If you want to become the most talented Dancer in Ragnarok Online, then it’s a given that you must learn all the skills available to your job class. Do you like performing musical dances in order to support your allies? Do you wish to exterminate enemies using your graceful moves? Do you want to bring peace to the world through the art of dancing? Well, whatever the reason, you'll be needing all the help you can get.

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If you haven't yet, finish Instructor Boya's quest and claim the reward back at Eden Group. Then, continue leveling in Orc Dungeon. Make sure you keep Improve Concentration active as it gives you a significant amount of DEX which adds to your damage, and AGI which helps with ASPD.


An elegant animation of a belly dancer (https://dybdoska.ru/content/uploads/files/download/hack-ragnarok-online-dancer.zip) is in the late-70s British film, Gulliver's Travels starring Richard Harris. The sequence with the bellydancer is a bit misplaced in the culture of Lilliput but well choreographed, drawn and executed. The funny thing is that although this is a children's animation feature, the dancer (see it here) is bare-breasted!

Spirit whisperer skills ragnarok mobile

This is very similar to Ankle Snare, but a lot more practical as it can be placed from several cells away and even affects hidden enemies. However, this skill does not immobilise boss protocol monsters.


Demon God: The hardest of the 3, due to having 4 MVPs with a cumulative of 336 Million HP to kill within 1 hour. You will need to be at your optimal performance to help your party finish this instance in time. Bring proper elemental arrows, prepare SP consumables, and be ready to cast Ensembles if the situation allows it. This instance rewards you with a Squad Prize, containing one Essence of Evil and various goodies.

After that, go to Port Malaya and do the Cautious Village Quest which is a short quest that rewards you with a ton of EXP. The Blue Gems and Holy Waters can be bought from any Universal Tool dealer. Once you finish, you should be around Level 76/50, after which you can change job to Clown or Gypsy.


The best card for damage-dealing. This card can be very expensive due to the difficulty in acquiring one and the great demand for it among all physical damage classes.

When used on monsters, Wink of Charm is affected by how much higher your level is than the monster's. This means that the higher your level, the higher the success rate. When used on players, Wink of Charm has the effect of causing the “Confusion” status ailment only.


This is an alternative to Harp of Nepenthes if you would rather spend money on Socket Enchanting and 4 Essences of Evil INT3 (8 EoEs if you're using a pair to swap) than Silvervine Fruits for enchantment. Ideally this will give +16 INT with 4 EoEs.

Gloomy Day: Only use this when they use Spiral Pierce as their main skill. Greatly increases Spiral Pierce damage.


Patch 2 ragnarok level

This point in the game can be considered the PvM endgame, because you will have the ability to share EXP with level 175 characters, and you will have met the level requirements of most instances at this point. I recommend leveling with a party at this level, but I will still give a few Solo recommendation for the times you don't have a party to level with.

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If you're a Maestro, you MUST have 150 INT with bonuses at this point, therefore you should start figuring out which gear you can afford to reach that number. If you're a Wanderer, try to focus on maximising your damage potential by stacking ATK and/or DEX through your gear, so your party will see you as a valuable party member, not just someone who stands around and dances.


Wink of Charm - Step

A doujin called The Moon and the Dancer (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=3880) takes place in a desert country, where a Japanese business representative tries to start a business relationship between the oil shieks and his company. During his stay, he meets with a representative from the shieks, who begins to fall for him.

Ragnarok online 2 hack

Menblatt and Petals in Eclage field, with Gathering Quests for Fancy Fairy Wing and Unripe Acorn: Warp to Bifrost Tower via the Warper and walk out. These monsters are a bit tricky as Menblatts can attack from 3 cells away, while Petals are entirely ranged. You can still snare them, but make sure you stay out of their extended attack ranges before you cast your Severe Rainstorm. Having either quick or uninterruptible cast would be very helpful here. Also, you might get a chance to get a Menblatt Card, which is your best Garment card choice.


Note that when casting songs from the other gender's arsenal, it will not be as effective as when cast by the actual owner of the skill, due to not having the respective Lessons skill. A prime example is if a Wanderer under soul link casts Poem of Bragi, she will not be able to give 100% Cast Delay reduction even with 150 INT because she lacks the skill Musical Lessons. She can only reach 100% Cast Delay reduction if she has 250 INT.

Special Note: Due to how long and loud the song SFX are, Song Flashing may make your game too noisy. You can download this set of Shortened Performer SFXes to fix that problem, and tell your friends or guildmates to do so too so you can flash your songs with no worry.


These tables below list the most important skills for supporting each class. Keep in mind that your party will have several different classes, so pick your skill priorities wisely using these as your guide.

Master skill Guide Ragnarok Mobile, reduce that damage by 30 % Ragnarok Online M: Eternal love all

A burst damage skill that shines especially in PvP situations, due to the massive SP drain capability. However, due to it being single-target with a lengthy 4 second cooldown, it is a lot less reliable in PvM compared to Severe Rainstorm.

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A very helpful accessory for leveling. Wearing 2 of these will completely eliminate your Variable Cast Time, which cuts Severe Rainstorm's cast time down to 1s (0/5s with Temporal DEX Boots). Additionally, wearing 2 of these is essential if you plan on doing damage using Metallic Sound.


In Cash ShopReduces damage from Boss Monsters by -10%. Increases damage from regular monsters by +5%.

Dancer Job Quest - Registration

Wanderers on the other hand, are less commonly sought for in the rando PVM scene, partially because their signature song, Services for You, is non-essential to most parties, and overlaps in function with a Sorcerer's Soul Change. Their signature chant, Moonlight Serenade, is also only useful for a handful of classes like Warlock, Sorcerer, Arch Bishop, and Ninja, which uses MATK instead of ATK. In most cases, you would want to join a guild to make it easier to get parties that synergize with your Wanderer.


Ragna Mobile Guide Dancer, Gypsy, Wanderer Guide Comments Feed

Another great card for damage-dealing. Keep in mind that you're already stacking a number of ranged damage bonuses, making this card a lot less effective compared to White Knight. Also, this card does not affect Reverberation damage.

A well rounded garment which covers various functions, unlike Giant Snake Skins which are more specialised. I would only recommend using one if you can refine it to +9.

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Ragnarok patch client skin

Unlike other classes which mostly stick with a single weapon in battle, Performers need to constantly swap between a Bow for casting damage skills and an Instrument/Whip for casting supportive skills. The easy way to do this is to place your weapons into your hotkeys, by simply dragging them from the inventory to your hotbar.


Celine Ribbon UpperHorror Toy FactoryGives Dex + 3, Matk + 40 and an additional Matk + 7 per upgrade level of the item. Restores 200 HP to the user when a monster is killed by a magical attack.

Decent starter choice for increasing INT, but does not have a slot. This should also be easy to obtain, if not just sold for very cheap in the market.


Go back Payon Dungeon to gain more levels, while keeping on putting more DEX. You should be able to kill everything even easier with your new equipment. As for Skills, prioritise getting Vulture's Eye to level 9 and Arrow Shower to level 10.

Dancer Job Quest - Job Change

To be able to utilise this, you'll need to avoid the status in the first place. Because of that, it's best to pair this with either Marc, Medusa, or Evil Druid Card, depending on your circumstances.


As with the Gramps quest, once you finished the kill counts, DO NOT TURN THEM IN! They will also be helpful for reaching high levels instantly after you rebirth.

Severe Rainstorm, if used with the right elemental arrow, can be extremely powerful, and can even be the main AOE damage source of your party if nobody else has AOE skills. Therefore, if your party already has a healer but is lacking in damage, utilise your SP to kill with this skill instead of heal with Frigg's Song. Keep in mind that it takes a long time to cast, so you should position yourself away from the mob when casting it.


A great choice for improving damage, but does not have a slot. Also has no effect on Reverberation damage.

Another great choice for Reverberation damage. Its 2 slots also allow you to boost the damage further with cards.


Ragnarok online 2 patch

I'm dualityDiscretion, often known by my IGN Novitom or Novi. I've been playing Performers for a couple of years and the reason I wrote this guide is because I'm sick of people playing their Performers as song slaves. I wanna show people that there's a lot to be improved with most Performer players' gameplay, and that just because you're playing a support class, doesn't mean you have to be useless outside of your primary functions.


For the leveling itself, Gramps is the way to go. Go to Eden Group and look for chatrooms LFM-ing (Looking for Members) for 85+ Gramps, and join them. If there are none, you can set up your own LFP (Looking for Party) for 85+ Gramps or shout in the #lfg channel in-game and wait to be recruited. Take the quest from the Gramps Hunting Board, then go into the map. Your main role in a Gramps party is to flash songs and help kill stray mobs using Double Strafe and auto-attacks, and occasionally Arrow Shower.

Morse's Cave: This instance somewhat tricky, as it has a section where your party is separated into 2 immobile groups. In the case where you get grouped up with other support classes (Arch Bishops, especially, but sometimes also Sorcerers and other Performers), this is where you will need to step up and do some damage, on top of your usual support duties. This Instance also rewards you with a chance to get a Prize of Hero.


Patch ragnarok 2 lytogame

Desert Wolves, outside of Ice Dungeon: Use Crystal Arrows against them to have elemental advantage, and use Double Strafe and Arrow Shower to kill them quickly. They should be slow enough not to be too challenging, as long as you don't mob too much. Once you have Severe Rainstorm, you'll be able to kill them even easier. Just make sure you cast from further away, as the skill does have a long cast time. If you're a Maestro, Windmill Rush will help you improve your damage; and if you're a Wanderer, Swing Dance will help you outrun the mobs and position yourself more easily. Make sure you loot the Blood of Wolf and the rare Crimson Daggers, as they are quite valuable.

This can be very useful for certain skills such as Safety Wall and Abracadabra. However, I would not recommend getting it unless it's absolutely necessary, since its pre-requisite includes A Whistle/Humming level 10.


For damage dealing, the most important thing is to look for one with a Hawk Eye special enchantment, as it can nearly triple your Severe Rainstorm damage when it procs. Ideally it should be paired with Expert Archer 4, but Spell 9 is also acceptable as it still increases Reverberation damage.

Ragnarok Online M:Eternal Love database and resources

Use this card if you're focusing solely on damage and don't mind sacrificing some survivability. Best used with a high refine footgear.


Ragnarok Online Screen Size Setup Problem on Windows 8 Fixed! Bryan Veloso

Situational choice, recommended mainly for its Stone Curse resistance, since you can't gain immunity through stats. This card is particularly useful against Celine Kimi's screen-wide Stone Curse. Keep in mind that this card does not grant absolute immunity, so there's still a small chance that you can get inflicted with the status effect.

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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut: Some are shown in Saddam Hussein's "I Can Change" musical number. The black comedy of South Park rears its head again, however, as Saddam takes a dancer (my explanation) and snaps her body in half during the song.


Luke Cage: Hero for Hire: In issue #81 of the first series of Power Man And Iron Fist from 1978, the cover advertised "dancing girls" in a plotline set in the Middle East. The dancing girls in question were Power Man and Iron Fist.

The Tokyo DisneySea park from Tokyo Disney Resort had a dinner show attraction called A Table is Waiting, which showcased different food dishes from cultures around the world. One of the countries shown was India, where performers dressed as belly dancers (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=8703) would sing about spice and curry with the song "Spice Up Your Life".


Another essential stat for performers, as aside from its primary effects for SP management, it also improves the effects of their most important songs. Additionally, MATK also plays a role in improving the damage of the skill Reverberation.

Before moving on to the next area, sell all your random loot to any shop NPC to earn some zeny. Then, buy 1000 Silver Arrows from the Universal Tool Dealer, which you can find at any town, and equip them.


Dancer Job Quest - Dance Test

An alternative for Maestros if you still need some extra INT to reach 150 total. Also a great choice for Reverberation damage.

Endless Tower/Endless Cellar (level requirement: 99): While they don't have good rewards in particular, they do contain 26 and 22 MVPs respectively, which adds up to a huge amount of EXP. The good thing is that most ET/EC parties will definitely want a Maestro or Wanderer; Maestro for Bragi, and Wanderer for infinite SP, so keep an eye out for recruiters in #lfg, or just make your own party!


Additionally, it can be enchanted with up to +6 on any stat. This makes it match Ancient Decoration of Rift in terms of having the highest possible INT with a total of +8 INT on the headgear slot, while still offering many other notable bonuses. It also becomes the second-best headgear for Severe Rainstorm if enchanted with +6 DEX. Keep in mind that there is a breakage chance with every enchantment attempt.

Talk to the Warper and select Dungeons > Orc Dungeon. The monsters here are mostly slow and very weak to Holy, which makes it easier for you to kill them. Make sure to keep a distance from them and kill them using Double Strafe. If you find a lot of them grouped together, use Arrow Shower to kill all of them simultaneously. If you run low on Potions, you can open the Beginner Box that Job Master gave you to get some more, or you can buy Fresh Fish from the Comodo Chef Assistant.


Mobility and Target Identifying test: The Hunter will send you to this test arena. There're 2~3 Mummy and Zombie, 1 Poring and 1 Archer Skeleton here. The NPC at the lower part will help you to recover your health. Player is given 3 minutes to look for 4 monsters labeled with [Sample for Job Exchange]. If you attacked the wrong monster or fall into the trap, you will be transferred back to the waiting room to start the test all over again. When you've destroyed the appointed monsters, other monsters will disappear.

NOTE: The information posted above is for reference purposes only. Actual game setting may vary and dependent on current game settings.


Frigg's Song is an extremely valuable skill as it gives a very significant HP-regen per second, but you must keep in mind that it has a huge SP cost, so you should time its usage strategically. Having this skill will allow your party to fare relatively well even without a Healer.

Ghost Palace (level requirement: 120) is a Solo instance from which you can get Thanatos Weapons. Although Thanatos Weapons are not the best choice for Performers, you can still sell these for easy money. Some valuable Thanatos weapons to sell are Thanatos Katar and Thanatos Hammer. The main thing you should watch out for is the Ragged Zombies, which attack from range, and the Flame Skulls, Dullahans, and Skoguls, which are quick and deadly. Be wary of your positioning and kill the mobs slowly, and you should have no trouble finishing this instance.


For those future dancers (learn more) who are having problems with this part of the test: An effective way to pass this exam is to only perform the first and last steps for sequences with more than two steps, rather than hitting all the tiles. For example: instead of doing "Left Center Right Up" one simply goes from Left to Up.

Go to Eden Group by using the command "@go Eden". Register with the NPC Lime Evenor, then talk to Instructor Boya to take her Equipment Quest. Before going to the quest, raise the skill Double Strafe to max and place it in one of your hotkeys. Also, once again, put all your status points into DEX.


AccessoryNightmarish JitterbugReduces Variable Cast time by 25%. Has Combo effect with Ukulele of Newoz/Floral Mic of Aigu.

Bard and Dancer Spirits

Another great choice for Reverberation damage. It also has 2 slots for you to put in some INT bonuses for Poem of Bragi or some cards to boost the damage further.


Faris from Final Fantasy V wears a belly-dancing outfit while she's using the Dancer (get the facts) job. It's kind of interesting, given that she presents herself as a man at first. Her outfits in later job classes seem to indicate that she becomes more comfortable presenting feminine as well as masculine, though her personality doesn't change at all.

Often occurs in Middle Eastern settings. Serious performers of the sophisticated genuine article began to refer to it as "Middle Eastern Dance" in the 1980s. Strictly speaking, what Westerners think of as belly dancing is the Arabic raqs sharqi style. Some historians believe it was a way of exercising the muscles of the pelvis and abdominal area for women who were pregnant or had menstruation problems; or that it was part of a religious ceremony. Nowadays it's more for entertainment purposes, although it can be utilized as a form of exercise too.


A fantastic bow that gains tons of ATK as it is refined higher (up to a total of 440 ATK, not counting base refine bonuses). At +15, this is the best bow to use in terms of raw damage. However, it does not have the cooldown reduction that Bow of Storms has, making it less suitable for sustained damage.

This is a set of knowledge that a Performer must have. Every class benefits from different song buffs, so you should know which songs to cast when, and when you should save SP instead of spamming songs.


Conquests of Camelot: While in Jerusalem, the player ends up in the home of Fatima, a sultry belly dancer who constantly offers the player (or Arthur, in this case) tempting offers to kiss her and end the journey right then and there. Turns out Fatima is supposed to be one of the Guardians of the Holy Grail, testing you to see if the player is indeed worthy of obtaining the grail. Should the player give in to their desires and try to kiss her, she ends up choking you with her veil and proceeds to smother you to death. Not kissing her, however, guarantees you story progression and the info needed to enter the final area.

NOTE: Non-trans 3rd classes (including babies) are now able to use transcendent-only equipment after a recent patch. Therefore, this instrument is best in slot for both trans and non-trans Maestros.


Ragnarok sakray latest patch

CardMonster DropCasting cannot be interrupted. Increases Variable Cast Time by 25%/30%.

Patch notes ragnarok 2

Once you've finished the two 400 kill counts, DO NOT TURN THEM IN! Keep them for when you rebirth so you can gain a lot of levels instantly.


Super dancer online hack

One very important thing to know about weapon swapping is: if you currently have an active Solo Song or Ensemble, swapping your weapon will cancel the song, regardless of how long it has played, with no adverse effects whatsoever. This makes weapon swapping a much more effective way to cancel songs compared to the skill Adaptation to Circumstances.

Super dancer online cibmall hack

Sara's Memory (level requirement: 99): If you haven't tried this one already, you definitely should. This instance is very easy, so you should be able to Solo it with Severe Rainstorm. The foods you get from here, particularly the INT, DEX, and AGI foods, are extremely useful later on; and you can get a lot of them in a single run.


Patch 2 ragnarok torrent

Continue leveling at Glast Heim St. Abbey, or warp to Glast Heim Entrance and walk out to Hunt Petites. You can have a chance to get a Crimson Mace, which is highly valuable (especially if its element is Holy, Neutral, or Fire), and Petite's Tails which are also valuable. You can sell these items by setting up a vending store on a Merchant character or shouting in the #trade channel in-game.

Ragnarok Mobile Dancer Gypsy Wanderer using Arrow Vulcan skill

Another great choice that has remarkable damage reduction as well as a magic-reflect utility. However, it does not have a slot.


This weapon is a very special instrument that allows you to reach 193 ASPD with no effort. This instant max ASPD is extremely useful for plant-type bosses like Sarah in Sarah and Fenrir and Antonio in Horror Toy Factory, which takes 1 damage from any attack and therefore requires high ASPD to kill off quickly.

China Hello friends, this is Novice Guardian skill Guide Ragnarok Mobile - Sever China friends

In the Discworld novel Jingo Nobby Nobbs is forced to dress up as one. He is not allowed to dance, though. It was subsequently impliednote that he enjoyed the experience more than he'd expected to and took up crossdressing afterwards.


Ragnarok offline installer patch

For improving effectiveness of Poem of Bragi and Services for You, as well as Reverberation damage. Somewhat difficult to obtain, as parties hunting Domovoi are rare.

Fire Basin Instances (level requirement: 160): These instances are often abbreviated as BMD (Bios/Morse/Demon). To access them, you need to finish the Dimensional Travel (level requirement: 140) pre-requisite quest. If you have a high enough damage, you might be able to do the pre-requisite alone, but I would recommend organising a small party to do it with you.


Love is a new feature added in Ragnarok Mobile - Sever China Hello friends, this is Whisperer

The Suicide Shop: For his sister Marilyn's birthday, Alan decides to get her a transparent veil and a CD of Middle Eastern music as her gift. When night comes, Marilyn strips off all her clothes, plays the CD and dances to her heart's content, finally being able to explore her femininity.

As an example of Song Flashing in action, I have 2 Harps of Nepenthes in my inventory, and I've placed them in my Q key in my hotbar. I've also placed Poem of Bragi, Apple of Idun, and Assassin Cross on Sunset in my W, E, and R keys respectively. Additionally, I have my Bow of Storms in my 1 Key, and the skills Double Strafe and Severe Rainstorm in my 2 and 3 keys.


Who accepts the Dancer job change applications

Due to how DEX directly affects Severe Rainstorm damage, this is semi-decent choice for increasing your damage, despite lacking a slot. This should be easy to obtain, if not just sold for very cheap in the market.

In Ragnarok Mobile Hello friends, this is Guide about Ragnarok Origin Berus Core skill List for Wizard

At level 5, allows you to cast 3rd job skills (including Chants, Choruses, and other skills listed below) while casting 2nd job Songs. It also improves the effects of some Chants.


Permanent Link to Ragnarok Online Philippines – Episode 26: Revolution Patch Notes

Great choice for general survivability, and particularly good for Biolabs and Wolfchev's Laboratory. However, it does not have a slot.

Besides traditional leveling, it's also a good idea to start tackling some Instances to get some equipment. Joining a guild is a good idea for this, as it's easier to make parties with people you know than it is with strangers. See the NovaRO Guild Recruitment Board to find guilds to join.


Ragnarok full client patch

Note that only a few of these listed classes gain any significant benefit from Dance with Warg. Therefore, in most cases, you can default to keeping Song of Mana on to aid your party's SP upkeep.

Occasionally, men belly dance too, but this is less common and may be Played for Laughs or Fan Disservice

Dancers and Bards are mostly known for their performances and ensembles. These support skills can either buff your allies with bonus stats and effects, or debuff your enemies with status effects such as Stun and Freeze.


Ragnarok Online Philippines – Episode 26: Revolution Patch Notes

A significantly cheaper alternative to Pendant of Maelstrom for increasing Severe Rainstorm damage. You can get this item very easily by doing the Rock Ridge entrance quest.

Note: there's a poring at the end that has to be killed with a bow. Using Improve Concentration is optional, even though the NPC will ask for it.


Ragnarok online dancer skill build classic

Making matters worse, all of the skinny skinny chicks take the opportunity to show off their hot bods in some rocking costume or other. Nothing shatters my self-esteem like standing around in a dowdy, floor-length witch's robe while all the cute girls parade around as French maids, belly dancers, and leotard-clad devils.

Ragnarok ph full patch

For increasing your damage, especially with Severe Rainstorm. Easier to obtain compared to the INT set.

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Your main leveling method will still be Gramps, and you will still be doing mainly what you were doing in the 85-114 level. However, during this stage, it should be noted that many other classes will have a higher DPS potential than you, therefore you should make sure that you're fulfilling your expected supportive role by casting Songs (mainly Poem of Bragi or Service for You) and Chants. If there happens to be another Performer in your party, make sure you cast Song of Mana to help with the party's SP upkeep.


Performs a dance that will boost Hit rate of all players around the performer. It does not overlap with other playing skills and can only be used when the whip is mounted.

Can be enchanted through Hidden Enchant in Prontera. DEX +3 or AGI +3 enchant is good for Severe Rainstorm damage, while INT +3 is useful for Maestros.


Decent choice for survivability. Matyr is somewhat preferable as AGI also helps boost Severe Rainstorm damage.

First of all, put all of your status points into DEX. Open your inventory and double-click on the Quiver that Job Master gave you to open it. Equip the arrows and your Novice Composite Bow, and place your Novice Potions to one of your hotkeys.


Its main purpose is to nullify the often-deadly damage of Dark Grand Cross, cast by various enemies like Amdarias, Grudge of Royal knight, Demigod, and Despair God Morroc. However, it is a very situational choice for Performers, and I only recommend it if you're soloing and you need to face-tank your enemies.

Patch ragnarok 2 lyto

One-Horn and Two-Horn Scaraba at Scaraba Dungeon F1: Warp to Scaraba Hole via the Warper and walk out. These monsters are vicious and can kill you in seconds. However, you can easily snare them with Poem of the Netherworld before they get anywhere close. Use Severe Rainstorm with Fire Arrow coupled with Double Strafe to kill them while they're ensnared, and don't hesitate to recast Poem of the Netherworld in front of them in case they break free before you manage to kill them.


A decent defensive choice with an SP drain utility. Only choose to use this if you already have one in your possession as it's quite a big hassle trying to get one from the instance.

This build puts DEX and INT at the highest priority to balance between damage and SP upkeep, putting VIT at second priority for survivability. This build works best for supporting smaller parties, or when your party does not have an Arch Bishop. Additionally the higher INT also allows for higher damage potential with Reverberation.


A great mid-game equipment that is easily obtainable and has a great set bonus. It can even last well into the end-game if you cannot afford the other options yet.

Once you reach level 51, go back to Instructor Boya at Eden Group to take her Orc Dungeon quest. The quest NPC is located right outside Orc Dungeon.


Ragnarok Online at Wikipedia

Bug Fables has Kali, a minor NPC questgiver who is a silk moth seamstress dressed in belly-dancing attire and is capable of using her dances to empower her allies. She proceeds to do so during her optional Mini-Boss battle after the end of her quest, where she enthralls Kabbu with her pheromones and forces him to fight his friends against his own will after Vi accidentally broke her vase.

Patch 2 ragnarok game

Rift Ancient Armor ArmorInfinite SpaceCan be enchanted with +8 DEX or +8INT and it comes with a slot. Good for boosting support songs.


Infinite Space (level requirement: 100) is another good one which rewards you with materials for one of your best choices in armor, the Ancient Armor of Rift. However, you will need either a bigger party, or some level 145+ characters to carry you through the instance.

Best stats rolled for this build are DEX,INT,LUK depending on the situation. DEX boosts damage and effect of Forget Me Not and Humming songs. INTboosts the effect of Service For You; and LUK boosts the crit rate of Fortune's Kiss dance.


Offensive choice for Arrow Vulcan. Make sure to pair up the correct Accessory to the correct Weapon.

Codamon.com Ragnarok Online Philippines – Episode 26: Revolution Patch Notes Comments Feed

Tarot Card of FateTranscendent skill. When cast on a target, it has an up to 40% chance of applying a random effects depending on the tarot card that appears.