Sync hacking is just like maphacking in that it's impossible to prevent without adopting a pure client-server model, which is impractical for an RTS. This is because each player's game state is stored on their own computers, and Relic has no control over what happens on a user's machine. Sure, they can implement memory restrictions and add integrity checks and stuff like that, but at the end of the day they really can't stop a user with physical access to a machine running their game from accessing elements of it held in memory. Detection, rather than prevention, is the key here.

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I'm not sure if there is something you misunderstand Ghast or I wasn't very clear in explaining something. Trust me the check save has worked 100% every time for me and as I said before checking the stats can work but is not as reliable. If the save check is done at the beginning of each turn, the most that will be lost is one turn that must be replayed.


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Company of heroes full patch

Step 2) Go to the Startup tab and click the Open in Taskbar option. Select and right-click on the startup applications, now click on Disable.


Anyone else have the same problem? It's very frustrating since the game worked fine until the patch came along. Also, we used the Blitzkrieg mod, we haven't had time to try it in vanilla yet, anyone else have this problem with or without the BK-mod?

It has worked every time for me and saved several games now. I suggest everyone make it a habit to do this and although annoying should allow everyone to finish their games.

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Patch 2.301 Changelog Released

You may not have done something you should have or it could be that on this particular occasion it simply didn't happen to work for some reason but I know for a fact it has worked many times for me and other players. I'd hate for folks to read that statement and stop checking to see if they can save for just that reason.

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I'm curious if you've played this lately. The issue seems to have started after that last patch which I think was the beginning of December - please correct if this is wrong. Since then it seems that we get the sync error randomly through all matches. Once the sync error happens, the game crashes to the desktop and prompts for more info to report to the devs.


Thread: IMPORTANT! How to beat the sync error

Therefore, go to Windows Settings>Update & Security> Windows Security> Virus & threat protection and click on the manage settings options under the Virus & threat Protection settings label. Scroll down and under the Exclusions. Click on Add or remove exclusions.

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Sync Options and Filters

Sidekick is great, intuitive and simple. It was like I've been using it for ages. Thank you for your cool product!

Windows Defender is very inconvenient sometimes to filter threats. As in result, it flags legitimate applications, therefore, the best thing to do is to temporarily disable the Windows Defender.


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Email Prefix Attribute Attribute used to create a prefix for formed email addresses. Email Suffix A string (@example.com) used to create a suffix for formed email addresses. Sync users Check this box to sync users to your Organization.


Step 4) The file explorer will pop-up, navigate to the directory where you have kept the file, select the file, and click on Open. Now, the file has been excluded. You can run the file and see if the error (discover more here) has been resolved.

Oh, dunno I play with my friends often. So hopefully we don't run into this issue.


It's user friendly and very intuitive from my opinion. I've never thought a browser can have that much functionality!

The most likely cause is that either the game was out of sync before the save you started to replay from or it went out of sync again that same turn. I've had that happen and trying again is sometimes necessary.


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It's fast and the UI is simple and incredibly customizable. Now the feature that won me over was the fact that it does not take as many resources as chrome does from my pc.

This game has no value to me at this point without the ability to play with my friends in a skirmish. This problem has gone on now almost a month, perhaps a little more and they've even released content in this time period.


Step 1) First, open up the Windows Settings by pressing the Windows Key + I or by clicking the Settings icon on Windows Start Menu. Click on the Update & Security option on the Windows Settings.

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However, as Jinxer and I have both mentioned at the very least it keeps you from playing and not finding out you have a bad game until 8 hours later when you finally meet in battle. That's certainly worth the effort in my book.

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