further improves the Assistant’s accuracy.


My oracle support, patches & updates tab

Seven-seed Solymar Colling lives to see another day. The San Diego redshirt sophomore dropped the first set of her opening match to Missouri transfer Bronte Murgett. Colling didn’t make that mistake twice and roared back to take the second set without dropping a game. The third set was much more of a battle. Colling and Murgett traded leads throughout the set until Colling pulled ahead 5-4. Murgett’s confidence was clearly shaken as she hit multiple balls into the net or long. Colling punched her ticket to the Round of 16 when Murgett’s return went long.

SP file is created from the text based ini file. The advantage of SP file is that, you can change the initialization parameter values after you start the database using the ALTER SYSTEM command.


I’m missing some important features for system management in bigger environments. Landscape doesn’t offer configuration management or integration into existing tools – that’s a manual task for the administrator. Cloning APT repositories is way too complex. When registering clients a parameter for accepting self-signed certificates could speed-up automatic processes.

There are many advantages of installing Oracle on the Windows platform. One is that as a SQL Server administrator, we are already working with a Windows system. Another is that some tasks that must be done manually on the Linux platform are taken care of by Windows automatically. For example, the environment variables are set up, and Windows handles the startup and shutdown of services.