RAGE (Random Variate Generator) is a graphical tool for unidimensional discrete distributions. RAGE generates random values and simulates various discrete distributions by using different algorithms.

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Setting the top, right, bottom, and left properties of a relatively-positioned element will cause it to be adjusted away from its normal position. Other content will not be adjusted to fit into any gap left by the element.


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That thing where the card expands into the background, no libraries, commented. Please note: this code is in no way ready to be used as is in production on your website. It will need to be adapted to be cross browser compliant & accessible.

NGK spark plug code

A sticky element toggles between relative and fixed, depending on the scroll position. It is positioned relative until a given offset position is met in the viewport - then it "sticks" in place (like position:fixed).


The wRunner is a powerful and highly configurable range slider plugin for both Vanilla JavaScript and jQuery. It helps you to create HTML range slider with 2 handles that can be control in JavaScript. You can set minimum, maximum, layout (vertical or horizontal) and range limit in configuration options. Beside dual handles, it also support single handle.

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The "best" plugin for Project64 is incapable of properly saving input profiles and Squall is an arrogant s***brain weeb more likely to admonish you for accentuating flaws in his perfect source code than attempt any sincere form of troubleshooting. At least the plugin runs, I guess.

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All CSS Positioning Properties

Note: Internet Explorer does not support sticky positioning. Safari requires a -webkit- prefix (see example below). You must also specify at least one of top, right, bottom or left for sticky positioning to work.