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El Cid’s Poem Summary

But the seat cracks beneath him and a voice remontrates against King Arthur, and says that Perceval has only been saved from a terrible death by the goodness of his father and his grandfather, Bron. The voice goes on to predict that there will now be great suffering for those seated at the Round Table as they pursue the quest that Perceval has precipitated – the quest for the Holy Grail. The achievement of the quest will require one of the Round Table knights to become the ‘finest knight in the world’ by performing ‘feats of arms and goodness and prowess’. This knight will be guided by God to the house of the Rich Fisher King (Bron), where he will achieve the Grail, and understand its purpose. The Rich Fisher King will be then healed and the cracked seat at the Round Table will be restored.


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In the clash between Martín and Deigo, they broke the lances and attacked each other with swords, while still mounted on chargers. Martín cut through Deigo’s strap, thereby losing his helmet. Fearing death, Deigo rode out of the field, which signified that he lost his contest.


Arthur’s dog was named Cabal, and it died in a boar hunt. It’s a simple enough life for a dog, but it didn’t take long before they’d built that story up with magic and mysticism. Within a few hundred years, there were stories that the boar who’d killed Cabal was a legendary monster of a beast called Troynt and that it hadn’t just killed Cabal. It had wiped out a huge part of Arthur’s army.

It’s a pretty fascinating, well-written adventure, and while some segments are extremely aggravating, they’re towards the beginning of the game, and the later half is a bit easier. Still, if there’s any major issue, is that it’s all a bit too dry. It’s one thing to tell stories from a historical angle, but all too often, it ventures into textbook territory, and is missing a lot of the personality that makes adventure games so fun. The only humor comes from the traditional Sierra-style death sequences, which almost feel hilariously out of place. If you try to leave Camelot and forget to pray to the gods (and give them cash), the castle gate will come crashing on top of you, killing you before your adventure can even begin. And, when you finally find the grail, a thief steals it. If you stand still and let him get away, Merlin chides you and sarcastically suggests that you may as well fall on your sword. Arthur then takes his sword and proceeds to commit suicide.


Four gray walls, and four gray towers Overlook a space of flowers, And the silent isle imbowers The Lady of Shalott. Underneath the bearded barley, The reaper, reaping late and early, Hears her ever chanting cheerly, Like an angel, singing clearly, O'er the stream of Camelot.

We’ve all heard stories about King Arthur of Camelot, who according to medieval legend led British forces (including his trusted Knights of the Round Table) in battle against Saxon invaders in the early sixth century. But was King Arthur actually a real person, or simply a hero (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=474) of Celtic mythology? Though debate has gone on for centuries, historians have been unable to confirm that Arthur really existed.


In the 20th century, King Arthur also found his way to stage and screen. During the 1960s, the myth found a home on Broadway with the musical Camelot, which starred Richard Burton as Arthur. Later revivals would see Richard Harris — who starred in the 1967 movie version as well — and Robert Goulet portray the monarch. A more serious, grim take on Camelot was seen in the 1981 film Excalibur, with Helen Mirren in the role of Morgana, half-sister to the king. Fast forward to the next millennium where Antoine Fuqua directed King Arthur (2004), whose still fantastic plot relied more heavily on the idea that Arthur, here portrayed by Clive Owen, was a military leader against the Saxons. His life was also portrayed in the 2021 movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

HISTORY - Was King Arthur a real person - RSS feed

Antarctic Press' WarriorNun Brigantia(2000) is a three-issue miniseries derived from the publisher'songoing Warrior Nun Areala series. In 1940, thehead of theancient king Bran the Blessed has been stolen from Britain by FataMorgana (Morgan le Fay) and delivered to Nazi Germany. Since legendsays that Britain cannot be invaded only so long as Bran's headremains there, the British government calls on Brigantia to recoverthe head. Meanwhile, a warrior nun from the time of Camelot awakensto join the battle - Arthur's own sister Anna, the White Nun. Thisseries includes some interesting ideas, but the execution isdisappointing.


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The Battlewarder and Speed Warp Convoker Abilities now share a recast timer. They no longer share a recast timer with any other Convoker abilities.

The in-game shop may seem like the type of place you want to hop into a bunch of times. But, the loot and cards you ammass from the start of the game during your questing will offset your need to buy new stuff from the shop. You might want to purchase some gems if you’re Stamina or Mana is low. But if you’re looking to avoid spending real money on gems, just do some quests you’ve already completed. Finishing these quests (again) earn you some much needed Stamina, Mana, experience and maybe some new cards. Avoid the shop by hustling earlier quests and not overusing your items.


Kennedy’s table was Canadian politician Lester Pearson, who would be elected Prime Minister the following year. He was already a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Mills and Dermot's work is ahighly original(though violent) interpretation of the legend, drawing heavily onWelsh sources, and offering a unique interpretation of Guinevere as asinister but tormented figure. The story was originally published in 2000 AD in 1996-1997 and has been reprinted in tradepaperback as Slaine: Treasures of Britain.


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Defend Albion against Spirits that have crossed over to the waking world. Level 50 players should speak with Chamberlain Harlen in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.

It’s probably part of the reason that Arthur became such a legendary figure to the Britons. There were plenty of great warriors in their history. But he was the last ray of light before an incredibly dark time in British history—and so he was built up into something much bigger than he really was.


Give the people a hero and a bedtime story and let destiny sort out the rest

They stopped by Molina, ruled by Abengalbon, a Moorish governor and a good friend of El Cid. Abengalbon welcomed the Infantes and the daughters of El Cid, but the visit soured, when Abengalbon’s attendant overheard a conspiracy from the Infantes to murder the governor and rob him of his treasure. Abengalbon would have arrested the Infantes were they not sons-in-law of El Cid, so the governor sent them away. Because they bragged about what they have done to Cid’s daughters, the news reach the king’s ears, which distressed Alfonso greatly.

Treachery and JusticeThe Infantes proved to be not fearless knights, for one morning, a lion escaped from the net. While the Cid’s men tried to protect their sleeping lord, Fernado hid under the couch, while his equally frightened brother, Deigo, hid in the wine cellar. When El Cid woke from the commotion, he went to the lion, unarmed, and he dragged the beasts back into the net, which surprised his men. The Infantes felt shame of their cowardice because their father-in-law’s men had mocked them, but they also resented their father-in-law’s boldness.


There were 175 guests—plus President and Mrs. Kennedy—making it the largest dinner of the Kennedy era.

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CL15 Weapons have had their maximum Durability-modifier increased. These weapons will continue to lose condition but their durability will no longer decrease when repaired.


Heroes suffering from this have all their limbs missing. You can still forfeit the mission and call it a draw

El Cid left behind two knights, Álvar Salvaórez and Galindo Garcíaz in charge of the city’s defence. Valencia’s gates would remain closed for the duration of his absence; Ruy Díaz was thinking the safety of his wife and daughters.

Fog is now about 80% thicker on foggy maps. View distance reduced by the same amount.


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Always was, always will be. Whether you're fighting with swords or dropping nuclear bombs, violence will never be the glorious, noble, or heroic thing that the government enlisting you might claim. Medieval warfare was particularly vicious, since you had to cut up people two inches in front of you, so it's unlikely that any dude who was in "twelve battles" (cough, cough) could've come away without some serious PTSD.

King Arthur in Literature

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Back home, they will discard their wives, and marry other daughters. When the Infantes asked for leave to return home, the father-in-law had no suspicion of treachery from Fernado and Deigo, so he readily agreed to their departure. The Cid gave more wealth as dowry. He had even gave them the swords that he won in battle – Colada and Tizón.

Which is pretty different from the historical version. The historical Arthur, it seems, met his end fighting in AD 537 in the Battle of Camlann, which is believed to be a fort on the Hadrian Wall. We’re told that he met his end alongside someone named Medraut. But there’s no indication that they were related or that they were against each other. If anything, they seem to have been on the same side.


The Disney animated television series Gargoyles,which originally aired from 1994 - 1997, related the adventures of aclan of living gargoyles, returned to life in modern New Your Cityafter having been frozen in stone for a thousand years. Overthe course of its run, an extensive background was developed for theseries which incorporated various elements from mythology, legend, andhistory. KingArthur was brought back to life from an enchanted sleep inone episode, and recovered Excalibur in another. Followingthe TV series' cancellation, series creator Greg Weisman continued thestoryline in comic books that were published by Slave Labor Graphics,beginning in 2006. A three-part story involving thegargoyles, King Arthur, and the Stone of Scone (here identified withthe stone from which Arthur drew his sword) appeared in 2007 - 2009. The first two chapters were originally printed as issues #7and 8 of the Gargoylescomics series; following the series' cancellation in 2008, thesechapters were collected along with the unpublished third chapter in thetrade paperback Gargoyles:Clan-Building, Volume Two, which appeared inAugust, 2009.

The entries are presented inalphabetical orderby the name of the comics character or group of characters in whoseseries the stories take place. Publication information is presentedwhere possible.


The Crypt is now renamed to Crypto. You can mine weird magical things in it with no use.

In the course of the adventure, Jugheadencountered the founder of the Time Police, Merlin, who had retired tothe Middle Ages, and Merlin's apprentice Arthur. In thecourse ofthwarting Le Fay, Jughead and his fellow agents helped Arthur ascend tothe throne. Morgan returned for another appearance in issue 6(May, 1991).


The story continued in two follow-up three-issue miniseries, Hellboy: The Storm (2021)and Hellboy: The Fury(2021; both miniseries were reprinted in the 2021 trade paperback Hellboy: The Storm and the Fury). The noble dead of Britain did indeed begin to rise in opposition toNimue, massing as an army ready to follow Hellboy, but Hellboyultimately rejected his prophecied role, and abandoned Excalibur. The sword was then given to an ancient World War I veteran named GeorgeWashbrook, who, rejuvenated by its magic, took King Arthur's crown andused the power of the Holy Grail to restore the army of risen Britishsoldiers' corpses to true life.

King Arthur and Merlin have summoned all of Britain for a Hero to rise

In the court of Toledo, before other noblemen, where Cid brought his case before the king. El Cid first demand the return of his swords that he had given to his sons-in-law. Since the Infantes had admitted they were no longer want Cid’s daughters as their wives, they had no rights to keep the swords; so they returned the swords. El Cid gave one sword, Colada, to Martín Antolínez, and the other sword, Tizón, to Pedro Bermúda.


Wondering how this exchange takes place? Does Arthur have to sell his soul for it? No. HowStuffWorks says that, usually, it's as simple as Arthur strolling up to the lake, where she is already holding the blade up over the water's surface for him.

Heroes of Might and Magic III 3 2 New World Comuting Games

In contrast, the 6th-century bard Aneirin crafted the Welsh collection of poems The Gododdin in which a heroic Arthur is spoken of. Yet with the work originally shared orally as opposed to being written down, it is impossible to ascertain if Arthur was part of the original story. Another poet, Teliesin, mentions a valiant Arthur in his work as well.


Heroes of Camelot is the latest card battling RPG to include elements of fantasy and medieval tales. Dragons, elves and human soldiers dwell in this cool fantasy realm that’s packed with tons of quests and loot.

Powerful surges of magic have been detected from the Tomb of Mithra, Nisse's Lair, and Muire's Tomb. Sages from all three realms have been dispatched to these locations to investigate, and a call has been sent out for adventures to aid in the exploration of these disturbances.


Taking your cards into battle means building the perfect deck and keeping tabs on your Mana/Stamina. Becoming successful at the game also entails engaging in Arena events and enhancing/evolving your deck. The too 10 tips/tricks/cheats we’re going to provide you will make your questing in Camelot way more easier and way more fun.

  • Former Hero — Redwood
  • However, if a monster reaches the end of that same lane for the second time, it will reach Camelot
  • I will have the privilege to speak to the Camelot Civic Association about local Civil War history
  • 8 new emotes have made their way into the game! Sometimes, Camelot is a silly place
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Later Welsh writers drew on Nennius’ work, and Arthur’s fame spread beyond Wales and the Celtic world, particularly after the Norman conquest of 1066 connected England to northern France. In the popular 12th-century book “History of the Kings of Britain,” Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote the first life story of Arthur, describing his magic sword Caliburn (later known as Excalibur), his trusted knight Lancelot, Queen Guinevere and the wizard Merlin. An irresistible blend of myth and fact, the book was supposedly based on a lost Celtic manuscript that only Geoffrey was able to examine. A series of romances by the French poet Chrétien de Troyes gave Arthur’s quest a spiritual motive by introducing his search for the mysterious Holy Grail. Though Arthur may not have been a real person, his mythic power would only grow stronger as the centuries passed. English rulers from Henry VIII to Queen Victoria have appropriated the Arthur legend for political purposes, while countless writers, painters, photographers, filmmakers and other artists have produced their own versions for posterity.

The Lady of Shalott

The next day, the Campeador sent Minaya back to Castile, with Pedro Bermúda, to give to his king with a gift of 200 horses and King Yusuf’s beautiful tent. Alfonso was impressed by both victory and the rich, new gifts, which he accepted. Count Garcia Ordonez was again displeased at the Cid’s new success.


Defend Midgard against the Jotun who have crossed over in search of the Aesir. Level 50 players should speak with Athr Hasetti Theyr in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.

Introduced in a four-issue miniseries, The Books of Magic,written by Neil Gaiman (reprinted as a single-volume trade paperbackin 1991). In this story, four powerful magic workers (includingJohnConstantine)took Tim Hunter on a tourof magic in the DC Universe, including a visit to a young Merlin inthe years before Arthur's kingship (issue #1, 1990).


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Ramon Berenguer, the Frankish Count of Barcelona was however angry that El Cid had laid waste to his nephew’s territory, so he gathered an army, which consisted of both Christian and Moor warriors, to confront El Cid. El Cid had no quarrel with Ramon, and asked the count not to fight him; the Count of Barcelona foolishly refused to listen. So a battle was fought, where El Cid’s army defeated the Count’s army, and Ramon was taken captive. El Cid had also won a fine sword, Colada, which was worth more than a thousand silver marks.

In the pursuit, El Cid killed King Bucar and won the Moorish king’s sword, Tizon. Another new victory, and it seemed that his sons-in-law have proven themselves in the battlefield. The Cid shared his wealth among his men and his sons-in-law. El Cid and Minaya Álvar Fáñez had praised the Infantes, but some of the men still mocked them.


Hero skill points are now rolled randomly to allow for more replayability

Any combatant leaving the field, will forfeit their combat to his opponent. The 3 Infantes brothers were no match for the 3 champions, despite having expensive armours.

Read more about the Knights of the Round Table

El Cid decided to send Minaya back to Castile, with more gifts to King Alfonso – three thousand horses, already equipped with saddles and harnesses. Only the nobleman, Count Garcia Ordonez wasn’t pleased with El Cid’s successes, which the king quickly rebuked that the Campeador had served him better in exile than Garcia have in his court. Apparently Garcia Ordonez was one of those responsible for the falling out between the king and El Cid. This count was the Cid’s mortal enemy.


Myrddin was a bard who fought in the Battle of Arthuret in AD 573. That’s a real battle and a part of Welsh history, but it happened a good 35 years after Arthur died. As the story goes, the battle was incredibly brutal and gory. Myrddin lost touch with his sanity in the horrors of the fight.

The dinner came shortly after Mrs. Kennedy’s well-received televised tour of the White House, which showcased her restoration work in the building.


Keep Defending CD Key For Steam

After learning that the mad monk was indeed mad and obviously doesn’t have the grail, you’ll travel to snow-laden Ot Moor. Here, you need to cross a frozen lake, with the help of a magical heart you found at Glastonbury Tor. This is one of those many obnoxious sequences where you need to move step-by-step through what amounts to an invisible maze. Wander a few pixels off the path, and the ice will begin to crack. Move a few more pixels, and you’ll fall to a frozen death. There’s very little room for error, and it goes on for a few screens, officially making it even worse than the tentacle monster maze from Space Quest II. Once you reach the center of the lake, you’ll find Launcelot frozen captive by an ice queen. To save him, you need to answer a series of questions involving flowers, which is easily solved via the documentation in the manual.

The Knights Of The Round Table

El Cid had left Alcocer, conquering more land, reaching Huesa and Montalban, and even gained tributes from Saragossa, by the time Minaya returned to him. The Moor residents were actually sad that El Cid was leaving Alcocer.


In the last years of Arthur’s life, the Justinian Plague was starting to spread through Britain. This was one of the deadliest plagues in history, one almost exactly like the Black Death. It wiped out an estimated 13 percent of the planet’s population.

According to the ArthurianAnnals, theoriginal CaptainMarvel and the other members of the Marvel Family discovered KingArthur's Round Table in The Marvel Family #8(Fawcett, Feb ,1947). Much more recently, in the 12-issue miniseries The Trials of Shazam(DC Comics, 2006-2008), Freddy Freeman, the former Captain Marvel, Jr ,competed for the right to inherit the powersof the wizard Shazam against Sabina, the representative of a groupcalled the Council of Merlin. Merlin himself appeared in theseries' final issue, portrayed as a demonic figure complete with horns.


In 1094, El Cid captured Valencia, after a protracted siege that began in 1092. In which he became Lord of Valencia, governing a large part of the surrounding region.

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In spite of its problems – and there are a lot of them – Conquests of Camelot still somehow ends up succeeding in spite of itself. You just need the patience of the gods to enjoy it properly.


In the legends, Arthur meets his end when his nephew Mordred turns against him and wages a treasonous war against his own uncle and king. Arthur and Mordred fight to the death, and Arthur meets his end, killed by his kin.

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Ways The Historical King Arthur Was Nothing Like The Legend

The most famous War Between the States name in Northern Virginia, other than General Robert E. Lee, is Colonel John S. Mosby, the Gray Ghost. He stands out among nearly 1,000 generals who served in the war, celebrated most for his raids that captured Union general Edwin Stoughton in Fairfax Court House; Colonel Daniel French Dulany in Rose Hill, near Alexandria; and his serious wounding here in Annandale. By 1864, he was a feared partisan guerrilla in the North and a nightmare for Union troops protecting Washington City.

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Spanish-speaking individuals with futuristic armor will now unexpectedly show up during missions. They seem to be curious about heretics. Definitely invite them to join your party.

Song of El Cid

The Round Table was first mentioned by the French poet, Wace, in 1155 and in that account was made round so that all the knights seated around it would have the same stature – a table with no head to sqabble over. In Arthurian legend it wasn’t just an actual table but represented the highest Order of Chivalry at King Arthur’s court. The Knights of the Round Table were the cream of British nobility, who followed a strict code of honour and service.


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Defend Hibernia against the Siabra who have crossed over from the Veil. Level 50 players should speak with Seneschal Desmond in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.

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Several Doppelganger spawn locations have been changed. The intent of the change is to move most of the potential locations away from the Ruined Keeps and Maze areas in order to encourage more roaming.

Arthur was a hero even if he wasn’t a king. He lived at the beginning of the Dark Ages when Anglo-Saxon barbarians were tearing Britain to shreds. The Anglo-Saxons were wreaking havoc throughout the country, dragging off all the Britons they could as slaves and massacring anyone who resisted.


His loss of regal favour continued, when he supported the Moorish king of Seville, against García Ordóñez, who supported the King of Garanda. El Cid may have won the battle, but his decline in Castile’s court was dealt a further blow, when he attacked and defeated Toledo, a Moorish kingdom under Alfonso’s protection, in 1081.

Gildas, who claims to have been born in the same year as the Battle of Mount Badon, calls the British hero Aurelianus and says that he was the last Roman in Britain. The Roman force that had been there had been wiped out by the Anglo-Saxons, including Aurelianus’s own parents.


Was King Arthur a real person

Why, this tsunami of rightful female rage has enough velocity to resurface President Clinton’s asymmetrical sexual predations. Yet you don’t get a Bill Clinton without a Jack Kennedy.

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In 2001, DC Comics beganpublishing a series inwhich major DC superheroes were reimagined by Stan Lee, one of themajor architects of Marvel Comics' superheroic fantasy universe inthe 1960's. In 2002, the Captain Marvel character concept wasreworked in Just Imagine Stan Lee With Gary Frank CreatingShazam. Both Merlin and Morgan Le Fay appeared in this comic;Merlin, who had survived to the 21st Century in the guise of anIndian fakir, perished during the course of the story, but Morgansurvived to join forces with the series' ongoing villain, DominicDarrk.


The great Merlin tells a story of a hero in search of the Holy Grail - Britain's only hope. For Britain to be what it once was, a call to arms is desperately needed. King Arthur has summoned all Knights and Druid allies on a quest for a hero to rise. But who can avenge Britain and find the Holy Grail?

It was this reason that El Cid was exile, and where the poem of El Cid begins. See Exile for the beginning of the Cid’s tale. The poem included the capture of Valencia and regaining Alfonso’ favour. The poem didn’t ended with El Cid’s death, but after the marriages of his two daughters to the princes of Navarre and Aragon.


Inthe story "Pawns of the Jousting Master" (issue #162, NationalPeriodical Publications/DC Comics, November, 1966), Supermanand Batmanwere drawn back in time to assist the heroes of Camelot against aninvasion by aliens from outer space (some sixteen years beforeCamelot3000). Theknights of the Round Tablewere presented as a medieval superhero group, with Arthur'sinvincible sword Excalibur and Gawain's strength increasing towardsnoon being joined by other, less traditional "super-powers" includinginvulnerable armor for Lancelot, a cloak of invisibility for Kay, anda flame-emitting ring for Bors.

Finally, El Cid then demanded satisfaction for the ill-treatment of his daughters. Fernado Gonzólez tried to defend his action toward his wife, claiming that he had the rights to marry a queen or empress, and not petty noble. Pedro Bermúda challenged Fernado being not only a traitor, who abused Cid’s daughter that the daughter was in the king’s charge, but also for being a coward, who hid under the couch when the lion was loose in the palace in Valencia. Fernado Gonzólez had no choice but to accept the challenge. Martín Antolínez also charged and challenged Deigo Gonzólez in combat, for being a traitor and coward too.


The Casual Group Finder is here! Click a button and get placed into an RvR or PvE group!

The Nobel dinner was held on Sunday, April 29, 1962, nearly midpoint in the Kennedy administration. It was the highpoint of Camelot.


Merlin was tacked onto the story of Arthur by Geoffrey of Monmouth 600 years after they’d died, but Merlin wasn’t an entirely original invention. It’s believed that he was primarily based on the character of a Welsh folk hero named Myrddin. Like Arthur, Myrddin was probably a real person. But was nothing like the pointy-hatted magician in the stories.

More recently, Morgan has appeared in issues of Mighty Avengers(#9 and 11, 2008) and DarkAvengers(#1-4, 2009) which explore her relationship with themodern-dayarch-villain Doctor Doom, as first introduced in issues of Iron Man(discussed below). Her most recent attempt at world conquest camein several issues of AvengersWorld (2021) which also featured the Black Knight.


Thomas Malory was the first to provide an English prose retelling of the legend in his Le Morte D'Arthur, published in 1485. Centuries later, Alfred Tennyson published his Idylls of the King throughout the latter half of the 1800s, telling the story of Camelot in the form of an epic poem.

Is the curse of King Tut real

Diana, the super-poweredAmazon princess fromParadise Island, time-traveled to Camelot and helped King Arthurdefeat the evil Merlin and rescue Queen Guinevere in WonderWoman #54, according to Mikel Midnight's Earth-2Timeline. Later,in issue #184(September-October, 1969), Diana visited another dimension to seekthe aid of Arthur and other legendary heroes (including Siegfried andRoland) against the army of the God of War, Mars. Also, as describedin PartThree, WonderWoman has been involvedin Arthurian adventures with theDemon,where Morgaine Le Fey has been her primary adversary. Diana'sadversarial relationship with Morgaine was recently revisited in the 52issues of DC Comics' weekly series Trinity, which also starred Supermanand Batman.


1.117C Live Patch Notes

Merlin, by the way, is a fascinating character unto himself. As Ancient Origins explains, early depictions of the wizard were only tangentially connected to the Arthur story, and sometimes portrayed him as a more demonic figure than the kindly trickster you know today. Regardless, according to the University of Rochester, Merlin's role in Arthurian legend is largely that of a mentor, who guides the young Arthur to step into the light, pull out the Sword in the Stone, and take his rightful place on the throne. It is at this point, according to HowStuffWorks, that King Arthur is hailed by the populace as the once and future king of England.

Tish Baldrige was the social secretary who worked with Mrs. Kennedy to organize the dinner while Rene Verdon was the executive chef who executed the meal with beef Wellington as the main course.


Because of these modern takes, King Arthur's legend is now sometimes read as a cautionary parable about the dangers of ambition, how war ruins everything, the loss of innocence, or what have you. Needless to say, the Once and Future King has become a far more tragic figure than he used to be.

There’s a good chance that part of the story really happened. But, like the tale of Arthur, Myrddin’s story got bigger and bigger as time went on. Soon, people started saying that he had fled into the forest and gained the ability to see into the future. Then he became the tutor of a man who was dead before Merlin was even born. When that happened, the story of Aurelianus became the legend of King Arthur.


Félez Muñoz was concern for his young cousins, retrace his steps back into the forest, finding his cousins unconscious and physically abused. He nursed them until they had regained conscious, and then escorted them the Tower of Dona Urraca. Diego Tellez, a vassal of Alvar Fanez, was a leader of the Tower, and he sent message to El Cid. They moved to San Esterban, where the young women can stay in comfort and regain their strength before returning to Valencia to their parents. El Cid sent Minaya, Pedro Bermúda and Martín Antolínez to escort his daughters home.

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When the king approached Cid and his retinue, the hero dismounted with 15 other knights. The were on their knees, and the king granted pardon to Cid and his followers. Alfonso also restored Cid to the royal favour that he had lost. The king was Cid’s host for that day, but the next day it was Cid who was host and the king was guest.

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In Hellblazer Annual #1 (1989),writer JamieDelano told the story of the title character's (implied)fifth-century ancestor, the Constantine traditionally depicted asArthur's successor as King of Britain. This Kon-sten-tyn was, likeArthur, a pupil of Merlin, but unlike Arthur, developed magicalprowess and eventually surpassed, then imprisoned, and eventually(apparently) destroyed Merlin. Kon-sten-tyn struggled all his longlife to resist the Christian suppression of the old pagan ways, andby the end of his life, had achieved a secret victory.


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Jack Kirby, the creator of theDemon, alsofeatured Arthurian elementsin other series of his creation (see the entry for TheForever Peoplebelow). The Eternalswere an advanced, immortal branch of humanity who were the basis forvarious mortal myths and legends. In The Eternals#4 (October, 1976), Sersi (Circe) described how she visited Camelot andshowed Merlin a few new tricks.

The Infantes of Carrión had again, brought up the marriage proposals to El Cid’s two daughters, but this time they had brought their petition before their king. The Alfonso thought this would be fine arrangement, but he would leave the matter to El Cid for approval. The king proposed that he should meet with El Cid, and the king told Minaya and Pedro Bermúda that El Cid should make the arrangement of where and when. The meeting was to give pardon to El Cid.


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Thesardonic seaman Corto Maltese has been a fixture of European comicsfor years in adventures written and illustrated by Hugo Pratt. InCorto Maltese: A Mid-Winter Morning's Dream(published in bookform, in English, by NBM in 1987), Maltese stands in for King Arthurto foil a German ("Saxon") plot against Britain during World War I,fulfilling a purpose laid out for him by the island's Faeryguardians, who include Morgana and Merlin.


There are different theories about the true identity of his parents. One theory is that his parents went under the name “Artorius,” which was one of the founding families of Rome.

While contemporary King Arthur adaptations tend to focus on all that Holy Grail stuff, early Arthurian legends were clear about the fact that Arthur's true achievements were his skill at wielding a sword and chopping up bad guys. King Arthur participated in lots and lots of battles, mostly against the dreaded Saxons.


In this story,written by DylanHorrocks, Tim underwent a quest to discover the truth of his identiyand origins which eventually led him to a cave at Tintagel (KingArthur's legendary birthplace) and another encounter with Merlin(issue #5). Tim learned that Merlin had created him in his dreams toserve (as Merlin had) as a conduit for magic, "the power once calledthe Myrddin - the Merlin" and to battle the darkness that threatenedto extinguish not only magic, but all Creation.

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El Cid decided to pay a visit to his wife, Jimena, in San Pedro de Cardeña. She was staying with five other noble ladies at the Abbey, under the abbot Don Sancho. El Cid gave some money to the abbot, to allow his wife stay at the monastery, during his absence. It is revealed by his wife, that other lords serving the king, was responsible for his banishment, but gave no reason, other to make El Cid blameless.

Ateca, Terrer and Calatayud hearing the news of Alcocer’s capture, dispatched missives pleading to the king of Valencia, Mu’taman, asking for aid. Mu’taman gathered 3000 Moorish warriors under the leadership of two kings, Fariz and Galve.


The Arena is a cool spot that lets all players get involved in some special events. You’ll unlock The Arena after a certain point/area, so it won’t be available immediately. Keep on questing so you can get your hands on some Arena tickets. Perform strongly in those Arena events and you’ll earn even more awesome loot.

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As the company arrived at the forest of Corpes, the Infantes sent their retinues ahead (including Félez Muñoz), while the Infantes stayed with their young wives. Deigo and Fernado revealed their intention, and began beating the sisters senseless with their belts and spurs, and left them for dead. The treacherous brothers headed back towards Carrion, thinking they can escape the consequences of their actions – be rich for the rest of their lives and free to marry.


Alfonso had also restored properties of El Cid’s vassals, which he had earlier confiscated, as well as releasing all services to him, who wished to join El Cid in Valencia. The king sent a royal courier with Minaya, as well as an armed escort to ensure the safety of the Cid’s wife and daughters as they leave Castile.

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This short-lived super-team series from Eclipse Comicsincluded ayoung sorceress code-named Avalon among its main characters. Inissues #7 - 9 (Sept - Oct, 1986), readers learned that Avalon, orElizabeth, was actually the daughter of a priestess from theenchanted island of Avalon. Morgana, the Lady of Avalon, summonedElizabeth home, and the rest of the team journeyed there to retrieveher. The story (written by Mindy Newell) appeared to have beenconsiderably influenced by Marion Zimmer Bradley's novel, TheMists of Avalon.

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The Supplies for the Cause quest supply boxes and rubble no longer provide Bounty Points when collected. Instead, the amount of Bounty Points received for completing the quest has been increased from 500 to 2500.


Katzenbach, whose memo sets out the Warren report results a year before the commission reached them, suggests that a “Presidential Commission of unimpeachable personnel” be appointed to examine evidence and reach conclusions. In closing he writes, “I think, however, that a statement that all the facts will be made public property in an orderly and responsible way should be made now.

Two young noblemen in the king’s court, known as the Infantes of Carrión – named Deigo Gonzólez and Fernando Gonzólez – saw that they could gain a lot by marrying El Cid’s daughters. So the Infantes of Carrion asked Minaya to speak on their behalf about marriage proposals to the Cid’s two daughters. The Infantes were sons of Don Gonzalo, and brothers of Ansur Gonzólez.


Minaya then went to San Pedro, to fetch Dona Jimena and her daughters. Jimena was happy to rejoin her husband. After making preparation for departure, paying the Abbot for his kindness to El Cid’s family and the creditors Rachel and Vidas clearing the interest that El Cid owed them, they finally left the Burgos. Another sixty knights joined Minaya’s escort.