This allows you to change how Photoshop analyzes the move. Very Strict tightens up the pixels spread, which can be more accurate for the image, but can cause more of those oddities to appear.

  • The Cutout filter is listed only as Filter Gallery in Photoshop CS6
  • Selecting the Plug-Ins Preferences in Photoshop CS6
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That may be fine in a case like this where I've only applied one filter. I can pretty easily remember it was the Cutout filter. But what happens if we add additional Smart Filters and they all had to be accessed from the Filter Gallery? I'll quickly apply two more Smart Filters to the image (Spatter from the Brush Strokes group and Diffuse Glow from the Distort group).

That's still the case in Photoshop CS6, with one small hitch

Now, this does still open the Filter Gallery, which is where we still set the options for filters like Cutout, but the important thing here is that I was able to select the Cutout filter directly from the Filter menu. I did not select it from the Filter Gallery itself.


For the image below, it might be useful to apply edits to only the pixels seen within the boundary of the window frame. However because of the geometric distortions here, it's not possible to use the Rectangular Marquee. The selection produced only fits one part of the window, while overlapping the shutters in another.

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Move the cursor so that the line is placed exactly along the edge of your subject. When you reach the next corner, click one time again. This will fix the line you've drawn in place and allow you to create the next one; each new segment remains connected to the prior one. As you move the cursor over the boundary of the window, the image should scroll, revealing hidden areas.

Of course that is assuming your background isn't just too complex or detailed to begin with. You will find the tool always works best with generic, non-patterned backgrounds like Grass, Sky, Trees, Sand etc. Not a room full of people or buildings.


Look to the top left corner, and click on one of the icons to add another Spot Light, a Point Light, or an Infinite Light. A Point Light brightens an area, and has a draggable green edge. An Infinite Light points in a direction, and offers a draggable 3D control '" probably of more use when working with 3D objects.

The middle column of the Filter Gallery is where we find all of our Filter groups. We can twirl each group open or closed to show or hide the filters inside it by simply clicking on the name of a group. The Artistic group is at the very top, so I'll click on its name to twirl the group open. Then, I'll click on the Cutout filter's thumbnail to select it. The controls and options for the selected filter (in this case, Cutout) appear in the column on the right.


If a light has gone a little wrong, Reset it using the button just to the right of the buttons that added new lights, in the top left. And if you've added too many lights, turn them off or delete them entirely using the controls in the Lights panel at the bottom right.

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Move the cursor above the corner and click one time. Next move the cursor along the edge; as you move it, a line is drawn, originating from the corner. As you move the stylus or mouse the length and direction of the line changes.

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Photoshop Essentials Photo Effects Tip: Restore Missing Filters In Photoshop CS6 Comments Feed

Ensuring that you're still following the final edge, move the cursor over the spot where you started. When you do this, the Polygonal Lasso cursor will display a 'circle' to indicate that you can 'close the loop' by clicking on this spot. When you do, you will create a polygon selection!

The tool wont always work, sometimes odd areas can appear due to the random placement of background pixels created by Photoshop. Don't be surprised if fingers or toes appear from no-where for example.


Double-click on the Lighting Effects text in the Layers panel to re-enter the Lighting Effects mode. You can change anything you like, including a range of settings in the Properties panel that the on-screen controls can't touch: Colorize, Gloss, Metallic and Ambience.