On Rocket To Nebula we get the same kind of stream-of-consciousness type lyricism we know from Killah Priest, filled with his characteristic abstract metaphysical musings and slick subliminals. Musically, this album is totally different from his best works though – there are no bass-heavy beats to be found here, in fact, the whole album is practically drumless. The instrumentals on Rocket To Nebula are very low-key, offering dream-like backdrops to Killah Priest’s lyrics and his conversational-style delivery, which makes listening to this album something akin to a meditative experience.

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Somebody, somewhere along the way made a boo-boo just to make all of the average-minded people feel better. It is true, Einstein was rejected after his first attempt to apply for the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, but bear in mind that he was only 16 years old.


Lifeguards - Mist King Urth

My Sister’s Grave ebook pdf summary: Tracy Crosswhite has spent twenty years questioning the facts surrounding her sister Sarah’s disappearance and the murder trial that followed. She doesn’t believe that Edmund House—a convicted rapist and the man condemned for Sarah’s murder—is the guilty party. Motivated by the opportunity to obtain real justice, Tracy became a homicide detective with.

Top 5 album of 2008 Hip Hop

When George Washington was six years old he received a wonderful birthday gift from his father — a hatchet. His father, Augustine Washington, was a landowner, and a highly thought of in Virginia as a justice of the peace. Augustine instilled his strong values in his six children, including young George.


The truth is that Washington definitely wore dentures, but they were most certainly not made of wood. It’s true that he did carve teeth to repair his dentures, but they were mostly made of ivory and gold. The fact that the myth prevails comes from the fact that his teeth were constantly stained with wine.

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The 10 Most Haunted Hotels in Texas

The Allegory is another great Royce Da 5’9″ album. Royce is one of the rare emcees that gets better with age. Nobody will dispute the fact that Royce is one of the most complete emcees in the game, and has been ever since he debuted on Eminem’s Slim Shady LP in 1999.

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Over the course of 10 years, Wiseman followed the lives of 400 subjects of all ages and professions. He found them after he placed ads in newspapers asking for people who thought of themselves as very lucky or very unlucky. He had them keep diaries and perform tests in addition to checking in on their lives with interviews and observations. In one study, he asked subjects to look through a newspaper and count the number of photographs inside. The people who labeled themselves as generally unlucky took about two minutes to complete the task. The people who considered themselves as generally lucky took an average of a few seconds. Wiseman had placed a block of text printed in giant, bold letters on the second page of the newspaper that read, “Stop counting.


Here is how it worked: Somewhere inside the vast machinery of war a commander would stumble into a problem. That commander would then send a request to the head of the Panel who would then assign the task to the group he thought would best be able to resolve the issue. Scientists in that group would then travel to Washington and meet with top military personnel and advisors and explain to them how they might go about solving the problem. It was like calling technical support, except you called a computational genius who then invented a new way of understanding the world through math in an effort to win a global conflict for control of the planet.

Listen Mist King Urth by Lifeguards on the Qobuz Webplayer

Anime, Trauma & Divorce is not on par with Open Mike Eagle’s best albums Dark Comedy (2021) and Brick Body Kids Still Daydream (2021), but it’s an interesting album nonetheless. Enjoyability will largely depend on relatability, especially people who find themselves in similar states of being will feel this one, on others it may have less impact. Seeing as 2021 has been a rough year for humanity as a whole, Anime, Trauma & Divorce feels like an album for today, even if personal experiences of individual listeners may not correlate exactly with Open Mike Eagle’s struggles. One of Open Mike Eagle’s strengths has always been being introspective while simultaneously keeping the vibe light-hearted in a way – Anime, Trauma & Divorce is a typical Open Mike Eagle album in that regard, even if his usual sense of humor does not coat up the sadness of some of these lyrics so easily.


Wiseman speculated that what we call luck is actually a pattern of behaviors that coincide with a style of understanding and interacting with the events and people you encounter throughout life. Unlucky people are narrowly focused, he observed. They crave security and tend to be more anxious, and instead of wading into the sea of random chance open to what may come, they remain fixated on controlling the situation, on seeking a specific goal. As a result, they miss out on the thousands of opportunities that may float by. Lucky people tend to constantly change routines and seek out new experiences. Wiseman saw that the people who considered themselves lucky, and who then did actually demonstrate luck was on their side over the course of a decade, tended to place themselves into situations where anything could happen more often and thus exposed themselves to more random chance than did unlucky people. The lucky try more things, and fail more often, but when they fail they shrug it off and try something else.

Anime, Trauma & Divorce is Los Angeles artist Open Mike Eagle’s most personal project to date. The album details what Open Mike Eagle referred to as the worst year of his life. The album tackles a range of Mike’s struggles in life such as divorcing his wife, and the discomfort and trauma he experienced while trying to deal with these upheavals in his life.


Volunteering on the Camino

Apollo Brown’s signature style of soulful, boom-bap production has become a staple in the 2010s. The number of top-quality projects he has put his stamp on in this decade is amazing.

ShrapKnel features guest appearances from Castle, Zilla Rocca, Googie, Henry Canyons, and billy woods, adding to the lyrical variety brought on by PremRock’s smooth delivery and Castro’s more aggressive growl. The way they trade rhymes is dope as f, the boom-bap rhythms and deliveries fit with ELUCID’s more industrial/experimental touches. ShrapKnel‘s all-around vibe is reminiscent of the best releases in the heyday of DefJux around the turn of the millennium, a great recommendation of course. The album starts off strong with the brilliantly titled “Ghostface Targaryean” and doesn’t let up. Don’t sleep on ShrapKnel – another gem out of Backwoodz Studioz, one of the most interesting record labels out there today.


Foals - What Went Down

A big risk, especially because King’s Disease is such a short album – at a mere 38 minutes, there’s really no room for misses. So it has to be said that the inclusion of a bunch of poppy tracks results in King’s Disease being a bit of a mixed bag. Those who don’t think autotune is f*cking awful will be alright, others will have to skip a couple of tracks.

As always, it’s all about KRS-One’s rhymes. His voice is unique and still as powerful as it has ever been. His eloquence and articulateness are unparalleled. His rhyme-structuring is one of a kind and his lyrical content is always relevant and thought-provoking. Lyrically, few have ever been able to touch KRS One. Just listen to tracks like “Murder We Just Saw” and “Don’t Fall For It” – classic KRS.


A stacked features list, but a carefully curated one – none of these artists feel out of place here. They were invited because they are all perfectly in tune with the Armand Hammer aesthetic, and not for marketing purposes as we so often see in more mainstream rap releases (think Wale showing up on a Westside Gunn album, or Ed Sheeran appearing on Eminem’s latest).

To make matters worse they appeared to be far off from their designated target and attempted to land in a crater field. Fuel was down to 30 seconds, and Armstrong’s heart rate skyrocketed to 150 bpm.


Most Haunted Hotels in Texas Comments Feed

With Public Enemy, Paris, and Arrested Development all dropping new quality albums, September 25 2021 truly proved to be a memorable day for conscious Hip Hop, showing that Hip Hop as an art form still is perfectly suited to bring a meaningful message the people. Both Public Enemy and Paris dropped albums that are among their best since their work in the 1990s, and the same can be said unreservedly about this Arrested Development project.

But it’s the completion of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and three others on July 4, 1776, that is the cause for celebration. Even that day was without fanfare, however, as the first fireworks didn’t go off until July 8, and it took until 1777 for all the signers to place their John Hancock’s on the document.


Add Labour Of Love II by UB40 to your favorites list

The battle slowed the Spanish advance toward Mexico City and, even though the Mexican army lost battles shortly thereafter, the victory galvanized Mexican forces. The only problem is the battle wasn’t against the Spanish, and Mexico had already been an independent nation for over 50 years.

Lagu el camino the black keys


It was replaced in 1787 by the Constitution, which still in effect today. Both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution gave controlling power of the purse, and the ability to pass laws, to Congress, which has come to be thought of as “the great American experiment,” except it wasn’t a new concept at all.

Only 47 of the 102 passengers aboard the Mayflower survived to see their first spring in North America. Squanto did arrive and show the pilgrims how to plant crops, and it was a blessing that he spoke English (having been captured previously by an English sea Captain).


Buy and download Mist King Urth by Lifeguards

The Beauty Of It is in the same lane as Westside Gunn’s Pray For Paris, but better. Despite the fact that every track was produced by a different producer, the album sounds entirely cohesive. The Beauty Of It is one of this year’s best albums in the neo-boom-bap / noir niche, together with Boldy James’ The Price Of Tea In China and ANKHLEJOHN’s The Face Of Jason.

These masters of math moved their families across the country, some across an ocean, so they could work together. As they unpacked, the theaters in their new hometowns replaced posters for Citizen Kane with those for Casablanca, and the newspapers they unwrapped from photo frames and plates featured stories still unraveling the events at Pearl Harbor. Many still held positions at universities. Others left those sorts of jobs to think deeply in one of the many groups that worked for the armed forces, free of any other obligations aside from checking in on their families at night and feeding their brains during the day. All paused their careers and rushed to enlist so they could help crush Hitler, not with guns and brawn, but with integers and exponents.


Scholars largely maintain that Newton was having a little fun with the truth when he told this story, and actually his versions never included the apple falling on his head. However, scholars also agree that the apple tree, which still exists and grows apples to this day, did indeed have a profound impact on his discovery of gravity.

They expected to die because it always felt like the chances of surviving the next bombing run were about the same as running shirtless across a football field swarming with angry hornets and making it unharmed to the other side. You might make it across once, but if you kept running back and forth, eventually your luck would run out. Any advantage the mathematicians could provide, even a very small one, would make a big difference day after day, mission after mission.


Armstrong destroyed a circuit while putting his hulking space suit on, then prepared to descend the latter. Then he uttered a phrase for the ages, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” which was not what he meant to say.

Ford was able to afford these high wages, however, because his factories were spitting out Model Ts at the rate of one every two-and-a-half hours. The Model T also featured inexpensive interchangeable parts that made it highly affordable and easy to repair. While Ford’s creation absolutely revolutionized the automobile industry, it most certainly was not the first car ever invented.


It is easy to do. After any process that leaves behind survivors, the non-survivors are often destroyed or muted or removed from your view. If failures becomes invisible, then naturally you will pay more attention to successes. Not only do you fail to recognize that what is missing might have held important information, you fail to recognize that there is missing information at all.

NYPD Red chases a ruthless murderer with an uncontrollable lust for money–and blood. It’s another glamorous night in the heart of Manhattan: at a glitzy movie premiere, a gorgeous starlet, dressed to the nines and dripping in millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry on loan, makes her way past a horde of fans and paparazzi.


Freddie Gibbs comes with organic and vivid lyricism from beginning to end, supported by The Alchemist’s flawless instrumentals. Alfredo is paced and sequenced perfectly, and is over before you know it – which leads to the only complaint and the only reason it is not ranked even higher here: Alfredo is just too short. Other than that: Alfredo is a continuation of Freddie Gibbs’ winning streak and another rap-noir masterpiece, a project that deserves to mentioned in the same breath as Pinata and Bandana.

His solo debut The Preface is a top 5 album of 2008 Hip Hop. In 2021 he cemented his reputation as a top-class emcee with the Elmatic mixtape, his brilliant re-working of Nas’ Illmatic. In 2021 he continued he run of excellent releases with Lead Poison, the most personal album he has released to date. Two years later he teamed up with Khrysis to form Jericho Jackson, under that name they released a critically acclaimed self-titled banger, one of the best albums released in 2021. In 2021 Elzhi returns with his third full-length studio album: Seven Times Down Eight Times Up.


Music and Cancer 4 Cure were released within weeks of each other, the two decided to tour together. The success of the tour eventually led to the decision to form Run The Jewels.

But OK – let’s take A Written Testimony not for what it is billed like (a Jay Electronica album), but for what it is: a collaborative album from Jay Electronica and Jay-Z. So, now we know what A Written Testimony really is – is it any good?


It seems that, even in the mythological sense, people understand that the relationship between Native Americans and Pilgrims wasn’t always cordial. But, most believe that the first Thanksgiving was a fun-loving feast shared between two different people.

Every new Nas album has to be greeted with a certain amount of reticence – Nas is one of those artists who has become notorious for his bad ear for beats (similar to other elite emcees like Eminem and Canibus, just to name two). On King’s Disease, there’s a synergy between Nas’ lyricism and the instrumentals that is missing on a lot of his other albums. King’s Disease is not perfect, but it definitely is Nas’ best effort since Life Is Good (2021), way superior to the disappointing Nasir (2021) and the mediocre-at-best The Lost Tapes 2 (2021). His pen game and lyrical performance on King’s Disease are as strong as ever and Hit Boy’s easy-listening beats, for the most part, do justice to Nas’s introspective rhymes.


The Ink Spots Retrospective

Edison was also highly convincing people that he invented the light bulb, as he was extremely outspoken on the matter. He then went on a tour touting his DC brand of electricity. His rival, Nokolai Tesla, preferred AC, or “alternating current” power (which is what is used today). But, to prove it was more dangerous, Edison used AC power to electrocute an elephant.

Spirit World Field Guide is Aesop Rock STILL at the peak of his game, an incredible feat after 25 years in the game. This album proves it is still possible to create a one-hour album, without features, that manages to captivate from start to finish AND that has lots of replay value. For the short attention span crowd it may all be too much, but those who can deal with lengthy immersive listening experiences will LOVE Spirit World Field Guide.


With Manger On McNichols, Detroit emcee Boldy James continued his 2021 winning streak. Only a few months after his collaborative album with top-producer The Alchemist, the excellent The Price Of Tea In China, Boldy James dropped this completely different but equally captivating project.

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Simply put, survivorship bias is your tendency to focus on survivors instead of whatever you would call a non-survivor depending on the situation. Sometimes that means you tend to focus on the living instead of the dead, or on winners instead of losers, or on successes instead of failures. In Wald’s problem, the military focused on the planes that made it home and almost made a terrible decision because they ignored the ones that got shot down.


With instrumentals from renowned boom-bap beat crafters such as Giallo Point, Stu Bangas, Vic Grimes, and Bronze Nazareth and guest appearances from Block Mccloud, Nowaah The Flood, Eamon, Vast Aire, Recognize Ali and others, As Above So Below fits right in with the rest of Vinnie Paz’s discography. Gritty, hard-edged lyrics and boom-bap beats are what we have come to expect from Vinnie Paz, and gritty, hard-edged lyrics and boom-bap beats are what we get. Stand-out cuts include the rock-infused first single “I Am The Chaos“, the hardbody boom-bap gem “Silician Bull”, and the emotional tribute to his father “Spilled Milk”, but there are a lot more dope tracks on offer. A couple of the hooks and some of the features could’ve been better, but at 18 tracks and almost an hour of playing time a few weaker moments are to be expected.

Explore Niche Places with Tania Veitch Feed

Recognize Ali is one of the most prolific emcees in the game these days. He is one everybody’s album as a featured artist, and Recognition is his third full-length release of the year – following the solid Duelling Experts project (as Duelling Experts, with Verbal Kent), and the boom-bap banger Guerilla Dynasty, a collaborative project with producer Stu Bangas.

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Between Da Protest is KRS-One’s 23rd album, and the release of it could hardly have been more underhyped. Dropping an album in the last two weeks of December (even KRS One has his own reasons for this specific release date) is not the best move to make from a marketing and promotion point of view. Considering the total lack of pre-hype and the timing of this release it’s almost like KRS-One is asking for not being noticed.


D Smoke - Black Habits

With over 20 years in the game, Detroit’s 42-year old ‘syllable sensei’ Elzhi can rightfully be called a veteran at this point. He joined Slum Village shortly after J Dilla’s departure, and the projects he has done with Slum Village starting with 2002’s Trinity: Past, Present And Future are all solid enough. But it is his solo catalog that is truly exceptional.

If you spend your life only learning from survivors, buying books about successful people and poring over the history of companies that shook the planet, your knowledge of the world will be strongly biased and enormously incomplete. As best I can tell, here is the trick: When looking for advice, you should look for what not to do, for what is missing as Phil Plait suggested, but don’t expect to find it among the quotes and biographical records of people whose signals rose above the noise. They may have no idea how or if they lucked up. What you can’t see, and what they can’t see, is that the successful tend to make it more probable that unlikely events will happen to them while trying to steer themselves into the positive side of randomness. They stick with it, remaining open to better opportunities that may require abandoning their current paths, and that’s something you can start doing right now without reading a single self-help proverb, maxim, or aphorism. Also, keep in mind that those who fail rarely get paid for advice on how not to fail, which is too bad because despite how it may seem, success boils down to serially avoiding catastrophic failure while routinely absorbing manageable damage.


Pray For Paris features WSG’s Griselda family Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher along with Grammy-winner Tyler, the Creator, Wale, Joey Bada$$, Freddie Gibbs, Roc Marciano, Boldy James, Billie Essco, Joyce Wrice, Keisha Plum and Cartier A Williams. Pray For Paris also marks WSG’s first-time collaboration with DJ Premier (for “Shawn vs Flair”, arguably the best track on the album), with additional production-work from Tyler, the Creator, Alchemist, Daringer, DJ Muggs, Jay Versace, and others. Westside Gunn obviously knows he needs other voices on his album to keep his own presence from getting too tiresome, and you can’t go wrong with Conway and Benny (who has an epic verse on “George Bondo”), nor with Freddie Gibbs, Roc Marciano, and Joey Bada$$. Wale and Tyler, The Creator are more ‘surprising’ guests but they also deliver – it’s not a stretch to say the features are the strongest part of the album (along with the stellar production).

If you consider going to war with Britain, Russia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, and Italy overly aggressive, then you’re absolutely right. Napoleon’s ambitions came from French ideas of “grandeur” and “elan,” or a defining fighting spirit that led them to conquest. But when Napoleon’s height was measured just before his death on May 5, 1821, and historians are quick to point out that he was only 5 feet 2 inches tall.


KRS-One is one of the Hip Hop GOATs, anybody willing to dispute that claim doesn’t know Hip Hop, it’s as simple as that. A new KRS-One album should be a big event in Hip Hop, but it hasn’t been for a long time.

Quakers II: The Next Wave is an interesting album, remarkedly consistent and cohesive – despite the input of so many different collaborators. This is another Stones Throw winner.


Listen What Went Down by Foals on the Qobuz Webplayer

Jazzy Vibes is a 10-track project by Polish beatmaker Emapea and Kid Abstrakt, a member of the group Revolutionary Rhythm from Los Angeles, CA with Predominance & DJ Million Faces. This album is a throwback to ’90s Golden Age Hip Hop with a 2021 spin, with mellow, jazz-infused production and boom-bap style beats, rhymes, and cuts & scratches.

Explore Niche Places Is Off On A New Adventure

Spilligion follows and builds on Spillage Village’s Bears Like This trilogy. Because of the hype surrounding Earthgang and especially JID in recent times, this project has the potential to be a mainstream success, even if it sounds different from most things these artists have done before, individually or together. Spilligion is more eclectic, more atmospheric, more mature. Spilligion‘s overall feel is contemplative and melancholic but somehow upbeat at the same time. It offers positive, uplifting vibes in a troubled world, with clever use of religious imagery in order to critique things like today’s America and organized religion. It really is a perfect album for the dark times we are living through right now.


Patch blocker black ops

You must remind yourself that when you start to pick apart winners and losers, successes and failures, the living and dead, that by paying attention to one side of that equation you are always neglecting the other. If you are thinking about opening a restaurant because there are so many successful restaurants in your hometown, you are ignoring the fact that only successful restaurants survive to become examples. Maybe on average 90 percent of restaurants in your city fail in the first year. You can’t see all those failures because when they fail they also disappear from view.

As with the torpedo problem, the top brass explained what they knew, and the Panel presented the problem to Wald and his group. How, the Army Air Force asked, could they improve the odds of a bomber making it home? Military engineers explained to the statistician that they already knew the allied bombers needed more armor, but the ground crews couldn’t just cover the planes like tanks, not if they wanted them to take off. The operational commanders asked for help figuring out the best places to add what little protection they could. It was here that Wald prevented the military from falling prey to survivorship bias, an error in perception that could have turned the tide of the war if left unnoticed and uncorrected.


Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics Nani Iro 2021 Category Feed

In April 2021, Greg asked Jonas for the audio from the session. When Greg sent Serengeti the completed track a few weeks later, they liked it and decided to make a full-length album. While Serengeti wrote lyrics, Greg produced some classical-and-Broadway-inspired tracks. Each time Serengeti received a new track in his inbox, instead of listening to it first, he would immediately press record and record his verses.

The truth is, very few slaves were actually freed as a result of the Emancipation Proclamation. Slavery had already been abolished in the Northern States, and the document did not apply to Southern states that remained loyal to the union (Maryland, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Delaware).


Spilligion is the major-label (Dreamville/Interscope) debut album by Hip Hop collective Spillage Village. The collective consists of EarthGang, JID, Hollywood JB, Jurdan Bryant, Mereba, 6LACK & Benji. The album features guest appearances from Ant Clemons, Ari Lennox, Buddy, Chance the Rapper, Masego, Lucky Daye, and Big Rube.

Not for everybody maybe, but those with an appreciation for live drums, funky and jazzy vibes, and stream-of-consciousness type flows are in for a treat. While the 17-minute improvisation “I Got Your Password” is the inspiration and obvious centerpiece, the compositions Serengeti and Greg Saunier created to turn their synergistic improv piece into a full-length project are all great.


Most Terrifying Haunted Roads In Texas

Even more than the first album, Marlowe 2 isn’t easy or straightforward. It may take a few spins to truly appreciate, but those willing and able to give this album the attention it deserves will find that Marlowe 2 is one of the best Hip Hop albums of the year.

Smith, M. D, Wiseman, R. & Harris, P. (2000). The relationship between ‘luck’ and psi. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 94, 25-36.


Survivorship bias also flash-freezes your brain into a state of ignorance from which you believe success is more common than it truly is and therefore you leap to the conclusion that it also must be easier to obtain. You develop a completely inaccurate assessment of reality thanks to a prejudice that grants the tiny number of survivors the privilege of representing the much larger group to which they originally belonged.

Remember the name, Mason Locke Weems, because he’s responsible for perpetuating one of the most prevailing myths in American history. When Washington died in 1799, people were pining for stories about him, and Weems is quoted as saying, “My plan! I give his history, sufficiently minute.


Labour Of Love II

The first year was difficult for the Pilgrims, and many considered going back to Europe. But Native Americans from the Wampanoag and Patuxet Tribe, namely Squanto, showed the Pilgrims how to grow crops, and the Plymouth Colony was saved because of their cooperation. To commemorate their first year of collaboration, the Wampanoag and Pilgrims joined for a feast that became immortalized as Thanksgiving.

For his application, Einstein wrote an essay titled, “Über die Untersuchung des Ätherzustandes im magnetischen Felde (On the Investigation of the State of the Ether in a Magnetic Field)”. He was 16. And, he had enough of a handle on physics to dive into theoretical elements most can’t even fathom. So why did people think he wasn’t a good student?


Colleagues described Wald as gentle and kind, and as a genius unsurpassed in his areas of expertise. His contributions, said one peer, had “produced a decisive turn in method and purpose” in the social sciences. Born in Hungary in 1902, the son of a Jewish baker, Wald spent his childhood studying equations, eventually working his way up through academia to become a graduate student at the University of Vienna where the great mathematician Karl Menger mentored him. He was the sort of student who offered suggestions on how to improve the books he was reading, and then saw to it those suggestions were incorporated into later editions.

When Blu is in top form, there are not a lot of artists out there better than him. Unfortunately, with a series of decent-at-best projects he hasn’t been in top form for large parts of his career.


Six years later he died, and his body was measured by members of his entourage. But they used an English yardstick, which was longer than the French one. Historians agree that the 5 feet 2 inches tall measurement they recorded was incorrect, and he was really 5 feet 6 inches tall, which was one inch off the average height in those days.

Chump Change ebook pdf summary: Sometimes it’s the things you don’t do that come back to haunt you, just as surely as some questions are best left unanswered. When “Leo” is the last word a stranger speaks, the Seattle private eye launches himself into a search for answers.


Having featured Jay-Z so heavily (and he kills most of his verses here), is like the student getting help from his favorite professor to get his project out – after all that anticipation and hype it does feel kind of anticlimactic and disappointing not to finally get that real Jay Electronica album. In fact, it’s safe to say Jay Electronica STILL doesn’t have a solo album.

Wiseman told Skeptical Inquirer magazine that he likened it to setting loose two people inside an apple orchard, each tasked with filling up their baskets as many times as possible. The unlucky person tends to go to the same few spots over and over again, the basket holding fewer apples each visit. The lucky person never visits the same spot twice, and that person’s basket is always full. Change those apples to experiences, and imagine a small portion of those experiences lead to fame, fortune, riches, or some other form of happiness material or otherwise, and you can see that chance is not as terrifying as it first appears, you just need to learn how to approach it.


Buy We Four - The Best of the Ink Spots by The Ink Spots on Qobuz.com

Let’s start out with what you’ve been told, Napoleon conquered Europe to make up for the fact that he was short. One thing is true, Napoleon’s insatiable thirst for conquering land could be characterized as, “overly aggressive or domineering social behavior,” which is in the definition of a Napoleon complex.

It might seem disheartening, the fact that successful people probably owe more to luck than anything else, but only if you see luck as some sort of magic. Take off those superstitious goggles for a moment, and consider this: the latest psychological research indicates that luck is a long mislabeled phenomenon. It isn’t a force, or grace from the gods, or an enchantment from fairy folk, but the measurable output of a group of predictable behaviors. Randomness, chance, and the noisy chaos of reality may be mostly impossible to predict or tame, but luck is something else. According to psychologist Richard Wiseman, luck – bad or good – is just what you call the results of a human being consciously interacting with chance, and some people are better at interacting with chance than others.


This invasion leads to a complete destruction of the bunker and only one dead soldier from the 20 person team. An amazingly successful endeavor. Unless you are the one soldier who was shot through the head running up the hill. From his standpoint, rapidly ascending to the spirit world, it seems like a gigantic waste and a terrible order, but we will never hear his side of things. We will only hear from the guys who survived, how it was tough going until they made it over the rise. How it was sad to lose one guy, but they knew that they would make it. They just had a feeling.

While DMX remains top dog of the Ruff Ryder family hierarchy, the emergence Eve, the Lox, and in-house producer Swizz Beatz has expedited the label's transformation from a once-emerging force into a hip-hop powerhouse of the late '90s and early '00s. The next wave of the double R movement is Drag-On, and title of his debut, The Opposite of H2O, refers to his self-acclaimed lyrical zest. Drag's high voltage persona but juvenile rhyme schemes are most pressing when aligned with his Ruff Ryders cohorts: "Here We Go" featuring Eve, "Niggas Die 4 Me" featuring DMX, and "Ready for War" featuring the Lox. But in a most unenviable catch-22, Drag's lyrical deficiencies are also magnified by these groupings, as inept solo tracks "Ladies 2000" and "Groundhog's Day" reveal an emcee who is still very codependent on his crew. Overall, Opposite of H2O crashes and burns.


During nearly two decades of war with the French Emperor, the British waged a propaganda campaign that constantly depicted Napoleon as short. In fact, he was a little bit on the smaller side, as he was originally commissioned as an artillery officer because he was shorter than most. After Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, he was exiled to St. Helena Island.

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The Department, ahem, the Panel, was created because the United States needed help. A surge of new technology had flooded into daily life, and the same wonders that years earlier drove ticket sales to the World’s Fair were now cracking open cities. Numbers and variables now massed into scenarios far too complex to solve with maps and binoculars. The military realized it faced problems that no soldier had ever confronted. No best practices yet existed for things like rockets and radar stations and aircraft carriers. The most advanced computational devices available were clunky experiments made of telephone switches or vacuum tubes. A calculator still looked like the mutant child of an old-fashioned cash register and a mechanical typewriter. If you wanted solutions to the newly unfathomable problems of modern combat you needed powerful number crunchers, and in 1941 the world’s most powerful number crunchers ran on toast and coffee.


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Following up Holy Fire can’t have been easy. And to do so, Foals fling themselves headlong into a rock ‘n’ roll tsunami. With What Went Down, the Oxford gang retain their unique rock essence whilst also aiming for a wider audience. This, their fourth studio album, is undoubtedly another radical change for the band. In reaching a larger public, one might think that Yannis Philippakis and his band would have to sell their souls to the devil. The truth is quite to the contrary. What Went Down possesses a sound that hits home at the end of the first listen; the album’s guitars are rhythmic, colossal as mountains. The title track, in particular, is a force that sweeps away everything in its path, helpfully aided by the vocal charisma of Philippakis. Dark and oppressive, the album never loses sight of the importance of song structure. Raw power is an asset, a weapon for Foals, and never simply an end in itself.

This Bandcamp blurb tells the story of this project. BRASS is one of the most unique and intriguing listens of the year, a great feat in a year with A LOT of excellent ‘left-field’ Hip Hop albums. Moor Mother and billy woods have great chemistry together, and they recruited exactly the right artists for the guest spots on this project.


He was contemplating the Moon and Earth, and the relationship between their size and motion. He took a seat on a bench underneath an apple tree, and as an apple fell from the tree and hit his head he had a “eureka” moment. The earth had drawn the apple toward the earth using gravity.

It’s time to set the record straight and debunk the lies your history teacher taught you

The Allegory offers fire production mostly done by Royce himself, grade A wordplay, thought-provoking content, well-placed guest spots (from Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, Benny The Butcher, Vince Staples, KXNG Crooked, DJ Premier, and others), and expert sequencing – this album was put together JUST RIGHT. Some skits could have been left off, and some of the messages are questionable (the anti-vaccination sentiments are controversial, to say the least) – but these are minor niggles. Stand out tracks include “I Don’t Age”, “Tricked”, “FUBU”, “Thou Shall”, Upside Down”, “Pendulum”, “On The Block”, “Young World”, and “Hero” – but most of the album slaps.


You succumb to survivorship bias because you are innately terrible with statistics. For instance, if you seek advice from a very old person about how to become very old, the only person who can provide you an answer is a person who is not dead. The people who made the poor health choices you should avoid are now resting in the earth and can’t tell you about those bad choices anymore. That’s why it’s difficult not to furrow your brow and wonder why you keep paying for a gym membership when Willard Scott showcases the birthday of a 110-year-old woman who claims the source of her longevity is a daily regimen of cigarillos, cheese sticks, and Wild Turkey cut with maple syrup and Robitussin. You miss that people like her represent a very small number of the living. They are on the thin end of a bell curve. There is a much larger pool of people who basically drank bacon grease for breakfast and didn’t live long enough to appear on television. Most people can’t chug bourbon and gravy for a lifetime and expect to become an octogenarian, but the unusually lucky handful who can tend to stand out precisely because they are alive and talking.

The lyrics on Safe Space Invaders are as vital and fiery as they are on all his other albums, arguably even more so. The beats on the album could have been better here and there, but Safe Space Invaders is all about Paris’ hard rhymes. In this year of extreme political discord and social unrest, the militant Safe Space Invaders is an incendiary but genuine statement. Whether you agree with the blistering condemnations made by Paris on Safe Space Invaders or not, there is no denying the power and urgency of this album.


Creature from the Black Lagoon

Like There Existed an Addiction to Blood, Visions of Bodies Being Burned is far from a casual listen, with its genre-bending and its boundary-pushing blend of ambient, industrial, techno, noise, and Hip Hop – the horror-theme adding to the uncanny and hallucinatory vibe that is consistently maintained from start to finish. It’s an album to immerse yourself in – the dark and ominous atmosphere is intense to the point it’s truly chilling. Listen to this album on good headphones, in the dark, and you’ll be in for a disturbing and resonating meditative experience – Visions of Bodies Being Burned will make you feel anxious and uncomfortable but excited and delighted at the same time.

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Considering this information, where would you put the extra armor? Naturally, the commanders wanted to put the thicker protection where they could clearly see the most damage, where the holes clustered. But Wald said no, that would be precisely the wrong decision.

Those familiar with ELUCID’s other work will know there’s never anything standard or run-off-the-mill about his approach to Hip Hop, the involvement of The Lasso pretty much ensures Don’t Play It Straight is a project for a niche-audience. Bold and daring in its musicality, Don’t Play It Straight may bear some similarities in its experimentalism with what ELUCID’s been doing with billy woods as Armand Hammer, but ultimately it’s very much its own beast. The Lasso’s instrumentals create an even more psychedelic vibe than what we are used to with ELUCID’s other works, the sounds are more disordered too – but it works.


In 1666, a 22-year-old Isaac Newton was walking around his mother’s garden at their family home in Lincolnshire, England. Newton was slightly annoyed that he couldn’t contemplate the mysteries of the universe at Cambridge where he worked, as an outbreak of the plague had caused an evacuation.