In a lot of ways, Dragon Ball Z is just a continuation of Dragon Ball, and is only meant to continue the storylines of Goku and friends, and of course, to invite new transformations and new fights into the series. As a matter of fact, Dragon Ball Z opens up with the Saiyan Arc, which is totally new fight choreography and you get to see a new side of Goku as he fights Vegeta for the very first time. Even though Dragon Ball Z only covers four different story arcs, it is still the most popular series of all things Dragon Ball due to its intense fights, extravagant transformations, and new enemies of the universes. There is no way to ever become bored with this series as there is always something new lurking around the corner.

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  • Due to the series’ unpopularity, Toriyama re-wrote Dragon Boy, adapting it as Dragon Ball
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It is said that once the “Buu era” ended in Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama was ready to be done with the series but Toei Animation was not allowing that to happen and wanted to continue milking the franchise and series for as long as they possibly could. Even though the series was decreasing in popularity, Toei still decided to make one last attempt at an anime-only sequel, and thus was born Dragon Ball GT.


In 1996 the company also dubbed the 5th and 6th Dragon Ball (view publisher site) Z movies into a single compilation movie entitled Dragon Ball (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=2609) Z: The Greatest Rivals. This movie was released theatrically and received an extremely limited VHS release in the Philippines. Following the release of The Greatest Rivals was a soundtrack CD and cassette titled Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z: Songs of a High Spirited Saga Volume 1 which contained the dubbed versions of songs from their dubs of the series. A second volume is said to exist, but there is currently no evidence. There is also a compilation of the 10th and 11th DBZ movies simply titled Dragon Ball Z: The Movie that was dubbed in English by Solar Entertainment and played theatrically in the Philippines in 1998. The film was later released on VHS and VCD. All of these English dubs are very obscure and were only aired once on Filipino television before being redubbed into Tagalog.

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The dub ran from the late 1980s until 2000, but only 35 episodes and two movies of Dragon Ball Z were dubbed

The anime music video (with lyrics & without credits version) of MTH’s new song, “KAMIGAMI” is now available on YouTube. This is the theme song for a Japanese anime, “Record of Ragnarok” which is now being delivered to the world exclusively on Netflix.


Bulma wants to find all of the dragon balls in order to fulfill her wish of getting a boyfriend

The band went on Oyaji-Garare (old-man robbee)Tour and after that, performed at various summer music festivals too. There were a lot of memorable shows last year!

The DVD, “Deka vs. Deka” which was informed to be released around summer wasn’t released in summer. In fact, we ran out of the budget at the end of summer and so Maximum The Ryo-kun personally invested 10 million yen! That was just a drop in the bucket, though.


Dragon ball online english patch taiwan

Dragon Ball Online press conference

Maximum the Ryokun was diagnosed as complication of lifestyle-related diseases and warned that he was going to die if he wouldn’t change his lifestyle by a medical doctor. So Maximum the Ryokun started diet and exercise, lost weight and got well.


This will be the first performance overseas after the South American Tour held about 2 years ago. MTH’s looking forward to seeing HARAPEKOs in Taiwan!

The series then took a turn for the better when Akira decided to mix in what he knew and loved all of his life. The new Dragon Ball (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=453) series then became all about the Chinese legendary novel, Journey to the West, depicting monkey king Sun Wukong. Due to the series’ unpopularity, Toriyama re-wrote Dragon Boy, adapting it as Dragon Ball (you can find out more). All of the character’s personalities were changed except for Goku.


Dragon Ball Seasons in Order

A week after finishing the tour, MTH held a charity event “Tohoku Kodomo Ouen Daisakusen” which was for raising money for East Japan Earthquake victims, especially children. With a great backing of their hometown, Hachiouji municipal government, more than 5,000 people came to the event and we could raise and donate about JPY1,200,000. MTH also went on a East Japan tour, “Futoshi, Futoshi, Futoshi 2021 Tohoku Live House Daisakusen Tour”.

She convinces him to leave with her and explore the world of the seven orbs which are the Dragon Balls

And MTH started the "Magrostick Front Tour" from January 9th. Then all the tickets for all the venues and dates got sold out on the release date.


Dragon Ball GT: 1986-1987

And the lottery was held and winners were announced. One of the prizes was a "sleepover party with MTH" at MTH fans' house and it was conducted wonderfully.

Nowadays, it is “ESSENTIAL” to wear masks. And MTH arranged them in their own way in two different styles; authentic Cottelee black mask (1 out of 3 designs) and stylish Assalee white mask and put them in a package with the final release, “LUST” (8 to 9 songs included) from the 2nd store, Coronanamolemomo!


So, we are looking forward to your continued support in 2021! And we wish you another Menkata Kotteri Year!

Main text is now fully translated. More informations in the readme.


Before the release, there was an exciting web event for the music video premiere of the first song from this album. We asked you to search the words on the internet we indicated to find the right one to win a chance to see the video. And when the album was released, we had a "Back Cover Campaign" and asked you to show the back cover of the album to the sales clerks when you buy it to win a prize. We really appreciate the support of the CD stores.

This song was composed as “Part II” of the song, “Maximum the Hormone” released 7 and a half years ago. How will the next stage of MTH who have had the belief of “Menkata Cottelee” be!


So, everyone has a chance to win! We want to see your form of love to the band!

In Summer, the band performed at many festivals. Our new “ritual”, Chitsu Jump shook venues with tens of thousands of audiences. In October, MTH visited South Korea for the first time in 3 years and toured with Perfume. And they went to the US for the first time in 6 years to perform at KNOTFEST and to do shows in NY. MTH members and supporting staff were all very much impressed because the international Harapeko fans highly and warmly welcomed the band.