I discussed the challenges that Firaxis faced, and the changes they’re making, with Enemy Unknown‘s lead designer, Jake Solomon, last week. From our chat, I got the sense that Firaxis has a clear reverence for the source material, and that the studio is confident in its modern interpretation of X-COM.

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Multiple Paths To Victory: Will you win by conquering the greatest threat to the galaxy? Or will you unite a plurality of worlds in your Federation? Perhaps you will lead your people to push the frontiers of science.

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Continuing the theme of legal shenanigans, Civilization: Beyond Earth is so-called at least in part, no doubt, because EA still hold the rights to the name Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, having published the 1999 original. Whether Firaxis (helpful hints) and Take-Two will set the action in the Alpha Centauri star system is probably the kind of question that keeps lawyers dancing on the heads of pins. So far we are told only that the colonists leaving a ruined planet will find "a home beyond earth", compelling us to drink according to the rules of the Press Release Drinking Game.

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The new game, Haunted Hollow, is a strategy game that features horror-story staples like vampires, zombies, mummies and witches as playable troops that venture forth from their haunted mansion headquarters in an effort to control the town. It’s multiplayer, so you’ll go up against other players trying to do the same thing, either over Game Center or locally via pass-and-play — which means the game is turn-based.

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Getting into the port tavern, the player is charged with choosing a name, nationality (French, English, Spanish or Dutch) and other characteristics. After that, a scene is shown, during which our hero raises a riot on the ship, throws the captain onto the boat, seizes the ship and sets off to meet adventures. Now he, like his team, are free people. In front of them lies a trade route and a coastal trading city, which can be taken on the spot.


The buttons lighting up blue and other features of the original site have been reinstated. All known problems fixed, all 400 tech mini-pages present, accounted for, and crosslinks working. Seven contemporary working SMACX sites, including this one, added to the Links page.

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Rule throughout time and create your own legacy as you guide your civilization from the dawn of man through the space age and beyond. Implement new technologies, conduct diplomacy or wage war to grow your society and become the most powerful leader the world has ever known. History, as you know it, is history!


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In 2021 under the Civilized Communication banner, Civilization fans can look forward to the ongoing production of three podcasts. More Civ co-operative multiplay is to be had in the sixth season of TurnCast, further exploration of modding in the series on the eighth season of ModCast and greater Civ strategy conversations on the landmark tenth season of PolyCast. Episodes of the latter most are to continue to be recorded live every other Saturday starting at 12PM ET (North America), starting January 9th (timezone converter).

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A Galaxy Of Adventure: Explore the galaxy as you lead your fleet to distant worlds and complete missions to help the citizens of these planets. Fight pirates, protect colony ships, destroy rogue AI, and more.


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This is going to be exciting news for fans of 4X gaming - the absence of a modern equivalent of Alpha Centauri has led to projects like Pandora: First Contact seeking to fill the gap. Much has changed since 1999, of course. Alpha Centauri's original creative lead Brian Reynolds is now developing a Civ-flavored online game to be published by Nexon, and Sid Meier has moved to a hands-off, seigneurial role.

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The official release of the project took place in July 2005. The staff of Firaxis Games worked on the creation of the remake. The graphical implementation has undergone a number of improvements and has become much more modern. The plot tells the story of a young man deprived of his freedom, from an impoverished noble family.

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