Download button placed in the players. Download new way to try to my graphics card drivers. Technic Launcher Not Running Any Modpacks. Pixel Format Not Accelerated / Could not init GLX / Bad video card drivers. Crafting Dead or the problem that version. Rating is available when the video has been rented. If your card fails, it may have just been time for the card to fail. A Technic Launcher is not certified for version of work. And whenever I download 1/7.10 forge it says it is downloaded when it is not.

  • One of my players reported he could not download my modpack with the Technic Launcher
  • Close Minecraft, Technic Launcher, FTB Launcher, or whichever launcher you are using
  • What causes the error message “Failed to Login Bad Login” Tekkit
  • Fix Connection Lost, Failed to login: Bad login
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If not, log out of the launcher and exit the client. Now restart your system and upon restart, open the launcher (additional reading) to check if it is clear of the login error.

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Before proceeding with the troubleshooting process to fix the error message, make sure all Minecraft servers are up and running. Moreover, check if your internet is working fine. Additionally, make sure Java is updated to the latest build.


Minecraft supports multiple profiles and you may encounter the error at hand if the profile you are trying to use for the Minecraft is corrupt. In this context, creating a new profile for the game may solve the problem.

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Before you start troubleshooting the error, make sure that all Minecraft servers are up and running. Also, make sure that your Internet connection is working properly. Also, make sure that Java is updated to the latest version.

Periodically, Mojang’s Minecraft authentication servers will go down. We suggest checking article on Connection Problems for information on Mojang server status. Outages can affect servers that are not ours. It’s outside of our control and is not a problem with our service.


Then login to the site using your credentials and wait for 5 minutes. Then log out of the site and now Open the launcher and log in to it to check if the login problem is solved.

Minecraft is regularly updated to add new features to games/worlds and fix known bugs. The error under discussion may occur if you are using an outdated version of Minecraft.


Error opening Eclipse “Registry Key”

If not, minimize the launcher (find out this here) and open the Task Manager. Now end the process related to Java (if there are two processes, end the process that is not related to the server).

LAUNCHER ERROR READ HERE - Technic Launcher Failed - shouldUsePatch error

You have logged into a second Minecraft launcher that has started a new login session. The first launcher session is invalid.


You may encounter the error under discussion if any other process on your system is interfering in the operation of the game. This happens a lot with numerous games and is a common scenario. In this case, ending any 3rd party processes may solve the problem.

Set up a modpack that downloads its contents from an https: URL. The certificate for that site should be supplied by Let's Encrypt.


Reconnect to the launcher

In this case, updating Minecraft to the latest version can solve the problem. Note, however, that this process will save your saves and texture packs, but not your mods.