Trials are being dont with ffmpeg. I’m planning to add support for every audio/video format that isn’t supported natively on the platform Waterfox is run on and allowing support for more codecs such as HEVC etc on top.

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Users of Bugzilla will sometimes accidentally submit a bug twice, either by going back in their web browser, or just by refreshing a page. In the past, this could file the same bug twice (or even three times) in a row, irritating developers and confusing users.


To help prevent spam to Bugzilla users, all email addresses stored in Bugzilla are now displayed only if you are logged in. If you are logged out, only the part before the "@" of the email address is displayed. This includes bug lists, viewing bugs, the XML format of a bug, and any other place in the web interface that an email address could appear.

Bugzilla 3/0.4 contains three security fixes. For details, see the Security Advisory.


Algorithms in CSS v3.1.0 CSS Day

There is a new base class for most of our objects, Bugzilla :Object. It makes it really easy to create new objects based on things that are in the database.

Users can now choose to "share" their saved searches with a certain group. That group will then be able to "subscribe" to those searches, and have them appear in their footer.


Users can now select what time zone they are in and Bugzilla will adjust displayed times to be correct for their time zone. However, times the user inputs are unfortunately still in Bugzilla's time zone.

CSS text-overflow in a table cell

Mod_perl no longer compiles Bugzilla's code for each Apache process individually. It now compiles code only once and shares it among each Apache process.


You can now file or modify bugs via email. Previous versions of Bugzilla included this feature only as an unsupported add-on, but it is now an official interface to Bugzilla.

Feed for question 'Firefox text-overflow with nowrap ignored '

Bugzilla no longer uses the languages parameter. Instead it reads the template/ directory to see which languages are available.

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Bugzilla 3.0.x Release Notes

If you hover your mouse over a full URL (like that links to a bug, you will see the title of the bug. Of course, this only works for bugs in your Bugzilla installation.


There is now a parameter called globalwatchers. This is a comma-separated list of Bugzilla users who will get all bug notifications generated by Bugzilla.

Switched to Clang for Windows compilation. Things look much more promising than previous reports and stability seems good.


The old SendSQL function and all of its companions are gone. Instead, we now use DBI for all database interaction.

The database now uses foreign keys to enforce the validity of relationships between tables. Not every single table has all its foreign keys yet, but most do.


GunGame SERVER css v34

Options for flags will only appear if you can set them. So, for example, if you can't grant + on a flag, that option won't appear for you.

SourceMod 1.6.x/1.7.x/1.8/1.9/1.10 for css

The only time you should be accessing it directly is if you need to reset one of the caches. Hash keys are always named after the function that they cache, so to reset the template object, you'd do: delete Bugzilla->request_cache->{template}.


Upgrading installations will still default to the "Classic" skin -administrators can change the default in the Default Preferences control panel. Users can also choose to use the old skin in their Preferences (or using the View: Page Style menu in Firefox).

AWP Crosshair - A Config Script for Counter-Strike: Source

Bug 276230: The support for restricting access to particular Categories of New Charts is not complete. You should treat the 'chartgroup' Param as the only access mechanism available.


Bugzilla now supports a code hook mechanism. See the documentation for Bugzilla :Hook for more details.

The Bugzilla :Auth family of modules have been completely re-written. For details on how the new structure of authentication, read the Bugzilla :Auth API docs.


Database: Bugzilla now uses transactions in the database instead of table locks. This should generally improve performance with many concurrent users. It also means if there is an unexpected error in the middle of a page, all database changes made during that page will be rolled back.

Firefox 2 users and Internet Explorer 7 users will be presented with the option to add Bugzilla to their search bar. This uses the QuickSearch syntax.


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When creating a drop-down or multiple-selection custom field, you can now specify that another field "controls the values" of this field. Then, when adding values to this field, you can say that a particular value only appears when the other field is set to a particular value.

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LDAP users can have their LDAP username be their email address, instead of having the LDAP mail attribute be their email address. You may wish to set the emailsuffix parameter if you do this.

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Ordinarily, you'd be at the right spot, but we've recently launched a brand new community website. For the community, by the community.

Bugzilla 3/0rc1 allowed custom field column names in the database to be mixed-case. Bugzilla 3/0 only allows lowercase column names. It will fix any column names that you have made mixed-case, but if you have custom fields that previously were mixed-case in any Saved Search, you will have to re-create that Saved Search yourself.


Default.css and skin.css conflicts

By default, comment fields will zoom large when you are typing in them, and become small when you move out of them. You can disable this in your user preferences.

The Bugzilla Project, as an open-source project, of course does not recommend the use of proprietary database solutions. However, if your organization requires that you use Oracle, this will allow you to use Bugzilla!