This system allows the study of refrigeration systems and the implementation of the thermodynamic calculations applied to refrigeration. Its uniqueness is that it is fully controllable via the Internet directly from a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

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Candidatii eJobs pot alege daca CVul lor este: CONFIDENTIAL, PUBLIC sau daca este disponibil doar clientilor eJobs. CVul de pe acesta pagina este public (fara date de contact insa). CVul Public ii ofera candidatului mai multe oportunitati de a fi gasit si contactat de potentiali angajatori. CVurile disponibile doar clientilor eJobs au un format mai complex, contin mai multe informatii si sunt mult mai detaliate.


It is a general document management system that was designed initially for Romanian public sector then extended for general document management. It use authentication and a security mechanism based on users, groups, roles and rights.

Then a new study of ThreadFoo() function has followed in order to detect the internal functions calls that can fail in some circumstances. I stopped to some trace function calls and I studied deeply. Those trace functions where defined in an external debug class and each time when a new trace file was added it used an internal buffer (TCHAR szBuff = _T(“”);).


JL005 - Key learning

It can be used to design new TradeFrame Solutions or to generate and edit the design for existing TradeFrame Solutions. The solution design is saved into a Visio Document that has four pages and each page is dedicated for managing a specific design diagram (Solution itself, Templates, Workflows, Applications). TFVisio module provides graphical masters and shapes and several editors for designing and editing complete TradeFrame Solutions. All TradeFrame Solution data are stored into the Visio Document itself and then the designed Solution can be deployed in one or several TradeFrame Repositories. The main component of the module is implemented as a C# Com Add-in over the Microsoft Visio 2003. The module provides also all its main functionalities as user control; this user control is integrated in TradeFrame Solution Builder.

Usually, when we are thinking to files path we expect to have something similar to GetFullPathName(). But according to Acrobat SDK’s concept: not every file opened into Acrobat/Reader has to be a local disk file. It may be associated with a stream, a network file, etc.


This experience was a reminder of my high school programming competitions where I have attended with different applications written in the already ancient Turbo Pascal 7/0 or Borland C++ 3/1. At that moment, probably because of my high school informatics great teachers, the competitive spirit between colleagues was so intense and we have competed for each other in creating applications within the local competitions and in other cities from the country.

Apt-get cache cleaning provided no improvements. The ping to an explicit IP from Internet was getting an answer but not for domains, so the DNS was not acting as expected. Usually, the DNS settings modification is not needed in case we are using a DHCP server.


The power of SC Points&More resides in the fact that its engine has artificial intelligence, so it is more than incentives software and it could be used as a powerful project management Expert System. Its input data comes directly/indirectly from one or more base systems by using SC-Points&More Add-Ins and/or SC-Points&More Plug-Ins. By using SC-Points&More Manager the project managers can define and edit the entities related to their projects: project info, project users (including users rights), projects objects attributes, rules, formulas and the numbers associated with the text values. Some of the rules should be related to the rewards points formulas, others rules could be related to more general base system issues. The system users, by using User Pages web module, can view the rules applied to their projects and the status reports related to their projects and points. The users can decide how to use their points by selecting the desired rewords from the WebShop module. The WebShop administrator could administrate the rewords/products and the users orders. The points can also be used as input for the appraisal form in SC-Appraisal system.

X-Ways Forensics v14.3 Manual

My back-ups location on my server is to /hitachi/backup/ path. Cron’s daemon script generates backups in this location.


In my case, having interactions with external non-Adobe’s applications, the things complicated when trying to get the file pathname. This option is coming enabled by default.

The reason why I was looking to get the correct file path is that my plugin and others are connecting to a system that expects the local or network file path. So it was needed to find a way to get a usual file path.


Later, after some challenges, I found out that the key point of understanding why the SDK sample DLLs were not loading into Adobe Reader it was that the plugins for Reader need to be signed before being deployed into “\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat\plug_ins” directory. Such information is not present into that “why is not loading” manual list.

Its main goal is to automatically store all emails from TradeFrame system into one or several TradeFrame Repositories; so it works with TradeFrame email client but it knows to work also with Outlook email client and can be extended to work with others non TradeFrame email clients. The Email proxy is installed as a windows service and is multi-repositories and multi user (it can serve multiple users and can stores the emails into multiple repositories/databases located on different PCs over the network).


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Usually, our workstations have Windows OS and we need to connect to Solaris Unix OS on SSH. That’s why we are using Putty application.


It is a software system used to manage the daily works in Romanian social assistance and children protection public institutions. SC-ASPC uses authentication and a security mechanism based on users, roles and rights. Its main functionalities includes: the statements management, the evidences, and the monitoring of the assisted and institutionalized children. The main module is an ASP.NET web application that use advanced AJAX controls and communicates with the data entities that store data and their stored procedures into MS SQL Server.

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EM002 - ABRITES ESL Emulator for Renault - The ABRITES ESL emulator for Renault vehicles (EM002) is one of the most advanced ESL emulators currently available. The ABRITES ESL emulator is part of the all new ABRITES design, manufacturing and development process which allows the whole emulator unit to be designed, developed and produced in-house by us. The currently supported models include Renault Megane II, Megane III, Laguna III, Scenic III, Clio IV and Fluence.


The experience of developing plugins for Adobe Acrobat/Reader reserved me different surprises, that made the task more challenging. One of the biggest surprises I had was the impact of the Adobe’s Cloud idea over the Acrobat’ API within Acrobat products. Their feature idea is to keep all the already opened documents within their Cloud in order to make them available to different devices you’re interacting with.

The salvation came from GauthamBanasandra’s suggestion. I just ran the next command within the vcpkg repository local folder.


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In the initialization phase, the plugin hooks into Acrobat’s user interface by adding menu items, toolbars, etc. The unload procedure should free any memory the plug-in allocated and remove any user interface changes it made.

ABRITES Diagnostics for OPEL, VAUXHALL is a professional software for diagnostic of Opel/Vauxhall vehicles. It is capable to perform a diagnostic of any unit, which operates under one of the following protocols: Keyword 82, Keyword 2000 and GMLAN. It provides some unique functions, which are not supported by any other diagnostic tool.


You may wonder why I did it or what it brings new. Well, I did it for fun, in my spare time and I will continue improving it when I’ll find a time to do it.

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It has passed approximately two months from my first hackathon experience, the #HackTM2016 from Timisoara. This delay I’m publishing this article is mostly because of the release period to the job and other personal stuff I had to do.


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Also, the search functionality from Adobe’s forum didn’t help me too much. I hope to help others by clarifying some challenges might meet a developer at begin of creation such kind of plugin.

Your initial purchase of AVDI interface includes one year software update of the basic diagnostic suite, tools and our online services. To keep up to date your software applications and maintain usage of our online services we recommend the Annual Maintenance Subscription. Annual Maintenance Subscription is a renewable one year subscription. Annual Maintenance Subscription does not provide any support coverage this is provided separately by the Support Plan.


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Before closing Reader/Acrobat the PluginUnload callback function it’s executed. That’s the proper place to release the allocated resources.

By the way, you’re doing on your own risk. If you’re not confident, please contact a specialist.


So, I did it. It lasted some time on my laptop but at the end was fine. I had a brand new vcpkg package and I built the cpprestsdk.

One of the projects I was working in the last period uses CURL that uses OpenSSL version 1/1.1/1 in foreground. At some moment in time, for some technical reasons I was tempted to try using the CPPRESTSDK library. But because I had some local NuGet miss-configuration issues in order to have the CPPRESTSDK library build I realized I need to build it myself. But in order to achieve this, I needed the vcpkg tool.


Phoenix Handpan Oil is the first product of Phoenix Handpan Care line

So, I took it on my own googling for my situation. Reading different forums I realized this is a common issue for Samsung old laptops and it is generated by the WiFi card.

The Abrites key renewal adaptor is a new product which assists when you need to renew a Hitag 2 type of key. It is soldered to the Hitag 2 PCB and it is then attached to the ABPROG programmer in order to renew used HITAG 2 keys.


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The major goal of the system was to design o new database for ABDA data sets, a new AbdaDbReading loading program and the main part was a browser for this new and big pharmaceutical database. The browser has a searching editor where several searching criteria can be added and linked using logical operators. Then the desired info (medicines, substances, interactions, and monographs) is searched into the database and the results list and the detailed info about each result are shown.

Finally, I got the Windows 10 for my laptop. Even if this task is trivial, it was a surprising experience this time. But let me tell you the story of Windows 10 installation on my Samsung RC 710 laptop.


It shows also information about the selected template/property/relation and it provides direct access from the diagram to the template editor and to the property editor, so in this way from the graphical diagram you can easily view/create/modify the TradeFrame basic structures. It can be used in two modes: by selecting a set of template and it will generate the graphical diagram for those templates or by selecting a solution and in this case is will generate the diagram for all solutions templates. In this second case it can be used also to create/delete templates to/from the solution or to add/remove visible templates to/from the solution.

DAS Manager - The DAS Manager special function allows many modifications to the different units within the vehicles. Using this function the ECU, TCU, ISM, ELV and EZS can be returned to a virgin state, adapted to a vehicle, personalized, activated and coded. This function is extremely useful when using the DAS Manager to exchange used electronic modules in Mercedes – Benz vehicles.


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But both API’s functions return proper values with non-Cloud files. With a local filename not already uploaded within Acrobat.com I got the correct file path with both functions.

Handshaking is also one of most important step. The application performs checking with each plugin before opening it. It is the step where a plugin for Adobe Reader it is tested before loading. During this operation the plug-in specifies the name, some initialization procedures, signature test and optional an unload procedure if is needed. In case the signed test fails the loading process of that plugin is stopping.


I have a table that contains two indexes referenced to some fields: IndexField_1 and IndexField_3 mapped over int, NULL fields. When IndexField_1 is Non-Unique, Non-Clustered and IndexField_3 is Clustered index I get the right information.

In this sample, the database is in /myApp/db/test_db path and it’s called, total. Basically, database files name doesn’t change, only the folder name (instead of test_db). In my example, the application port for this database it’s 2540 (might be changed).


This software subsystem it’s a program manager for all INFOPHARM7/0 modules. It has popup menus for selecting and running configurable (https://dybdoska.ru/content/uploads/files/download/siemens-vdo-key-configuration-firefox.zip) actions.

So, I installed on my laptop some software used internally by the ADAS team and we took a ride to record real traffic data. Once we had this data, the effective programming for grabbing it can be done in office conditions.


For example supposing that a user want to import a Document (object) that was created into other repository, and the Document contains several Document Properties. So before to import the Document into our current Repository the Template for the Document and all Templates for its Properties has to be created, and after that the Documents for the Properties has to be created and this can continue at the Document Property level and even recursively. So starting from creating/ updating of one single Document result an entire graph of objects (with Documents, Templates and Properties) that have to be imported, created and/or updated. The Object Manager role is to manage all this process, to generate and collect the corresponding SQL queries and to execute them into a proper order by taking care of the structural relations and Foreign Key relations between TradeFrame Templates that may exist.

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In case you will receive approval from Adobe there are several more steps you need to follow to receive your Reader Integrated Key for your plug-in. The Key arrives as a digital certificate. Once this is done the plug-in will load into Reader. Note that if the plug-in is recompiled the plug-in must again be signed (the same certificate and key-pair files can be used).

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SIEMENS-VDO – Automotive insdustry

Launch this application and select Database menu, Connect option. It will appear Connect Database window and we will complete it as in next image.


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For the good scenario I observed that my while loop had 3 iterations including one of having swType = SQL_TABLE_STAT without information in szIdxName. But for the bad scenario, the loop had only 2 iterations. So it looks like SQLExtendedFetch() is not getting the last one index.

The writing of this buffer was done using: swprintf(). As we know this function is unsafe and is not recommended to use. As long as the content of these trace lines was dynamically build (in some cases those line may contain even dynamically build SQL queries that failed) then the length of these trace lines could be higher than 2048 bytes and then guess what: a stack corruption appears!


Same story if you define many local variables and their stack usage overloads the 1MB limit. Off-course the thread stack size can be changed but think once again if it is really needed to do that.

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The Acrobat/Reader applications have few steps approach for plugins: initialization + plugin, handshaking, exporting and importing HFTs and unloading the plugin, implemented as callbacks. A minimum operation that a plug-in must implement is PluginInit() callback function.