I have the Death Metal EZX & I really like it. From what I've read it's 2 of the same kits they used for the Death & Darkness SDX for Superior Drummer 3. I've used quite a few EZdrummer expansions & this one is the best I've heard. I got lucky & got it for free with my purchase of EZdrummer 2 when Toontrack had a sale going a while back.

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Then the virtual instruments handling, with considerable improvements of MIDI controls. Also the section dedicated to the music for video, movie, soundtrack and sound design, handier and handier. On the other hand, chaining and assigning effects could be easier and more functional.


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I know that other DAW's users will be astonished, but before version 6, Acid needed a track by object, either it was a loop or a one-shot. If, in regard to debutant users, this logic was understandable, it significantly complicated the handling of huge projects: a solo lasting only a few measures could be spread out over twenty tracks. Hence a real nightmare if you want to apply an effect or automate a pan change. Furthermore, working with a "normal" monitor make things even worse.

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Adding again and again new functions is always welcome, but there's a corollary: Acid perceptibly lose its simplicity. Thus, the numerous functionnalities complicate the user interface.


I don't do metal music so I wasn't sure how well this would work out for me but I like it. I have almost everything Toontrack has put out drum related so I decided I would give this a shot largely because I like the sound of Henson's studio A for drums, it has a cool slap that is on the verge of being unruly. There is a Tama Bubinga kit in this pack that sounds killer, you just might want to Eq some of the high end out of the kick and snare and put some mid range back in and you get less of a metal sound and more of a rock sound.

Actually maybe the one you'd like to use if your music is loop-oriented, but also needs virtual instruments, effects processing, automation, etc. All the more so as this update includes a surprise: a special version of Native Instruments Kompakt, with its own 2 GB library for 120 instruments.


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Sounds like real drums to me

There was apparently no additional effect from feeding zeolite for 4 instead of 2 weeks prepartum. For example, and audience all have to pause for a commercial, the pressure indicating values becomes stable after about 30 seconds.


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Installation is a no-hassle process, you just have to follow the few instructions appearing in the successive windows. The serial number is written either on the thick manual or on the CD. You just have to write it in the suitable window and validate online your Acid Pro 6 activation.


Steinberg is known the world over for its audio software and hardware solutions. The company has been developing, manufacturing and selling innovative products for musicians and producers in the music, film, post production, and multimedia industries since 1984. Steinberg products are used by Gra.

Issues with Roland 30K, and SD – No sound while playing the eDrums, but sound ok with mouse click playing

This kit just like all of the ToonTrack (pop over to this website) kits are amazing. I know I will eventually own all the libraries.


Developers have ameliorated lots of Acid parts, and have included new tools and interfaces. In addition to the import/export of MIDI files, we finally have all the essentials to easily record, write and edit MIDI sequences: step by step functions, merging recording, etc. Furthermore, the commands and actions have been greatly simplified.

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Juicy – thank you very much for this. I’m pretty new to Superior Drummer 3 and found your solutions regarding setting up my Roland trigger pads extremely helpful.


Save when you buy any Multi-Pack. Owning a Mandala is a great first step. Once you are part of the family, connect with other players to share samples, techniques and more. Know we stand firmly behind our product and help is a click away.

Relevant review papers are highlighted in the list of references. I baked in three 8 x 4 foil pans and they were done in about 40-45 minutes.


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This is the perfect product for any metal musician. These amazing samples will make any track sound incredible and they seem to fit perfectly in a mix with minimal effort.

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You can now record in Punch in/out mode, in loop mode, and Acid will keep all the takes. Event handling is not as sophisticated as in the big audio sequencers, but, frankly, here it's a lot easier. Regarding this "weakness", Acid Pro 6 is far from supplant Pro Tools or Cubase, but for a first attempt, it's quite a success.

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