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In the same episode, Twilight magically zips Spike's mouth shut. Later in "Magic Duel" (coincidentally Trixie's reappearance), Trixie uses a cursor to remove Pinkie's mouth. Trixie's act is presented as evil, but not Twilight's (in Twilight's defense, Trixie left Pinkie like that for a while), nor was Twilight's not bothering to actually restore Pinkie's mouth until the ending for the sake of a gag.


Selvaria herself tends to embody this trope on her own, in conjunction with Squad 7's Plot Armor. She's being exploited for her powers and only kills mooks that no one cares about, so the story treats her like a tragic figure who is good at heart, but isn't in control of her own destiny. Then she spares Squad 7, thus sabotaging Maximillian's assured victory at the last minute, but she kills those thousands of soldiers anyway. The way the story plays out, the tragedy is that she committed suicide, not that a sizable portion of Gallia's entire population was just murdered during a truce.

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At the beginning of the episode Ace is saved from a tight spot by a guy named Deuce. When Zadavia finds out Deuce is around she angrily tells him to get off her planet, but refuses to explain why. Because Deuce saved him before, though, Ace decides to go over Zadavia's head and let him ride along on an important mission. But Deuce turns out to be evil and just trying to win Ace's confidence to steal the titular Cool Sword from him, which can revive an army of Mecha-Mooks. After this Zadavia finally explains her behavior: Deuce used to be a general in her army but he was obsessed with gathering glory in battle and had an insatiable desire for power, so she didn't agree to give him absolute control of her military and he deserted. If she'd just said that in the first place, Deuce probably wouldn't have gotten the sword and the danger would've been avoided, but it's brushed aside with nobody having less faith in her or questioning her judgement.


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In fact Mashiro inspires this in everyone who knows her for extended periods with Sorata and Jin feeling the same way Rita does. Mashiro is not just an Idiot Savant: she has absolutely no idea about personal hygine, can barely dress herself, and has hardly any social skills, let alone anything that could let her live on her own. But when it comes to anything, especially drawing and painting, she can easily beat anyone at it. She barely even tries and she still does better than all of her classmates. There's Always Someone Better and she's that, therefore everyone starts developing inferiority complexes and begin to give up on things, such as art, because they will never beat her. Sorata himself gets a bad case where his game pitch is rejected while Mashiro is given an opportunity by the same people.

Her Lord, Roy, is also fairly notorious for this, as his promotion comes very late in the game (counting bonus chapters, he promotes at the end of the 27th chapter out of 31; otherwise, he promotes at 21 out of 22). If he's seeing combat with any regularity, he'll hit the Level Cap long before then. Add in that his growths and bases are somewhat lackluster to begin with, and Roy will spend a good portion of the game being unable to even damage a lot of enemies. Thankfully, once he's picked up the Binding Blade and promoted, he starts catching up to the rest of the army real fast.


Once players started earning money as well as reputation so that they can spend that money, they should start upgrading their ride as much as possible as fast as possible. Every upgrade means an improvement in some important respect, which is important because a better ride means an increased ability to tackle the various challenges that can be found in Need for Speed: Heat.

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Appears in a number of David Bowie's songs, most famously in the form of Ziggy Stardust. Also spoofed in "We Are Hungry Men," where the "messiah" is Jumping Off the Slippery Slope and his teachings are completely ignored. Interestingly, Bowie's first major film role was as the title character in the movie adaptation of The Man Who Fell to Earth (see Literature).


An inverted case in SWAT Kats, where the titular duo are the best-of-the-best, leaving the other Enforcers in the dust whenever they have to confront the Villain of the Week. Well, technically; they're former Enforcers who were discharged from the organization after disobeying orders.

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Goku realized while in preparation to fight Cell, and the Androids, that Super Saiyan was not enough. Using the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he and Gohan trained to harness the full power of Super Saiyan; instead of trying to power-up like Vegeta and Trunks. After one day (one year) inside the chamber, Goku mastered Super Saiyan suffering no power or stamina loss.


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One episode focuses on Buttercup going too far with this. She beats Fuzzy Lumpkins far beyond any need to, and is called out for it by her sisters and the doctors who treated Fuzzy, who is wheelchair bound with excessive injuries. The doctor blatantly states she isn't a hero for beating up someone so viciously. Unfortunately, the episode doesn't really work since Blossom and Bubbles are just as guilty and aren't subject to the same scolding. A prominent example is "Bubblevicious", where Bubbles beats up innocent citizens and a dog solely out of anger at her sisters and trying to prove she's "hardcore". She is never punished, nor does she ever show any remorse for her actions. In other words, Buttercup is only supposed to be in the wrong because she's the self-proclaimed toughest fighter while Bubbles can get away with the same (if not worse) because she's cute.

The main character Tendou in Kamen Rider Kabuto. Born with amazing natural talent, trained to be the best in everything, told all his life that he will one day save mankind, and acts insufferably smug and superior as a result of it all.


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Ironically, other Jedi expected both of them to bring balance to the Force. Perhaps they did, but it took a Prophecy Twist (Anakin having kids and turning evil) or two to get them there.

A similar problem occurs in another Warhammer 40,000 computer game, Dawn of War 2: you can control up to six squads of Blood Ravens space marines, but can only ever deploy four squads per mission. Since squads tend to gain most of their experience from going on missions, the squads you get early tend to have more experience, and be more powerful, than the other squads you get later. Because they are more powerful, you tend to rely on them more, using them in more missions, so their experience advantage continues to grow, making them even more powerful, thus inducing you to rely on them even more. The first expansion pack, Chaos Rising, helped ameliorate this problem by allowing more Leaked Experience and by requiring the use of certain squads in certain missions to avoid corruption.


Played for laughs by Sam & Max. They may or may not get the job done, and they may or may not use ethically questionable methods to do so, but they're the title characters, so whatever they do is just fine. This carries over into the video games as well.

Soul Hunter: While there was a power gap between the more powerful members of the team and the others from the begining, it just keep getting larger over time, to the point that members of The Team like Raijinshi can't even give Youzen a good training match. Before the final arc, Nentou even flat-out state that only thoses who have the level to use a super Paopei note, or in Nataku's case Became a super paopei) should come as the others would just be useless.


In The Flash Sentry Chronicles (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls): Trixie feels this way towards Twilight. Despite becoming Princess Luna's student, not only does Twilight have years more experience than her, she became an alicorn, something Trixie feels she can never compete against.

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More than that, it turns out that he has survived in a different form. Or so we are led to believe; "Tassadar" turned out to be the projected avatar of Ouros, last of the benevolent Xel'Naga, in a form & voice Zeratul & Artanis would recognize and trust.


G'Kar, as well, whose self-sacrifice for the Narns leads to a religion being formed around him - he even gets 39 lashes. As it happens, G'Kar struggles to get his followers to listen to what he says rather than what they want to hear, echoing recurring themes from earlier seasons about G'Kar's problems with keeping his subordinates in line.

Paul Verhoeven said he wanted to make a film about an "American Jesus" and there are multiple allusions to this, like Murphy being mocked and tortured before he's killed (and the Impaled Palm scene), his dying and being resurrected, and a scene where it looks like he's walking on water. He even gets pierced in his side with a spear.


Jon Snow is set up this way, what with the noble nature and the mysterious parentage and the possibly being the only hope for a good future for the common folk and the looking like Jesus. And, of course, the whole "being betrayed by his followers and then brought back from the dead" thing.

Monster: Tenma, who takes him upon himself to save everyone around him through great personal sacrifice. Justified, in that the Big Bad of the series, Johan, really is the worst person ever, and is sometimes referred to by other characters in the series as the Second Hitler, The Anti-Christ and the Devil himself.


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As in Rebuild of Evangelion, this is definitely Kaworu more than ever: a crown of thorn analogue, Mark 06 Bible reference, walking on water (the game spin offs of Rebuild), literally carrying Shinji's sin and representing the hope for salvation and redemption. There's a song of Shinji's mindset that compares our protagonist to Judas hilariously.

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Stannis Baratheon, according to Melisandre. Turns out she was wrong in identity, but right in general geography. Stannis wasn't the Chosen One but he would meet the true Chosen One, Jon Snow, and play an indirect role in his path to destiny.


In the Anita Blake series, Anita starts sliding down the slippery slope of morality by the seventh or eighth book, noting how she's less affected by things as the series goes on, and can do things that morally she would have balked at earlier. However, everything she does is portrayed as the right and correct decision at the time, regardless of the consequences (and some of the things she's done would result in her perfectly legal summary execution), and she's quite willing to kill people for committing lesser crimes than she has who had decidedly greater justification than hers. She even set one character up who was supposedly under her protection to be hunted down and murdered simply because he refused to have sex with her. This was presented as the appropriate response to the reader.

Aang in Avatar: The Last Airbender. He's a Physical God, he has a love of all life, even his enemies, and is temporarily killed at the hands of Azula.


Coltaine of the Crow Clan in Deadhouse Gates. A hero to the Wickans whom they follow without questions and whom they almost worship, who leads tens of thousands of refugees he has no other connection to aside from being a Fist of the Malazan Empire across an entire continent, all while being under constant attack from religious fanatics. He then dies on a cross, his soul — too big to be taken in by one crow as would've been normal for his people — taken away by thousands of crows, and is reborn again on the Wickan Plains of Quon Tali.

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One season later we get "Blendin's Game", where we find out Blendin was sent to jail for ten life sentences squared because of what the twins did. It's then they realize what they did was wrong, and manage to give Blendin his job back, along with some hair.


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A notable recent example was in Formula One. In 2021, along with the new 1/6L turbocharged engines, the FIA introduced a set of restrictions that limited the amount of development that manufacturers could do to these engines during the season. When Mercedes turned out to have the best engine by some margin, the restrictions meant that there was nothing Ferrari and Renault could do about it, and Mercedes proceeded to curb-stomp the rest of their field two seasons running. The final straw came when Honda entered in 2021 with a sub-par engine and were left unable to get it up to scratch, turning McLaren's next three seasons into one long Humiliation Conga. Fearing that the Honda debacle would put other potential engine suppliers off, and that Mercedes' dominance would put the existing suppliers off, the FIA scrapped the restrictions for 2021 onwards.

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Downplayed in games (like Chrono Trigger) that award Leaked Experience to characters who don't participate in fights. Unfortunately, it can still be played straight if the game awards less experience this way than if they did partipate in battles (again, Chrono Trigger). However, while the leaked experience to members not in your front team isn't the full amount, it's enough that they'll still be strong enough to fight close to your main party's level. The real problem is that skill points DON'T get leaked, so while your back team might be near the same level, if you never use them they won't have any of the powerful attacks your front team does.


Heavily played with in Far Cry Primal. At the start of the game, Takkar is working to meet up with other members of his lost tribe, the Wenja, after a saber-toothed cat kills his entire hunting party in the first 10 minutes. He then finds out that the Wenja have been scattered and basically near-destroyed by rival tribes the Udam and the Izila. At this point, the Wenja are tragic victims fighting to keep their people alive. Later on in the game, however, Takkar becomes The Beastmaster and rebuilds a sizeable village, whilst repeatedly attacking the Udam and the Izila and trying to destroy them just like they did to his people, even though all Takkar's allies view this as something worth celebrating.

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The Dothraki believed that Daenerys and Drogo's unborn son was to be the Stallion Who Mounts the World, the greatest khal of khals. Then subverted when Rhaego was stillborn. But since khals are known for war, conquest, and general brutality, he may have been a Dark Messiah had he lived. Although, there are some hints that it actually refers to Daenerys' dragon Drogon.


Paul "Muad'dib" Atreides in Dune plays on this by manipulating people into thinking he's a Messiah to achieve his own goals. He genuinely does have several amazing powers, but the one that really ruins his whole life is his clairvoyance.

Stefan Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries. Stefan is depicted as a heroic, noble, and selfless saviour and protector.


The sequel to Worm features a prominent group of anti-parahumans, frequently opposing the main characters. They are treated as reactionary bigots and presented unsympathetically for not agreeing with the main characters. However, on almost every issue, the anti-parahumans are right. The anti-parahumans are protesting the special treatment that parahumans get, given that they can collect wages for simply not attacking civilians and are usually given priority for food and housing over non-parahumans, usually ending up in positions of powers over regular humans, often to the detriment of regular humans. There is also a great deal of discontent over the amnesty established at the end of Worm, where all crimes are forgiven, even for the worst villains, now that there is no way to reliable incarcerate the strongest villains.

Final Fantasy IX has a similar problem with Freya. While her action abilities are better than Steiner's, (albeit some of her best ones are based upon a variable) she is placed outside of the party along with Steiner. Once you finally have the option of putting her back in the party, she may be very far behind and some would prefer to stick with Amarant, who also has far more story events regarding him in the second half of the game than Freya does. Until you are forced to use her either Oelivert (Which is actually a good place to level a character like her or Steiner up) or Desert Palace.


In Saki Achiga-hen, Ako is friends with Hatsuse, and they're about the same level of skill. While Hatsuse goes to Bansei, a school with a very strong mahjong team, only to be unable to qualify for the team, Ako goes to Achiga, and intends to revive its mahjong team with her friends. When Ako tells Hatsuse this, Hatsuse thinks she can't possibly succeed, reasoning that if she cannot even qualify for the team (and by extension, neither can Ako), Bansei's team members are too skilled for Ako or her teammates to defeat. When Ako and her teammates go on to defeat Bansei easily, it can be seen as proof (more about the author) that Ako has surpassed Hatsuse.

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Rose Quartz as a whole is this through a unique Satan is Good lens: she's a rebel to the social order that champions freedom, love, and nature and inspires a sense of reverence in her followers and Demonization from her enemies. Then she's revealed to be a "Fallen" member of "Heaven" Pink Diamond, who staged a rebellion against her fellow Diamonds and was technically "banished" to Earth, her fellow gems corrupted into monstrous shadows of their former selves.


Zoroastrianism has Zoraster himself, the prophet of that faith that rallied against the political system of the time. He, in turn, will be succeeded by Saoshyant, who will cleanse the earth at the end of the world.

Because Ryoga is officially The Rival to Ranma, some actually view him as this, though the series itself makes it quite clear that Ranma and Ryoga are always spurring each other on to greater heights and so the one of them who is "better" keeps seesawing. Ranma beats Ryoga who comes back and beats Ranma who then comes back and beats Ryoga again, on and on throughout the entirety of the series.


Meanwhile, by participating in night races, interested individuals can gain reputation. This is critical because for whatever reason, players can’t buy better parts for their ride without sufficient reputation, meaning that they will need to participate in night races if they want to make use of their earnings from their participation in day races.

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In R. Scott Bakker's The Second Apocalypse, "Inrithism" is a Crystal Dragon Jesus version of Christianity. Anasûrimbor Kellhus learns to exploit the tropes of the religion to become exactly what Inrithi followers would see as a messiah. He preaches to the people and attracts thousands of followers until the people in charge feel threatened and convict him of heresy. He's hung up to die in a manner called "circumfixion," but comes back even stronger, now with the circumfix as his symbol. It's all just a means to an end for Kellhus, however.


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Yukimitsu from Eyeshield 21 went through this, and for good reason. He had never played American football (or any sport) before, had never been involved in a single play, and despite going through the Death March, was still declined as a starting player. In the end, though, while he was far from the most athletic Devil Bat, he turned out to be the smartest and easily one of the most dedicated members.

It can be a very effective tool: a savvy author will use it beneath several layers of fictional content and context to tempt their viewers to agree that the protagonist has made morally sound decisions while allowing subtlety to display that, in reality, they have not. Conversely, by exaggerating the trope, they may tempt viewers to disavow seemingly morally bankrupt decisions of the protagonist, then allow plot developments to suggest that they acted wisely. Viewers who discover these nuances can learn many important things about the integrity of their own moral compass, and thus benefit. The example used by the author of the page quote above posits intentional Values Dissonance, and it's used for comedy: in that context, he succeeds.


This also happened to the Khans, who were quite the terror as a raider clan in the days of Fallout, effortlessly harassing the community of Shady Sands and kidnapping the daughter of the town's founder. By the time of Fallout 2, that daughter is now the President of the New California Republic, and the New Khans, having rebranded after being almost wiped out, rely on squatters in their old home to continue their same-old raider schtick.

For Better or For Worse (One Piece): As lampshaded with the title and by Luffy himself, much like in canon, he only cares for his friends, and his ultimate goal is to ensure their survival and happiness, for better or for worse. The fact that this includes stopping a massive war is incidental.


Each time that players improve to the point of being able to handle a previously difficult level of challenge with ease, they should make things more difficult for themselves so that they can continue improving. Simply put, interested individuals need to keep on moving if they want to keep on improving, which is rather apt considering the fundamental nature of a racing game. Otherwise, if players let themselves stand still, they run a real risk of stagnating instead.

Katara, who is sorta like Aang's mother figure, carries his lifeless body in Pietà Plagiarism style after Azula's attack. Further emphasizing his messianic status.


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The "good" vampires appear not to have thought of using their immeasurable powers to save people's lives; they're more content to repeat high school for the umpteenth time and play baseball, and seem to be happy with their brethren slaughtering innocent people as long as they leave Bella alone. And Bella herself doesn't lift a finger to help anyone even when she knows they're as good as vampire food. This is shown clearly in Eclipse, where an army of uncontrollable newborn vampires is only four hours away from them destroying Seattle, but none of the Cullens or Bella even consider trying to stop them until they start to think the Seattle-based vampires might be coming for them next. Toward the beginning, they explicitly pass it off as Somebody Else's Problem.

Remember Me doesn't really care too much about anyone but Nilin and the people she cares about personally. No mention is made of the people who are killed as a result of her tampering with memories except for the one she feels guilty about, or the people who are about to be suddenly flooded by horrible memories they once deleted at the end of the game. One level ends with her flooding Paris and aside from a cutscene where she feels guilty about it and a few people yelling at her through their windows as you run across the abandoned vehicles resting in the water, nothing more is ever shown from it and no one ever brings it up again.


Hivers are a slightly better example. They have below-average research rate and move slowly strategically, meaning they capture territory slower than the rest. They rely on a Gradual Grinder strategy with their highly durable spacecraft - best in the game until the Loa were introduced - and their Portal Network giving incredible defensive potential.

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Chrono and Rosette of Chrono Crusade share duties for this, in a way. Chrono falls in love with a woman known as Mary Magdalene and after her death sleeps in her grave for 50 years until he's woken up by Joshua and Rosette.


Justified in SSS-Suicide Hunter because the Tower where protagonist Kim Gongja lives is a kill or be killed hellhole and the people he wants to kill are psychotic assholes. Especially Flame Emperor Yoo Sooha who happily uses arson to cover up his murders and then shows up on the scene, faking innocence, and then demands a reward before he'll consider putting out the fire he started!

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Brian hit on his owner's wife after Peter gave him a home. He is very hypocritical; he constantly acts like everyone who doesn't agree with him is an idiot. He dates women for their bodies while claiming to be interested in their minds. Lampshaded in "Jerome is the Brand New Black" by, of all people, Quagmire. Much of this is either a one-time-only thing (in the former's case), or later toned down, and he becomes more of a self-loathing Jaded Washout.


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But the School was founded on Twilight Sparkle knowingly employing her friends, including Starlight, over qualified staff arguing it made them more qualified to teach friendship, which was ultimately portrayed as 100% right despite their endangering students and questionable effectiveness as teachers. Starlight is only in the position to hire because she was promoted to headman on a whim by Twilight despite the numerous times she engaged and harmed others even after her Heel–Face Turn and gotten off scot-free with at most an apology, which isn't even presented as Starlight having allegedly learned from those mistakes.

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As the game progresses, new units become available, but as units see action, they gain experience, which means that the units you've had since early in the game will have become very powerful by the time many of the more advanced units become available. This would not be a problem if there weren't a pretty tight cap on the number of units you can have in your army, which only increases very slowly. As a result, you are unlikely to ever use many of the units that become available later in the game. Sure, all else being equal, Warp Spiders might make a better tactical unit than Dire Avengers, but all else is not equal: level zero Warp Spiders are nowhere near as powerful as Dire Avenger Exarchs. To make matters worse, because highly experienced units are so effective in combat, you are likely to rely on them very heavily in combat, and guess what units earn experience from: combat. So even if you do bring in novice units into your army, they are likely to advance slowly if at all. This is an especially acute problem with support units, especially psykers. For most of the campaign, the only psykers available to you are Warlocks, who have one, purely defensive psyker ability, and very little in the way of combat ability otherwise, meaning that it is very hard for them to gain the experience to advance to a level where they gain actually useful psyker abilities. Eventually you get a Farseer, who is already at a high experience level and has all four Eldar psyker abilities; also, you eventually gain the ability to recruit Space Marine Librarians, who have access to all four of their psyker abilities at level zero. There is some good news in all this: reinforcements you gain on the battlefield, which mostly means friendly units you rescue from Tyranid encirclement, come in at high levels of experience.


A number of heroes in the Ultra Series fit — compassionate and valiant heroes who love and protect all of humanity, even when they are aware of their imperfections. They also have a tendency to get crucified and resurrected as well, and usually have the defence team or friends as True Companions supporting them against the monsters and aliens.

In Templars of the Shifting Verse, Augustus is seen as a messiah figure by many in the world. He even has three-day Resurrective Immortality.


His temporary replacement, Shawn, also demonstrates Christ-like qualities, as he heals the sick and befriends drug addicts. In a slight subversion, Collier is presented as more sinister than most Messianic archetypes and is not above using terrorist tactics in his quest to improve the world. Is it any wonder he's a Dark Messiah? It is also worth noting he really was chosen to guide humanity by what are implied to be the closest thing to good guys from the future to save the world, and for all his sinisterness, the alternative is apparently worse in the long run.

In The Testament Of Jessie Lamb, in a world where a disease kills every single pregnant woman in a slow and painful way, Jessie Lamb decides that she wants to volunteer for carrying a frozen fetus that has been vaccinated against the disease, to term. Which means that she will lie in a medication-induced coma for nine months while the disease destroys her brain, then be allowed to die, while her child might possibly live. She does it so that mankind can live on. Her name is also quite symbolic.


When Bam rescues her and proves that he is indeed a genius, Hoh loses all hope to reach the top, and drowns his sorrow with suicide. But it's also subverted; some people, like Shibisu, manage to be useful through their intelligence or personality even without any significant personal power.

Splatoon plays this for laughs in its competitive multiplayer mode. The "good guys" are always whichever team the player is on, and the "bad guys" are always the other team.


Catwoman's Marvel counterpart Black Cat also receives this alot. While initially a villain, Black Cat eventually transitioned into being a Karmic Thief, and while Spider-Man was bothered by this aspect of her life, he never bothered to turn her in because of their complicated relationship. This gets turned on its head and deconstructed in the pages of Superior Spider-Man: Otto Octavius who has none of Peter's history or personal bias towards Black Cat, brutally turns her over to the authorities.

It is believed that the introduction of Christianity to Germany/Scandinavia led to a re-write of many of the myths of Norse Mythology (Thor's wedding, for one, is believed to have been written after said introduction as a way of mocking the old gods). It is possible the myths about Baldur were written or re-written to better fit the Christian faith, as was the part where Odin hung himself and was impaled by a spear much like Jesus.


Also in Dark Souls is Sir Artorias the Abyswalker, who gave his life halting the spread of the Abyss. This is actually the Chosen Undead as well, as it turns out that Artorias failed in his task and was consumed by the Abyss. Due to some time travel shenanigans, Artorias got the credit for stopping the Abyss. Artorias still arguably qualifies, though, as he was able to save his wolf companion Sif by giving up his shield, thus saving Sif from being corrupted by the Abyss as Artorias was.

Played straight in Gandalf as the prophet, who is a divine being (Maia) in human form. He sees the virtues in little "children" (hobbits), leads the fellowship, drives the hypocrite from the "temple" (Wormtongue from King Théoden's court), and comes back from the dead-dressed in white, no less. However, when critics began drawing straight lines between Gandalf and Jesus, Tolkien stated explicitly that Gandalf is not meant as a Christ analogue.


There's also a literal example of this with the Imperial units you can recruit, especially Space Marines: they are generally noticeably slower than Eldar units, meaning that as your army advances on the battlefield, they tend to fall behind. Which means that Eldar units, at the front line, tend to see a lot of combat, and gain experience quickly, while the slower Imperial units, in the rear, see comparatively little combat, and gain little if any experience. If you do have highly experienced Imperial units, they still tend to fall to the rear and see less actual combat, so you get little if any use out of what are, on paper, highly experienced, powerful units. Again, this is a more serious problem with the Space Marines and Imperial Guard; the Adepta Sororitas tend to be quicker, and can generally keep up with the Eldar. Also, all aerial units tend to be very fast.

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Dragon Quest XI has The Luminary, whose title by default entails it: he's born by human parents but was chosen by the resident Physical God as The Chosen One, he's destined to deliver the world from evil and defeat The Dark One. In an unusual application of this trope, he's technically the second coming of the Messianic Archetype, as he's basically the reincarnation of the first Luminary who died long before by being betrayed by one of his closest followers. For bonus points, he's at first a Hero with Bad Publicity and persecuted by King Carnelian, he's also of royal lineage, but was raised in a small village. Jesus was persecuted during his life, and was stated to have been from a long line of kings, but was born and raised as a commoner.


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Generally speaking, Warriors quickly become useless compared to Rogues and Mages. Rogues have hate control and massive evasion even without dexterity focused builds. Mages are even better tanks than Warriors and the best damage dealers.

In another episode, the Professor forces them to use a giant battle mecha to fight a giant pufferfish monster and the fight totally destroys Townsville, but instead of overlooking the destruction like they usually do the whole town yells at them and demands they never use the robot again. Realising what they did the girls shift the blame onto their maker, who has the decency to be rendered speechless and leave under the towns' collective glares.


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Sakaraba was a mediocre player and suffered an understandable inferiority complex over how he was the advertised ace of the Oujou Knights when Shin and everyone else was a far better player than him. After Takami reassured him how much the team needed him, he trained and practiced hard enough until he had the skills and stamina.

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Ramus in Lunar: The Silver Star is more Can't Keep Ahead than Can't Catch Up. At the very beginning of the game, he's the strongest member of the party. But Alex and Luna upgrade all of their stats when they level up, and Ramus only upgrades his total HP (And he even stops doing that after a while). As a result of this, by the time he leaves the party (About 2-3 hours later if you're not in a rush) he's dropped to being the weakest member.


In the South Park episode "Margaritaville", Kyle is portrayed as a Christ-like savior who makes a tremendous sacrifice to save the economy and pay off everyone's debt. A dinner he has with his friends is portrayed as the Last Supper, with Cartman taking on the role of Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, while some of the South Park residents form a council against the "young Jew spreading lies about the Economy". Played, to no one's surprise, for laughs.

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John Coffey from The Green Mile, a blatant example as stated by Stephen King himself. Coffey shares several traits with the biblical Christ. Aside from the initials, Coffey performs miracles by laying of the hands; he heals a woman of her terminal illness, he heals Paul of his urinary tract infection, and he even brings Mr. Jingles back to life. The only difference between Christ and Coffey, however, is that he chose to be executed on his own volition whereas Christ sacrificed himself for mankind as a whole. Coffey also does not get resurrected either.


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As they lacked the power and experience to compete in current content, the only way to catch up was to be a member of a leveling group, or to get 'carried' through a dungeon for gear, as few other players would tolerate the power gap. This problem was exacerbated for new players, who had to level a character all the way to the maximum without the catch-up mechanics available for alts, and often lacked connections. Later expansions have worked to alleviate this through various catch up mechanics; every expansion now comes with character boost, allowing newcomers to make a character of that expansion's minimum level. As the expansion progresses, various catch-up mechanics are instituted; the 'basic' ilevel available to max level-characters is raised by introducing new questing zones and buffing dungeon drops, reputation is made much easier to grind, and expansion-specific mechanics (such as Artifact Power) are made much more accessible. Content with attunement requirements will often have those requirements lifted as they pass out of the current content tier, and older content is kept more relevant through level scaling or the Mythic Plus system.

Pharaoh Atem could also with the trope. Seeing as he sealed his soul away in an 'unsolvable' puzzle for 5000 years (or 3000 years depending)in order to save the world from being consumed by the shadow realm.


Yuusuke is supposed to be seen as a monster because he killed Lin's younger sister, but while it's indeed horrible, Lin is a Professional Killer who's murdered far more people, most of whom likely had families as well. While he only does it for a job instead of for fun like Yuusuke, that doesn't make Lin any less of a murderer.

Even aside from the films, Luke Skywalker is especially this in Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. It's a year after Return of the Jedi and Luke has lost much of his youthful idealism. He's been worn down towards despair and only becomes moreso during the book.


Himeno, as the White Prétear, falls into this archetype at the end of the series. She puts her heart and soul into saving the Dark Magical Girl and accomplishes it by feeding all of her life energy to the demon that Fenrir created. This causes her to fall into a deep sleep, but since this is based loosely on "Snow White", True Love's Kiss wakes her up.

In Dragon Quest IX, unless you've invested in a vocation's unique skill tree, changing to a new vocation brings you down to Level 1 with that class's base stats. While skills and gear can make up somewhat for the stat drops, Dragon Quest IX awards less experience to lower-level party members, making it especially difficult to bring characters who swap vocations back to usefulness.


Early in Magic and Mayhem's plot, the protagonist gets away with killing a friendly character who helped him on The Quest just for an artifact they possessed. The narration tries to redeem him by implying that he needed the thing real bad (he didn't) and that this was instigated by a Zen Survivor advisor while the character himself was too inexperienced to counter. It is possible to play this as self-defence, however — deliberately avoid meeting the character and he'll eventually attack first.

Hiryuu the Red Dragon King from Yona of the Dawn is a deity who descended from the heavens to live as a human among mankind to make the world a better place. However, the ungrateful humans turned against him and would have killed him if it weren't for the four dragon warriors coming to his rescue. Despite the mistreatment he suffers, Hiryuu continues to love humankind and strives to free them from evil. He dies after achieving peace in his era, but returns to Earth (albeit reborn as Princess Yona) after 2000 years (a "Second Coming", if you will) in the midst of a great political upheaval to bring peace and happiness for the people once again.


Cable in Cable & Deadpool, so much so that he tries to sacrifice his life to show humanity that they can rise above war and prejudice. But, that doesn't mean that he is above a little violence to get things done.

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Be it a shapeshifting pig, a Saiyan Prince, or even a God of Destruction; he overcomes every new opponent that stands before him, never backing down. From every series, game, and spin-off Goku has taken many different and exciting forms.


Dragon Quest IX has Celestria, who is basically a gender-flipped Jesus. She is the daughter of the creator God, and sacrifices herself to save humanity, then comes back from the dead.

Taylor is also horrifically abused by a group of bullies at school, with one incident even requiring she be admitted to the psychiatric ward and drugged to help her calm down. The effects of this bullying, and the school's cavalier attitude toward it, are shown to be far-reaching and catastrophic. However, when one of these bullies is forced to destroy her relationships with friends and family, implicate herself in a crime, and forfeit her job, leaving a life of homelessness or suicide as her only options, it's mostly treated as justified. That said the person doing this does avoid telling Taylor, knowing she wouldn't aprove, which is exactly what happens when she does find out. It's also later revealed that even the one who orchestrated it felt it ended up going too far.


However, keep in mind that All-Loving Hero and the Messianic Archetype are not synonymous

Orochimaru is certainly one of the most amoral villains in the manga, responsible for countless experiments on humans, in which many innocent children were killed so that he could obtain immortality. However, at the end of the manga, he decides to help the Shinobi Alliance for purely selfish reasons, and after that, he's treated as a friend by Naruto, as seen in Naruto (find out this here) Gaiden.

When Nami and Sanji get body-swapped in Punk Hazard, Sanji worries about using her body to perform his Black Leg techniques because her body isn't toned for physical combat. Subverted when it turns out that she is strong enough to use several of the techniques though.


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Sheena also provides a minor example: after Kuchinawa is revealed as a Double Agent one of the things she and her village is worried about is that the secrets of their village may have been leaked, and at another point she mentions that her village takes great effort to keep itself as secretive as possible. All the while though, she and her village actively spies on every other group in the entire game (even the other world of Sylvarant through The Renegades).

They end up only participating in a Romans-only footrace, while getting the Romans to cheat (find out more) by leaving a cauldron of potion out so they'll be sure to use it, disqualifying them. Asterix does have a Pet the Dog moment at the end when he forfeits the victory to one of the Roman athletes so Caesar doesn't have them thrown to the lions.


Sam tosses the bomb out the window. A loud explosion can be heard outside.

In Saiyan Biology, Saiyans transform into The Great Ape form under the Full Moon. This form grants them immense power without hindering their movement speed. The downside to this is that only Saiyan Elites retain their sentience in this form, being able to truly harness its power, while lower-class Saiyans lose all sense of self.


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In the wrap-up, Ace asks Zadavia when she'll tell him what other powers his sword has, but she replies she'll do it when the time is right because too much knowledge is dangerous. Duck complains that too little knowledge is dangerous too, and as he does an unexplained energy beam comes from Ace's sword and zaps him. This is treated as funny and something Duck deserves for contradicting Zadavia. Even though he was basically saying that knowing how to properly use a dangerous weapon is a good idea. Not to mention how the whole episode probably wouldn't have happened if not for Zadavia withholding important info for no good reason, yet the show turns right around and expects the viewer to take it on faith that if she says it's not the time to talk about this, then it's not the time to talk about it.

Kamen Rider Gaim, due to having a large cast of Riders, really shows this. During the first arc, most Riders were more or less equal in strength, with the exception of Kurokage and Gridon, being in a lower tier and Bravo and Zangetsu, being in a tier way above the others. The second arc introduces the next generation of Riders called Energy Riders, who are so strong that they can treat the previous generation as mere nuisances. The Title Character then receives an upgrade that puts him roughly on the level of the Energy Riders, but it does not take long for him to receive his Super Mode, Kachidoki Arms, which puts him above the power of almost everyone. At this point in the story, every Rider who isn't Gaim or an Energy Rider has only enough power to destroy mooks, or has to resort to underhanded methods to defeat said characters. And then Gaim gets an even Super-er Mode, Kiwami Arms, and they've had to start sending Monsters of the Week on the level of the show's Dragons to have anybody who can last more than thirty seconds against that. It all changes near the end as two of the riders gain power ups on-par with Kiwami Arms.


All he was doing was earning money in an honest way by selling his tanning invention so he could go out on a date with a girl he met on the beach. He wasn't lying, cheating (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=8346), or swindling people, and to add insult to injury, the girl ends up going out with Hamton. Not helping Buster and Babs' case is that they make jokes about the situation instead of showing concern for Plucky's well-being.

Imori, Amori, and Umori are a team of relatively weak minor characters from Hunter × Hunter who are defeated by Killua. Later in the series, they immediately quit the Hunter Exam after the entire room is knocked out within minutes by said Killua, who advanced insanely in power over the course of a few arcs.


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If players want to improve in Need for Speed: Heat, they should make sure that they are always being challenged. Essentially, the idea is that they should choose a level of challenge that is difficult enough to push them on to greater and greater heights but not so difficult that it kills their enthusiasm for the title.

In Samurai Deeper Kyo This is lampshaded and partially averted by Akira. Near the end of the manga Akira was told he wouldn't be able to go any further in power because he didn't have samurai blood (a questionable excuse as all samurai have peasant ancestors as some point) and so was stuck.


Daenerys Targaryen definitely invokes some Christ parallels. The Dothraki think she will give birth to the Stallion that Mounts the World and this seems to connect to a prophecy that she herself believes, which marks her as the Dragon of the Targaryens, which seems to be confirmed when she successfully hatches three dragons. It's not clear yet if the prophesies surrounding her involve the good kind of messiah or the bad one. Jorah Mormont seems to think this. Out of everyone who's vying for the Iron Throne, he believes Daenerys is the only claimant with a good heart and the inner strength that would win her the love of her subjects and the fear of her enemies. On the other hand, he's probably a little biased. It's taken even further in Season 3, where she's responsible for freeing the Army of the Unsullied from slavery, as well as liberating the slaves of Astapor and Yunkai. In all instances, the former slaves pledge their Undying Loyalty to her and come to revere her as their saviour, and in Seasons 5 and 6, it is revealed that many of the Red Priests of Volantis consider her their religion's Chosen One, in place of Stannis.

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Many of the other protagonists start out behind Medaka, including Zenkichi. Akune and Kikaijima get their moments, but aren't able to catch up for most of the Minus arc. Former enemies get their asses handed them by newer villains.


How Long is Kingdom Hearts 3

The ultimate example, though, could be "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who did things that should have had him thrown in prison yet always got him cheered. He threatened the very lives of Vince McMahon and others to get title matches. He assaulted women in the ring — morally questionable enough when it's an Alpha Bitch like Stephanie McMahon, but he also did it to Stacy Keibler, who was being portrayed as an abuse victim in storyline.

Bruce Wayne/Batman of The Dark Knight. He's motivated by an unflagging belief in the essential goodness of the people of Gotham. Twice he takes a bullet for someone else (albeit while he's inside his car), first intercepting Joker's bazooka, then protecting Mr Reese from that guy in the big truck (even though Reese had been trying to expose Bruce less than an hour before). And then at the end, he takes Harvey Dent's sins upon himself. The Dark Knight Rises plays this up even further, with Bruce even descending into a metaphorical hell in the form of Bane's prison and ascending once more (and leaving a rope for the wrongfully-imprisoned prisoners to escape with) before returning after his "death" at Bane's hands to save Gotham. And at the end, he seems to sacrifice himself to carry away the fusion bomb (except he didn't).


Bleach: At the beginning of the manga, Ichigo's classmates begin developing spiritual power. However, as the storyline becomes focused on the spiritual worlds and spiritual threats, the plot quickly whittles Ichigo's group down to only three friends who continue to have core involvement: Ishida, Sado and Inoue. Even they struggle at times to keep up with the ever-increasing threat levels. Ichigo's other close friends, Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizuho, only develop enough power to interact with, and become vulnerable to, the spirit world. They have to be left behind or protected because they cannot fight at the power level required.

In Accepted, we’re supposed to see Dean Van Horne as a tyrant and a raging conservative who wants to stop Bartleby and his friends from starting their own college. He’s kind of a jerk, but he is absolutely right when he points out that said college isn’t a college at all, as it lacks the basics: teachers, a curriculum, a library, and so forth. Also, Bartleby started said "college" simply because he didn’t have the guts to tell his parents that he hadn’t been accepted into a real college. But we’re supposed to side with him and be moved by his passionate speech at the end of the movie.


Eothas, god of light, renewal, and redemption, in Pillars of Eternity. He is a god particularly known for his forgiveness who took human form, walked among the poor, fed the starving, and died attempting to save mankind.

The only exception is the Fiends, who remain a threat due to having stumbled upon a massive cache of energy weapons (implied to be buttressed by Legion shipments purchased from the Van Graffs). Even then, the Fiends are only a minor threat due to the NCR being overstretched fighting the Legion, another actual nation-state: in every ending except Wild Card, the Fiends end up getting effortlessly wiped out either the NCR, House, or the Legion.


Guts, however, is becoming a straight example. Farnese decides to follow Guts after seeing his strength of will during the events at Albion, where he fought off a horde of demons while everyone else simply panicked. Isidro admires Guts' martial skill and strives to be as much like him as possible. Schierke grows a crush on him and her experiences with him change her misanthropic viewpoint that humanity is not worth saving. Even Serpico, who is initially a rival of Guts', slowly grows to admire him.

In Shakugan no Shana, Satou and Tanaka train their hardest, but as ordinary humans, can only contribute by being Mission Control. Case in point, the two can barely budge Blutsauger, but everyone else can lift it like it was as light as a feather. Satou really wishes he could join the others in battle, but eventually mellows out.


Of most the Wacky Homeroom in Negima! Magister Negi Magi, many of them had some form of Charles Atlas Superpower, till the members of the Ala Alba went through Training from Hell, leaving the rest as a liability when several of them enter the Magic World.

The Steven Moffat era plays the Doctor-as-Messianic-Archetype concept straight until Series 9, when he undergoes another dark period in the three-part finale: In "Face the Raven" he is betrayed by someone who owes him her life — specifically, he brought her back to life — and to make matters worse it accidentally gets his beloved Clara killed. Clara tells him he can't let his resultant anguish change him, even though he's being sent to a place where he'll have absolutely no one to help him. In "Heaven Sent" it turns out to be a torture chamber that torments him with his own nightmares, and he is Driven to Madness, ultimately undergoing a cycle of, effectively, death and revival billions of times over until he's free.


Gavin Free in Achievement Hunter's Let's Play Minecraft series is this trope. The series is over 100 episodes long and Gavin's only won the Tower of Pimps six times. This is due to three reasons: he's a troll, he tends to be quite incompetent at times and, if he's close to winning, everyone else will drop what they're doing and kill Gavin's character just so he doesn't win. His first and third victories, in "Hunger Games" and "Mad King Ryan", was because he was able to get to the person he needed to kill and kill them one-on-one. The second one, "Shopping List", could be described as Karmic Victory as Gavin ended up winning after Ryan drowned him and nearly irrevocably set him back.


Maya accidentally blows up a town when suffering from Power Incontinence and is hunted for it by Phoenix. When Morgan (Evil Aunt in canon, but in no way this is shown here) gives them a lead on her, they track her fully intending to kill her on the spot. However the moment Phoenix finds out that Maya is Mia's sister, he changes his mind intending to put her on trial instead. Morgan on the other hand is killed on the spot because she tried to convince Phoenix to kill Maya, which she claims note she did because Maya blew up that city (and Phoenix knows Morgan was one of three people who survived, so her claim should be believable).


The older generation were all several times stronger than she is when they were her age and the younger generation is even worse. Bardock (named after his grandfather) is her age but was stronger than her when he was a toddler.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Bundle Pre-Order Guide

Lampshaded in Night Watch, in which young Sam points out to Vimes that in certain circumstances, Vimes is prepared to do things which are illegal or immoral (like knocking people unconscious before they can hit him). Vimes evades giving an explanation, and privately admits to himself that his main justification is "It's Me Doing It" — and that this is a pretty poor justification, especially because it's the one the people on the other side are using too (and he feels he could do worse if he let himself, but he doesn't). Also downplayed in that he's using it about the Elite Mooks of a corrupt, oppressive king, so there is some justification.


The short-lived Netflix series Messiah has this trope as its premise with the key character Al-Masih. A preacher from the Middle East who claims to be the eschatological return of 'Isa (Jesus in Arabic). The series plays with, subverts, deconstructs and actually plays this trope straight, as Al-Masih walks the lines between this trope and Dark Messiah since he does several very un-Christ like things, but also inspires goodness and change in people (although he also brings out the worst in others). The show strongly hints that it’s all just a highly elaborate con and Al-Masih is a pretender who thinks he’s the Messiah, except he does actually perform miracles that are impossible to stage such as in the Ambiguous Ending where he survives a plane crash and seemingly revives the passengers (his kidnappers) with Healing Hands. Since the show was cancelled we’ll never know if he was actually the Messiah or not.

Quetzacoatl, the Feathered Serpent God—martyred for giving humans the gift of chocolate, will rise again. Unfortunately for the Mesoamericans, they thought he had. What they got instead were just Sufficiently Advanced Spaniards.


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Will Caster by the boatload in Transcendence. He was persecuted and then murdered for heresy, allegedly for the greater good but more for the benefit of the persecutors. He rises again from the dead and starts working miracles, starting with healing a dying man, a blind man, and a lame man (in that order) before eradicating pollution, purifying all of Earth's fresh water, and who knows what else. He is then killed again by those afraid of his gifts. It's later hinted he may rise again in the future, too.

Fire Emblem Awakening has Robin. They are born from the blood of the setting's biggest evil, they sacrifice themselves to save all of humanity, and they come Back from the Dead afterwards.


Chrysler is the most infamous American example, because they pretty much ignored their small economy car segment in the The '70s in favor of enormous land yachts, they got shafted by the Oil Crisis and became stuck playing catch up for thirty years while frequently teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Almost every small car they produced was either outdated, unreliable, or just a rebadged Mitsubishi. When Mercedes Benz bought them, Chrysler became The Load and got shuffled around by multiple owners until FIAT bought them; and only after FIAT took over did they start producing competent small cars.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Wiki Guide

While they may be general all-round heroes in fighting whatever threatens humanity, they only have selfish impulses that makes them focused on one prime purpose for taking on the forces of evil, usually related to them. Most of the time they are all about indulging and entertaining themselves in hunting down demons and threats that are sufficiently cool, and only consider the thousands, or millions, of casualties a part of the job at worst.

Mai learns that Katara was pregnant with Zuko's child and hid the letter from him for a few years. She says it was because she was trying to prevent a civil war from breaking out, due to the news that the Fire Lord had not only cheated on his fiancée and eventual wife, but also created a bastard child with a member of an opposing nation and destabilizing their already fragile Fire Nation. Zuko never sees anything wrong with what he did, physically assaults Mai and runs off to be with Katara. Consequently, Katara reveals to Zuko that she was planning to hide her child's existence from Zuko for the same reasons, but she is treated as being very considerate and kind for doing so.


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Hop's character arc in Pokémon Sword and Shield ends similarly. While he is a skilled battler, he's still nowhere in the same league as his main rival (the player character), which causes him to reevaluate what he wants in life. Come the post-game, and he's decided to one day become a Pokémon Professor, now working as an assistant under Sonia (who had just succeeded her now-retired grandmother in the role).

Considering she managed to become a high-ranking officer in the Marine Division stationed in the New World and has shown a fair few demonstrations of genuine skill and strength, she comes across as an effective Marine in most situations. Unfortunately for her, she often chases the Straw Hats around, who tend to leap into the most absurdly dangerous situations possible, leaving her in over her head most of the time. Her tendency to routinely challenge opponents that are clearly out of her league doesn't help.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses has an unconventional example in the protagonist, Byleth. As the main character of the game, leveling isn't a problem at all — in fact, since their personal ability increases their experience gain (and that of adjacent allies) by 20%, they're likely to stay ahead of the curve, like other Lords. No, the issue is with skill proficiency: every other character can improve their skills through weekly lessons and one-on-one tutoring, but Byleth is the one teaching them. Their chance to learn is limited to training sessions with the other faculty on exploration days, during which you have a limited amount of time and a number of other activities that also demand your attention. As a result, their skill levels are ironically likely to trail behind their students'. Fortunately, they can start to catch up in Part 2, when Faculty Training is replaced by Advanced Drills, wherein they can learn from any character whose proficiency in a skill exceeds theirs; by that point your Professor Level should also have grown significantly, giving you more time to spend each day.

Makoto Naegi, the Big Good of the Danganronpa series. He's extremely good at bringing allies over to his side through simple listening, by allowing himself to be relied on and unpretentiously helping people move past their pain and insecurity and instead towards a hope-filled path, which earned him the title of Ultimate Hope. In Chapter 5 of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, he's betrayed by his friends and sentenced to death but escapes by a miracle and is a prisoner on the lowest level of the school. After returning, he instantly forgives them and as a result, they're inspired to share his conviction. At the end, he even makes an attempt to Save the Villain, which fails.


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Kichikuou Rance's plot begins with Rance marrying Lia and becoming the king of her country. Naturally, he becomes an awful tyrant.

The police has little interest in day races. However, the same can’t be said for the unsanctioned night races. As such, players should check their map before heading out onto the road so that they can plan out their escape route. This is important because being caught by the police will result in the loss of not just their progress for the night but also their multiplier plus a substantial percentage of their money. Later on, players will be able to soak up such hits. However, if they are still in the early game, this kind of loss can be crippling for their progress through the game.


Prophecy states that his blood will be spilled to free mankind from the Dark One, most people think that means Rand must die, including himself. He does, but he comes back in another body due to Synchronization with the Nae'blis (he's actually that body's third inhabitant). Since prophecy also states that he will "break" the world, he is not always popular. He spends much of the series lamenting his status as the Chosen One but ends up an All-Loving Hero by the end.

There is a strong suggestion that Lost's Locke is the All-Loving Hero to the Others or the island itself. The Others have suggested they've been waiting for him because he is very special. Also, as seen in season 4, he dies, and must be returned to the island.


This form itself might be strong, but with no control or skill to harness it, it remains pretty weak

The Rising of the Shield Hero deconstructs it by showing that the phrase "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" exists for a damn good reason. Naofumi plays by the rules of this new world, especially the part about slavery being legal, and prospers in spite of all the crap he's put through. Ren, Itsuki, and especially Motoyatsu -who fervently insists that Naofumi is an Asshole Victim and deserves all his suffering and more beyond all reason- continue to stubbornly cling to their own internal compass and ignore all empirical evidence of how their mindset is completely wrong. Despite having every possible advantage, they cause one disaster after another, refusing to learn their lesson, until they get knocked off their high-horse by a low-bridge known as the Spirit Turtle. At this point, when the reality finally hits them, Ren goes into abject poverty, and can't even touch anything of value, Itsuki becomes an empty shell, and Motoyasu not only falls into a depression, but comes out the other side incurably insane.

Also the source of the Trope Quote. Elan is happy that Enor and Ganji (who are antagonists) are safe over the literally dozens of dead guards, and Tarquin's only complaint is that the latter are expensive to replace.


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Laura Roslin on Battlestar Galactica could very well fall into this category — she is believed to be the "dying leader" destined to bring her people to Earth, and it doesn't get too much more messianic (specifically, Moses-like) than that. However, she tends more towards the morally grey end of the spectrum than most other messiahs, and that's before the recent revelation that her prophetic dreams are being shared by Cylons.

In a literal case of this, Armor Knights are a bit notorious for being hard to level because they often physically cannot keep up with the rest of the army, especially on larger maps. This leads to them being outdone in their focus by fast units that grow more quickly.


The fourth expansion, brings us the Last (pandaren) Emperor of Pandaria, Shaohao, who upon learning that the sundering was coming, decided to purge himself from his negative emotions, and "become one with the land" to make Pandaria drift away from the destruction and protect the races of Pandaria, including his enemies the Mantid. Of course, given the far eastern theme of the expansion, he's more of a Crystal Dragon Buddha.

Crops up only briefly in King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, with a royal proclamation announcing Cassima and Alhazared's wedding. It appears in the beginning of the game before Alexander has any real reason to question the legitimacy of the marriage, but Alhazared is obviously the villain and, at the very least, is oppressing Cassima to the point of keeping her under house arrest. The narration describes Alexander as being distraught at the thought of the wedding because she'd be another man's wife. The danger she's in personally apparently doesn't upset him quite that much.


As above, Superman in the Legion Of Superheroes cartoon fits the trope more than ever, as the Grand Finale even comes with its own Judas: Brainiac 5's Brainiac 1-induced Face–Heel Turn leads to him giving Supes a crown of Kryptonite. Though declared dead, Superman rises again later.

The most obvious example of this in AKIRA is, of course, the titular character, a godlike psychic mutant child whose extraordinary power could mean the end of the world as easily as its utter salvation; in the end, he 'dies' to create a new universe to contain his own and Tetsuo's man-made superpowers. Bonus points for his frothing-at-the-mouth cult following and his short resurrection in the movie.


Enzo in Reality is seen by Luciano as a Messianic figure. There's even a sequence in which Enzo is suspended over a crowd with lighting suggestive of artistic depictions of Christ's Transfiguration, with his arms spread as if he is being crucified.

Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games has shades of this. Beginning with almost sacrificing herself for her sister, she becomes a Hope Bringer for the nation through her actions and choices in the Games. She is all but legally persecuted by President Snow and the Capitol government and endures more physical and emotional trauma over the course of the trilogy. And there's a scene in Mockingjay of her in a makeshift hospital that echoes scenes of Jesus surrounded by desperate but adoring believers. The Catching Fire movie really hammers the point by having Katniss in a Crucified Hero Shot as she's being lifted from the arena.


Brutha in the Discworld book Small Gods. He may not be The Chosen One — he's only chosen by his god Om because there's no-one else around, and Om keeps wishing there was — but hanging out with a god that turns out not to be what he'd always imagined and seeing a lot of things and new places makes him grow into a prophet of his own accord. And then he gets something like a Crucified Hero Shot.

In the fandom, this is part of the "to sell toys" effect. A character who just had a new toy released will be fairly dominant, powerful, and competent, but if they aren't getting new toys (which often get translated into upgraded forms), then they can't keep up with the characters who are. Sky-Byte, like Waspinator, is another case of a character who started out as reasonably tough if a bit bumbling and quickly dropped to the Butt-Monkey as better villains showed up or got upgrades.


The orcs of Dungeon Crawl are still looking for their messiah. If playing as an orcish priest of Beogh, you can (usually violently) convert the numerous orcs into loyal followers by convincing them you are that messiah. And Beogh will eventually grant powers up to and including, yes, walking on water. You don't HAVE to die, as per the original Messianic Archetype, although the rest of the dungeon makes this the most likely outcome.

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As we are closing in, next, we have the first phase in Ultra Instinct. This is Goku’s most recent form showcased in the Tournament of Power Arc.

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The titular giant of The Iron Giant. The Iron Giant arrives one day to Earth, befriends a young boy, is initially hated by those perceiving him as being a monster, and ultimately performs a Heroic Sacrifice, sparing the town from being leveled by a missile. However, because of his Healing Factor, this death doesn't stick.


In the film, he unwittingly saves humanity when he discovers a small plant that Eve later retrieves. He is also noteworthy as being the only functional WALL-E unit that was still operating, and much like Christ, WALL-E dies and has a "resurrection" of sorts. He also came into contact with two humans on the Axiom named John and Mary who discover that there was more to life than luxury.

Tommy by The Who: Tommy is convinced that his experiences gained from his self-imposed exile from reality have given him some sort of spiritual insight into reality and gathers a small cult about him. His family tries to make money off of his cult, and his followers largely miss the point and ultimately reject his message.


His casting pose is eerily reminiscent to crucifixion. Additionally, many other characters and events in the game are analogous to people and events in the Bible.

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Goku is the poster boy of the Dragon Ball franchise, and the strongest there is. Over the past 30+ years of the series, Goku has taken on dozens of forms. By surpassing his limits and growing stronger as a fighter, he has shown us that there is always room to grow and improve.


In Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (the PSP port of the original game), the titular Valkyrie must always be in your party. Since you have a couple dozen other characters to recruit and train, this means by the end of the game, she may be up to 10 levels higher than the next closest warrior. More so because you're expected to, every so often (more often than you'd like if you want the best ending) kill off one of your characters. You're rewarded with an item that boosts the stats of a second character based on how high a level the one you killed off was, and the best ending and bonus dungeon requires a fairly high total minimum level of all your sacrifices.

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Arden in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War seems practically designed for the above problem to hit him. His stats and growths are actually pretty good, but he has the worst movement speed of any unit in the whole first generation, and he's in a game where maps are absolutely colossal and he can't be transported easily. By the time Arden's trundled his way to the frontlines, chances are the many strong cavaliers, nobles, or Leg Ring users have already killed everything and are currently moving on to the next castle. Arden struggles just to get in kills, much less stay even with everyone else in levels, and by the third chapter, enemies can rip him open like a tin can unless you go out of your way to keep the rest of your army at his speed (and don't do that, unless you like watching villages get ransacked before you can reach them). A lot of his dialogue is him grumbling about how he could definitely kick some ass if he wasn't so horribly slow (but don't call him that).

Many of Edward's and Jacob's actions were typical of an abusive relationship, but they were portrayed as being perfectly okay and even romantic. Edward stalks her and watches her sleep? It just shows how much he loves her! He breaks her car and has his sister kidnap her to keep her from visiting another boy? It just shows how much he cares about her! Jacob forcibly kisses Bella and insists that she wanted him to but just won't admit it? Again, it just shows how much he loves her!


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Iggy's Reckin' Balls is about a group of troublemakers whose hobby is racing against each other, with the winner getting to push the Big Red Button that will detonate the entire racetrack. The game itself takes them to the sacred towers of the Cho-Dama Kingdom, and despite what they're doing being sacrilege and can be easily interpreted as terrorism, the game very much wants you to perceive it as much fun as Iggy and his friends are having, with the Cho-Dama forces attempting to stop them Played for Laughs. No consequences of the destroyed towers are ever shown except for the last-place finisher getting caught in the explosion, which is also played for laughs.

The American Motors Corporation was originally the top dog in small cars due to their efficiency and simplicity, lacked the money to design new engines, so they were stuck with torque-y but inefficient six-cylinder engines while the other domestic and foreign manufacturers were pumping out efficient (if horribly slow) four-cylinders in The '70s. When the Oil Crisis hit, AMC went belly up due to their economy cars getting the mileage of competitor's mid-sized cars, and then got bought out by Renault, then Chrysler (who only wanted AMC's Jeep brand).


Aerith of Final Fantasy VII—Half-human, half-supernatural, the planet is ultimately saved through her prayers and her death, and humanity is kept alive. In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, she cures Geostigma from beyond the grave, which is effectively cancer. The disease is notably uncurable by any other means.

This is actually inverted in Final Fantasy VI. At several points in the game, unused characters have their level bumped up to the party average plus a static modifier. This means that unused characters often end up at a higher level than the characters you were actually using. They do have the minor drawback of missing out on esper bonuses, however.


The initially powerful character of Pop in Ojamajo Doremi takes four seasons to reach what for the rest of the cast was a second-season power level. Her problem is that all the magical training in the series is done at night, and she can't stay awake long past dark. Justified in that she's five years old in the first season.

Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and its sequels. He is the "saviour" of the Apes, conceived from a miraculous birth (the only ape born intelligent rather than artificial brain modification) gives all Apekind the gift of Intelligence (ALZ-113) and leads them to an exodus away from the Human oppressors to the "Promised Land" of the forests where they can live in peace. Everyone, even Koba, looked up to him as a sort of God-Emperor but despite all this, he retained an overwhelming sense of compassion, understanding, and tolerance to all sapient life — human and ape alike. He follows a strict self-imposed morality of Ape Shall Not Kill Ape, seeking to avoid war whenever is possible, though if you cause him trouble, he definitely knows how to kick your ass. Of course, no Ape version of Christ can be complete without a catastrophic betrayal caused by his most trusted "brother": Koba, who "killed" him, dismantled all of Caesar's work and led the Apes to immoral brutality and persecution of both humans and Caesar's remaining apostles. Caesar even metaphorically "rose from the dead" when Malcolm found him, brought him back to Heaven (Will Rodman's house), and returned to Apekind injured but stronger, ending in the apes "repenting" and Koba's damnation into Hell. His personal symbol, the sequin-like window of Rodman's house even became the universal symbol of Ape liberation ala the Chi-Rho of early Christians.


For 1,000 years the myth of The Legendary Super Saiyan stayed just that, a myth. Until Goku achieved the form after witnessing the death of Krillin at the hands of Frieza.

In Avengers: Endgame, Tony saves Earth and all of existence by using the Infinity Gauntlet to wipes out Thanos' forces with it at the cost of his life. In Spider-Man: Far From Home Tony is worshiped by society as a savior, and courtesy of a major Adaptation Relationship Overhaul, someone named Peter is tasked with carrying on his spiritual legacy. Also, Tony's mechanic skill is fitting for this trope since it is analogous to carpentry.


The earlier heroes like Treebeast, Ivan and Brittany will get overshadowed by the later ones very very quickly. However, once you level them above 200, their damage multiplies by 4 every 25 levels, and 10 every 1000 levels. If you can get them to level 1000, Ivan, Treebeast and Brittany can outdamage Frostleaf, the strongest hero.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Yui Ikari (especially if you ask Gendo), Rei Ayanami who was a clone of Yui and Kaworu "He Died for Your Sins" Nagisanote. Shinji also has some Messianic elements, but really doesn't want to be one of these, but ended up acting as the channel for all the souls of humanity, along with Rei and Yui who had let herself be trapped in Eva-01. The parallel goes as far as Shinji forgiving everyone and deciding to redeem them, despite all the shit the world put him through.


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Yep, and one of them even backstabs him. Suffers in the process of saving people, and eventually attempts a Heroic Sacrifice?

There is no real point to swapping Kimahri into battle, since any enemy that isn't part of the one-hit kill puzzle battle dynamic can just as easily be handled by anyone else. On the upside the way the experience system works, there's no reason NOT to switch him in either.


In this list, however, we’re going to focus on all of Goku’s canon forms from weakest to strongest

The protagonist's son needs a heart transplant but can't afford it. Clearly, the big bad insurance agent is evil for not paying for his son's surgery. So John holds an entire hospital emergency room hostage, threatens to kill people if his son doesn't get a heart, and causes terror. However, there are only so many hearts available for transplant in the world. By blackmailing others to get his son a heart, he stole it from someone else, effectively killing that person. Then his son had his heart transplanted last minute by a group unprepared for the surgery, which lowered the odds of the transplant working. So John gave his son a lower chance of success of surviving the surgery than the person he stole the heart from. Not to mention the whole holding people hostage and thus disrupting an emergency room, which nearly resulted in one person dying due to lack of proper treatment (he gets convicted of that at the end, but he's still treated as right).

An interesting example in Paul S. Kidd's The Fangs of K'aath: while two of the main antagonists both enact their plots for the exact same reasons, the one who does far more horrific things over a longer period is given a sympathetic death scene simply because of a connection to the protagonist, while the other is simply shot dead and forgotten. Namely, both Shiraj and Farasche want to see their sons succeed to the throne. The difference is that Shiraj has raised Raschid to be the host for Demonic Possession since birth, uses her favorite slave as a Human Shield, then tries to possess Raschid's girlfriend instead, and finally herself—and as a bonus, she also turns Abbas into a monster. Abbas's mother Farasche, on the other hand, merely tries to assassinate Raschid and stage a mundane coup.


One major example is "Boast Busters". While Trixie does go overboard with her ego, one of the ponies who calls her out and complains is Rainbow Dash, who's not exactly the picture of modesty and humility herself. Rarity and Applejack didn't cover themselves in glory in that episode either.

Poor Scootaloo from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is this in regards to flying, as every other pegasus her age has already figured it out. It would take a while for the series to make it clear that she wasn't just a late bloomer, but is actually handicapped.


Owen Meany from A Prayer for Owen Meany. He even quotes Jesus directly with John 11:26 when he is dying.

The protagonists of Kit n Kay Boodle are always right and everything they do is morally righteous and correct behavior, no matter what they're doing to whom, because their motives are supposedly pure and for the greater good. This includes raping someone with the mind of a child, because she's a brat, and framing her lawyers for the crime when they try to rescue her.


Ray spends a good four novels wanting to get his revenge on the Superior Killer who took him out, but when their true identity is revealed as Marie, who he had befriended prior, he still continues to view her as a friend and doesn't retaliate—mercy he never showed toward any other player killer. Likewise, Ray attempts to kill Franklin for pranking him with a potion that causes him to grow animal ears, and it's played entirely for comedy—and keep in mind that this was long before Franklin was revealed to be the Big Bad.

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Jack Harkness of Torchwood: Betrayed by his team and killed, rose from the dead, sacrifices himself to basically stop the devil from killing everyone in the world, dies again, and comes back after exactly three days to tell his killer that he forgives him. That's just the series one finale. The second one does so a little bit too but then the third series utterly and totally subverts it.


Briefly discussed at various points in Dies Irae. How a person is viewed morally ultimately comes down to either how well you know them yourself or how they align with your own views. Generally, then everyone who does not fit this we label as evil to justify ourselves. Meanwhile, those who are basically faceless masses are ultimately inconsequential.

Enjolras from Les Misérables is the leader of a passionate group of revolutionaries, betrayed by one of his followers (a disguised Javert), shunned by the very people he's trying to save, and whose death is always staged as an upside-down Crucified Hero Shot, hanging over the front of the barricade and clutching the red flag of the rebellion. Although his death is very permanent, he does get a second coming in "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables", and is the first to welcome Valjean to heaven besides Fantine and Eponine.


Players can participate in both day races and night races in Need for Speed: Heat. In fact, players will have to participate in both day races and night races if they want to make good progress through the title because these different races give different rewards. By participating in day races, interested individuals can gain money.

The Divine Comedy: While Dante purges himself of weakness throughout Purgatory and gains supernatural abilities in Paradise, his master Virgil lacks any capability to grow, making him wholly useless as a teacher by the time they reach the top of Purgatory. Virgil happily confesses his inferiority and leaves Dante to finish the journey with his well-forged will.


Lampshaded and parodied in Farce of the Three Kingdoms. The narrative has decided that Liu Bei is the hero, so the world cheerfully accepts this. However, as time goes on, a lot of people start to get tired of it.

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This is implied to be the fate of the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout: New Vegas. Decades ago, they were one of the strongest factions around, due to having a massive supply of pre-war technology and the engineers to maintain them and even produce prewar-quality weapons and armor, in an era where everyone else is trying to struggle back to Iron Age levels After the End. But when other sides started to get their hands on the stuff, and started rebuilding and advancing, the Brotherhood's reclusiveness and Machine Worship meant that they stayed stagnant, while their rivals got more and more powerful.


Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby. The scene where he is shot goes into great detail about how he bears his pool mattress on his shoulder to the pool, analogous to Jesus bearing the cross on his shoulder.

In the PlayStation version of Persona, experience is awarded based on the game's arbitrary and seemingly random perception of the character's usefulness in that battle. In other words, the strong get more experience and become stronger, while the weak get less experience and continue to lag behind.


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The ponies are the protagonists. In any other story they'd be utter monsters. Likewise, some stories show the humans as evil simply because they didn't want to convert or they dared to defend themselves against the ponies.

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There's a part in Lost Odyssey that can leave a player stuck if they fall into this. Oh, you were only leveling up your main power group this entire time?


In the prologue of Princess Tutu, we're told a fairytale about a good Prince and an evil Raven who were locked in a furious battle. The fairytale was unfinished because the writer had died in the middle of writing the tale, but the Prince and Raven escaped the story so as to finish their battle. In the end, the Prince used forbidden magic to stab himself in the heart and shatter it, which sealed away the Raven at the cost of the Prince's personality and emotions. The story revolves around the Prince—Mytho—having his heart restored piece by piece by the titular magical girl.

In Akiko Shikata's song "Infelious Rhaplanca. Ten no Inori ~Rhaplanca~/Chi no Aganai ~Maoh~," from her Ar tonelico based album Utau Oka ~Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor, Rhaplanca transforms herself into stone to stop a giant dead tree from falling, allowing the people of her city to climb it and escape the wrath of their god.


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Empath in Empath: The Luckiest Smurf. Lampshaded by Tapper in "Smurfed Behind: The Passion Of The Smurfs".

This is exacerbated because their crimes are never shown, only mentioned during the courtroom proceedings, making the mafioso come off like a bunch of well-dressed goofsters being maliciously targeted by the authorities. At one point Kierney, after becoming frustrated by them getting sympathy from the jury, denounces this in private, saying to his aides that they don't get what kind of people the defendants are. Some reviewers were also repelled, saying it was difficult to be happy with a movie that ends like this.


Jumper is based on the audience siding with its Anti-Hero, who supports himself with crime enabled by his superpowers. We side with him because the organization who hunts down people with his powers are Knight Templars and will kill people who try to help him. The opening scenes have the protagonist ignoring a news story about hundreds of people whose lives are in danger due to a flood so that he can rob a bank and have lunch on top of the sphinx. Note that this is before he knew people wanted to kill him. Neither he nor the hundreds of other teleporters in the world have ever tried to use their powers for good.

Japan was never as innately talented as Azuma, but in the first half of the series he made up for it with hard work and still managed to hold his own. Then, ironically after undergoing a bout of special training, he descended into the realm of joke character, and in the final story arc was deemed so worthless that he was stuck in the audience watching his supposed teammates do all the work.


In Akuyaku Reijo ni Koi wo Shite, the "good" and "bad" of the story is almost entirely decided by Rion, a Misanthrope Supreme anti-hero who rightly hates the world he's been reincarnated into, since that world has a will of its own and seems to enjoy his suffering, or at least taking everything he cares for away from him, if not both. Fortunately, his judgement tends to be right far more often than not.

Played with in Ultraman Moedari. Moedari is apparently killed when Lunaram kicks the moon into his face, but his connection with Jake saves him and gives him his Trinity Form. The motif is a circle with a triangle with three circles inside of it with triangles inside, etc, and the finisher is cross-shaped.


Freezing: Chiffon Fairchild becomes one at the end of the E-Pandora Arc. After Amelia transforms into a Nova, Chiffon tries to convince her to forgive the Chevalier for plotting to dispose of her and the rest of the E-Pandora when they outlived their usefulness to them, arguing that the Chevalier couldn't help themselves because they're only human. When Amelia refuses and begins to self-destruct, Chiffon performs a Heroic Sacrifice and absorbs the explosion at the cost of her life, explaining that she will take on Amelia's punishment, which humanity deserves, in order to protect her True Companions.

There is a particularly blatant example in The Scarlet Letter. The antagonist Chillingworth does objectively good things: he gains great medical knowledge from the Indians at considerable personal risk and uses it for the benefit of the community. When Chillingworth comes home to see his wife (and indirectly himself) publicly shamed, he comforts Hester, medicates her and her daughter, and mostly blames himself for his wife's infidelity. He helps Dimmesdale medically and emotionally by correctly insisting that Dimmesdale will never fully recover until he relieves himself of whatever is weighing down his heart. Despite these good acts, the Puritans of Boston seem ungrateful for having a man who has put so much effort into becoming a great doctor for them and seem to interpret everything he does in the worst possible light. Everyone, including the narrator and Chillingworth himself, assumes that he is doing everything for the very worst of reasons. Just to hammer in his badness, the narrator makes Chillingworth ugly, and uglier as the story goes on. Protagonist Dimmesdale, on the other hand, does objectively bad things by ruining Hester's life and making Pearl grow up a poor pariah. He is extremely hypocritical in participating in the public shaming of Hester, even pretending to try to make her give away the name of her lover. He neither has the courage to confess and face the consequences nor to take his secret to the grave, instead choosing the most cowardly possible solution (he waits until he only has seconds left to live to confess). Yet he obviously has the sympathy of the narrator, Hester, and all of Boston.


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Playing around with this trope is one of the main threads of the book. A prophecy exists which refers to a figure called the Hero of Ages, but the prophecy has been tampered with by Ruin, the primordial god of entropy and destruction, who wants to trick the Hero into freeing him. As a result, several characters are identified as the Hero (and believe it) who really aren't. Most notably this includes Alendi, a legendary figure from the backstory, the Lord Ruler alias Rashek, the man who betrayed and killed Alendi and who is the current Evil Overlord, and the heroine, Vin. Ultimately, though, the Hero turns out to be Sazed, and even that doesn't really work out as expected and instead he picks up the literal pieces after the planets two Gods are killed fighting one another, becoming a single deity holding both of their powers and reforging the world.

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The oldest son of the primordial gods Geb and Nut, he came down to earth to live as the first Pharaoh who taught Humanity agriculture and civilization. However, he was betrayed by his jealous brother Seth, who mutilated and scattered his body to rule as a tyrant. After his son Horus took revenge upon Seth, Osiris was pieced back together by his wife Isis (except his penis, which got eaten by a fish), and assumed the role of judge of the dead.


The Zuul are the strongest example. They have the worst research rate and poor chances for most high-end techs, meaning that they will lose out if forced into a long slog where their early advantages have been lost and they fail to salvage those techs through combat.

Emerald's stated goal (to stop Crystal Tokyo's creation, to prevent its people from being brainwashed) is noble enough, but the fic gives virtually no evidence of brainwashing (life seems to go on perfectly normally, from what we hear of it), and his main reasons for not liking life in Crystal Tokyo boil down to that he thinks it's boring. The same goes for Pluto, at the end. The only reason she gives for having her timeline erased from existence — sending countless unsuspecting people and her own friends into Nothingness — is because Crystal Tokyo didn't turn out how she liked it. No specific reasons, just that.


The average Danielle Steel book will have any and all behavior by her heroes and heroines portrayed as perfectly okay, while identical behavior from the villains is despicable. In The Wedding, a woman comes home from a business trip to find her boyfriend cavorting with another woman; she tells him off and throws him out, conveniently forgetting that she herself spent her trip having a fling with another man, who turns out to be her One True Love, whom she marries at the end of the book in the titular ceremony. There's also her numerous May-December romances being portrayed as perfectly common and normal—to the point where no one bats an eye at a 62-year-old man marrying an 18-year-old girl (in A Perfect Stranger), or a 49-year-old man falling in love with a 15-year-old girl (in Family Album).

Happy Sugar Life has Shouko Hida. Shouko is the only morally upright character in a world infested with mentally disturbed psychopaths, and is very compassionate, taking it upon herself to free her best friend Satou Matsuzaka from the darkness in her life, only to get stabbed to death. Shouko is also the only character in the manga and anime series who performed a true act of love by snapping a picture of Satou and Shio and texting it to Asahi at the cost of her life.


Etienne from Innocents Shounen Juujigun is designed to be this. The whole story is about his adventure as God's chosen child, and he goes on said adventure with an intentionally chosen twelve "disciples". Later, he is betrayed by one of said disciples, decreed a heretic by the church, captured and executed (after many failed attempts at killing him), and has his body mounted on a stake and displayed as an example. He also reincarnates as his own son, and goes on to play a major part in ending The Crusades.

Kaladin: I'm putting it all on the long bet. If I die, then they'll come out, shake their heads, and tell themselves they knew it would happen. But if I live, they'll remember it. And it will give them hope.


It takes watching every episode of Key West produced to realize it, but JoJo Nabouli is a Messianic Archetype. Everywhere he goes, good things happen to people who follow his advice. He hates no one and supports everyone. He always has a message to teach, even to people who don't think they need to learn. He is fortunate enough that, even when he falls ass-backward into piles of manure, he comes out spotless with a rose in his teeth. And when a friend needs a hand, he gives it without question.

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In The Seven Deadly Sins, the Holy Knights (sans the titular sins) fall victim to this after the Holy Knight Arc is resolved. As the Sins go on to fight the Demon King and his servants, the Holy Knights that where a solid match for them just a few In-Universe months prior are relegated to fighting Mooks and the ocasional Elite Mook, being far too weak to actually contribute anything against pretty much any villain with a name. For example, Gilthunder was introduced as being able to give Meliodas a decent fight and even seriously wound him by forcing him to take the full brunt of an attack. Then during the Ten Commandments Arc, Gilthunder undergoes Training from Hell, and his Power Level is noted to increase from 1971 to 2331, earning praise from his teammates and Meliodas. Then moments later Meliodas passes a trail of personality and gets to regain power he had lost before the series started, increasing his power from 3000 to 30000. Meliodas doesn't stop there, either. By the time the Holy War arc starts, any human not named Escanor, Ban or Arthur is useless in a one-on-one scenario, and it is only through great numbers that the Holy Knights are of any use in the war.


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In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story there's a very brief section where Mario and Luigi get separated, and Luigi has to go find his brother. You can get into a couple of Luigi-only fights at this point, and be annoyingly stuck with the Bros' XP levels being out-of-sync for the rest of the game.

In the Phantom Lord arc at the beginning of the manga, Gajeel, then an antagonist, came by and destroyed the guild hall while everyone was out. It was unprovoked and a horrible thing to do, and Gajeel was still a psycho then, but no one got hurt. Yet, Natsu and everyone else demand retribution, and then seek it out when someone is actually attacked. Okay, fine, but fast forward to the Grand Magic Games arc. Natsu hears the sad kicked-out-of-guild story of Yukino, who he's known for all of one day, and decides to break into their guild quarters and start beating the crap out of people unprovoked. He is actively not only causing property damage, but assaulting people who did nothing to him. Mind, this isn't even their guild hall—it's a hotel they're staying in for the Games, and they'll have to pay for the damages. At worst, people say that Natsu acted rashly but his heart was in the right place and at best, people defend him.


Crusade in Jeans: Subverted by Nicolaas. He was conned into believing he's on a Mission from God by the two monks accompanying him to send the children of the HRE on a crusade to liberate the Holy Land but actually to sell them into slavery. He's not particularly wise or noble, merely very pious and Holier Than Thou. One of the monks later points out that their "burning firebush" trick completely failed with the first two boys they tried it on, and it's only because Nicolaas was so full of himself already that he readily accepted that he must be some sort of savior.

In Alicization, Kirito defeats Quinella, the Immortal Ruler and tyrant of the Human Empire (and another Satanic Archetype), but at the cost of becoming an Empty Shell in the process. Later on, when Gabriel who is a God-Emperor and yet another Satanic Archetype arrives (aided by Vassago, another Satanic Archetype dating back to Aincrad), it takes Kirito returning from being brain-dead much like Christ's resurrection, to harness all of the belief of the people of the world to defeat this new threat. More fittingly, Kirito's recovery and victory over Vassago and his forces and later Gabriel fits in with the Second Coming of Christ and his victory against Satan and his forces in the Final Battle in the Book of Revelation.


We do later learn that Armsmaster is known for being a bit of a self-aggrandizing tool, and has been looking for ways to boost his reputation after failing as a leader. It's more likely that we aren't supposed to be siding with either the selfish teenager OR the selfish adult here.

Kamen Rider Drive deconstructs this with Gou, the second rider of the show. After getting his butt handed to a lot and seeing how Drive ends up getting more power ups that can easily handle the Roidmude threat by itself, he winds up degrading himself, thinking that Drive will do better than him, and even grovelling on his knees to the scientist, begging her to give him an upgraded belt. However, he manages to get a pep talk from his sister, ends up mastering a Deadly Upgrade, and refusing the upgraded belt.


Wendy from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade is a particularly awful/great example (depending on how you want to look at it). By the time she joins your army, she's level 1 when most units will be near or at double digits. She joins your army at the same time as a much more capable unit of the same class, Armor Knight. She's also an Armor Knight in a game that isn't particularly kind to Armor Knights to begin with given that their stat growths are mediocre and units with 4 Movement are not great for timed objectives required for the True Ending. Immediately after Wendy joins your army, you travel to an island full of pirates wielding axes. It becomes extremely difficult to train Wendy (outside of taking her to the Arena and abusing save states) and is widely agreed to be not worth the effort at all.

He leads a band of loyal friends/followers in a doomed attempt to fight the injustice of the monarchy, and when it becomes clear that he has no hope of succeeding, he chooses to Face Death with Dignity and ends up 'nailed' to the wall with bullets. His angelic beauty and Incorruptible Pure Pureness give off Too Good for This Sinful Earth vibes.


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Some takes on what makes a Messianic Archetype include All-Loving Hero, the Dark Messiah (the extreme Anti-Hero version), The Antichrist, the False Prophet (the lying scammer version), and the Anti-Antichrist. However, keep in mind that All-Loving Hero and the Messianic Archetype are not synonymous. All-Loving Hero is about a character type with certain personality traits. The Messianic Archetype is about the role the character has in the events of the plot and can have any personality traits, even overtly villainous ones. Even spawns of The Devil themselves can be Messianic Archetypes (such as the more messianic versions of the Anti-Antichrist).

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In Dubious Company, Lieutenant Paladin Leeroy Perkins, who wants to prove himself as the best at something, anything, is cursed to be Number Two at everything. He's a good fighter, but not as good as Tiren. He's smart, but not as smart as Sal. He's skilled, but not as skilled as Walter. He's second-grade Bishounen compared to Elly. And unbeknownst to him was runner-up to Sal as The Chosen One.


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To finally vanquish Voldemort, Harry realises that he must sacrifice himself in order for the Horcrux within him to be destroyed. However, once he has "died", he chooses to come back to life to finish the job and kill Voldy in person.

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The baby that mother conceives with Him is an obvious stand-in for Christ coming down from his birth to his killing and subsequent cannibalization by Him's followers. Mother can be seen as a representation of many different aspects such as Mother Nature, the Virgin Mary, and later a Satanic Archetype. The film makes a point in how mother continually gives and gives, culminating in her willingly giving her heart to Him so that he could start again. She is even carried by Him in a fashion similar to how the Virgin Mary is said to have held Jesus when he was removed from the cross.


When given the power of the Hokuto arts, he uses them for healing instead of harming and often performs miracles for sick people. When he has to kill, he uses a technique that causes the victims to experience great euphoria as they die.

Might and Magic VIII combines an arbitrary headcount limit with no Leaked Experience and permanent stat boni mainly something one can get in dungeons. Most of the end-game recruits are powerful enough in their own right to be valid choices, but that fellow you've left in the inn since you got to the second city?


The Ledge suffers greatly from this: the hero, Gavin, is an atheist who decides to seduce Shana, the wife of the antagonist Joe, who is a devout Christian. But up until that point, the only really bad thing Joe had done was feeling sorry for Gavin's "empty life without God" as well as feeling sorry for his gay roommate. Moreover, Gavin is also shown (and even admits to) using emotional manipulation on her in order to make her fall for him, and the whole justification Gavin uses for his actions is that he believes that Shana is too good for her deeply religious husband and thus Gavin appoints himself as her "savior" from an oppressive life.

In the later parts of Homestuck, most of the trolls slip further and further behind everyone else, since every single human character reaches the God Tiers and gains world-altering cosmic powers, while most of the trolls don't. Karkat stands out in particular, to the point where he openly complains about it.


Hey, one thing they forgot to do with this movie is give us a reason to care! This ain't William Wallace talking about their freedom and shit. This is a bunch of lawless pirates! Oh shit I guess I spoke to soon.

And now we've got Hope Summers, the first mutant born after the Decimation, prophesied to be the last hope of mutantkind. What this means at this point is still anyone's guess, but she's become a kind of a walking MacGuffin for everyone with ideas regarding the future of mutants. To really drive the point home, when she gets back to the present and must save the Mutant Race, the story arc is called Second Coming. After that, the fact that she was raised by the above mentioned Cable, and name-checked as the then-current Mutant Messiah by Nate Grey, who had her as this even in his own Age of X-Man. Even Exodus, hardly the most humble of mutants, praises the power of the child he once tried to abduct and proselytizes about how "the prophecies ring true" when he is forced to fight her.


This can be a major problem in Radiant Historia. While characters who are traveling with you but not in your active party get Leaked Experience, characters who aren't available at the time don't.

Jupiter herself clearly wants to prevent the Earth from being harvested; but the Aegis crew, and in general anyone who helps her, are never shown to care one way or the other about the Earth. They're portrayed as heroic simply for protecting Jupiter's legal inheritance.


That concludes all of Goku’s canon forms, from weakest to strongest. The reason I went with his canon forms is that collectively from spin-offs, games, manga, and anime, Goku has over 30 forms. Toei likes to give Goku forms that he’ll never use again, for some reason.

Every year the gap just gets wider. Back in the day, when we were kids training under Master Roshi, I could at least sorta keep up. But you kept pulling further and further ahead.


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Despite seen as people doing charity for good, the speedrunners are blatantly doing things like stealing college degrees, killing their own parents, literally trying to kill themselves, and generally causing $1000's worth of damage, all to raise only $25 for an unnamed charity. There's even a narrator reassuring us that it's for charity.

Marvel Comics has had several villains over the years reform or claim to reform with their crime conveniently forgotten. Magneto was once a mutant terrorist and the Juggernaut had caused massive destruction and threw around buses full of children in his fights. Yet both were accepted on to the X-Men when they claimed to reform and did some good. Ares, the God of War has tried to start WWIII, destroy civilization, and murders mortals on a whim. The moment he has a son and wants to raise him on Earth Iron Man forgets all of his past crimes and wants to make him an Avenger.


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YU+ME: dream has this when it comes to Lia. While she was Not Herself sort of when doing all of the terrible things she did, it was a bit jarring to see her have a romantic reunion with Fiona while a child that she killed was still in the background of the scene. There are also no repercussions for her actions besides her feeling bad about it. which doesn't seem to be getting in the way of her life too much. However, this event is what caused Fiona to merge consciences with their respective owners, so something like that won't happen again.

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Portgas D. Ace out of all characters fits this bill. Not only is Ace the son of the Greater-Scope Paragon and god-like figure Gold D Roger, but Ace has a cross tattooed on his back, uses a cross symbol in his attacks and in the Arc War Marineford Ace gives his life for Luffy. Essentially Ace died for the sins of the previous era and even long past his death he is immortalized by his loved ones.


In Avatar: The Last Airbender, there's Sokka. The plot of an entire episode is based on him realizing this and leaving the group temporarily to learn swordplay.

In Pokémon Black and White, this is the entire point of Bianca's character arc: the unfortunate truth that not everyone can become stronger than they already are. Partway through the game she admits that she is nowhere near the level of the player or Cheren, and never will be, and so starts thinking about a new direction for her life. At the end of the game, she's become a lab assistant for Professor Juniper, a role she retains in the sequels.


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In Vampire Academy, having missed two years of training, Rose can't catch up to the rest of her classmates. That is why she needs extra training from Dimitri. Averted by Frostbite when she mostly catches up. She ends up graduating at the top of her class.

Kingdom Hearts: Sora, who has always been an All-Loving Hero, but is heading this way as of the secret ending to Birth by Sleep. By Kingdom Hearts III, his role as a Messiah in the KH universe is pretty much set in stone: he purifies two people from darkness, restores three people back to life, convinces the main villain to give up his evil ways, and last but not least, performs a Heroic Sacrifice.


In Tales of Phantasia, the main male (Cless) and female (Mint) characters are sent to the past, leaving behind Cless's playable buddy Chester. After recruiting new characters and acquiring many levels, the party is sent back to the present, where one of the new characters laments that Chester is now too weak (being something like 30 levels behind) to go along with the party. However, the trope is averted, because as soon as he rejoins the party, Chester gains levels quickly. Also, the PSX, GBA, and PSP adaptations all added in cutscenes to kick Chester up thirty or forty levels after you get him back. Oh, and he gets actual techniques in those versions, including the ultimate arrow Toryuu (Dragon Slayer) — in the original, he's nothing but brute support.

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One anime OAV has Nabiki heavily implying that the reason Akane can't catch up is because she's given up on upgrading her training regime due to Ranma always taking her battles on for her. Ranma and Ryoga are the only ones who train near-constantly and who get involved in battles the most (everyone else in the series tends to have other things to do that get in the way of training).


The protagonists ignore his very legitimate gripe, defeat him, and play hackysack with his decapitated head. Of course, this being Konosuba, it's entirely possible this occurrence of Protagonist Centered Morality is Played for Laughs as much as any other.

In Hannibal, Will Graham serves as this vis-a-vis Hannibal's satanic archetype. He's tested by a Satan figure (Hannibal), persecuted by Freddie Lounds, betrayed by one of the men he trusted most, and unjustly punished. In his daydreams in season 2, he's shown standing in a stream, as if to invoke the image of baptism. In "Hassun", Hannibal likens himself to Peter and Will to Jesus, telling Jack that he cannot deny Will a third time, a reference to Matthew 26:69-75.


Similarly to in Tales of Phantasia, in Tales of Destiny Garr and Mary both leave and return to the party later, and in both cases will be at the level you left them at when they rejoin, leaving both perilously underleveled when the game takes a large Difficulty Spike in the second half. Both characters do not learn many artes, making them closer to The Load than useful party members.

The Lion King (1994): There is Mufasa. He dies after saving his son from the wildebeest stampede and has an ascension of sorts by joining the past kings in the sky.


In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Benjamin Sisko is the Emissary of the Prophets, the messiah figure in the Bajoran religion. It turns out that the Prophets even used their knowledge of the future to orchestrate the events of Sisko's birth. Sisko is initially put off by the idea of being a messiah but eventually embraces the role.

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Quagmire was portrayed as good for the majority of the show despite the fact he sleeps with minors, sexually assaults them, and some many other things that would otherwise land him in prison under realistic standards. Sure, while he has his good moments, that does not make his evident crimes less invalid or excusable in any way, not to mention he goes after Peter's wife, too, so there's that to keep in mind.


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However, when Kenshin's mentor Seijuro Hiko shows up, even Saitou and Kenshin are outclassed. It's stated that Kenshin will never catch up, because his body just doesn't possess the raw physical strength to use the Hiten Mitsurugi style to its fullest.

Near the end of the game, he learns of his true purpose — he must give his life to call forth divine Providence if he is to destroy the Accursed and end the Scourge. And so, the game ends with his ritual sacrifice on his throne, after which he and his dead fiancee's spirits are shown appearing as if at their wedding. He's sometimes referred to by titles like "King of Kings" or "the Son" to make sure no one overlooks the connection.


The Hunger Games trilogy is entirely narrated by Katniss, and she tends to categorise whether someone is good or bad by whether she likes them or not. She frequently mocks Effie and her style team for worrying about how they're going to get her sponsors (which is their job), but when Cinna makes her a pretty dress, she treats him like he's better than the other people in the Capitol.

Jean-Luc Picard was necessary for Earth's survival. Without him becoming Locutus, Earth would have been assimilated by the Borg.


He learned the Kamehameha minutes after watching Master Roshi, which took him 50+ years to perfect, mind you. It makes me wonder; do you think Goku received a Zenkai boost when he hit his head as a baby?

The protagonist of Fallout: Equestria, Littlepip, fits this trope. From obscure and humble beginnings, she sets out to fix a broken world, gaining followers and battling corruption along the way.


In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, it is Zelda herself who is this. More particularly, both Hylia and Zelda split the difference of this archetype. Hylia was worshipped in ancient times as the protector of the Triforce, but those times ended when the Demon King Demise and his horde of demons rose to the surface, slaughtering anyone in their path. Hylia was able to seal Demise but was mortally wounded in the process, leading her to take a mortal form. In the present time, Zelda is that mortal form, and she goes on a journey separate from Link's to regain her memories and power as Hylia. Eventually, she seals herself away to strengthen the seal on Demise for a time.