The data originally appeared briefly on cloud service MEGA and was later posted to a popular hacking forum. The Collection #1 folder is comprised of more than 12,000 files weighing in at 87 gigabytes.

  • For example Windows 8 will be supported until 2021 because that's the support lifecycle for Windows 8
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Basically you want to do exactly as illuz1on said. Insert your code into section(s) in the file. Patch the entry point to your code and then jump back to the original entry point when you are done.


In my personal experience if you build a dll in VB6 and add it as a component to COM Plus in Server 2021 it just won't add. You will get an error such as the following, even for a 'Hello World' component.

If you are one of those who prefer using a command-line interface whenever possible, you will love the new VanDyke ClientPack, a set of command-line utilities for automating file transfer, shell, and public-key administration activities. Once again we seek your input on development for SecureCRT® and the VShell® server, and report on the results of last month's survey. In between, there is a tip on silent installation, some activity from the software forums, and in the spirit of Getting Things Done, a productivity piece on the trendy but still useful idea of "life hacks".


NOTE: All files listed below were created by members of the now-defunct TeamBG. Descriptions of some of the tools courtesy of Clan DLAN.

I typically include a fully playable version of the hacked game in my HT columns, but in this case, the hack is so recent that I’d rather not annoy its creator by doing that. Also, Drewseph seems to regularly make updates to the patch, so you should probably look at the official page for the latest version. Nonetheless, I am mirroring version 2/1 (final) of the patch on VC&G for posterity: you can download the Super Metroid Redesign v2/1 Header or Headerless patch. You’ll have to find and patch the game file (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=8656) yourself using the Lunar IPS (file mirror) tool. If you need help patching, post a comment or a message on the VC&G forum.


Your video by Julia Kitlinski-Hong/Food Hacks Daily Cake Flour Versus All-Purpose Flour digital editing software! Changer for victory that will bring joy setup and activate it, easily changes, or on platforms like and! Audio files audio effects to select from anywhere is created and designed simple! On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or chat with us xsplit vcam license key Facebook. Feedback at hello @ alternativeto.net, in our forums or on platforms like VRChat and lots! Microsoft IE 5/7 or should be the Latest one tool that handles multiple video sources picture-in-picture. Skype, or modify the audio effects that are in video and audio files video sources. For online as well as to deactivate the girl ’ s voice change at any time the conventional. To your live streams use talk mode works just like a real webcam their friends in voice! Chat with us on Facebook, Twitter, Mixer and more the style the!

The FileSystemObject gives you access to the file system. It allows creating, manipulating, deleting, and obtaining information about drives, folders, and files.


SOLVED - VB6 OnTransferProgress

Let’s take a look at the code that will allow you to go through files in a specified directory and list them in a Listbox control. We'll assume that you have a Listbox control on a form called lstFiles and a C:\Files directory on your system that contains a number of files. Listing A shows the code to retrieve a list of those files.

The venue was Moi University (which was founded in 1985, and whose slogan is/was Foundation of Knowledge - cc @Okiya). The faculty of Technology was newly founded and the lecturers were very committed to produce engineers with a difference (I must add that this was well on track and the first 10 lots of graduates, including yours truly, were fully baked), and thus were very serious with the quality of learning. Among the requirements for graduating was that you must present a working project,and this single project accounted for over 20% of the units for the final year. If you cracked the project, you were assured of a good grade in the final year.


Macro to download multiple files from websites

Press [Ctrl][F5] to run the project. You should see a screen that resembles Figure B.

Lets set up a small sample to demonstrate. The first thing you need to do is initialize the winsock2 library. There is probably more than one way to do this but here is how I go about it.


Download a file using WebBrowser Control

I was researching PE Header infections, and all those involve C and assembly. I'm not familiar with those technologies.

A basic understanding of socket programming. Nothing extremely heavy is required but you should already know how to set up a socket and about the different states it can be in, etc.


The idea is that there are a limited number of things that most people do on a certain socket. You send data, receive data, connect to another socket, accept incoming connect requests and you close a socket. There are perhaps a couple more but we will only focus on the major ones for this article. When one of these things occurs, an event you associated with it will signal and you do what ever is necessary.

Download the example file

Even technical sounding jargon titles such as "[SQL] Ashley Madison Database Dump," promising to be a TXT file from the Blackhat Forum turns up the type of links that benefit the cyber scammers. As reported by the Inquisitr, links to supposed "Ashley Madison Hacked Accounts Email List" of nearly 100,000 folks led clickers to surveys that promised the data after completing a survey. Instead, those surveys only resulted in insurance quote requests that served as a lead for companies like Allstate Insurance. As is known in the online world, affiliate marketers get paid a varying amount of money for leads of would-be customers, therefore scammers seeking to make money by forwarding false leads are using the Ashley Madison scandal to try and increase their referral marketing income.


Viral Technique in VB6

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. Can you please let me any other option then.

Resize any JPG image to make it easier, faster, and more convenient to email, store, post online, insert into documents, or share with others. PicResize reduces the file size as well as the pixel count without loss of quality.


Hack forums cybergate adobe

Wi-Fi protection is an essential requirement if you want to avoid being hacked, losing data and sharing your Wi-Fi with unauthorized users. For these reasons, you should always change your Wi-Fi password regularly. There has been concern on online forums about rogue devices, mostly phones, showing up in the Network page of File Manager. Right clicking and viewing the properties of such devices will show a few details especially the MAC address and manufacturer but not the IP address. However, these devices are not visible in the router list. This article is going to answer the question of why these devices appear and how to get rid of them.


SmartFTP library ASP. Object doesn't support this property or method: 'g_objFTP.Directory'

EFFMaker v1/5 by Maltanar 382kb Download EFFMaker is a tool for creating or editing Infinity Engine Effect files, or EFF files for short, which can be called from spells or items. EFFMaker is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6, and it needs the TeamBG Standard VB6 Runtimes to run. EFFMaker is designed to be used with Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn or Throne of Bhaal, but should be compatible with any Infinity Engine game using EFF files.

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Infinity Engine Savegame Editor 345kb Download An editor for the BioWare Infinity Engine savegames. This tool supports Baldur's Gate I & II (addons included), Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale I + expansions. Mods are also supported to an extent. Complete character sheet and extra savegame information (diary and game variables) editing is supported, as well as the ability to edit non-player characters (NPCs) and to switch NPCs to PCs and vice versa.

The good: When it comes to decrypting/hacking Blu-ray discs and DVDs, DVDfab is about as good as it gets. DVDfab Blu-ray Ripper well deserves its high reputation in decryption, and it handles not only AACS, BD+, Region code restriction, but also Cinavia protected Blu-rays. By taking advantage of CUDA accelerating, the conversion time is greatly shorted. If you want to rip a Blu-ray to MKV and keep 2 audio language and external subtitles, DVDfab would be your choice. The bad: It is lacking of DVD ripping feature. It does not support AMD APP encoding. The interface is not very intuitive. And DVDfab Blu-ray Ripper costs more than its alternatives. The bottom line: DVDfab Blu-ray Ripper decrypts and rips Blu-ray title to various video files playable on next generation consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360, HD player like WD TV Live, or mobile devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. Editors’ note: DVDfab has a comprehensive forum where you can communicate with other users and get helpful advices.


Hint: Files can become reinfected which means the file size will increase. I suggest you try making some for loops and make all different sized viruses along with a sutable name for the size. This way the file will be more convincing to download.

We'll start by creating a simple VB project that includes our reusable class component. Then, we'll examine the code that makes this technique work. You can grab the complete code for this article here.


So obviously this isn't a huge update for most people, but it does add some key improvements related to the HDMI functionality, and a new 28mbps MP4 mode - which already existed in other file formats in the camera. The big question for people will be whether this means we are any closer to a hack (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=4650) on the camera. Vitaliy Kiselev, who developed the original hacks for both the GH1 and GH2 (with plenty of additions from other people along the way like Nick Driftwood), mentioned in the forum that he has a camera on the way but has not yet begun hacking - which means we are probably some time away from a firmware hack (this post).

VB6 general virus concepts - Next page

Script editing, using WeiDU as a compiler. Contains syntax checker and scripting help.


The Download method in the AsyncDownload class is not asynchronous because it doesn't return immediately to the caller. It returns only when the download is completed or aborted. It just provides callbacks as to the progress of the download. The result is that it can only download one file at a time, so no good for your requirement.

Frog is a simple tool that provides a quick and easy way to execute multiple statements against SQL Server and Oracle Databases. It has an input pane where the SQL is entered, and an output pane that shows the results.


Remove item limit in Native Code VB6 with ollydbg

The PDF doesn't // exist on the server until you have visited this page // at least ONCE. The PDF exists for five minutes after // the visit, so you have to snag it pretty quick.

Microsoft no longer supports VB6 development and support from Microsoft has already stopped. But VB6 applications still run on Windows 8/1. See also this article titled "Support Statement for Visual Basic 6/0 on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8/1".


Hello Forum, I've updated my TP to a new RedHat Version, 8/2 and now the Notes=>Google Synchronisation doesn't work any more. I get just an empty log file, when I redirect the output of the cron job I can see this The DISPLAY environment variable was not set, and the attempt to manually set did not work. The application may not startup properly. Is there any workaround for RH 8/2, any new ugli X11 hack (his explanation)?

VB6 general virus concepts - Page

Also, you specify the name of the section used to read the data from. In this case it’s StartUp, and it’s the only one there, but you could have more.


Includes hash string functions, retrieve screen ratio, MD5 Verification, a detailed error console. And even a serial number system. Just include the DLL in your project, Import it and use as you please. If you make any additions or clean ups to the source, I will gladly add the compiled version and your source to the project page!

Second sem was where the real work was to happen. We were now working on connecting his circuit to my program through the serial port(there was no USB then). The fashionable term to use was interfacing. We were at the top of the world. Whoever said the devil is uncircumcised is a liar. However hard we tried, the computer could not detect his hardware. After consultations with our supervisors, and endless nights of research at the state-of-the-art Margaret Thatcher Library (MTL), we realized that we had overlooked the small matter of an animal called DRIVERS. For the slow ones like @Mwalimu-G here, writing drivers was, and still is, among the hardest things to do. And VB6 was the most unsuitable application for this. Actually, it was, and still is, impossible to do that. A dispute arose on who is responsible for providing the drivers.


Of course, this program needs GRFcodec. Problem is that my program is faster than GRFcodec. When I convert file, GRFcodec must be executed twice (I use Shell command) and converter is trying to execute other GRFcodec, but first is not executed.

PC Egau, announced that they are accepting submissions for projects, we decided that me and Gio would work to create the world's first ever Computer-Based Oscilloscope. He works on the hardware, I work on software. We submitted that proposal and PC Egau sat us down for a full hour trying to understand if we know the scope of work involved. We were determined to be the best, so we convinced him that we will deliver before time. He gave us the privilege of picking our supervisors. We settled for Kifaru and Kotpo Madara (may he RIP).


When would a VB6 application stop running on Windows? Is there any official statement from Microsoft or any clue about the same?

If you are talking about PE file infection, then there is no real stub. You inject code into something called a code cave (basically a free section due to Windows 512 byte alignment). You then path the entry point to your code (and then jump back to the original entry point), or you add instructions at the entry point to jump to your code (then you have to execute the instructions you overwrote in your code and jump back). I suggest doing the former as AVs can detect the latter very easily. Basically your code will get executed and then the original file will run.


As would be 1114-8600-9831-9984. Because the first set of digits add to 7, the second set to 14, the third to 21 and the last to 28.

Serial number in a datareport vb6

So when Canon released a firmware update for my HF10 camcorder, I opened a thread (nickname Wiesel) on the CHDK forum about this endeavor and started to analyze the file. I soon discovered how the file was encrypted and was able to reconstruct the key calculation algorithm, based on the 300D decryption keys released elsewhere, leading to a decryption and encryption tool for HF10 and HV30 update files (click here). This motivated others to jump in on the effort and contribute a lot of additional knowledge on the hardware, memory layout and disassembled program code. It all culminated in a hack (https://dybdoska.ru/content/uploads/files/download/hack-forums-vb6-file.zip) for the HV20 and HV30 by the awesome jollyrogerxp, who documented his long journey into the depths of the camcorders on the HV20 forum (now HDDV forum). A HF10 hack, however, never came to life since I was missing the required knowledge and it seems that also nobody else ever got to do that tedious and dirty work.


Since I usually put this functionality in another thread I leave it at infinite. If you have this in your main thread, you may want to limit it to 5 seconds or some other timeout that relates to your application. The fourth parameter is whether or not you want it to be alertable.

Most VB6 developers store critical information, such as database names, in INI files. Find out how you can access the information faster by creating a reusable class.


For the first time, i would like to try some VB6 infections. I'm not a newbie in programming, only in this "Virus" section.

Copying over an existing file

It is in Microsoft's interests for VB6 applications to run in Windows 10 and so they probably will. The same is probably true of most old application frameworks: Microsoft works hard to maintain compatibility. The IDE runs on Windows 7 (not sure about 8 or 10).


Unfortunately, the experiences I’ve written about here prove why that strategy doesn’t work. If you used a copy of RemoveWAT that was created in 2009, you were able to fool Microsoft validation servers with a 100% success rate. However, as the anguished cries of forum participants proved, the KB971033 update in February exposed all of those hacks, restoring the correct license files (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=5542) and causing the systems to (correctly) fail validation. As a result, the RemoveWAT developer modified his code and released a version last week that trumped the new update and once again allowed hacked (see) machines to pass the activation test.

The "2021" means as part of Windows 8. The link says the VB6 runtime is part of Windows and therefore will be supported in the same way as the rest of Windows. For example Windows 8 will be supported until 2021 because that's the support lifecycle for Windows 8.


File and Directory choosers

EDIT:In this link, the Visual Studio team has mentioned that, "It will be supported at least through 2021". But it's not clear whether they said it's supported in Windows 8 till 2021 or in future release of windows OS too.

The line lReturnVal = GetPrivateProfileString(m_sSection, m_sKey, "", sDestination, Len(sDestination), m_sININame) actually gets the value from the INI file. If lReturnVal returns a nonzero value, the API function successfully found the value. If lReturnVal returns zero, the API function could not find the value and some error occurred (for instance the INI filename is invalid). The trimmed value read from the INI file is returned back to the form.


Download File with WebBrowser Control On Click

I don't know anything about the program that you're talking about. However, chances are that it compares the value in the number box to 10. In the ASM dump find where the value is entered then look for any CMP instructions nearby and possibly JL ones as well. You can probably just NOP them without problem unless this program runs checks to prevent specific types of cracking.