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The financial information in the stolen life insurance applications includes the checking and/or savings account information of the applicant, and is collected so that American Income can pre-authorize payments and automatic monthly debits in the event the policy is approved. In a four-page discussion thread on Imperial Russian’s sales page at Evolution, buyers of this stolen data took turns discussing the quality of the information and its various uses, such as how one can use automated phone systems to verify the available balance of an applicant’s bank account.


Medical records for sale

A set of five fullz retails for $40 ($8 per record). Buy 20 fullz and the price drops to $7 per record. Purchase 50 or more fullz, and the per record cost falls to just $6/40 — roughly the price of a value meal at a fast food restaurant. Incidentally, even at $8 per record, that’s cheaper than the price most stolen credit cards fetch on the underground markets.

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I put mine to 8. It depends on what number is stated when it crashes. My game may run well when pause is set to 8, but yours may not, so it's actually different for every computer.


41 thoughts on “Medical Records For Sale in Underground Stolen From Texas Life Insurance Firm”

American Income Life referred all calls to the company’s parent firm — Torchmark Corp, an insurance holding company in McKinney, Texas. This publication shared with Torchmark the records obtained from Imperial Russia. In response, Michael Majors, vice president of investor relations at Torchmark, said that the FBI and Secret Service were assisting the company in an ongoing investigation, and that Torchmark expected to begin the process of notifying affected consumers this week.

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Purloined medical records are among the many illicit goods for sale on the Evolution Market, a black market bazaar that traffics mostly in narcotics and fraud-related goods — including plenty of stolen financial data. Evolution cannot be reached from the regular Internet. Rather, visitors can only browse the site using Tor, software that helps users disguise their identity by bouncing their traffic between different servers, and by encrypting that traffic at every hop along the way.


Majors declined to answer additional questions, such as whether Torchmark has uncovered the source of the data breach and stopped the leakage of customer records, or when the company believes the breach began. Interestingly, ImperialRussia’s first post offering this data is dated more than three months ago, on June 15, 2021. Likewise, the insurance application documents shared with Torchmark by this publication also were dated mid-2021.