The goal of the Office of Contract Implementation (OCI) is to assist in making the educational experience better for all CMSD scholars by improving relationships and work conditions for the adults who lead, teach, and collaborate on behalf of our schools. We represent the District in the shared commitment to a collaborative working relationship with members of the Cleveland Teachers Union (CTU) and Cleveland Council of Administrators and Supervisors (CCAS) through each Executive Board Team.

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Joe Biden signed an executive order this week that makes transgender surgery free for the military. From now on US taxpayers will pay for the medical procedures and surgery for transgender candidates.


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In an in-universe example, in Equestria: A History Revealed, the Lemony Narrator considers everything to be a symbol, such as religious allegory. Even certain word choice from ancient sources. She spent three paragraphs analyzing the meaning behind the inclusion of the word hellfire before concluding that it meant an evil fire.

STC Affiliated Artist Patrick Page invites you to experience the evolution of evil in Shakespeare’s villains—from rogues and cutthroats to tyrants and sociopaths. Lovingly nicknamed “The Villain of Broadway” (Playbill) for his delicious Broadway performances in roles like The Grinch (Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical) and Scar (The Lion King), and fresh from his Tony Award–nominated performance as Hades (Hadestown), Patrick Page explores how Shakespeare created the treacherous characters we all love to hate. This mesmerizing solo performance is available online only, and STC subscribers will have the exclusive opportunity to talk directly with Patrick in special live, post-show conversations.


Pinoy hip-hop culture was recently captured by the award-winning film Respeto, which features a cast of local rap stars, including well-known Pasig MC Abra as the main protagonist. In addition to depicting local battle rap and dance culture, the film tackles weighty issues like President Duterte’s internationally-condemned war on drugs, the generational effects of martial law by the Marcos Administration in the '70s, and life in the informal settlements of Metro (going here) Manila.

Fox News reporter Gillian Turner revealed Thursday that Gen. Daniel R. Hokanson, penned a letter opposing a further stay of thousands of his National Guard troops in DC, yet was ignored by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, referred to as ‘the guy that runs that outfit over there’ by a president who cannot remember his name or that of the building he works in.


Zilpha Keatley Snyder's Green-Sky Trilogy has Raamo, the young Ol-zhaan priest who while denying that he is holy, becomes increasingly otherworldly throughout the books, until the inevitable happens and he plunges into the abyss with the weapon he brought there to destroy. The two races of Green-sky unite and make peace in his name. Readers complained, and an amazing video game sequel ensued.

Everyone Is Jesus In Purgatory

Scientists from University College London (UCL) believe they have finally cracked the puzzle using 3D computer modelling. They have recreated the entire front panel, and now hope to build a full-scale replica of the Antikythera using modern materials.


Recipient of the 2021 Regional Theatre Tony Award, STC’s mission is to create innovative productions that inspire dialogue and connect classic works to the modern human experience. The Company focuses on works with profound ideas, complex characters and poetic language written by Shakespeare and others—ambitious, enduring plays with universal themes—for all audiences. At this time of transition, the Company’s mission evolves with a three-year initiative to produce family-friendly theater during the holidays, and an expansion of the definition of “classic” to include playwrights previously excluded from the canon, with a renewed commitment to high-quality, exhilarating, inclusive theater.

Filipinos have been making waves in rap since the genre’s earliest days. New York's Joe Bataan dropped "Rap-O Clap-O" in 1979 and Portland's Nasty Nes helped form the Nastymix label that launched Sir Mix-a-Lot's career in ‘83. Their contributions are still powerful, with Canadian artists like Manila Grey and Killy blowing up, and Cali emcees like P-Lo, Ruby Ibarra, and Bambu making waves. Many of these artists often speak to and take inspiration from their homeland on the opposite side of the world, and this island nation has a serious rap game of its own.


Roy Batty in Blade Runner is rather Christlike, in that he saves Deckard in the end. If so, he's a very Gnostic Christ, with Tyrell as a fallible and imperfect God. It needs to be pointed out that Deckard is saved from death by Roy Batty's bloody, nail-pierced hand. After Deckard is safe from danger, Batty "gives up his spirit" by letting go of the white dove he's been clutching. Say what you will about professors over-analyzing for symbolism, but this film's Jesus Christ posing is obvious and intentional, so consider also Messianic Archetype.

About DC Metro Theater Arts

These tendencies we see explored throughout the series. And that got me thinking: Maybe I’m missing something. Now to explain what I mean, we have to Season 1 Episode 5: We’re treated to the world inside Carl’s dream. Within this reconstruction, Carl shows envy of Jimmy’s intelligence, and places himself as the genius of Retroville. When questioned by the real Jimmy, he responds with immediate aggression. On a subconscious level, the resentment is likely held by many others, because think about it. Jimmy can do anything. All the problems the citizens of Retroville have are either caused or could be solved by the Boy Genius. Surely, he’d be run out of town, murdered in the streets.


Senate File 534 increases penalties for assaulting police officers, rioting, or unlawful assembly. It passed through the Senate last night on a strict party-line vote.

A leader in arts education, STC has a dynamic range of initiatives that teach and excite learners of all ages, from school programs and adult acting classes to accessible community programming like play-relevant discussion series and the Free for All. For the past 27 years the Free For All program has offered an annual remount of a popular production completely free of charge to all audience members.


Like the rest of the world, rap has hit the mainstream in the Philippines. The trap-light sounds of Ex Battalion can be heard daily on the radio, whether in the streets of Manila or beachside in Batangas. Rap battle culture is also alive and well, with Fliptop ranking as one of the world's most-watched battle leagues.

In-universe example: When Vogon Jeltz asks Arthur and Ford what they thought of his poetry, they attempt to save their own necks by going into excruciatingly sycophantic analytical detail. At one point they comment that the poem serves to "counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor".


With only a blank image to work with, he spends several minutes arguing how the album's title is actually a representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Then things get increasingly weird when Croshaw starts to admire imagery not visible to the viewer and it becomes clear that he has lost his mind.

About “North By Northwest”

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz works beautifully as a metaphor of the Search For Enlightenment. The heroine wants to Get Home (to return to her innocent past), her companions are hoping to find Wisdom, Love, or Power: the Teacher turns out to be a fraud, and the final moral is - what else - she had the way to get her wish with her all along.


Digital projects include: Finish the Fight by Ming Peiffer (The New York Times, 24K+ viewers), Animals by Stacy Osei-Kuffour (Williamstown Theatre and Audible) and Soft Light by Aleshea Harris (The Movement Theatre). Her original musical Definition will debut at the Bushwick Starr in 2021 and her five-part cycle deconstructing Shakespeare’s women and female ambition is currently in development with American Repertory Theater (Cambridge, MA). Past residencies and fellowships: Sundance Theatre Lab, Colt Coeur, The Drama League, the Roundabout and the 2050 Fellowship at the New York Theatre Workshop. MFA Acting: Brown University/Trinity Rep, BA: Northwestern University.

Abed's idea for a viral video for Shirley's church was a film about a filmmaker who was making a film about Jesus who realized that he himself was Jesus was having a film made about him. Abed soon realized that it was absolutely terrible, and that his future career would be ruined if he published it in any form.


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Located in downtown Washington, DC, STC performs in two theaters, the 451-seat Michael R. Klein Theatre at the Lansburgh and the 761-seat Sidney Harman Hall. In addition to STC productions appearing year-round, these spaces also accommodate presentations from outstanding local performing arts groups and nationally renowned organizations. The Company has been a fixture in the vibrant Penn Quarter neighborhood since 1992.

Unfortunately for that whopper, the videos of the event are still available across the internet. They show that Gates and team did indeed simulate health and economic policies. It’s hard to swallow that Gates has forgotten.


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The bill states that the state Department of Revenue is to establish a reparations payment program for African-Americans “who can demonstrate heritage in slavery” and provide legal documentation that identifies them as “African-American” for at least 10 years. Those eligible for the reparations must reside in the state for a minimum of two years.

Keep an eye out for wacky theories about Christian allegory in In the Night Garden. Makka Pakka lives in a cave, and garages his scooter in another cave, rolling a round stone in front to close the entrance (like Christ's tomb). He also goes around washing everyone's faces (John the Baptist). Igglepiggle goes out in a boat (sermon from the boat/"fishers of men").


Stalin would be proud: USDA calls for a “transformation of our food system” (echoing Rockefeller words) and forgives loans ONLY to black farmers. The grain crisis will justify this transformation of the world food supply as a global communist superstate is unveiled. Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

Update: Video clip was changed from Joe Metro to Back Home

The Czech Embassy continues to officially remain in Tel Aviv, which most of the international community considers the country’s capital. But Israel considers Jerusalem to be its capital.


Asheville Watchdog is a nonprofit news team producing stories that matter to Asheville and Buncombe County. Peter H. Lewis is a former senior writer and editor at The New York Times. Contact us at [email protected]

Even so, calls for Cawthorn to resign are increasing, along with demands for House leadership to expel him from office. As of Saturday, more than 32,000 people had signed a change.org petition calling for Cawthorn’s removal from office. A small group of protesters gathered in front of his Hendersonville campaign office last week.


AVL Watchdog Cawthorn Falsely Says Democrats Paid Capitol Rioters Comments Feed

An in-universe discussion occurs in Stephen King's It, which may or may not have been a bit of Author Tract, or may or may not have been a narrative convenience. Early parts of the novel detail when Bill Denbrough attends a writing course in college, he gets an instructor who was, to be frank, tediously academic in his pursuit of art. The instructor was a firm believer that everything involving fiction should have an underlying allegory, and he was appreciative of said allegory if it was reflective of his own sociopolitical views. Bill keeps struggling to maintain his grades because he's writing stories designed to stand on their own narrative, something the instructor struggles t appreciate. After clashing and being talked down to one too many times, Bill strikes out and submits one of his stories to a short fiction magazine, and turns into a hit. After showing this evidence to the instructor, the professor's bruised pride leads to a nasty falling out, and Bill drops out to become a successful horror author.

Arthur, the main character who still believes in what the gang stood for back when it started, slowly starts realizing how things - and Dutch - have changed over the years and begins to wonder how to make things better. Despite his best attempts at persuading everyone on how the gang is a shell of its former self, Dutch and his loyalists refuse to listen and Arthur realizes the old Dutch isn't coming back. Dan would then announce his departure from Rockstar not not too after the game launched.


THE DONMAR WAREHOUSE is a 251-seat, not-for-profit theater in Covent Garden, London, led by Artistic Director Michael Longhurst and Executive Director Henny Finch. Their mission is to bring together a wide variety of people in their intimate warehouse space and elsewhere to create, witness, and participate in thrilling, world-class theatre. The Donmar has won more than 100 awards in its 28-year history, with highlights of the program including founder artistic director Sam Mendes’ productions of Cabaret (with Alan Cumming) and The Blue (click here) Room (with Nicole Kidman). Michael Grandage (Artistic Director 2002-2021) brought notable productions of Othello with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Ewan McGregor, and Red with Alfred Molina and Eddie Redmayne. Josie Rourke (AD 2021-2021) brought Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus, and a trilogy of all-female Shakespeare plays directed by Phyllida Lloyd. Current Artistic Director Michael Longhurst’s inaugural 2021-20 season focused on important stories, thrillingly told, and included new play by leading writers including Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Alice Birch, and Mike Lew.

Caveat: Articles in the news feed are posted “as is”. Gates of Vienna cannot vouch for the authenticity or accuracy of the contents of any individual item posted here. I check each entry to make sure it is relatively interesting, not patently offensive, and at least superficially plausible. The link to the original is included with each item’s title. Further research and verification are left to the reader.


Waiting for Godot is either an allegory of the Cold War, a collection of Jungian archetypes or an examination of human existence and the role of God, depending on who you ask. Godot himself is often thought as being God, largely because of his name and the fact that both him and God are described within the play as having a white beard. Samuel Beckett himself was very insistent about the fact that Godot was not God and if he meant Godot to be God he would have called him God.

There is a user on the Song Meanings website arguing that the song "So Far from the Clyde" by Mark Knopfler, which Word of God assures us is about ship scrapping, to quote, "isnt about any ship" ("She's a dead ship sailing" apparently does not sell it enough) but about Jesus. Probably because it begins with a reference to a last supper (on the ship) and a reference cannot be just a reference.


Performance dates for the season will be released later. All artists and titles are subject to change.

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Exam 2 Sample Questions

Naturally, a strong authority: Marines vs. Romans, causes betrayal among the apostles, and Tom dies, who represents Franky's human aspects. Afterward, Franky dies through martyrdom (struck by a train is similar to crucifixion if you think about it) and disappears for a length of time, after which he rises from the dead better then ever.

Oddly, Gates now claims that the simulation didn’t occur. On April 12, 2021, Gates told BBC, “Now here we are.


Led by Artistic Director Simon Godwin and Executive Director Chris Jennings, the Shakespeare Theatre Company (STC) is the nation’s premier classical theater company. STC has become synonymous with artistic excellence and making classical theater more accessible to audiences in and around the nation’s capital, building on the foundation laid by Founding Artistic Director Michael Kahn.

For an in-universe example of this, Fable I has the book "The Rotten Apple" seen as one Albion's premiere philosophical works. However, if the book is taken literally, it just gives good advice on fruit farming.


Under the current Covid lockdown in England, people are mostly required to stay at home. They can only gather in larger groups for limited reasons, such as funerals or for education.

Butter & Gun$ mp3 Album by Blue Scholars

What everyone is curious about before they purchase any CD is if they will enjoy the music. ATTENTION HIPHOP FANS because this cd is song after song of good songs. It's a shame this group has not recieved more recognition, please youtube if your curious yourself.


Bayani: Redux mp3 Album by Blue Scholars

Sabzi produces electronic-influence beats and Geo lays down a smooth, somewhat family friendly, very politically-outspoken flow. Their songs are chock full of social commentary and advice on reviving hip-hop, which many call “dead”.

Signs' initially rage-inducing ending is improved by this sort of interpretation. Consider for a moment that water per se is never explicitly stated to be the invaders' Achilles' Heel - a television newscast on the subject only refers to something along the lines of "an esoteric method discovered in the Middle East," the birthplace of the major Abrahamic religions. Moreover, the only water that is shown to harm the invaders has been handled by a priest, and is only effective after he begins to resolve his crisis of faith. That would tend to suggest that the "aliens" in question are, in fact, demons (which makes the whole "creeping around in the shadows and screwing with people instead of death-raying the entire planet" thing a lot more reasonable), and are subdued by holy water and (presumably) similar religious articles. The considerable volumes of work in which folklorists draw numerous parallels between the superstitions of antiquity and the modern UFO phenomenon helps this interpretation. Intentional or not, it makes the movie seem less stupid. Now if only holy water worked that way.

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Somebody came up with the idea that the Fantastic Four represent the four elements (Thing is Earth, Invisible Woman is Air, Human Torch is Fire (duh), and Mr. Fantastic is Water). This sounds like something that was developed retroactively. Stan Lee had no problem being labeled a genius, so he never discouraged this. This is lampshaded in the "Ultimate" version. The specific reasons why are in their entry in Four-Element Ensemble. When John Byrne took over the title in the 80s, one of his first issues features the Four fighting four elementals, who were ordered not to face their counterparts, thus making the mapping explicit. Neil Gaiman later took advantage of the scheme for his Marvel 1602 version of the Fantastic Four.


This 17 year old is the newest rapper to claim the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) limelight, gaining major label support while still in high school. His recent hit “Nadarang,” set to clear 20 million views, is exemplary of his wave. Smooth, polished boom bap beats set up his rapid-fire, bar-driven lyrics, with the occasional dose of distortion. Like many of the country’s biggest hits, it’s about a relationship.

The other Senate runoff will put Democrat Jon Ossoff against Republican David Perdue. Similar to the estimated 9 million people who watched the Verzuz battle between rappers Jeezy and Gucci Mane, all eyes will once again be on Georgia as the fate of the Senate likely will come down to the power of Black voters.


Joe Metro Track Info

XTC's "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead" has often been interpreted as an allegory about Jesus, John Lennon, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, etc. The music video particularly plays up Jesus and JFK comparisons.

Rittenhouse faces multiple felony counts, including reckless homicide and reckless endangerment. He also faces a misdemeanor count of being a minor in possession of a firearm.


Some of them are significant stretches. Also, the New Testament writers' practice fits squarely into the tradition of Jewish midrash. For example, the Gospel of Mark begins with Jesus' baptism at which Jesus comes up from the water, the heavens are opened, a voice comes forth, and the spirit descends. This is clearly midrash on the creation story from Genesis 1 in which God's spirit hovers over water and God's voice summons the light. In so doing, Mark is making a theological point through narrative.

Red Velvet premiered at the Tricycle Theatre, London in 2021 where it returned in 2021 before transferring to St Anne’s Warehouse, New York. Lolita also wrote Last Seen – Joy for The Almeida Theatre and a five-part adaptation of The Goddess for BBC Radio 4. Lolita runs Lesata Productions with Rosa Maggiora and Adrian Lester.


It's almost as if Garfield is chaos himself. Yes, he is the embodiment of chaos, disorder, hatred, fear. Thievery, death, destruction, desolation! These are the things Garfield represents; HE stole the pipe, HE sits with his back to Jon, Garfield.

Terry Pratchett insisted all his computer files and notes be so thoroughly destroyed after his death that they could never be retrieved - for this very reason. He was no great friend of the literary establishment, insisted he did not write "literature" and considered one of his greatest fears was that every last unpublished word he wrote would be analysed and dissected into absurdity by hopeful PhD students of English literature.


WHITNEY WHITE is an Obie-Award and Lily-Award winning director, writer, and musician originally from Chicago. She is an Associate Director at STC. She is a believer of alternative forms of performance, multi-disciplinary work, and collaborative processes. She is the current recipient of the Susan Stroman Directing award, is part of the Rolex Protegé and Mentorship Arts Initiative and is an Associate Artist at The Roundabout.

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Loonie was one of the main characters in Respeto and is the biggest star of the wildly popular Fliptop battles. Ron Henley's style is usually quite lyrically driven, but as Figgas shows, he’ll go in over anything, whether that be electro, pop-punk, or dubstep. He's even worked with Sage The Gemini. Ron and Loonie are backed by a major label as a group and also individually, but they're more popular as solo rappers.

Shakespeare Theatre Company plots next season with new twists

In 2006, Gates launched AGRA together with the Rockefeller Foundation. After 14 years, AGRA’s influence has significantly worsened the situation in the 18 African nations targeted by this “philanthropic” endeavor.


Fertility in Norway has been on the decline since 2009, breaking anti-records every single year since 2021. At 1/48 children per woman, 2021 saw an all-time low.

Another FrancisM protégé, Gloc 9 has been in the game for 20 years and most Filipinos with an interest in music know his name. He's secured major label status but touches his audience through grounded visions of your everyday Filipino, rapping about overseas workers, the dreaded commute in Manila, and even about life as a gay person in the Philippines. The video above is about traffic, a universally despised fact of life in the country’s capital.


LOLITA CHAKRABARTI is an award-winning actress and writer. She has worked extensively as an actress on stage and screen.

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Reports say that few laws adopted by the Scottish Parliament in the 20 years of its existence have been more disputed. According to them, Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf from the ruling SNP, who tabled the bill, had to make several concessions and introduce changes to the original draft in order to try to reassure those who think freedom of speech is now in serious jeopardy in Scotland.

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Madison Cawthorn’s coming after you. Everybody’s coming after you,’” Cawthorn said.

Asian Americans and Clinton

It is no secret that the Biden regime wants to ‘flood the zone’ with illegal immigrants in the United States, to weaken the country, and build a hoped-for future voting base for permanent power. After the election fraud of 2021 and beyond, the Biden regime is an illegitimate power bent on destroying the country for money and control, only concerned for itself.


Gates of Vienna Comments Feed

Now, he is seeing mainstream corporate journalists abandoning their role of free speech proponents to start coming for their colleagues who have chosen the independent route on platforms like Substack. They are doing this by ramping up pressure on the company to engage in censorship.

At the ceremony on Thursday, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrej Babis cut the ribbon of the new Jerusalem office of the Czech Embassy in Israel. The ceremony was also attended by Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, who described the Czech Republic as a close friend of Israel.


Nevertheless, he must abide by his own good nature. No wonder the cane doesn’t work. The game does not reward you for acting upon your malevolent intentions. It’s a proposed guideline for a set of morality rules to be programmed through real life. It uses the Victorian era as a fundamental depiction of outward respectability and inward lust. It’s a metaphor for social and geographical fragmentation. It eludes the Freud theory of repression, in which unacceptable desires or impulses are excluded from the conscious mind and left to operate on their own in the unconscious.

His style is straightforward and direct, with sparse beats providing a blank slate for an unrushed flow. Bugoy (which means “bad kid” in a Philippine language called Bisaya) raps about life in the hood, which for him is Sorrento, Cavite. He's all about making money, getting cars and girls, and staying away from cops. He’s also not afraid to talk about his former life as a drug dealer, which is controversial (and probably dangerous) because of the country’s bloody war on drugs. But he doesn’t seem to care, and is thriving regardless of his past.


Not a word about the navy hospitalisations. What a way to take out a country’s military.

Office of Contract Implementation

The attached document shows that a cabal of powerful individuals did indeed begin planning the mass eviction of vaccine skeptics from social media in October 2021, a week or two before COVID began circulating. That month, Microsoft founder Bill Gates organized an exercise of four “table-top” simulations of a worldwide coronavirus pandemic with other high-ranking “Deep State” panjandrums. The exercise was referred to as Event 201.


Angels fight humans and create cross-shaped explosions. There's talk of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the NERV logo is the name covered in part by a fig leaf with the creed "God's in his heaven.

Cultural nationalism is a concept in which a nation, usually with an ethnically diverse population, shares a sense of cultural pride and cultural similarities that lies between separatist state identity and assimilation. It is also defined as a revival of denigrated cultures within a society that becomes a source of shared identity of multiple ethnic groups within a nation. Although this concept is not a direct form of assimilation, the lyrics of the song nevertheless reject this idea by depicting a society in which many ethnic groups exist together while avoiding forced assimilation into dominant white culture.


Blue Scholars - The Sound feat. Sound Transit

Not unlike other local scenes around the world, rap is very often a window into life in the Philippines. But it’s not always so serious, and the subject matter often deals with love or partying. As you’ll see below with this group of Filipino rappers you need to know, the country’s hip-hop geography is as diverse as ever.

The Land Before Time has one particularly horrifying interpretation of the film: The earthquake near the beginning was a result of the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event, AKA the extinction of the dinosaurs. Meaning everyone was Dead All Along. The film is their journey through Purgatory towards Heaven, represented by the Great Valley. The dinosaur that comforts Littlefoot directly after his mother's death is an angel trying to get him to overcome his anger over his mother's death, for which he blames both her and (secretly) himself. Hell is represented by "the wrong way" that leads to the lava field where Cera overcomes her sin of excessive pride, and where the rest of the group learns that there are no "shortcuts" to Heaven and that they must go on the path set for them and have faith in it or else they'll never get there. The Sharptooth is representative of the kids' fear of their own mortality and of the regret of being separated from their families that they may never see again, and by killing him, they have finally let go of all of their earthly attachments, aside from Littlefoot, who still has guilt for the death of his mother. When he finally accepts her death, he finds the Great Valley, along with everyone else, where the rest of their families are waiting for them in the afterlife.


Earlier, through a spokesman, Cawthorn said carrying loaded weapons into the Capitol was his privilege as a member of Congress and a demonstration of his rights under the Second Amendment. Congressional rules allow members to keep loaded weapons in their offices and on Capitol grounds, but prohibit them in House and Senate chambers. The District of Washington does not allow weapons to be carried openly.

Stick Figgas was originally a duo of Pasig City rappers Loonie and Ron Henley, who got their start in 2002 on a popular television talent show and were mentored by legendary rapper FrancisM. It has since grown into a supergroup, fronted by a singer and backed by a four piece live band and turntablist.


Police in Ireland have issued more than 10,000 fines for non-essential travel and more than 400 fines for holding illegal house parties since new COVID rules were instituted earlier this year. Meanwhile, police in the English city of Birmingham busted an illegal lockdown-violating poker party in a pub.

Mephiles as the Anti-Christ; he's copying Shadow despite how weak he is on his own, and is mistaken for him, and even wants his power. He creates copies of himself to serve him and try to destroy Shadow. He slaughters and tricks good people. He brings doubt and fear and death, and when he comes to power, he brings utter destruction in his wake.


Because’s work is spread around different channels but lives mostly at UNRTHDX, where he has multiple tracks in the millions. The administrator of that channel never actually asked for permission to post his music, but Because let it rock anyway. And lucky for them, since that’s where “Marlboro Black” really caught fire. They work together now, and the channel has became a key hub for Pinoy rap.

In the first incident, patrol officers inspected a convoy of trucks heading for Poland on the D1 motorway in Bohumin. The driver himself alerted the patrol to the passengers.


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These plans and procedures are the first steps to safeguarding STC patrons. We welcome all feedback and recommendations for improvements. Please email [email protected] to let our Safety Committee know your ideas and concerns.