Babylon 5 and Crusade: All of the Ranger characters wore long dusters, usually black or at least dark in color. Chiefly seen worn by the character Marcus Cole.

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In some medieval cultures, long surcoats were worn over armor, and show up in medieval romances, epics, and other martial literatures of those cultures. So, for example, in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the generals all wear "battle robes" as an outer layer, and at one point Lu Bu's is even described as fluttering in the wind. The samurai of The Tale of the Heike wear something similar.


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Rooney and Garland are terrific in "Strike Up The Band", but it features two elements that make it hard to stomach: MGM's sledgehammer Mom-And-Country patriotism and Garland being a total doormat for Rooney. Bitchy June Preisser has most of the fun as Garland's rival. The plot is also the drippiest of all the Garland-Rooney films.

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This was a film of the utmost importance, and raised issues that much of the cricketing press in this country preferred to ignore. That it received the attention it did, and is now the Award Winning Death of a Gentleman is fantastic news and thoroughly deserved.


Jade in Bulletproof Monk ends the movie in a Badass Longcoat. It helps that she has been kicking ass the entire movie.

We have a very busy year ahead of us, with two big school trips coming up. I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to Mr Beatty to help fund the one to the middle east, as Mr Sky isn’t answering my phone calls. Indeed Mr Beatty has been most helpful to us all year, but I must make it clear that young Pietersen is not to be allowed to help you out.


I liked Mickey Rooney in Young Tom Edison and I wasn't really annoyed by him. I still remember how his former wife Ava Gardner describe how Rooney went all out to entertain her mother when she was sick, he put on a great show for her and cheered her up - Ava said it was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for her.

Lex rocked the badass longcoat

Julio Scoundrel of The Order of the Stick. He is a "Dashing Swordsman", but knowing how to work the flowing brown (or black, or crimson) longcoat is part of it.


I’ll be ranking the Idols again between now and then. In the meantime, enjoy these photos from the Night of the Save.

British Period Dramas Feed

Mac buys a black leather duster because he thinks it makes him tough. At one point he thinks it will help him kick down a door. When Charlie wants a try at the door, he demands that he get to wear the duster. Mac ends up hitting Charlie against the wall while Charlie wears the duster.


Now I am aware that this snapshot may not be fair, but scheduling is not rational: we have had 3 Ashes series since the last time Australia played Tests against New Zealand for instance, or England played against Pakistan. So it is impossible to take a “fair” snapshot courtesy of the ICC.

Death of a Gentleman

In each of the first two Home Alone films Kevin's mom wears a badass full-length overcoat that subtly underscores her Determinator/Mama Bear nature. Likewise, the burglar Harry's getup in each film consists of a grungy calf-length overcoat, which along with a thick scarf and a wool beanie, is a nice look for him, despite him being a bumbling crook.


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Another shitty thing about old school Republicans like Stanwyck is that a lot of them supported the blacklist and the red scares of the 40s and 50s. People's lives were ruined by that shit. They hounded John Garfield into an early grave.

Dietrich was known for her legs in her time. Harlow reflected a standard a beauty (but not the only one) of her time.


Crimson Viper from Street Fighter IV has a longcoat as her alternate costume. It's badass on its own, even before factoring in the taser gloves and flamethrower shoes.

Another item was that the chairman of the ICC could not hold office with any of the boards. This has direct consequences for Giles Clarke, as President of the ECB. He has long aspired to be ICC Chairman, but to do so he will have to give up his role at the ECB. And yet the indications are that despite previously appearing very likely to get it, the change in structure has crippled his prospects. Australia and South Africa have already made it clear they won’t support him, Sri Lanka are reported to be reluctant. Given Clarke’s unpopularity in much of the ECB, it would be an irony if the English were the only ones in favour, and it is tempting to wonder if they are even more in favour if it means ridding themselves of him at the same time. Either way, there will be few in mourning for the dissolving dreams of a man associated with the carve up of the world game like few others.


A propos of Gable, is there anyone here who doesn't "get" Carole Lombard, especially in comedy. She had genius-level ability on screen.

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That’s my personal view, because as I have always said, an institution is bigger than individuals. You cannot guarantee which individual will occupy the top position in either of these countries. And, the ICC constitution, as it stands today, says that in all the major committees of the ICC, these three countries will be automatically there. So all the financial and commercial aspects and the executive committee will be controlled by the representatives of these three countries which according to me is wrong.

Sam Woolf dating 2021 profile

Ever see the awful RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE (1961)? She's the best thing in it as a cunt of a mother.


An interesting comment made is that his intention is that it be affiliated to the Olympic movement, and another strand of investigation in Death of a Gentleman is the refusal of the Big Three to countenance the idea of cricket being an Olympic sport. Clarke tries to defend this on the utterly preposterous grounds that it would disrupt the English season.

It was certainly a pleasure to have their company again, and as ever their school motto “Colonium vivimus convicto” flew proudly at the gates. We do need to make some allowances for how differently they do things, and whilst it may have been surprising to see Master Watson’s behaviour in woodwork class, it may well be that they have taught him to hammer a nail in using his legs rather than the tools provided. I do appreciate some teachers found it odd that he would constantly ask for their second opinion having done so, but we must respect their different ways.


I love Greer Garson and always found her luminous on screen. One of my favorites is "Random Harvest" which came out the same year as "Mrs.

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In truth, Sam should not have been on the chopping block Thursday night. He performed a decent version of “Lego House” on Wednesday and the song did well on iTunes.


Jane Powell doesn't have a lot of appeal to modern audiences, but she's still way more appealing than the irritating June Allyson. Powell wasn't much of a talent, but unlike Allyson she was genuinely pretty and was cute enough to work in the fluffier ingénue roles, and she could sing, if in a style that's out of fashion. Allyson did a lot of the same sort of roles, but she was plain and got on the nerves and her singing voice was the worst ever put on film. So I can see why Powell got work even if her type is a thing of the past, but not Allyson.

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Colbert herself said, whether because she was a lesbian or because Gable wasn't her type, when he took off his shirt she felt nothing. To audiences it gave quite a charge.


The Nightside has a few characters who wear these. There's probably something in the air. Two of the more prominent examples are Dead Boy, who is dead, and wears a purple greatcoat; and Hadleigh Oblivion, the Detective Inspectre, who deals with crime that threatens reality itself, and has a black leather longcoat.

I can’t add much more to TLG’s piece, except to finish up with Giles Clarke. I refuse to believe this man still does not hold the wheels of power in English cricket. You barely hear a peep out of Colin Graves, but Clarke still bestrides world cricket like a colossal oaf.


Dietrich as legend was von Sternberg's creation, and she acknowledged that. What some people see as artifice, others see as a heightened reality.

American Idol XIII Top 8 Redux Song Spoilers

I read somewhere that when Kaye would cook for his guests at these much vaunted dinner parties, he wouldn't join them. Apparently he would sit and stare and wait for the accolades on his cooking to roll in while everyone else ate. Which sounds very ego-trippy and weird, not to mention rude.


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But sport has a delightful habit of doing the unexpected. Japan’s victory yesterday, along with Georgia’s earlier in the day, was duly celebrated by fans across the world, the huge upset(s) giving life to the tournament, and enormous pleasure beyond the game. And yet here’s the thing, Ireland beating England in the Cricket World Cup was just the same, one of those moments that even if it’s your own team you have to appreciate the wider importance of outsiders coming through and beating the elite. The difference is that World Rugby (as the IRB have rather pompously renamed themselves) will be utterly delighted, the game’s popularity will receive an additional boost, there will be kids in Tokyo and Tblisi throwing a rugby ball around this morning.

Ginger became a star on Broadway in the original production of Girl Crazy. If you see stills of her in it you see why Hollywood quickly snatched her up.


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Master Buttler didn’t seem himself at all this year. Sitting at the back of the class and keeping quiet isn’t what we expect from him, even though he did his homework conscientiously. I’m also concerned that he seemed to ask Master Bairstow to do it for him at times. This is not permitted, and we have made it clear only one of them can ask questions at a time.

Firefly: In this universe, a long brown coat was part of the standard uniform for Independent soldiers during The War, earning them the nickname "Browncoats". Mal Reynolds and Zoe Washburn are both seen in their old army browncoats. The hardcore fan element gets their nickname from here. The browncoat appears on Nathan Fillion again as his Hallowe'en costume in the second series of Castle.


I thought Ray Milland was great in Dial M for Murder, The Uninvited, and Ministry of Fear. I will have to look up his other films. I first got to see him in film when he was an older actor - such as in Love Story. It was like I discovered another actor when I saw him in films when he was younger.

Saiga in Speed Grapher usually has one of the shorter examples, but one opening shows it billowing like a Batman-style Badass Cape. The villain Suitengu has a longer one that doubles as a Pimp Coat.


In the film, Igbon played Meakin, a street-smart inmate, who, like Loggo, works the system while continuing to question it. In one of the film’s key moments, Meakin launches an angry tirade after he learns that his best friend has killed himself in another prison. One of Scum’s most iconic images is of Igbon as Meakin, putting two fingers up to an institution about to explode around him.

Sonja Henie, Cornel Wilde,and Vera Miles leave me cold. And I actively dislike and do not understand the popularity of Robert Fucking Cummings.


Darkdrive: Falcon wears a slick black longcoat for no other reason than to make him look cool. He doesn't really live up to it, as he's repeatedly beaten up by mooks.

Ford emerges from the portal at the end of "Not What He Seems" wearing a black one. As of "A Tale of Two Stans", he now wears a tan longcoat over a red turtleneck.


It was an interesting film, and probably Sam and Jarrod would admit that it isn’t perfect

My dad introduced me to him when I was really young. Ever since then, I started listening to his music, and getting to know his music.

Before I begin, may I offer up my sincere thanks to the chairman of the school governors, the esteemed Mr Giles Clarke for his hard work over the year. I know he has received much criticism over the last couple of terms, but his dedication to our wonderful place of learning is second to none. And if for us to thrive it requires all thirty six other schools in the county to be closed down, then I for one applaud him for placing the right kind of family at the heart of his efforts. I have no doubt that those children now unable to attend a school merely need to increase their efforts, and they too will have the opportunity to join our caring, kind community. Mr Clarke remains the personification of our school motto, “Sutores in ceteris omnibus”.


If India’s dominance wasn’t leading to a good outcome, the acquiescence, nay roaring approval, of England and Australia was worse. Instead of looking at the wider interests of the game, they instead decided to grab as big a piece of the pie themselves and stuff the rest of the world. England’s own conduct is entirely reflective of that – the much vaunted return of five Test series for iconic opponents quickly and silently excluded South Africa from the list, for reasons that have not been disclosed. England decided to focus almost entirely on matches against India and Australia instead. Bangladesh, a nation new to Test cricket will likely go a decade between tours of England, and while they may not be currently the greatest of draws, the reality is that they never will be under this global regime.

It's funny how we think of Fred as Mr. Nice Guy on film, because of My Three Sons. His best work was as a bastard in Double Indemnity, The Apartment and especially, The Caine Mutiny.


Sometimes it was funny, sometimes not. I saw some movie with Fanny Brice in it where she kept crossing her eyes; I think it was supposed to be funny, but it just seemed stupid. And in "Annie Get Your Gun" Betty Hutton NEVER stops mugging and making faces, which is one reason I can't stomach that movie.

While some of the key players, well, I mean Srini really, are not in the picture any more, the evidence Jarrod and Sam needed is coming out. Tim Wigmore is doing massively good work (keep that up and he’s in the running for next year) in highlighting the plight of the associates. Peter Miller and Andrew Nixon are two vociferous associate defenders. The game’s concentration, rather than widening is disheartening to all. While countries treat test matches like the last thing they want to play, there are loads of countries dying to give it a try.


R398, Gable may have had bad breath because of his dentures. Laughton had it because he was a scat queen who literally ate shit sandwiches.

If she and Gable had no chemistry it was probably because Gable had such a sexual vibe onscreen. Most of his female co-stars wanted to fuck him, and did. Stanwyck didn't respond to his at all because, well, she was not exactly into men. Even a man like Clark Gable couldn't turn her on. No wonder she liked less sexual types like McMurray and Heflin and Fonda.


Harlow was photogenic, but definitely NOT a classic beauty. Not with that heavy forehead, beady deep set eyes and broad honker.

Can't imagine the hate here for her. Her recording of You'll Never Know is one of the best vocals ever sung in a film (Hello, Frisco, Hello 1943) from the Golden Age.


Heh) – Download from iTunesSam Woolf – Time after Time by Cyndi Lauper – (Noooo

I agree with whomever mentioned Greta Garbo. She and Jean Harlow weren't attractive, looked horribly old for their ages, and left much to be desired acting wise.

Stanwyck was intensely loyal to her black maid and, I think, refused to stay at a hotel that wouldn't also accommodate the maid. Didn't she also donate a lot to charities anonymously?


Alim Surana in this Dragon Age fanfic has one. It's made of suede and leather and is dyed black. He didn't originally have it, but the Warden Commander decided that, since Alim is the most powerful out of all of them, he should have an appropriately badass attire. He seems to have made it a habit of generating his own Dramatic Wind whenever he's in the center of attention too.

Given the length and breadth of his career, I'm surprised MacMurray was never given an honorary Oscar(they gave one to Ralph Bellamy) or Cecil B. DeMille Award by the Golden Globes or the AFI Life Achievement Award. When he took the stage to speak of working with Henry Fonda at his AFI dinner in 1978, the audience gave MacMurray a prolonged ovation and rightly so.


Sam Woolf sings to adoring fans on American Idol earlier this season

Christ R156, make sure you do a moral audit on theatre, books and music people too. You wouldn't want to watch / read / listen to the products of any moral degenerates. And do not even look upon the following person.

How many children does Sam Woolf have

I thought Gable was the one with notoriously bad breath due to his dentures. Loretta Young or one of those gals said it somewhere.


A more tragic story couldn't be told. Awful childhood with his psycho mother. He was so pretty I can't imagine what he wasn't subject to. All the starlets loved him, but none were friends. I will always thnk it was shabby of Sinatra to throw away Peter and Sammy after they no longer bolstered his act.

She just glows all over Joan Crawford in "When Ladies Meet". She was also a worthy inheritor of Norma Shearer's crown as Queen of The Lot.


He seemed to play the same type regardless of whatever role he did. I didn't see any great acting with him either.

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But on its own, in isolation, it could perhaps be seen as the botched missive of an idiocracy which most people could brush off and laugh at. Except the trouble was that this attitude was pervasive, and not just within the ECB, it went through every level of the international game. Indeed, the attitude of the ECB was carried forward into the highest echelons of the international game. The film Death of a Gentleman outlined the perspective that supporters were merely there to be monetised in detail, and the ECB were not just complicit, they led the way alongside India and Australia in attempting to grab as much filthy lucre as possible.


Did Sam have a feeling he might be going home

I didn't read Blondell's book, but she was married to Dick Powell when June Allyson stole him from her and married him. Blondell and Allyson worked together in the musical version of "The Women" called "The Opposite Sex". Plus, they gave more musical numbers to Allyson (including dubbing her in one) and hardly a shred to great singers and performers Dolores Gray and Ann Miller!

The military setting and 1930-esque era of Maiden Rose mean that Badass Longcoats abound. Taki's tendency towards appearing with dramatic wind probably makes his the most prominent example though.


He ruins Treasure of the Sierra Madres for me. In the last half hour he over acts wildly, spoiling an otherwise fine movie. He could not emote convincingly.

I really loved Mickey Rooney in Requiem For A Heavyweight and he held his own against Jackie Gleason which can be difficult. Otherwise, didn't like most movies he was in.


Fred MacMurray also made three films each with Claudette Colbert and Barbara Stanwyck. He's better known today for "My Three Sons" and his Disney films, but he was once the "go to guy" for leading ladies.

I think June Allyson must have appealed to the mid-century hausfrauen as a sort of perky and asexual and non-threatening 'girl next door' type. Thankfully this type is now extinct.


Arguably, Morgan of Gender Swapped pulls this off, and with a lab coat no less (You know those things that scientists wear? Or in this case brain surgeon) Word of God states that during the far and upcoming story arc involving the TBO, a lot of badassery was supposed to take place, with Morgan leading the march.

I didn't like Alice Faye either. Fox tried to make her into another Harlow. She got the lead in IN OLD CHICAGO when Harlow died. Those sickening musicals-hate them. Plus, she had this porcine appearance.


Imrijka, the iconic inquisitor from Pathfinder, could almost be a Distaff Counterpart to the DMG II half-orc. Her hat and duster, however, are bright crimson and considerably more ornate.

Babylon 10 crack gta

Wilder pulled off the same casting-against-type with William Holden in Sunset Boulevard. Holden also had only played good guys until then.


The Hateful Eight Production Notes

The Mad Doctor Fabius Bile wears a long lab coat made from stitched-together human skins. If anything is the last word in badass evil mad scientist gear, it's that.

Jon Voigt spoke at the 1972 McGovern victory rally in LA when McG won the California primary. He was so upset at Nixon he cried.


Sports bodies around the world are viewed with suspicion. I think the term is “a toxic brand”. Collins and Kimber bring that toxicity to the screen. Interviewing Clarke should come with a Hazardous Material warning, while Wally Edwards probably told them to foxtrot oscar. Srini avoided every question that might tie him down. While they might not have found the smoking gun, what they did find were rooms with a huge smell of discharged bullets. The biggest of them all was being left outside the meeting rooms, given short shrift by the security guards, and fed platitudes by the press officers.

ZEXAL continues the time-honoured tradition, this time with Kaito Tenjo taking up the requisite rival coat handle. While his doesn't defy gravity so much due to being pointy, it makes up for it by being able to change colour from black to white when he duels. The Arclight siblings and Tron also have badass coats of varying length, though Tron's and V's are probably the closest to a typical Badass Longcoat length.


Compare Badass in a Nice Suit, and contrast Not-So-Badass Longcoat

Cynthia from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum has a black one. Palmer, the Tower Tycoon and Barry's father, also sports a green one which notably blows in the wind in his sprite animation in Platinum and HeartGold/SoulSilver.

Mary Astor is brilliant in Palm Beach Story. One of my all time favorite performances.


Woolf and the Como Brothers have since continued to collaborate

Not a fan of Rooney at all, but he was perfect for his time. Pre WWII audiences wanted a scrappy All-American boy-next-door who obeyed his parents and Andy Hardy Rooney fit the bill. Seldom has an actors movie persona been more different than his off-screen life, and one has to credit of the MGM publicity department for keeping the skeevey, starlet-fucking, gambling, boozing Rooney out of the public eye.

Sam Woolf Continues on American Idol

Allyson was hardly the only girl next door -they always had several of everything. She got the roles Donna Reed (prettier and a better actress) wanted -Reed rarely had a bad word for anyone but she hated Allyson.


R537, Where I grocery shop, every young female cashier has adopted the thick Magic Marker eyebrow look. I so want to tell them they look ridiculous.

Who does Monroe end up with in Millionaire? Isn't that another incongruous coupling?


Have always found Betty Grable overrated. Shitty actress, passable singer/dancer, at best. Jerry Herman said she was the weakest of all the Dolly replacements. She happened to come along at the right time, that WW II poster served her well.

Supernatural: Castiel, the warrior of God, is modeled after John Constantine wardrobe-wise (overcoat and all). Being an angel, Castiel's clothes have the added bonus of self-repairing damage from gunshot blasts and stabbings and magical dry cleaning for bloodstains.


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However fate shifts in a different direction, leading Uhtred to realise that his destiny is tied to Alfred’s dream of a united land. This, and Uhtred’s feelings for Aethelflaed, drive him back into the politics that threaten to break out into war.

Yomiko Readman of Read or Die appears to subvert this trope with her trenchcoat full of paperbacks, newspapers and magazines. Until you realize that a Paper Master can do anything with that much paper on hand.


I know, what a weird unattractive fad. Of course there are some going on right now.

Post show interview with Sam

Betty Hutton always acted as if she was on steroids. So energetic as to be totally off-putting.


In Shin Megami Tensei I, although the Chaos Hero sports an urban camo trenchcoat and a brash demeanor, he is physically weak and openly admits to such, constantly relying on other characters for help. Although that may not be the case during gameplay.

Babylon 9 with crack

Also, Dietrich could pass for a human being early in her career, but her 1930s films with whatshisface Sternberg ruined that. During the thirties she went from a vital and sensual actress to a mannequin that was so conscious of the lighting that she'd hardly move during a shot.


Arguably Igbon’s most significant appearance, however, came in Alan Bleasdale’s play, The Black Stuff (1980) and its seismic five-part sequel, Boys from the Blackstuff (1982). Charting the fortunes of a gang of Liverpool labourers on the dole, all but one of the plays was written prior to Margaret Thatcher’s election as Prime Minister. They nevertheless chimed with a rise in unemployment and a calculated ideological assault on working-class communities.

Ginger Rogers scored many hit movies throughout the 1930s between the Astaire films, perhaps Stage Door remains the most remembered now. She was a hugely popular star with him and without him and became even bigger in the early 1940s after they stopped making films together. And of course, she won an Oscar.


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In the thirties and some of the forties, Stanwyck played opposite weak male leads. In the fifties, there were more tough guy types like Robert Ryan, Barry Sullivan, Cagney.

Classic stars that still hold up well today (for me at least): Louise Brooks, Buster Keaton. Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Mitchum, Humphrey Bogart, Claudette Colbert, Ann Sheridan, Steve Cochran, Ava Gardner, Jane Russell.


37 new British TV period drama series you need to see in 2021

Jacob Starr of v1 and Julie Mikan of v3 wear trenchcoats. Jacob started with a suit, but when the jacket was damaged in a gun battle he took the trenchcoat off of one of the people he killed.

Pretty much the entire cast of Digital High. Noticeably, the author dresses Shadow in it, which is a trait usually used by a different Evil Counterpart. Sans also uses his sweatshirt as a Coat Cape.


One is very sparkly, the other is leather. Neither one does anything to interfere with seeing his AREA.

On the other side of the Templar/Assassin conflict, Shay in Assassin's Creed: Rogue sports a pretty nifty greatcoat after he's formally inducted into the Templars. The one he wears during his transition period from the Assassins to the Templars is pretty good too.


Sam woolf natal chart

I don't get his appeal either, r88. I'll add Tyrone Power, Rudolph Valentino, Jean Harlow, Theda Bara, Shelley Winters (until she became Roseanne's mom).

R377 Please provide a source regarding Clark Gable having problems with Jewish people. I find it hard to believe Clark Gable had problems with Jewish people by virtue of the fact that the people who helped make him a success on so many different levels were his fans AND the Jewish studio heads who controlled Hollywood, most notably Louis B. Mayer at MGM.


Relationship Statistics of Sam Woolf

Another Donald O'Connor fan here. Danced as well as Kelly, had a better singing voice. I think he wasn't tough in the way Kelly was and for some time was a problem drinker.

I also love Mary Astor as a dykey casino owner in Desert Fury. She kisses Lizabeth Scott, who plays her daughter, full-on on the lips! It's one of the gayest movies ever -it also features John Hodiak and Wendell Corey as an obviously homo couple. Corey throws a jealous hissy fit when the arrival of Lizabeth Scott threatens their cozy little domestic set-up.


Top Facts You Did Not Know About Sam Woolf

She may not have been the most beautiful of the classic movie leading ladies, but she had an appealing personality and a natural, down-to-earth warmth. Once the studio ditched her bleached blonde Harlow clone look, she was much more attractive. She could act, she could dance, and she was an excellent singer with an appealing smoky contralto. She was also one of the few leading ladies with no star attitude. There wasn't a phony bone in her body. When her time was up, she was just as content off the screen raising her family. Her daughter said that her favorite thing to do was to rearrange the closets and drawers!

'American Idol' Season 13: The Top 10 men are revealed

Every role he ever had could have been handled by any journeyman actor on the payroll at MGM. He brought nothing to the party.


Far from approving the report that they had themselves commissioned, the three richest boards decided to go in the opposite direction. India, England and Australia in great secrecy put together a plan whereby they would take effective control of the whole of the ICC. The middle portion of the film covers the meeting held in Dubai, in secret and without being minuted, to put this plan together. Kimber and Collins are rightly appalled at this, the behaviour of an autocracy with plenty to hide, not those supposedly appointed to be the custodians of the game.

All of The Boys wear long black coats. In addition, contrasting with the Badass Capes the Smug Supers wear, it also helps them identify fellow team members during intense brawls.


American Idol 2021 Sam Woolf Babylon Rush Week

Ultimate Marvel's Bombshell wears a long white coat as part of her superhero outfit. She likely got the idea from her mother, who wore a similar coat in her career as a super-crook.

Arifa beyond babylon crack

Master Finn has rejoined the school this year. I want to make it absolutely clear that no teacher bears any blame or responsibility for his troubles over the last couple of years, no matter what some parents have said. We have complete faith in our teaching and just because a boy can no longer write is not down to the school, even if he did have a book published some years ago. He has been nothing but polite all year and we are very proud of how he can now tell the difference between the letter a and d.


Mjsbigblog Sam Woolf Day – Original Song “The Same” – VIDEO Comments Feed

Too bad she became a star before learned to act. But again, I doubt that she was much of an actress.

American Idol judges vote unanimously to keep Sam Woolf on

As I remember it from my youth, The Three Stooges seemed to have a pretty firm gender divide. Guys thought they were hilarious, girls had no patience for the idiocy.


Currently, Sam Woolf (https://dybdoska.ru/content/uploads/files/download/sam-woolf-babylon-crack.zip) is 25 years, 2 months and 13 days old. Sam Woolf will celebrate 26rd birthday on a Tuesday 19th of April 2021. Below we countdown to Sam Woolf upcoming birthday.

New on Netflix in US: Period drama movies and TV series added in November

The titular protagonist in VI Warshawski wears a good-looking one as part of her ensemble. During the climax, the villainess also wears a badass long coat with a great scarf as well(which she uses to wipe away her fingerprints).


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The other nations seeking the scraps as they are dropped from the top table, and playing more lucrative ODIs or T20s against each other when they have no one else to play against, rather than Tests. Furthermore, what is the point of a nation like Ireland seeking Test status when this is environment in which they will be operating. They have already been kicked in the teeth over the reduction in size of the World Cup – reduction in number of teams that is, the number of games will be barely affected, and now the Tests they hope to play will be thoroughly devalued, if not scrapped entirely, except when the Big Three deign to notice them.

She was a good person and had an interesting life, but as an actress, I do not get the obsession people seem to have w her. I got Marilyn Monroe, but not Audrey H.


If she is, don’t be surprised if the judges use their one and only save. After all, they only have two more weeks to use it.

Schedules are simply becoming increasingly dominated by teams of financially similar standings to make more money. Yay for the scrapping of the FTP. So you get a group of India, Australia, England, who dominate the fixtures between each other. England plays close to 50% of its ODIs against Australia and India for instance.


Even if she was making a POS movie, she was never not prepared. Not only would she know her lines but the lines of the other actors she shared scenes with.

Yeh but many of the posts are all, I just don't get it? What could they have been thinking?


Top 200 Aries named Sam

I loved Costello, but found Abbott to be a real bully in his movie relationship with his partner. Unlike Laurel and Hardy, whose like for one another is apparent in their films, I don't think Abbott and Costello liked one another.

I think films were more literate pre 1980s. I also prefer the artistic vision and the storytelling, a thing we seem to have lost in favour of effects and laziness. I also prefer black and white photography for that reason.


The Captain too, whose badass quotient is enough to easily stand up to the Charles Atlas Superpowered Battle Butler and have his tails do the bat-wing flutter even though it's a fully buttoned, double-breasted affair. Bonus points for also putting No Shirt, Long Jacket into play.

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The IPL is central to this, as businessmen spied the opportunity to make a fortune. Yet it would be too easy to simply blame India for everything, and there is a danger that the film will be dismissed there as nothing but an attack on an India that has been on the receiving end of a patronising attitude from the English and Australians through cricket history. In that they certainly have a point, yet a second wrong doesn’t right the first one, and in any case blaming India solely would be to miss the point being made.


Film director Billy Wilder and his longtime co-writer I. A. L. ('Izzy') Diamond had just offered Paul Douglas the role of Jeff Sheldrake in the 1960 movie The Apartment that went to Fred MacMurray instead. Wilder later said: "I saw Paul and his wife, Jan Sterling, at a restaurant, and I realized he was perfect, and I asked him right there in the parking lot. About two days before we were to start, he had a heart attack and died.

Yes, she's beautiful but her remote acting leaves me bored. I've tried to watch Camille, Anna Karenina, and Queen Christina and never make it through them cuz I just don't like her.


'American Idol' Recap: Is It A 'Guys' Year' Or A 'Girls' Year'

Robert Foster sports a stylish gray and black coat in Beneath a Steel Sky, with a humorous red sweater underneath. Some of the characters even compliment or poke fun at him about it.

R476, that's one of Laurence Olivier's best performances. It's a shame that the movie is almost unknown these days. Olivier is so toned down and restrained in [italic]Carrie[/italic] he seems like a totally different actor - maybe memories of how Wyler tyrannized him on the set of Wuthering Heights kept him in line!


They made Giles Clarke look even worse than we thought he was. That is a stupendous achievement. They have continued to fight the good fight, taking the film to Australia, holding a demonstration outside The Oval, continuing to keep the film in the public eye. The mainstream British media have done little to highlight the film since (with some notable exceptions) and certain senior journalists have not even cast their eye over it, or been major defenders of the ECB in their own lovely way.

Top 10 facts about Sam Woolf

June Allyson had a serious fling with married Dean Martin, when he and Jerry Lewis first hit Hollywood. Hedda Hopper threatened to expose their affair if they didn't end it, which they did.


T20 would be perfect as an Olympic sport; it would massively raise the profile of the game, it would allow countries all over the world to appear at a major sporting event on a level playing field. There is no downside for cricket whatsoever, there is only a downside for those who would not be able to control it as it would be organised by the IOC, and it would not make any money for those who care about little else. Quite simply, they cannot make any kind of rational argument against it, so resort to bluster.

Sam Woolf before fame

In Dogs in the Vineyard, a Badass Longcoat is standard issue to every player character. Depending on how the GM decides to run the game, they can even deflect bullets.


Classic Film Stars You Just Don't Get

The Imperial Trenchers in Mutant Chronicles universe are both specialized in trench warfare and wearing badass trenchcoats styled after the early 20th-century British military (which they're a Fantasy Counterpart). Retired Badass Jake Kramer and The Stoic Cybertronic Overseer Cyril Dent also wear those.

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R447 – When I was in 8th grade in the 1950s I overheard my parents discussing Charles Laughton's poop eating. I at first thought they were joking, but soon realized they were serious. I was stunned, since we never talked about shit like that at home – and I mean that LITERALLY.


He gets the blogging mentality because he is one. He recognises the fandom we have, that that is a positive energy for the sport, not one to be derided, abused, ignored or treated with contempt. So while a Selvey will sneer, or a Bunkers go into a paroxsym of Cookie worship, Jarrod is sniping around the edges.

Other elements from the press release include conducting a review of the T20 leagues and their impact on the world game. T20 is a reality, and could – and should – be something extremely good for the game, as it raises the profile, popularity, and yes, the revenues of the sport. That we are in a position where it constitutes a threat to Test cricket and international cricket more generally is not inevitable, and never was. To review this is again progress, with the tantalising prospect of providing a context for Test cricket in particular, as the form of the game most under threat.


Shadowboy, Doctor Omicron's heavy black labcoat pulls double duty as one. Being worn over a life support suit, it confers no functional benefit, but he keeps it for style.

Sam Woolf will celebrate 26rd birthday on a Tuesday 19th of April 2021

Whatever he had, it sure hasn't aged well, because his movies are unwatchable, and his singing is pure ham. Maybe it's a case of "you had to be there to appreciate it," but it has me baffled.


Will Sam attend his graduation

John Wayne was a coward and a bigot and an extremely one-track pony. Walter Brennan was his character actor equivalent. Three freaking Oscars for portraying basically the same character in every film.

I despised the Andy Hardy movies that made Mickey Rooney a star, but in Bridges of Toko Ri he steals the movie from William Holden. Takes a pretty accomplished actor to do that.


And another vote for not getting John Wayne. He was Butch, but that's all he had going for him. Clark Gable had humor and talent in addition to that alpha-male masculinity, Wayne was big and ugly and slow-witted and couldn't act for shit.

I can bark at the moon all I like, but cricket is just like all the rest. While the heart-strings are pulled a little by the Ed Cowan portions of the film, the rest did not shock me. Not in the slightest. I sat there getting more and more angry at a world governing body that runs the sport firmly behind closed doors. At an ECB that plays its full part in keeping it that way. It may be in our players short-term interests to trouser more money for playing for England, but who are they going to play against? Australia and India ad infinitum? I remember the 2003 series v South Africa, and the one in 2004-5 too. Five test series, absolutely brilliant cricket, entertaining and thrilling. We’ve not played them in a five test series since, but in the past three years have had mind-numbing, one-sided (results) series. This isn’t growing the game in this country, it’s putting on endless repeats.


I thought Stanwyck was attractive from the 40s on up. She struggled to find her look in the 30s, and no one knew how to dress her long waisted figure until Edith Head came around. I think she looks hot here - imperious movie goddess.

With so many people mentioning Rooney, it is worth noting O'Connors 'B' musicals from the early '40s where he was paired with goofy, plain Peggy Ryan in Universal's low-budget version of Mickey and Judy. Though lacking the polish and high quality scores and production of MGM, they also lacked MGM's gooey sentimentality and sledgehammer I-Love-America message. The lanky, boyish O'Connor was infinitely easier to take than the manic, smug Rooney and while Ryan was hardly Judy - she was snarkier, more like a teenage Joan Davis. Supported by the jitterbugging teenage dance troupe "The Jivin' Jack's 'n Jills" (Both Ryan and O'Connor were former members), the O'Connor-Ryan films are unpretentious fun.


Those penciled-in eyebrows were already a thing in silent pictures. Clara Bow, among many others were sporting them before both Harlow and Dietrich.

The Girl Who Fell to Earth

Sam Woolf (site here) girlfriends: He had at least 1 relationship previously. Sam Woolf has not been previously engaged. We are currently in process of looking up information on the previous dates and hookups.


Simple statements of truth, but it garnered attention because it was entirely at odds with everything that had gone before. Premature it may be, but there is at least a hope that the new man at the top actually gives a shit about the game.

Ginger was the classic example of being in the right place at the right time. She certainly wouldn't have made it without Astaire.


I also need to thank our chairman of the Parent/Teacher Association, Mr Andrew Strauss. Many of you know him well of course, as he is a former pupil and head boy of this school, and it is our privilege that he has chosen to devote his time to bringing through the next generation. As we know, he did have a challenging start to his tenure, as that appalling child, young Kevin Pietersen, appealed against his exclusion from school grounds. I want to make something very clear here. Just because young Pietersen went on Dragon’s Den, won backing from those awful business types, made a fortune and offered to pay his and everyone else’s school fees doesn’t mean we have to accept that kind of person here. This is not that type of school. From what I understand, he’s doing very well in comprehensives around the world.

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Gable was really quite wonderful looking in the first few years of the 1930s. He looks so hunky in Night Nurse. I also love him in Dancing Lady with Crawford.


His coat is so badass that he wears it as a civilian and a vigilante, though it changes color from nondescript brown to vibrant blue when the Question goes into action. He uses special laundry detergent which, combined with the gas he uses to make his mask stick, reacts chemically and makes his clothes change colour.

Wasn't Stanwyck another Mommie Dearest? With some disowned son along the way?


I don't like John Wayne, either, but you will understand his appeal if you see him in the classic John Ford western "Stagecoach" (1939). It's a wonderful movie (and I say this as a person who dislikes westerns almost as I dislike Wayne).

Dmitri View – I too have watched the film. I did so last week, but wanted TLG to cast his eye over it too. I’m sure you’ll agree, he’s done an amazing, thorough review. I know Arron is also watching it tonight, and I’d seriously recommend the film to all of you.


Yeah, Shirley Temple's appeal didn't age well! She was a talented dancer and a pretty child, but such a fucking ham! Terrible actress, very star-schtick, as little like a human being as Mickey Rooney at his worst. And yes, some critic did describe her as a pedophile's fantasy, with her "can-I-sit-on-your-lap-daddy forwardness".

Ryo Saeba from City Hunter usually dons this as part of his default dress code. It does more than make him look cool — the coat also contains bits and pieces of firearms and explosives that Ryo actually has to utilize during the series, plus condoms (this is Ryo we're talking aobut, after all).


Scully wears a long coat quite often too. It helped hide Gillian Anderson's pregnancy. She also wears a lab coat when she performs an autopsy, and she looks very badass while doing so. Autopsy rooms and science stuff have always been her comfort zone.

In Charby the Vampirate, vampire hunters Vic and Blaine both wear long coats when they go out a-slaying. Nebbish boss Blaine wears a black, buckled coat over his office attire. Vic sported a plain grey coat for the longest time but recently had an upgrade to a dark grey long coat with red trim. Charby himself prefers long coats with lots of expressive tendrils of shredded cloth at the bottom.


Stanwyck was a member of the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals, which was pro-blacklist. In addition, she adored the works of Ayn Rand and lobbied hard to play the female lead in the movie version of The Fountainhead. She was also a fan of Ronald Reagan and a big supporter of his presidency. She was a hard-core right-winger and I don't understand why anyone would deny that. It's unfortunate but it in no way detracts from her accomplishments as an actress.

Clarke attempted to make the claim that he was acting for the good of cricket, and in a nauseatingly self-justifying section pointed to his being unpaid in his role. Curiously enough, this writer is on an industry board, also unpaid, and does so partially because of the professional advantage it gives him.


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I read The Astaire's, a book about Fred and his sister Adele from birth until she married and broke up the act. The 2 of them were huge Broadway and West End stars during the 20s. They were close friends with The Prince of Wales. And from the beginning,ADELE was the star of the act!


Ahead, we take a look at who is Sam Woolf dating now, who has he dated, Sam Woolf (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=784)’s girlfriend, past relationships and dating history. We will also look at Sam’s biography, facts, net worth, and much more.

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When the details of the carve up actually became apparent, it was worse than anyone could have imagined. Over half the revenues of world cricket were to go directly into the back pockets of the three biggest boards, with India taking the largest share. That could be argued to be reasonable enough in principle, given that India generate the largest amount. Of far more concern and fully detailed, was the fait accompli presented to every other cricket nation to accept it, with each other Test nation to receive a mere 5% of the pot. Former ICC President Ehsan Mani calculated that $300 million over 10 years would be cut from the ICC Development Programme, to be redirected to the coffers of the already wealthy.


In the Season Six episode "Nightwalkers", Carter, Teal'c and Jonas Quinn show up in a small Oregon town, all three wearing long, dark leather coats. Way to go, guys, could we look any MORE threatening and sinister?

Aeryn gets a moment so badass with her longcoat it ends up in the opening credits for a long time

Towards the end of the first story arc of Vampire Cheerleaders. Leonard confronts the cheerleaders threatening to expose their existence while wearing one of these. Lori's attempts to control him are rebuffed because Leonard took several precautions to make himself vampire-proof. Meaning his blood is poisonous because he ate a ton of garlic and drank Listerene, and he is wearing mirror sunglasses so they can't use their hypnosis.


She kicked him out of her house. A fun interview, whether you buy it or not.

I have told you before, setting fire to the science lab is not allowed, and nor is shouting at other pupils. I do applaud your restraint when Master Samuels teased you, but let that be a lesson to you. This is against school rules and I am watching you closely. If it was you who brought that girl into school last month, that too is against the rules. You may excel in both PE and Maths but that does not give you the right to ignore regulations. And I have replaced the lockers in the gym, and I don’t want to have to do it again.


Some like the one where they were doctors could be surreal and they mocked authority like no one else. Rooney was energetic, but the material seems ridiculous now. By the 60s, he was making movies that were never released in the US.

Also, he sounds so much more confident when he performs in an intimate setting! It’s not the first time we’ve heard an original song from the singer. He performed an emotional song titled “I Try,” about his mother leaving him, during the American Idol Hollywood solo round.


American Idol Sam Woolf Time After Time Top 8 Redux Season XIII

Apparently The Shrike has been tied up in rights issues. Bootleg DVDs of it are available, but who knows what the video quality is.

Sam Woolf releases new EP

Absolutely no empathy in any of his acting. I can't see all the brouhaha at all. I don't think he would have lasted had he lived.


British Period Dramas Comments Feed

The Memory Wars: Nathan Shepherd wears a long, hooded coat made from his deceased father's old duffel coat. The lining is lightly armored, so it offers protection as well as concealing any weapons he's carrying.

Andrew Adrian Garcia is an American singer from Moreno Valley, California who was the ninth place finalist on the ninth season of American Idol. Garcia has released two EPs and numerous standalone singles. He has also collaborated with several artists.


The tabard Jon wears is evocative of this trope. Played more straight after he's elected as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

My mother was Loretta Young's biggest fan, but my mother was so much prettier, I used to wonder when my mother was going to have a television program. She deserved it more than Loretta.


Sleepy Hollow High: The Headless Horseman wears a long leather riding coat. Unfortunately, his badass-itude is somewhat undercut by the rest of his costume.

I've seen a lot of photos of Harlow, both studio shots and candids. She really was naturally pretty as photos taken before she was famous clearly show. But she was not classically beautiful and wasn't so photogenic as to look good in every photograph taken of her. But WAS good looking and was the premiere sex symbol of her time.


Elvis - good looking, movies his suck. Simply put, Hollywood didn't know what to do with him. Too bad because he did have some kind of charisma onscreen.

Yes, he was not handsome in any way. And if some one were to mimic, step by step an Astaire dance number with any girl today, they would look as queer as a tree full of parrots on Richard Simmons' patio. Astaire pulled it off because it was a different time, and people were more Clueless.


And here is where the initial concept behind the film – the fears for Test cricket – are beautifully brought into focus. For the other Test playing nations were neither consulted, nor given any real opportunity to object. One of those happens to be the side who are currently the best in the world in the form of South Africa, but it applies whether or not they are good on the field. The flexing of muscles extended to making it abundantly clear that any opposition and those countries could forget about getting lucrative tours from India. Bullying is rarely an edifying sight, and had already been seen in India’s response to Haroon Lorgat becoming the Chief Executive of Cricket South Africa. Earlier than that, Tim May had been ousted from the ICC Cricket Committee, with it being reported in the Australian press – and repeated by Tim May – the BCCI had put pressure on Test captains to vote for Laxman Sivaramakrishnan instead. Sivaramakrishnan is an employee of India Cements, whose Managing Director is one Narayanaswami Srinivasan.

And in all of this, what of the cricket fan? What of the supporter, who pays his hard earned money to watch the greats of the game? One of the most pointed comments in the film is that the fans are there to be monetised, and that the broadcasters and boards are the only ones who matter. The objections to the conduct of the ECB need to be seen in the context of this, for in all the documentation and comment about the changes to the ICC, there is no mention whatever of the interests of the spectator.


She didn't marry a guy who was much better looking than her and had genuine talent. She didn't drive him to an early grave by being an uber bitch.

Humor sometimes has a way of not aging well. The Three Stooges always skeeved me out.


There is absolutely no inherent reason why they couldn’t co-exist. Indeed, the potential was and is there for T20 to support Test cricket while taking the game to brand new places and countries. It was an opportunity to grow cricket, to nurture it and also to make money for the game.

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I loved Raymond Burr as Perry Mason. The dark, brooding Burr was the essence of a film-noire character.


Dean: He was an attractive, angsty young man of ambiguous/indeterminate sexuality, and thus an icon to similar types through the ages. Also probably shook up the staid conformist world of the 50s. But much like Cobain, it's hard to imagine how he would have aged.

Mjsbigblog American Idol’s Sam Woolf “Stop Thinking About It” Music VIDEO Comments Feed

Abbott and Costello were largely shunned by Hollywood, even though they made money, because they came from burlesque. Vaudeville was vaudeville and burlesque was burlesque. When a vaudeville act played burlesque, it was through.


Sam Woolf of American Idol Season 13 and the Como Brothers

Glenn Ford didn't want to sit with some African American TV Actress at an awards ceremony. Virginia Mayo and Ginger Rogers were also huge racists. Mayo was also one of the more mediocre starlets back in the day - she made Arlene Dahl look like Eleanora Duse! Not to mention she and the equally lame Danny Kaye made a horrible musical remake of BALL OF FIRE. Some things just shouldn't be messed with. Glenn Ford was a later day version of George Brent -solid, passably attractive with the acting ability of a stop sign.

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If only all our pupils were to show the same dedication. I regret to inform you all that Master Ballance has been suspended with immediate effect. It is critical to understand that pupils are here to learn, and I’m afraid on one too many occasions he claimed that his homework had been consumed by the family pet. He is of course, welcome to return when he shows that he is able to master declensions and deliver timely assignments.


Kuroudou Akabane in Get Backers: long, black and very elegant. Ban Mido would fall under the "excessively long shirt" subset.

By the way, I was reminded by these films that Fred MacMurray had a very long career. He served as one of Lombard's pallbearers when she was killed in the 1942 plane crash.


But let’s not forget that Sam’s duet with Malaya on Wednesday night was just this side of brutal. As I suggested Wednesday, they would have been better off just standing there smiling and waving at the camera.

Our new boy Master Wood has shown signs that he could be a credit to the school, but there was that unfortunate episode where he entirely misunderstood what was asked of him when requested to feed the school gerbil. It was deeply regrettable, but I suppose at least that horse had a good meal.


I think James Cagney is perhaps the most charismatic screen actor I've ever seen. I find him wonderful and utterly compelling.

In season nine, Clark Kent takes to wearing one of these with an all-black ensemble. Badass, but not his color or style. How about something figure-hugging in red and blue?


R363 You judge others harshly from a different time period that is possibly less advanced with different sensibilities and mores. Do you or your friends eat meat? The meat industry with its slaughter houses and factory farms is far worse than hunting. The Republican and Democratic parties of yesteryear are far different from what we have today, much less ideological and polarized. In the 1960s, Republicans strongly supported the Civil Rights Act. Even Eisenhower supported civil rights legislation. For me, I'm not so crazy about Clark Gable, but his star power just leaps off the screen. Plus he was able to fill those movie houses.

Before the 'Woolfpack,' he was just shy Sam Woolf

No one thought June Allyson was cute in Good News? She doesn't sing very well (even though I still love her rendition of The Best Things In Life Are Free anyhow) but she was adorable in that final dance number 'Varsity Drag'.


Sam Woolf was born on a Friday, April 19, 1996 in West Bloomfield, MI. His birth name is Sam Woolf (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=9330) and she is currently 25 years old. People born on April 19 fall under the zodiac sign of Aries.

Sam Woolf: American Idol 2021 Top 5 Finalist Says Goodbye

Different performance mediums require different acting conventions. First came theater, then came silent film, then film with sound, then TV (tiny screens), then TV with huge screens. Not just the passions and problems of the day, but also the contemporaneous medium of the day, affected how directors directed, how actors performed, and what audiences loved.


Mary Astor is terrific is the alcoholic prostitute in Act of Violence (1949), and as the mistress in Dodsworth (1936). Both of those films deserve to be a lot better known.

Zero personality or charm, limited talent as an actress and a creep on top of it for supporting Michael Jackson for so long. I am sure she knew he was a sick pedo.


Several people in Jimmy's family were members of the Pennsylvania KKK. He was known to be rude to several black co-stars in films and his short-lived TV show. Maybe he changed over the years but I doubt it.

Lauren Alaina, Granville Automatic, Sam Woolf release new music

Don't know much about Mickey Rooney except he is a very silly looking little thing and I've never been able to sit through one of those singing movies he did with Garland. I'm not a fan of musicals unless they're live on B'way. I don't know what any woman or man would want with a little pocket guy unless the person were tiny themselves. Was Rooney just a short guy or was he actually a little person?


Season 13 standout Sam Woolf plans EP as part of a trio

I'd say Milton Berle too, but he wasn't really a film star. Comics dressing as women in the old days like it was the funniest gag in the world is a reason why it's hard to take transwomen seriously. We were supposed to find it UPROARIOUS for years.

How the hell do people expect to go through life avoiding even virtual contact with people who don't share their political views? Not watching their film or TV or theatre performances, not reading their books, or listening to their music?


Yet one of the biggest hits of the 30s and one of the classic comedies of the studio era was It Happened One Night. The fact that there was no personal chemistry between Gable and Colbert seems to have fooled millions in many generations.

The third season sees the welcome arrival of Walter’s mum from Sierra Leone, with Walter desperate to impress. Meanwhile, Valentine finally finds love and some developers start taking an interest in the Eastbridge Estate, threatening the very existence of the community.


I must also appeal at this point to the hall if anyone has seen Master Anderson. His early term grades were outstanding, but he provided a note from his mother that he had a doctor’s appointment, and no one has seen him since. He is a credit to the school and we would be grateful if we could be advised of his whereabouts.

Harlow's are definitely scarier. Though maybe it's just Dietrich's lighting that softens hers.


Audrey Hepburn gets on my nerves. She's too twee and cutesy and her voice really grates on me.

Actually, Gable didn't seem very political at all. And being "a hunter" does not make necessarily make someone evil, either. By all accounts, Clark Gable was one of the most liked stars of his era; liked by audiences AND his peers.


Persona 5: As part of his Phantom Thief persona that fights Eldritch Abominations and reforms the corrupt, the Protagonist wears a fancy black coat that goes down to his ankles. Also, "Kasumi"/ Sumire Yoshizawa wears a long black coat that is exactly like Joker's.

Doctor Octopus has been doing this since before it was cool, though his coat is more of a Badass Labcoat. After a while, they changed his look into a high-tech looking jumpsuit (the Nineties), but the white coat remained part of his "classic" look, up until they brought back the old style.


Bolt Crank from Eat-Man sports a floor-length trench coat while firing an assortment of 'uge freekin guns one handed. Interestingly, he doesn't actually keep the weapons in his coat.

When Lana Turner was just starting out in movies, she was asked to shave her brows (maybe for her bit part in "The Adventures of Marco Polo"). They never grew back and had to be penciled on when she did her makeup.


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For the South Africa v Japan game. A routine match, surely – one where the pleasure gained would be in seeing plucky underdogs giving it a go, and watching some truly great players of the game perform in front of me. It didn’t work out like that.

American Idol’s Sam Woolf “Stop Thinking About It” Music VIDEO

No, R167, I still love a lot of films that were made before I was born and the actors who starred in them, but some styles age better than others. Sophia Loren will still be appealing a thousand years from now, Betty Grable's incredible popularity was a mystery by 1960.


Being Outside Cricket Death of a Gentleman Category Feed

Roy Mustang even tops the Amestrian uniform by wearing a coat over it, to give note of his Colonel Badass status. Granted, it's also part of the uniform, but he often only wears it around his shoulders when the weather does not indicate the need for an extra coat, and he and Hawkeye are the ones seen wearing it the most often.

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Jesus Fucking Christ, I have no idea how my dad knew about Charles Laughton's eating habits, nor were my parents perverts for discussing them. The original question posed by R447 was, were there any reports about the subject before Scotty Bowers' book. My reply was yes, I'd heard about it back in the 1950s. Please don't read anything into this, because that's all it was.


Foolkiller often wore a trenchcoat over his costume or disguise. Especially in the 10 issue miniseries. This incarnation (Kurt Gerhardt) was much more discreet than his predecessors. At the time this series was written, the badass image of long coats hadn't quite ingrained itself, at least not in comics. In a typical urban area, a trenchcoat was still considered nondescript, mundane, unmemorable attire.

In I Miss the Sunrise, Chac's old uniform is a stylish red coat with brilliant gold trim. In fact, getting it back is necessary in order to bring him back from the Despair Event Horizon and recruit him.


Uh oh. You like a movie with a BIG minstrel number! I love "B on B" as well, but admitting it will get us KILLED!

‘American Idol’ Save: Sam Woolf ‘Needs to Be in the

But I never liked Henry Fonda, he always seemed chilly and removed, as if there wasn't a shred of humor compassion anywhere in him. He did have some talent but I don't see why he was ever cast in heroic roles, he made a better villain than hero.


I don't find Gable attractive at all, so I don't see why he was "The King". But even though he was a homophobic asshole off screen, he doesn't bother me. Who I really can't stand is George Murphy, who could definitely dance but was otherwise super smarmy. Maureen O'Hara was wooden and affected, but she is so beautiful to look at (especially in Technicolor) that her acting flaws don't matter to me.

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Young Stuart has been a pupil here for some time, and has progressed very nicely. I was delighted to see he had a piece published on the website of the local newspaper, but unfortunately it seems it was missed by many as it was taken down before lunch.


It seems like we've passed finally into some totally new cultural era where even the gays on DL, many of whom are eldergays, can no longer stand the actors of a previous era. They seem so foreign to us, like being asked to imagine actors of the 1800s. I agree with almost everything in this thread. The past has become a foreign place.

Stanwyck was a GREAT actress, totally dedicated to her craft. Unlike some of the others like Bette Davis (who hated her - jealousy), Stanwyck appreciated other talents and told them so.


Of course you also get Joan McCracken doing Pass That Peace Pipe which is just about the best thing ever put on film. Hard to believe that talent like McCracken ever once existed.

I would like to conclude by thanking those visiting schools we have hosted this year. The first of them in the spring surprised many of us, and although I don’t feel that nightly parties are quite the thing, it did seem to go down well with everyone here. It is a concern how quickly our students copied them, but they seemed to enjoy themselves.


It's odd when posters come into this thread to defend their favorites, as if it makes any difference to the long-dead star or that they're going to change our opinions. Putting posters down for our opinions is more likely to reinforce them. That's certainly how it works for me. Having one's head up a living person's ass is bad enough, but someone who has been dead for years?

The titular Dude of the Postal series wears a knee-length black trench coat over a blue Roswell T-shirt in the first and second games. This is replaced by an ankle-length brown duster, complete with bullet holes in the collar, for Postal III.


This is not about this blogger, or those of you on here, switching horses to another narrative, because the ECB and the way it interacts with us and other bodies in our name is part of the discourse on this blog nearly every day. Jarrod and Sam undertook this venture to discuss test cricket and instead saw the writing on the wall when they started delving deeper. Cricket is another sport being milked for cash, with corporate parasites getting their millions of pounds of flesh in an orgy of self-interest, short-termism and blatant profiteering. Sport shouldn’t be about supply and demand, it should be about equal access. Sport engenders great things in people, makes them strive, better themselves, set themselves targets they may never reach. It encourages camaraderie, spending hours with people, making lifelong mates. In the world we live in that is abused. That love of playing is there, as Gideon Haigh speaks so eruditely, to be monetised.

I read about what a manipulative creep Lawford was and never could stand to watch him. June Allyson was one of those actors that I couldn't stand on sight. I just found her too annoying to watch. So what's the tea on her from Blondell?


Many movie stars choose either to retire or slowly fade out in a slow succession of increasingly peripheral roles. In the 1970s, many great stars of the golden age seemed to literally go down with the ship or the plane in all-star disaster films, usually playing parodies of themselves.

The Walking Dead: The Governor, Jesus, and Ezekiel are the most well-known examples. Carol also briefly gets one in Season 4, and Eugene wears one for a large part of Season 8 (although in his case, it's not so much "badass" as it is "wannabe").


In Sword Art Online, when Kirito lands the killing blow on the first floor boss, he gets a unique item drop—the Black Cloak of Midnight. He keeps this for the rest of the series, and it is one of the reasons he becomes known as the Black Swordsman.

Erio and Harry white long coats as a part of their Barrier Jackets. Luka and Mia, two of Harry's gang, wear white coats similar to Harry's.


Our old friends from the other side of the county came to stay with us once again. I know some of you have expressed a concern at how often they have joined us, but the annual donation from friend of the school Mr Sky is essential to our finances. We have committed to spending at least £20 on the playing fields around the school as a result, and I’m sure no one can argue with that.

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Probably not classic film stars, but I never understood the appeal of the Three Stooges. Did people actually pay to see those idiots? They are hideous, not funny AT ALL, terribly annoying, and with the stupidest material ever.


Sam Woolf On The Drama of The Twist and More

Garbo also terrific in "Ninotchka". Jane Powell was very talented, but outside of opera, people are generally scared of soprano voices nowadays (when Kristen Chenoweth did "The Music Man" they even lowered her keys). Powell also was a fine dancer, who was able to keep up and add a great Brooklynese character to Fred Astaire's in "Royal Wedding". She and Kathryn Grayson were groomed to be MGM's version of Deanna Durbin, whom Mayer had lost to Universal, where she became a huge star. Powell was a charming, talented asset while Grayson was kind of annoying, which helped her come off reasonably well in "Kiss Me, Kate" where she played a shrew.

Not a big fan either but as an actor he held his own against the towering Laughton in Mutiny. One of cinema's great pair of adversaries.


Cataclysm has a few sorts of trenchcoat available to find or craft, mainly useful for the multitude of pockets. Special mention goes to the survivor trenchcoat (normal or sleeveless) that experienced tailors can craft, which adds a bit more protection.

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I started reading through this post and realized I too hated a lot of "classic" film stars, actually more than I imagined. So as I read through some 369+ posts I started keeping a running list of "classic" film stars YOU guys were discussing that I also don't like/don't get/ don't whatever.


Our list of 2021’s new British TV period drama series here

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: As mentioned above, Genm's Wizard costume has a longcoat. The costume was later recycled into suits for Chronus (the series' Big Bad) and Ex-Aid's movie-exclusive VRX Gamer form.

For added BA points for Rika/Ruki, her longcoat is PASTEL YELLOW! And yet she still looks incredibly BA and awesome.


David Wayne (fellow Fox contractee who was also her most frequent male co-star) is who Monroe ends up with in HTMAM. The two were in four films together. Don't forget in HTOMAM Monroe had her most modest role as she was playing a girl who though gorgeous needs her eye glasses in order to see a thing and this was before contact lenses were on the market. He later played ELLERY QUEEN'S father in the series starring the late Jim Hutton and also played 'Big Daddy', Blanche's father on the episode of THE GOLDEN GIRLS where his character is marrying a redheaded beauty in her 30s. The late Murray Hamilton played 'Big Daddy' on another episode. Hamilton is also remembered for having played Mr. Robinson in THE GRADUATE and the slick mayor whose preoccupation was commerce in JAWS.

Another boy who has performed well this year is Master Broad. I must confess to slight surprise about this, as his father, also a pupil here, was known to behave badly at times, and once threw his satchel through a classroom window. Yet he is an example to us all as to what can be achieved with hard work and meeting the right people, as he is now an Ofsted inspector, though thankfully we are spared his attentions due to his son’s presence. I am told that he is not popular in some schools elsewhere in the region, but as we all know, those places merely have lots of money and not the same history as we do.


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Except for that one movie he was another Gene Nelson who was much better looking and had a stunning body to boot. But Nelson was too much of a Gene Kelly type who because of changing times was too late for that type of career. The gorgeous and talented Gordon Macrae was another casualty who took to drink and overeating. Just look at him in one year's time from Oklahoma to Carousel.

A trench coat, on the other hand, is usually more shaped, reaches to the knees or slightly below and the back slit generally only reaches mid-thigh or hip-level. Trench coats also usually feature a belt and epaulets. It should be noted that one way to tell if a trench coat indicates a spy or private investigator or is a Badass Longcoat is by whether it's buttoned and belted or not. A Badass Trenchcoat is never closed (unless it's on Humphrey Bogart).


OT but why do people keep referring to Kirk Douglas as a rapist. If someone is accusing him, why not do it when he's alive and can respond? He may well have done it but I'm dubious of an accuser who is waiting for him to die.

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When Adele married and moved to the UK, Fred decided to go Hollywood. In a way, it must have been hard for him. If you've always been the 2nd banana, and now it's JUST YOU! His first movie is Dancing Lady with arguably 2 of MGM's biggest stars at the time, Crawford and Gable.

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In The Dark Knight Rises, Bane rocks a fur-trimmed long coat for the second half of the film. A lot of work went into the coat, and it definitely shows.


Robert Montgomery was a popular and appealing leading man in light comedy at MGM in the 30s, but his attempt to be a "tough guy" after the War was just laughable. And nobody thought it was good enough to last (he movied into TV in the early 50s).