The entire DTLA system relies on the keys necessary to authenticate devices and unscramble video being kept secret, and on the rules governing the use of keys being inviolable. To that end, the DTLA "Compliance and Robustness Agreement" (presented as "Annex C" to the DTLA agreement) has a number of requirements aimed at ensuring that every DTLA-approved device is armoured against user modification.

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Sahara Samay Mumbai has a strong team of 25 reporters in Mumbai itself. Besides the channel's national bureau will also offer support.


The Star TV India management has brought the channel under its management and senior managers of Channel V have been relocated to Star's India hq in Mumbai, while others were let go of earlier this year. Star TV India programming head Sameer Nair says the focus is going to go back to basics: music.

Beijing blames Falun Gong for the deaths of over 1,700 people through suicide or refusing medical treatment when they became ill. It also says the cult is a tool in the hands of anti-China powers wanting to destabilise the Communist Party-led government here.


With his hair much whiter, his delivery was less snappy than of old. Or was he simply exhausted from a week in which he had taken on a fellow media mogul and seen the issue of his own mortality come once again to the top of the agenda?

The thought made Renji unexpectedly sad. That Homura kid really seemed like she could use good friends. And Tōshirō Hitsugaya could be a hardass stick-in-the-mud, but if Momo and Ran were to be believed, once you fought your way into friend category, he was rock-solid in his support even if it was quiet and gruff.


All channels on C1 12720 V are FTA at the moment. Other Aurora frequencies are still encrypted.

This was not agreeable to us as it would have de-stabilised the channels and cable operators would have had to retune the decoders. We believe Thaicom wanted to give the entire transponder to an Australian company, which runs a group of channels,” the official alleged.


However, in RNA the nitrogenous base is made up of nucleic acids; Cytosine (C), Guanine (G), Adenine (A) and Uracil (U). Also, each of the RNA nucleic acids is connected to the elemental substance of the planet as Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. In both DNA and RNA, the Mitochondrial DNA serves as the fifth principal element of Cosmic Aether, which is sourced only from the Mother. This is an example of allotropy which is the property of some chemical elements to exist in two or more different forms, known as allotropes of these elements. Allotropes are different structural modifications of an element. Our DNA is the allotrope of the four main planetary elements.

Even people in Afghanistan are now free to use satellite dishes. So, is Singapore the only developed country in the Asia Pacific with a ban on privately-owned satellite television?


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The decision to pull out Kermit from India was apparently taken by EM TV of Germany. EM holds the controlling stake in the channel after it bought out Kermit creator Jim Henson's 50% holding.

With the changes in functioning of the mitochondrial DNA, it may be helpful to research Biochemic Tissue Salts to help support the conductive properties of the cells and neurological system. This ancient knowledge was studied and understood by many of the Ancient Mystery Schools, such as in Alexandria, Egypt and Greece. The importance of mineral cell salts in the process of spiritual initiation into hierogamic union (Hieros Gamos), which allows higher frequencies to be embodied through the nourishing of the cells with the mineralized energy form that is required to transmutate the cell. Tissue salts consist of the natural elements occurring in the body itself, they are identical substances. They form the basic constituents of the cells, tissues and organs, and the body uses their energies for metabolic functions. When tissue salts are required for these functions, there should be an adequate supply available in the body and its fluids to draw upon. If there is an insufficiency the cells convert their material structure to provide the energy, and the cell goes into a depleted state.


This year alone DirecTV has sent out tens of thousands of letters to people who've turned up on the customer lists of equipment-sellers raided under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for allegedly peddling piracy devices. The letters usually demand a $3,500 settlement under threat of litigation, and the company has filed lawsuits against over 8,700 people who've ignored the letters or refused to settle. None of those lawsuits have yet gone to trial.

Optus does not anticipate any interruption to the V1 service as a result of the decision to simulcrypt MCRYPT. Those customers who are currently using the V1 cards, can continue using these cards until the simulcrypt period comes to an end. Most existing cards will reach the end of their natural life before this time and will then need to be replaced with the new MCRYPT card.


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DTLA enforces these rules through a system of penalties for non-compliant vendors. It also has the power to "revoke" devices after they are sold to you, so that the BBC's signals will refuse to play on your set-top box if the DTLA determines that its security is inadequate and they pass it a revocation message (even though you always used your box in accordance with the law).

It has since received three more applications from Software Technology Parks Ltd, Entertainment TV Network Ltd and Hathway Cable & Datacom. Under these norms, direct or indirect foreign shareholding in the applicant company should be less than 49%.


It will be launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) on-board the PSLV-C5 Mission as an auxiliary satellite, weighing 40 kilograms and having two transponders. Hamsat is the first theme-based micro satellite of Isro that will finally meet the need of the Amateur Radio operators in the South Asian region who possess the required radio sets and operate in the UHF/VHF band-based Satellite Radio Communication Channel.

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If time reset again, the next/past Hitsugaya wouldn't know any of this personally. If he was compromised— pfft— then he would be instantly uncompromised.


Current BS viewers need not worry about having to upgrade their TVs as they will be provided with specific signals to ensure they can receive broadcasts without an IC card. At the same time, the signals will ensure copyright is protected.

The Master Control Facility (MCF) at Hassan, 240 km from here, has gone into the "readiness" mode to track the satellite, which will be launched into space by an Ariane-5 rocket. The MCF will take control of the satellite as soon it is injected into a geo- synchronous transfer orbit.


To support his allegations, Senator Alston released a dossier of 68 instances of alleged anti-American bias by ABC radio's flagship current affairs program AM. The ABC rejected most of his allegations. The personal complaint he lodged against the broadcaster is still under appeal.

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Interestingly, TV-18’s Hindi channel, to be beamed via an Insat satellite, is also likely to carry non-business news to broadbase its viewership. According to industry sources, the company has hired even few reporters to be on the crime beat.


More than 2/5 million Moroccans live abroad, mostly in France, Italy and Spain. Many second and third generation Moroccan expatriates speak little or no Arabic.

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Mitochondrial diseases are from genetic mutations imprinted into the DNA sequences. Artificial architecture placed into the planet, such as alien machinery, with the intent to make genetic modifications to usurp the Mother's DNA, manifest DNA mutations and DNA damage to all species. Mitochondrial diseases take on unique characteristics of blocked energy in the body because of the way the disease accumulated through inherited maternal genetics in ancestral bloodlines.


The satellite news channel, to be uplinked out of Mumbai or Ahmedabad, is not the maiden foray of the group into the electronic medium, though. At present, the group produces a weekly news capsule, focused on Ahmedabad, which is delivered via various cable networks in Gujarat.

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Homura's tumultuous reiatsu had been controlled, but her grip on it was loosened by overflowing grief. It felt like it was pulled to Madoka, then back to Homura.


Thread: Satellite Testing Lingo & Common Terms

The blast occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning, too late to make it into any of the Sunday papers, except for late editions of Perth's Sunday Times. However, come Monday, with all day Sunday to prepare, newspapers delivered extensive coverage, most devoting at least a dozen pages to the disaster.

The advantage of a sea launch is that it offers value and cost-efficiencies. Boeing is a 40% partner in a joint venture – Sea Launch – which has a launch platform in the Pacific Ocean along the equator. The first commercial launch was made in October 1999 and thus far the success rate for sea launches has been good.


He had thought himself prepared by the sudden top-secret meeting in the Captain-Commander's office. Before he had met Ichigo and been drawn into the guy's orbit, Renji would've laughed at the story laid out to them.

China has about 360 million households - 100 million of which now receive cable TV programmes. The rest will be a potential audience of satellite broadcasting, he said.


Not much news today, isp problem not allowing me to get into some of the usual news sites. Hope it won't cause problems with me getting into the chatroom tonight.

A spokesman for the Minister said he was unaware of any such proposal. The Government plans to bring back the cross-media legislation early next month.


However, an email from an ISP that is considering partnering with Wired Country says that peer-to-peer customers are currently saturating the network. Of the six sectors, the northern, southern and southwestern ones at the Sky Tower access point are currently overloaded, according to the email, which states that Wired Country has no capacity to expand the existing spectrum to increase the amount of bandwidth.

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It had been a hard week and the 73-year-old chairman was showing signs of strain. Rattling through a good set of results for BSkyB on Friday, Rupert Murdoch dispatched a few questions about football and a controversial share deal before wrapping up proceedings in 40 minutes flat.


And Seven is unlikely to subpoena those people who have not provided statements as it is generally considered unusual to call hostile witnesses. But at least 20 witness statements have been tabled from people on opposing sides of the case.

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Insat-3A, 3B, 3C are already operational. Insat-3D - an exclusive met-satellite and the last in the series, was slated for launch during 2004, it said.


The Walt Disney Company has reportedly applied to the country's Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) to launch a wholly-owned Disney Channel in India. According to local reports, the company will invest $10 million in the venture over the next five years. Disney is also said to be in talks with STAR and Sony Entertainment Television for a carriage agreement. According to Disney's application, the channel will air a mix of foreign and local productions, with library programming dubbed into Indian languages. Disney is also in talks with Star India and Sony Entertainment Television for distribution of the channel.

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Based on Galileo's findings, NASA is already planning a return to the three ice moons to search for life. The Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter would launch sometime in the next decade, NASA officials said last week.


APT operates three in-orbit geostationary satellites: Apstar I, Apstar IA and Apstar IIR. It plans to launch another satellite, Apstar V, late in 2003 to replace Apstar I. Apstar V will be capable of delivering DBS services to private households, and will carry C, Ku and Ka-band high power transponders. APT plans to spend around US$300 million for DBS in China, which allows improved reception of satellite information with smaller antennae.

How is a Satellite System Connected to a Television Set

Each safe stores more than 1,000 tokens and more than 5,000 secret shares that are kept in numbered tamper-evident plastic bags and logged, with token numbers matched to numbers provided by the token manufacturer. Symantec's security consciousness has rubbed off on its token supplier and now that company is not only storing Symantec's firmware that is embedded on the tokens in a safe but also keeping it under video surveillance, according to Claar.


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The two channels ESPN Singapore and Star Sports Singapore will air throughout the day. With that, ESPN has six services in Asia while Star Sports has five.

SkyLife (Korea), also using NDS technologies, grew to become one of the largest broadcasters in the Asia Pacific region. From launch in March 2002, SkyLife is one of the fastest growing deployments worldwide, now broadcasting to over 800,000 subscribers.


He couldn't focus on anything anyone said through his screaming screaming screaming headache. He squinted to watch Orihime's shield drawing darkness off of the Soul Gem until it shone clearly again. Urahara nodded with satisfaction.

The History Channel is owned by US-based A&E Television Networks, a joint venture in which both Hearst Corporation and ABC own 37/5%, with the balance 25% held by NBC. The company owns several other channels and media business ventures including the ‘Biography Channel’ and the A&E Network.


The signing of the agreement by Mr. Wright and Mr. Yoshida took place in PanAmSat’s Wilton, CT headquarters. Through the expansion of the relationship, PanAmSat customers will be able to distribute video programming and data in the Asia-Pacific market, via JSAT’s C-band payload on its JCSAT 2A and JCSAT 3 satellites and related ground facilities. PanAmSat customers will also have access to JSAT’s extensive range of communications and broadcasting services, as well as to its expertise in broadcasting to the Asian market. JSAT’s customers will be able to take advantage of PanAmSat’s PAS 2 and PAS 8 satellites, as well as PanAmSat’s strong broadcasting capabilities, satellite neighborhoods, and ground facilities in the Asia Pacific region.

The smartcard is a plastic card with a chip - much like a modern credit card. You can see electrical contacts on the chip. When the card is inserted, the chip is plugged into the decoder, allowing the CAM to get the decryption key. Other information is also stored on the chip – subscriber ID, subscription details, billing details, censorship filters and so on.


One analyst said institutions who earlier chose to buy into INL expecting it to merge with Sky after it sold its publishing interests to John Fairfax Holdings would "naturally" support INL's offer. But the smarter money - those who bought into Sky expecting INL to bid for Sky - now hold the balance of power.

The news of his willingness to increase his stake follows last week's adoption of a poison pill provision that would cause the release of additional shares of News Corporation stock if any investor acquired more than 17 percent of the company. Mr. Malone could acquire 18 percent before the pill would take effect.


Steps must be taken to ensure that the code running on the device isn't modified. Failure to take adequate protection against user modification will result in DTLA approval being withheld or revoked.

An unseemly wrangle between the commercial TV networks has exacerbated what was already a prolonged delay in resolving issues of standardisation for these new devices. The networks are trying to put that behind them; earlier this month Nine, Ten and Seven said they will jointly underwrite the cost of providing 10,000 digital set-top units to coincide with the launch of digital television broadcasting. Some will be available from this week.


You may be out of footprint for a few beams so you will need the largest you can get your hands on. I would recomend you phone your local tv station and ask the engineers they will know what satellites can be received in Guam. There may be some pay tv signals floating in your direction.

In planning to buy more News Corp shares, Malone was taking advantage of the company's move from Australia to the US as well as its complex dual-voting structure. The move, which he described as "opportunistic and strategic", relied on the fluctuating prices of non-voting and voting shares before the company's official listing in America. Theoretically, using his huge number of non-voting shares, he could have bought 49per cent of News Corp.


Foxtel would like to rid itself of this liability and, in Austar's moment of weakness, it appears a good time for Foxtel to pounce. Telstra would be the logical buyer for another Austar investment, the 50 per cent interest in Telstra-Saturn, which was formed earlier this year.

Interestingly enough, the spat coincided with a row at BSkyB over News Corp benefiting from a buyback which gave it an additional 2per cent of the company without spending any more money. Murdoch's own aggressive use of US law to block a rival predator prompted a few bitter comments from UK investors last week. The buyback itself was opposed by almost a fifth of those voting. One investor, who refused to be named, said the mogul's past behaviour had lost him support.


When we equate the gender principle inherent in our creation and that our Mother principle is returning energetic balance into the earth core through the magnetic field, the next step is the implication to repair the Mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is the DNA located in mitochondria structures within cells that convert food into a chemical energy form that cells can use, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP measures the amount of light quotient held by the cell and tissues of the body and is directly related to the embodiment of spiritual consciousness, which is energy and critical for energy metabolism.

As reported by indiantelevision.com earlier, a press release from Zee News Ltd today said Zee Business will launched on 30 November and positioned as a personal finance channel. It will air an interactive agriculture news bulletin and a special programme on local industries. The channel's positioning: aapka faayda, meaning profit, gains and money for the viewer.


Adisak Limprungpatanakij, the director of the Nation Multimedia Group and the editor of the Nation Channel, said that the channel had broadcast live news content via its website for about three years. However, Thai audiences in the United States and Europe had also requested other channels to access the news.

Live Chat tonight in the chatroom 8/30pm Sydney time onwards lets have a good turnout tonight as its the final scheduled chat for the year! The site will take a couple of 1 week breaks some time in January or February.


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Singh, who was the Chief Executive Officer and earlier responsible for all broadcasting has been designated Group Head of Corporate Services. He will additionally be overseeing international businesses that have been clubbed under the access environment.

Ironically, one of Galileo's own discoveries sealed its fate: signs of briny oceans churning beneath the frozen crust of Europa and two other Jovian moons. Fearing that the fuel-starved craft might accidentally crash into one of them - possibly spreading stowaway germs that would undermine future searches for life - NASA decided to destroy Galileo rather than let it dodder around the cosmos, as the agency does with most retired probes.


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The comments from Rudino Penny regarding Indonesian TV on UHF are not surprising. In addition to my satellite watching, I am also a keen student of tropospheric propagation. A man called Hepburn provides a daily propagation prediction for VHF/UHF.


Rather than launching new satellites as a means of expansion in new markets, we look for opportunities to expand through collaboration and development with a trusted partner. This strategy results in a wide range of solutions for customers and expanded market access at reduced capital costs.

The production arrangement between Foxtel, Nine and Telstra will also enable Telstra to secure the video footage for the webcasting it hopes to deliver over its broadband cable. Sources yesterday said Telstra had offered the AFL at least $3 million a year for 10 years for the code's online rights.


In true alchemy one does not superimpose one's will or ego to really create anything. All we do is allow ourselves to be the vessel of God Spirit and provide the condition for Nature (God) to do what Nature (God) does. We must discover our real inner truth located within the essential core being, to seek the inner knowledge of the authentic self. It is caused through our essential divine nature when in full observance, dedication and devotion to the Natural Laws of God, The Law of One. We look to provide the purely natural conditions for our authentic state of being, so that the Natural Laws can operate effectively without artifices. Those on the ascending timeline will now be subject to the Natural Laws of God, which perform as an organic function of consciousness evolution.

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Ichigo wanted to press his thumbs into his eyes but couldn't while holding Homura. He should probably put her in bed, actually.


It is this principle that Television New Zealand argued before the ministerial inquiry into telecommunications and which was accepted in that inquiry's report in October. The principle is that there should be open access to all digital set-top boxes on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory commercial terms.

Seven Network on September 3 said annual net profit fell 10/3% to A$58/6 million from A$65/3 million a year ago. Sales rose 12/8% to A$1/34 billion from A$1/19 billion. Seven's earnings before unusual items, interest, tax, depreciation and amortization of fixed assets and licenses rose 9/3% to A$200 million. Net debt decreased by A$229 million to A$455 million.


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TVNZ CEO Ian Fraser says, "The face of TVNZ in New Zealand is understandably TV ONE and TV2. However, for many years TVNZ has operated in the international arena. TVNZ Satellite Services has a worldwide reputation for innovative, dependable, cost effective television distribution solutions.

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There is quite a bit of interesting reading at the Scat India online magazine to do with the new DTH market in India and how it compares to cable tv there. Good news for fans of Sabe TV they have improved there website and now we have the link on the Asiasat 3 page to the full weeks programming plus also a downloadable guide that you can print out!


James Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of the STAR Group, is expected to visit India to sort out the financial restructuring for its 24-hour Hindi news channel Star News. The channel, which has been running on a temporary licence extension since June 26, has to comply with the Indian government regulation according to which any news channel uplinking from India should not have more than 26 per cent foreign equity. As per the revised norm, announced last month, the single largest Indian shareholder must hold at least 51 per cent of total equity. The earlier norms did not specify such a single majority when foreign equity restriction was announced in March this year. With the government deadline of 28 September approaching, Murdoch is expected to discuss the final negotiations with the potential partners for taking a 51 per cent stake in Media Content and Communications Services (MCCS), the company through which Star News is being uplinked from India. Advertising professional Suhel Seth holds main stake in Star News with 30 per cent.

He was smart enough to not nod this time. There was no way he was leaving Homura.


A former colleague, Toh Han Shih, sent this amusing anecdote from Beijing, where he works as a journalist. China's government recently banned access to the search engine, Google. It did this in the run-up to the Chinese leadership change, where President Jiang Zemin was rumoured to be reluctant to step down.

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Thomas Choi, SpeedCast's CEO, states "We are very honored by the opportunity to partner with TIME to bring affordable broadband satellite services to all reaches of Malaysia. As one of the leading fixed line operators, TIME understands the problem of the 'last mile gap' where customers in remote areas are seeking affordable broadband and even narrowband connectivity while those concentrated in urban centers are seeking alternatives for their corporate networking needs. Our partnership will enable TIME to deliver broadband and networking services on a ubiquitous basis without dependence on location.


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This Trans-time continuum cycle reaches its peak in mid-July to override NAA architecture that has intentionally been used to damage or mutate human and planetary DNA. This means those on the ascending timeline will be supported to connect with new functions of Mitochondrial DNA, develop new connections with the Mother of God principle on earth, and begin spiritual processes of DNA-RNA repair. The combination of events now are the first time DNA repair (through 12 Strand DNA encoding from the Mother Mitochondrial DNA and Aurora re-encryption of elemental matter) and rehabilitation has been encoded into the planet at this level.

Malaysia’s fourth terrestrial TV station, Channel 9, began its official transmission on September 9. Currently, Channel 9’s broadcast covers the Kuala Lumpur area. In two weeks time, viewers in the east and west coast of Malaysia will be able to receive transmissions while by mid-October, reception will be extended to Singapore and southern Thailand. The station will air programmes from 1300 until 0300 (local time) on weekdays and from 0930 to 0300 (local time) on weekends.


New Skies is providing CCTV with a full 36 MHz transponder on the C-band spot beam of NSS-703, which delivers high-power coverage of Western, Central, Southern and Southeast Asia in addition to China and the Korean Peninsula. The live video feeds will be routed from the venues throughout South Korea back to the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) in Busan. The IBC is digitally linked to Korea Telecom’s teleport gateway where the signals will be uplinked to NSS-703 and transmitted to CCTV’s broadcast facility in Beijing.

Seven wants to keep the free-to-air and pay TV rights. The AFL does not expect to finalise the rights holders before Christmas.


The satellite will be manoeuvred to its final circular 36,000 km geostationary orbit by firing the liquid apogee motor (LAM) on board the satellite. The satellite will be stationed at 55 deg east longitude.

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In effect, Mr Frewen was arguing that the Sky digital set-top box, installed in about 15 per cent of homes, should become the default standard for digital broadcast receiving equipment. This is a set-top box provided and owned by Sky, not the viewer.


Just last week it was reported that of the 50,000 residential "broadband" customers Telecom has notched up, a staggering 73 per cent of them are using Jetstart - the 128kbps offering which isn't even classed as broadband. Viewers will need connection speeds of several megabits a second to make the kinds of thing Telecom has in mind a reality.

Russian hackers target US police in apparent ransomware attack

Paul G Allen-promoted TechTV and A&E Television Networks-run History Channel have shelved plans to launch their channels in India. They have decided, instead, to make an entry first through programming blocks in different local channels across the country.


The ABC is likely to kick off with a part-time children's and educational channel. But its long-term future will depend on whether the Federal Government heeds its $40 million plea for funds.

VanBeber declined to estimate what the loss of the uninsured satellite would cost the company, other than to say it would not be material to the firm's financial results. However, the loss could affect plans to sell the company.


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It (Ariane 5) has proven its strength and precision. It has put the spacecraft into precise orbit", a beaming new chairman of city-headquartered Indian Space Research Organisation, G Madhavan Nair, said.

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NASA develops the POES for NOAA on a reimbursable basis. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md, performs program management for the development of the satellites.


DD DTH users need to pay around Rs 3,500-4,000 as a one-time charge for the dish antenna. There’s no monthly subscription. For one year, there’s no payment involved between Prasar Bharati and private channels also. After a year, the agreement will be reviewed.

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Though Intelsat was able to switch many customers to other satellites after the Americas-7 satellite lost contact Sunday morning, not every customer can easily be moved. StarBand Communications, a McLean company that provides wireless high-speed Internet access to residential customers, may be mired in troubles for weeks or months.


The company has contracted Essel Shyam Communications to uplink these channels. The channels would continue to be broadcast using the same transponder from the Asiasat satellite.

This is a collective negative implant to influence disease that mainly profit the pharmaceuticals. With the spreading of NAA indoctrination, many people do not realize cancer is primarily a spiritual disease, the emotions are wounded, the soul is sick. Exposure to extreme toxicity such as radioactive waste and chemical pollution is also a major impact. However, in youngsters uncleared emotional miasma in the bloodline and family of origin is recorded in the DNA of the offspring. In the elderly, the immunity exhausts itself and shuts down from toxic exposure, easily succumbing to the collective miasmatic programing for death.


Ichigo dragged both hands down his face. So Homura had been directly asked to do this. It wasn't just something she took upon herself, it was something she had been asked to do by her best friend. Or her best friend had reinforced her self-imposed mission.

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News Corp spokesman Andrew Butcher said the company expected negotiations with Mr Saban to be cordial. He declined to comment on how Mr Saban's action could affect News Corp's effort to buy Hughes Electronics.


If there are imbalances running this may manifest as the breaking of bonds, breaking up of relationships, the breaking up of an assembly, organization or the status quo. Everything is undergoing a process of refinement, distillation and purification. This emotional or elemental (physical) purging is the required dismantling to remove subconscious blockages, unneeded primitive forces, astral waters, alien machinery and obsolete or inorganic material. This means we will feel the immense pressure to clear out our bad habits, destructive behaviors, toxicity and negative ego thoughts that we have not yet broken free of. This is because if we do not make attempts to clear out these destructive behaviors and toxic relationships, it will make us sick. Conversely, for those of us that have been working on inner energetic balance (clearing negative ego behaviors), this time will bring a big support system to help us to feel emotionally freed from personal suffering.

In the security operations center, behind a wire-enforced window, engineers monitor big and little screens that provide information on the performance of the system, display alerts if there is a problem with any of the servers and provide other duties that keep the system up and running 24/7. Down a corridor, through a fingerprint-protected biometric reader-ensconced door is the data center. Its chilly environs with racks and rows of servers look and feel like any old data center - not much to look at. Entrance is restricted to personnel with a verified need-to-know classification and requires two-factor authentication including biometrics. The servers are secured behind military-grade locks.


According to the guidelines issued by the government in January 2001, the foreign equity holding including FDI, non-resident Indians, overseas corporate bodies and FII, investment should not exceed 49 per cent. Foreign direct investment was capped at 20 per cent.

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Launched on October 1, WENTV is one of 15 new cable TV channels licensed by the Korean government. Under the terms of the agreement with Hallmark, WENTV will carry four hours of programming every night during primetime, from 8pm- midnight, beginning the last week of December. The programming will carry Korean subtitles in addition to an English-language soundtrack. WENTV currently has 1 million subscribers - around 60 per cent of Korea's cable TV homes.


Then Madoka rolled toward Homura and tapped a Grief Seed against Homura's Soul Gem. Homura's eyes opened wide and she sharply turned her head to gape at Madoka with a frightened lack of understanding.

ABC Asia-Pacific will show the Melbourne Cup Spring carnival races live. Includes Cox plate and Caulfield cup.


The board at India-based broadcaster TV18 has approved measures to increase the company's authorized capital. This follows a restructuring to conform to news uplinking regulations and investment in its subsidiaries.

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However, Zee TV and Kher will part only if it is mutually agreed upon, the Zee TV spokesperson said. The spokesperson said no final decision had been taken about Kher's replacement Ashutosh Rana.


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I went, I listened, I asked questions and came away unconvinced. Unconvinced, that is, about Telecom's vision of delivering movies and interactive TV content over the copper wires that snake into our homes.

Quantum keys such as those transmitted across Canberra are made up of lots of single photons, or packages of light, that have been polarised in different directions. If Eve tried to intercept them, and then resend them on to Bob, she would alter their characteristics and her snooping would be very obvious.


ILS offers the broadest range of launch services in the world along with products with the highest reliability in the industry. Khrunichev assembles the three-stage Proton rocket and the Breeze M upper stage at its plant near Moscow. ILS' Atlas rockets and their Centaur upper stages are built by Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. near Denver, Colo.

Most satellite television descamblers are legal boxes which are provided by legitimate resellers. These descramblers require valid subscriptions from the satellite television broadcasters.


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Satfacts came out today I have not had a good read of it yet but the Humax 5400 "review" is in it, its got the good and bad points nicely ballanced out submitted by users and you are left to your own conclusion as to the performance of this receiver. Hopefully we will see the writeup about it updated if the magic NTSC fix appears soon.

Then you have to figure out how to bill everyone for the services they use. There's also the switch-over of set-top boxes that will be necessary to receive the services.


Satellite launches are an important source of revenue for Russia, but there have been problems. Russia lost six communications in December 2000 when a booster rocket carrying them to space from Plesetsk failed shortly after launch.

The electronic program guide would allow subscribers to easily navigate the surfeit of channels and set reminders for programs, while the interactive news channels would let viewers select and watch specific news content such as business or national news. Subscribers will be provided with a new digital set-top box and remote control with extra buttons for the interactive services.


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Wooden chairs scraped in a chaotic overlap of sound as the airborne china continued their trajectories and tea splashed onto the table. Everything on the table rattled continuously. Madoka's parents tried to rush around the table to her.

On Monday night Seven and Nine ran hour-long editions of their nightly news programs, devoting the extra time to the Bali blasts. Seven also ran a special edition of Today Tonight, entitled "Bali's Aussie Heroes", while Nine's A Current Affair had a report on "Terror in Bali".


INL has made a cash-scrip bid for Sky that values its shares at $NZ4/63 each. INL is offering $NZ3/35 in cash for each Sky share, plus three INL shares for every 10 Sky shares.

Indeed the two have probably worked together more often than any other two media executives. But they have also been on opposite sides. For example, Mr. Malone weighed making a rival bid for DirecTV when Mr. Murdoch was interested. Liberty was then a News Corporation shareholder, and Mr. Malone ultimately decided not to bid.


It remains to be seen whether Carroll's strategic rethink of programming will draw larger audiences, and indeed, whether those audiences can be properly measured. ABC Asia Pacific can be viewed by large direct-to-home dishes, by cables in hotels and apartment blocks, and as part of local pay-TV services.

To bridge the gaps between the exchanges and the home, Telecom can install mini DSLAMs in street-side cabinets - and it is already dabbling in this area to deliver high-speed internet access in remote areas. But there's cost involved there and in providing the video (my link) servers and broadcasting "head-ends" to make video (have a peek at this site) over DSL possible.


The Sources said, however, that ASC would have to conform to the programme code that applies to all cable TV services. It is also not clear what the set top boxes and subscription for DTH would cost, but Zee claimed to offer the boxes free of cost to its consumers and a monthly subscription of Rs 150 and Star TV quoted around Rs 7,500 to Rs 8,000 for STBs and around Rs 700 to Rs 800 monthly charges.

Optus is committed to ensuring the introduction of the new MCRYPT service will have minimal impact on existing customers and end users. For this reason Optus has decided to simulcrypt both the MCRYPT and V1 technologies for a maximum of five years, commencing in late 2003.


Canberra, per capita the most prosperous community in Australia, will be first in the nation to taste video-on-demand, a technology forecast to sweep the home entertainment market. It means, ultimately, television with pause, rewind and fast-forward buttons.

The focus group research, which will take place over the next six months, will provide an understanding of consumer habits including their behavioral and emotional relationship with the satellite based digital radio medium. The research will also explore consumers’ level of understanding and interest in this type of digital radio platform.


The question was whether the captain-commander knew it seemed to be a genuine mutual respect if not outright friendship. And whether he would consider the Tenth Division's captain to be compromised.

As well as saving MTS money, the Sky deal will enable the service to begin transmitting as soon as it is ready. Under the BCL deal, MTS would have had to order in transmitters from overseas, then erect them, which takes about six months.


Might be quiet as some can not access the site due to routeing issues. I myself can't get to it, but using Googles page cache the chatroom is always reachable.

The Living Asia Channel is testing on Asiasat 3, they were supposed to be up in October. Not sure yet if it will be FTA as it is via Agila2.


A cabinet committee recommended MTS to go ahead using an untested transmission network allocated by the Crown. But those predictions did not take account of politics.

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NDS, a News Corporation company and leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV, has reached a significant milestone in the Asia Pacific pay-TV market with two million active subscribers using NDS conditional access systems. This achievement makes NDS a leading conditional access provider in the Asia Pacific region.


Then Galileo became narcoleptic. Without warning, its electronics would mysteriously power down to "safe mode," shutting off all but essential systems. JPL technicians eventually reprogrammed the spacecraft and fixed the problem.

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The revival in interest in the game in the country and the successful experience of live telecast of the Champions Trophy last month also led the public broadcaster to change their opinion about showing non-cricket events involving Indian teams. Incidentally, DD could not get the deal for live coverage of India’s Davis Cup tie with The Netherlands, which started today.


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The portable broadband service, previously dubbed Ultamo, was trialled in Auckland last year. The system is also being trialled in Southland. The service will initially launch in Auckland providing Internet access only, with voice capability planned for the end of the year.

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Digital TV has been hailed as the next big growth catalyst for Taiwan's technology sector. At the launch of the country's digital TV Special Interest Group, local companies such as Tatung said that Taiwan's supply chain and manufacturing expertise would help it compete with Japan and South Korea in the DTV technology market. DTV SIG is composed of government departments, research agencies and local manufacturers to promote the industry.


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The Company owns the largest modern film library in the world, consisting of approximately 4,000 titles. Its operating units include MGM Pictures, United Artists, MGM Television Entertainment, MGM Networks, MGM Distribution Co, MGM Worldwide Television Distribution, MGM Home Entertainment, MGM On Stage, MGM Consumer Products, MGM Music, MGM Interactive and MGM Online. In addition, MGM has ownership interest in international television channels reaching approximately 100 countries around the globe. For more information on MGM, visit MGM Online at.

StarBand had about 20,000 customers who relied on the satellite for their Internet access, all of whom are now without access. Those customers, many in rural areas, will have to readjust their satellite dishes to point to another satellite - once StarBand and Intelsat figure out which satellite to use.


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Urahara quietly thanked him and moved slowly to hover glowing green hands over Homura's head. Then his hands started to drift toward her left hand— toward her Soul Gem. Ichigo tried to jerk forward to shield her but his father clamped down on both of his shoulders.

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Japan is expected to dominate the region with close to $900 billion in online sales in 2004. Forrester predicts that more than 15% of total sales in Australia, Korea, and Taiwan will be conducted online.


The IP Backbone Company joint venture is expected to become the number one carrier of voice and data/Internet traffic in non-Japan Asia, and to be among the top global wholesale carriers. It will tap into the strong global demand for connectivity and fill a gap in Asia, which is currently under-served.

But it adds: “The key problem is rights issues. Many of the multi-channel broadcasters only own pay-TV programme rights, rather than free-to-air rights.


Nine and Ten are against multiple channels, arguing it is costly and will dilute the amount of money advertisers spend on free-to-air television. Foxtel also opposes the concept, as it wants time to establish its digital service. Hundreds of extra digital channels will be available on pay TV from next year when it upgrades to digital.

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Unlike commercial stations, NHK is partly funded by a subscription fee, payable by every household with a television. Nonpayment is a perpetual problem for the network.


Calculated positions can differ ±0/1 degrees from the offset. This is adjusted automatically and does not require previous technical knowledge.

Galileo's 35th and final orbit of Jupiter will be a victory lap for a spacecraft that gave its creators fits, then outdistanced their expectations. After near-crippling mechanical failures en route, the spacecraft rebounded to rewrite most of what scientists knew about the makeup of Jupiter and its moons. Researchers are still mining information from the 30 gigabytes of data Galileo beamed back.


The agreement includes performance of installation services to regional AUSTAR customers over athree year period. Mark Foley, Joint Managing Director BSA said “it is great to be working for AUSTAR again We had always regarded the team at AUSTAR as easy to work with and thoroughly professional. Over the past few years, BSA has made important advances in its operating systems and its ability to deliver high quality customer service to the subscription TV industry. The signing of this agreement with AUSTAR reinforces our conviction that BSA’s customer focus meets the expectations of the countries premier satellite TV service providers”. ENDS Contact Ian McGregor, Company Secretary for further information: 02 9935 5903.

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HYDERABAD: Good news for Amateur Radio enthusiasts. The first Indian Amateur Radio Satellite, ‘Hamsat’, will be launched in mid-October to provide satellite-based Amateur Radio Services to both national and international Amateur Radio Operators (HAMs).


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The two other girls who had been out of the loop— hah— tensed and were suddenly very attentive. Captain Hitsugaya heaved another sigh and dragged his hands down his face, looking ceilingward in search of patience.

He revealed that his contract was for a year and spanned 156 episodes and that he had turned down five to six films to be part of the show. He added that he had not been informed officially about his termination and that he was awaiting official intimation.


There are currently two MECMs used, MECM40 and MECM60, these also use Public Keys but different than the regular ECM Public Keys, there is also a second "Key"(not really a key, but it changes like a key) needed for both, these can not be entered manually but they are picked up by "pirate" software, so no need to enter them in any case. What the current MECMs are doing to stop cardless systems is using the "timing" of a sub card to decrypt the Control Words with the MECMs. A cardless eeprom is not the same as a card eeprom so you have freezing or full outages when the timing varies to much. Emulators try to duplicate the cards eeprom timing but its still not a card eeprom, there are many timing variables in the cards eeprom and these timing variables can also be changed by the provider at anytime, so not much hope for "true emulation".

Old Man Zangetsu felt intrigued, so Ichigo tossed a curious feeling at his zanpakutō. The spirit hummed in thought then murmured, Kaname appears to be unconsciously attempting to stabilize her mood.


According to Sarma, the feedback from dealers of set-top boxes in recent times has been encouraging. Demand for the boxes for this free DTH service has increased with the addition of some private satellite channels.

One example of genetic modification and experimentation in the population is the introduction of aspartame. Aspartame is chemically synthesized from aspartate, which degrades the function of uracil –thymine relationships in DNA, as well as impairs functions of RNA protein synthesis and RNA messaging with DNA. RNA editing through the addition and deletion of uracil and thymine is recoded into the mitochondria of the cell, and the related mitochondrial damage promotes neurological diseases. Thymine is an aggressive protector of the integrity of the DNA. Additionally the degradation of uracil produces the substrates aspartate, carbon dioxide, and ammonia.


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Well, a less severe kind of disaster than dreaded. But with his hand on Homura's back he could feel her tremble with restrained anxiety as the moment of truth approached. If she told everything, it would be the moment she recounted many of her worst memories; whether she told the truth or twisted it, she risked destroying the relationships she had salvaged this time around. She was in an unenviable position, stressors piling onto her from so many angles it was a miracle she hadn't cracked. Well, hadn't cracked worse than the laughing/crying fit, which felt more like catharsis than anything else.

Meanwhile, SK Telecom is responsible for some 92 billion won (approximately 79/8 million dollars) out of 265/4 billion won, the total price of the satellite, according to its agreement with MBCo. The two partners will also collaborate for successful commercialization of satellite DMB service by making cross investments to set up the corporate of satellite DMB, using patents free of charge, and developing technologies. After launching the satellite in January next year, the two enterprises plan to start commercial satellite DMB service during the latter part of next year, the first in the world.


According to an official release, ESS' managing director Rik Dovey says, "This is part of our customisation strategy to bring our brands closer to our viewers. Having dedicated commercial streams featuring local advertisers, will also enhance ESPN's and Star Sports' relevance in Singapore. We have done this in India and Taiwan and the returns, in terms of brand equity and consumer loyalty, are very apparent.

Dad sucked in a sharp breath and Orihime made a sound of dismay. Urahara rifled in his pockets, did something to a phone he found, and commanded, “Describe it. As much detail as you can.


Can you tell me if it is possible via software to receive/decode TV signals with this setup? I am keen to learn more about this medium and it has been a lot of fun so far!

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The 2310-2360 MHz portion is used for XM and Sirius Radio. The higher portion (2500-2690 MHz) is allocated for DBS television service; but due to the small size of the spectrum, it has not been used.


Vice premier Nguyen Tan Dung was named the head of the steering committee earlier this month. The satellite's foreign constructor should be known by the end of the year, according to a Vietnamese source.

The History Channel is part of a global, award-winning network with access to a vast library of the world's best historical programming via The History Channel International. The channel presents high quality programming from every corner of the globe with programmes as varied as Biography, Modern Marvels, The Cold War, Escape, Conquest and Fly Past - 100th Anniversary of Flight.


Health and fitness are the thrust areas of the channel, which will also include programmes to increase awareness on hygiene. A team of medical professionals have contributed to the research for over 500 hours of programming.

Programme purchasing and New Zealand production would account for the biggest portion of our budget. With the kind of expenditure necessary we must make every attempt to reach the largest potential audience we can, right from the first day of broadcast.


The channel paid each provincial station an annual fee of 100,000 yuan and also divided 40 per cent of its advertising revenue among them. However, the limited advertising sources in the less-developed western provinces worked against the station achieving its original aim of becoming profitable in three years. The channel's vague organisational status also hindered the venture - it had to operate as a propaganda tool while trying to raise revenue.

Besides ASC Enterprises, Star TV-backed Space TV and Essel-Shyam (a joint venture between Subhash Chandra promoted Essel Group and Shyam Telecom) have evinced interest in the DTH business. This business requires high capital and enables the consumer to receive channels bypassing the cable operator.


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Perhaps Carroll is starting to get it right. Let's hope so, because the saga of Australia's window-to-the-world TV channel has been running for more than a decade, with audience levels still largely unknown, and demonstrable success elusive.

It is estimated that in India, there are currently about 75 million TV owners of whom 37 million are subscribers to cable services. By end 2000 cable-enabled TV users are expected to number just under 50 million. But how many of these - currently receiving over 50 channels for around Rs 2-3 a channel will spend an additional Rs 20,000 or Rs 25,000 and also make a monthly commitment of Rs 500 or more? The numbers are likely to be extremely small. There are advantages for those who can: direct satellite transmissions are said to be superior in quality and not subject to the vagaries of cable. But remember, once you are a DTH user, you are alone: if the DTH provider decides to increase the cost of his bundle, you do not have a 1000 others in the neighbourhood to share the cost. It may well be that your precise needs cannot be met by one DTH consortium; you may well have to subscribe to more than one service - and each will require a separate decoder.


All living beings are reliant on three main molecules for essentially all of their biological functions. These molecules are DNA, RNA and proteins. The two strands of DNA run in opposite directions to each other and are therefore adjacent to each other (anti-parallel). It is the sequence of these four nitrogen bases along the backbone that encodes biological information. Under the genetic code, RNA strands are translated to specify the sequence of amino acids within proteins. These RNA strands are initially created using DNA strands as a template in a process called transcription.

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Gordon Crawford, the longtime media investor and a senior vice president at Capital Research and Management, whose firm is a major investor in both companies, has been trying to help resolve the friction between the men, according to several people involved. Mr. Crawford declined to comment.


Dainik Bhaskar is one of top three circulating dailies in the country. Another news channel in Hindi that is likely to go on air by the year-end is Sky News India (no way related to Rupert Murdoch's Sky News in the UK) with funding from a non-resident Indian couple.

This was bound to happen with her lack of training. This child may need some manner of seal or power sink.


The MRTPC order is an interim one, valid till September 10. Star believes it has a right to decide on how its channels are sent to homes. It sees a copyright infringement, and COO Sameer Nair said the company is preparing for legal action.

His surroundings were a major part of it, but the abrupt nature of his arrival was the most jarring thing. Also the fact that he had “arrived” anywhere at all. Last Ichigo checked, he was sitting in a chair.


Exhaustion weighed down her eyelids, so she only opened them partway. It was dark, but she wasn't frightened. Distant stars gradually sparkled into focus. Bright moonlight highlighted the edges of shapes around her, but she saw no moon and couldn't identify the silhouetted shapes. The moonlight and maybe-fire faded away, leaving darkness and lingering warmth.

Karin and Yuzu peeked around the door when Sandal-Hat left. Ichigo waved them in. They split up to fret over Homura and him, then perched at Homura's bedside like bodyguards. Dad fell into another chair with a deep sigh and leaned forward with his elbows on his knees, watching all of them tiredly. Chad soon brought in a notebook and lap desk and Uryū set up a desk lamp; both retreated to the doorway without a word and sat outside it— also like bodyguards.


TARBS World TV CEO Regina Boulos said, “We are very pleased and excited to offer our subscribers the superb contemporary movie package they have long waited for. Not only can they keep in touch with their home countries on TARBS World TV, they can now also sit back and enjoy great movies, right in the comfort of their living rooms.

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Following my gut, Ichigo thought to him. I'll protect them from themselves!


Virgin Islands, and southern Canada. Telstar 4 was launched in September 1995.

MUMBAI: The much delayed launch of India's next generation communication satellite Insat 3E will finally see the light of day on 27 September. Arianespace, the launch service provider, has set the evening of 27 September for the liftoff of Flight 162 with a trio of spacecraft passengers.


Because of its quality and current exclusivity, there is a market for copies of digital broadcasts. For example, in April, a Saitama man was arrested and indicted for selling copies online of a BS digital broadcast of a Seiko Matsuda concert.

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The History Channel will launch on December 1 on SKY digital channel 53 and will be New Zealand's first television channel dedicated to history 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will bring the power and passion of the past to life with critically acclaimed documentaries and entertainment specials.

But in India, partners are a problem. Mr Murdoch's original partner, Hindi TV king Mr Subash Chandra Goel, turned against the global tycoon, using local political clout to block his plans, and eventually paying $US296/5 million to buy back STAR-TV's stake in his Zee Telefilms.


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I am in negotiations to get a Nokia 9500 S with scssi and Dr Overflow and autosearch tuner with irdeto ca cam. Comments from users of these unit welcome via icq or email and in the chatroom.

The music distribution over Internet came through the backdoor. Dominated by an expensive manual distribution system, the music industry was lying too comfortable and too fat, for too long. DTH could make an entry like the music business, Mr Vivanco added.


Siticable has started beaming Star, Sony, and ESPN through its HITS platform. But Star sees a copyright infringement, and is planning legal action.

FMen positions itself as complementary to Fashion TV, focusing on the world of beauty and elegance of men. Broadcasting 24/7, FMen will feature a line-up of international men's shows, lifestyle and current events, as well as programs on the world of male models, designers and photographers.


Thompson, who is once again challenging the status quo with this new venture, will undoubtedly meet with some resistance from other radio industry sectors, who are already conducting their own terrestrial digital radio trials. World Audio is also involved with the Melbourne terrestrial radio trial.

Intelsat was able to switch many of its customers, such as the Playboy Channel and the Nebraska lottery system, to some of the other 27 satellites in its fleet within hours of the loss. But other Intelsat customers, such as StarBand Communications Inc, a satellite Internet service provider, are still experiencing outages.


The hardware part of Akimbo is a silver set-top box about the size of a DVD player, selling for $229. Inside is an 80-gigabyte (GB) hard drive, capable of holding about 180 hours of programming. That's much more than equivalent digital video recorders (DVRs) such as TiVo, because Akimbo compresses its video files.

Well it seems Sky TV's "Revolution" mentioned last week is nothing more than an interactive advert for Philips DVDram products. I should of known better to think that they were launching something as usefull as a PVR for Sky viewers.


SMART-1 should enter the lunar orbit by December 2004, and a month later will begin a six-month run of experiments. After that, scientists may extend the mission, depending on funding.

Hands beat on the door and voices yelled things. Head pounding and ears ringing, Ichigo finally roared, “Shut the fuck UP!


It all started ten days ago when Gajendra Singh, Zee TV's star producer (Antakshari, Sa Re Ga Ma) paid Anupam Kher a visit. SDCK just wasn't working, said Singh. Zee was bleeding to the tune of Rs48 lakh an episode, and something had to be done.

There was a lull in conversation as the pink kid's dad hauled her out of the room and people shuffled around in the halls. It felt like the room had been paused in a different way than the timestop. Which was, by the way, equal parts awesome and terrifying.

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The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation [KBC] has embarked on a modernization process which would include rehabilitation of both its radio and television stations, acquisition of modern broadcasting equipment and up-grading of its transmitting stations. The corporation's managing director, Wachira Waruru, said this during a meeting between Guo Chongli, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China and the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation management. The Chinese delegation visited KBC to further explore areas of co-operation between the two media houses and to formally extend the China Central Television's (CCTV) invitation to a KBC management technical team to Beijing, China, for bilateral talks.


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Sky is believed to have offered its CNN channel to MTS, which would upset those of its customers only connected to its UHF services. Customers using its digital service would still be able to access CNN.

Back in New Zealand, SKY Sport commentator Ian Smith, former Black Fern and Sport 365 presenter Melodie Robinson and renowned sports broadcaster Eric Young will share the hosting responsibilities of The Cup. All Black legend Ian Jones will provide in-depth tactical analysis.


Watts said it's important to have a neighborhood of high definition providers so that a cable operator can use one dish to pull all the programs down. But the key question is how fast demand will ramp up to fill the satellite with programming.

DVB-T, standing for "digital video broadcasting, terrestrial", is a way of squeezing more information into one channel. Whereas analogue signals refresh half of a European TV image 50 times a second, DVB-T only replaces the bits of a moving picture that need changing.


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Then came the explosion of satellite-based television services - and the local cable operator who received these channels currently between 50 and 75 in India, using 1 or more 3-4 meter diameter dish antennas and then sent them to individual homes using a coaxial cable, for a monthly subscription that varies in India from Rs. 75 to Rs. 200. The price varies with different cable providers because they offer a varied menu, in turn paying a fixed fee per home to the creator of TV content who chooses to charge for the service.

There are still big technical problems to be overcome before a global satellite system of quantum cryptography is achieved, says Edwards. But the imminent attempt at 14 kilometres at low altitudes will be technically similar to exchanging a code to a satellite 300 kilometres above Earth, because of the extra perturbing effects of the lower atmosphere on the polarised photons.


Rare peek: Inside Symantec's security fortress

The reason Shine will be free to air on UHF in Christchurch is that we already operate a UHF channel in Christchurch called Freedom TV. In fact Shine TV was developed by Freedom TV as the best option for establishing a nation wide Christian channel. To duplicate the Christchurch free to air UHF service throughout New Zealand would cost at least 20 times more than the cost of transmission via satellite.

Renji had shared a significant glance with Rukia. He knew she was thinking what he was: remembering their childhood running the streets of Inuzuri together, far out in the Rukon. Struggling to get food and avoid beatings. Surviving as their friends— their family in all but blood and name— died. Renji had glanced at Rangiku, knowing she had a similar history. She had been spared the worst of the fighting by virtue of Gin Ichimaru deciding to protect her in probably the only altruistic whim he experienced in his life. Knowing him, it probably wasn't entirely altruism that motivated him. He had seemed kinda possessive of Ran despite being distant with her. Whatever his motivations, it had resulted in Ran surviving.


So let’s start with the algorithm. An algorithm is a recipe for doing something – in this case, for scrambling and descrambling the digital signal.

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An irate Iconz customer called Computerworld this month to express his dissatisfaction at paying $120 a month for the 2Mbit/s Wired Country service, yet receiving “slower than dialup” speeds for most of the time. The customer, speaking anonymously, says Iconz’s support staff read out a statement which said the Wired Country service was overloaded and that no improvement was expected for at least four months.


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Also the general name used for the big dish. Used mainly for commercial purposes: linking feeds to network affiliates and cable systems. Most of these are not intended for general use but you can subscribe to them and many of them are not encrypted.

The net result is that MPEG-2 implementations on personal computers are a kluge. Typically the video is keyed into the VGA output just before it is output to the display; you cannot capture even a single frame for use in a presentation or your own creations. The licensing issue has been averted, either by refusing to pay or depending on third parties to pay the royalties on components that are used for MPEG-2 decoding.


The main source for research is the university. And it is crucial that this entity is not left out in the development of the industry.

But the Australians were about to hit back, with an attempt at 14 kilometres. Now the British team from QinetiQ, the public arm of Britain's defence research agency, has extended the record, with its 23/4-kilometre effort, published this month in the journal Nature. The Australians have another card up their sleeve, however. Before the end of the year they plan to send light signals from a satellite to Earth.


Orphaned when her wish backfired on her. Technically homeless, but good at stealing and scamming her way into stays at hotels instead of sleeping on the streets.

The Ex-Im Bank guarantee will support a 48-transponder satellite that will be placed in orbit next year. It will also enable MEASAT to purchase launch insurance using the insurance broking services of Willis Inspace of Bethesda, Maryland. A commercial bank syndicate led by Standard Chartered Bank of New York is providing the loan.


The BBC's digital rights plans will wreak havoc on open source software

I hope to update the site history files tonight for the last few months I keep meaning to do it but never get around to it its a cut'npaste job just a bit time consuming to assemble. I also need to look at adding a search feature!

As we know much of the kinetic or other external energy sources are aggressively controlled by the power elite to suppress human development and to stop the possibility of equitable use or fair exchange of resources to be shared among the earth population. The NAA strategy is to control all energy and power sources, (even control the DNA and soul) thus create a ruling class and a serf or slave class. Orion group's archontic deception methods are to divide and conquer, thus the population is much easier to control while traumatized in fear, kept in ignorance or left poverty stricken.


An update to the situation with Shine Tv in the Emails section, cross that one off the list of possible FTA channels. Those who want Free to Air Christian programming via small dish will have to continue watching TBN on Optus B3.

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It was also stipulated that management control of the applicant company must rest with the Indian partner, with majority representatives on the board and the chief executive being a resident Indian. Furthermore, it was stipulated that the signals would be mandatorily updated from Indian earth stations.


As N Approaches Infinity

Those video files are received through a broadband connection, such as a cable modem or DSL line. The Akimbo box hooks to a home router, a kind of switch box, either through a standard Ethernet cable or through an optional WiFi wireless adapter, and shares the broadband feed with your home computers.

Technology is not the only reason to lift the ban. Singapore is proud of its achie vements in IT. We like to talk about the number of computers in our schools, homes and offices. It's about time the authorities realise that hardware is but a minor aspect of IT. The major aspect is information. Without free access to information, there's no way we can turn our society into a knowledge economy, no matter how many billions of dollars are spent on computers and telecommunications.


China’s central government is using Guangzhou as a testing ground to see how state-owned television broadcasters can compete in the crowded but lucrative market. The city's state-owned TV operator, Guangzhou Television, has two options - either to remain an official mouthpiece or become market-oriented and compete with private and foreign-backed broadcasters. A source at Guangzhou TV said Guangzhou was chosen for the experiment because there was no other city in the country that had such a high exposure to both mainland and foreign cultures and TV programming. Guangzhou TV has a viewership of 30 million, mainly in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta. It has an average rating of 12 per cent, compared with Television Broadcasts' 30 per cent and Asia Television's 10 per cent. But Guangzhou TV programming director Wang Jianzhong claims the biggest threat comes from News Corp's Xingkong Weishi [Chinese-language entertainment TV channel]. Xingkong Weishi, along with Chinese Entertainment Television, Phoenix Satellite Television and Viacom's MTV, are the only four overseas broadcasters that have landing rights in Guangdong. Guangzhou TV hopes diversified programming could attract a greater audience and advertisers.

Additionally our red blood cells contain hemoglobin which is a protein built on a core of four iron atoms, that have functions related to the state of the iron core and magnetism of the earth. Hemoglobin in the blood carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body where it releases the oxygen to burn nutrients. This provides energy to power the functions of our body in the process called energy metabolism. This is significant because the change made to our blood is directly related to how energy is evolving to be metabolized in our body and consciousness. This will be increasingly apparent as we pay attention to these signs changing energy consumption and use of energy resources on the planet. Return to the rightful owner also means the shift of energy metabolism changing inside the microcosm of our body to reflect upon the macrocosm of the earth. This is an important stage of ending the Controllers consumptive modeling to reach the balance of conservation principles in order to find inner sustainability, thus energetic balance in these systems. A major component of this shift is within the mystery of the higher functions of the mitochondrion.


Livechat tonight 8/30pm Sydney time onwards tonight. Satfacts reports CNN will encrypt their Pas 8 signal in February, this will leave just the Palapa C2 CNN signal fta. Maybe we will just have to watch Channel News Asia instead?

The signals are then received by cable operators who have to 'trans-modulate' them and then distribute it among their subscribers. The subscribers can then receive the channels through a digital set-top box.


The main biological function of a nitrogenous base in DNA is to bond nucleic acids together. Adenine is always paired with thymine, and guanine is always paired with cytosine.

EVEN as Malaysia braces for its first citizen to don a spacesuit, does the country really have what it takes to develop and sustain a genuine space industry? HIMANSHU BHATT looks into the dilemmas and ideas.


Foxtel also promised to give aspiring pay TV players access to its network to broadcast competing services - for a minimum $1/25 million cost per channel. Some industry insiders have described it as "Clayton's access", arguing that Foxtel has set the price so high so as to deter any potential competition.

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MUMBAI: STAR has acquired the rights for distributing the ‘History Channel’ in India. Senior STAR sources said the channel is expected to launch in the sub-continent in November. Along with National Geographic, the History Channel is expected to bolster the STAR bouquet’s educational content.


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The tone of his relationship with the ABC was set shortly after the Howard Government was elected in 1996. In the first Coalition budget, Senator Alston presided over ABC funding cuts of $55 million a year.

Mr Maharey and his `jack of all trades, master of none' Government must knock this idea on the head. They should address the real issues of concern to New Zealand taxpayers," Miss Coddington said.


TEN Sports has secured carriage on E-Vision, a United Arab Emirates-based digital cable TV platform. The new channel will be available as part of E-Vision's e-Pehla Silver & Gold and e-Firstnet Sport & Gold packages.

You likely don't know they are there, but these digital keys are exchanged and verified behind the scenes in fractions of a second, the time it takes to open a Web site. Usually, the only visible representation showing this is going on is a green URL bar or padlock symbol at the top of the browser when you use "https" (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), indicating that the communication is taking advantage of the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) cryptographic protocol. Most Internet users take it for granted that when they click on a URL they are going to the site they intend to visit, but underlying that action is a complex infrastructure for assigning the digital equivalent of identity papers to companies, government agencies and organizations running Web sites that require a high level of trust. Without this assurance, people couldn't trust that the site they are visiting that advertises itself as their bank is really their bank.


Does anyone know anything about Australian Greek newspapers mentioning a Greek channel being FTA? I notice Tarb's Thaicom 3 mux has encrypted again except for BVN and ERT Sat. Could this mean Ert Sat staying FTA?

This decision was made for a number of reasons. The new MCRYPT service has the advantage of being more ‘secure’, and will also decrease the incidence of signal piracy.


Other peoplemeter data showed that 51 per cent of all cable individuals watched SportsCenter Asia. The number jumped to 54 per cent among professionals, managers, executives and businessmen - way ahead of the competing sports news programmes on other news channels.

A key clause in that agreement prevented the Murdochs substantially increasing or decreasing their 29 per cent voting stake in News without making the same offer to minority shareholders. However, that clause became invalid on the first day News traded as a US corporate entity last week when Malone emerged with control of 17 per cent of the stock.


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Because most Indian TV sets are outdated, and limited to receiving eight channels, control over cable networks can be decisive. Having already laid off hundreds of his DTH staff, Mr Murdoch recently took a 26 per cent stake in the main Mumbai cable operator, Hathaway Cable.

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At the XXVII Olympiad, hosted by Sydney Australia, Telstra’s Millennium NetworkTM allowed the world’s media to deliver the Games to an estimated daily global audience of up to 4 billion. This was the most extensive peacetime telecommunications project in the world and the first time in the history of the Olympic Games that a single provider had designed, installed and maintained the entire network. Linking into Telstra’s national and international networks, the infrastructure used to convey the 2000 Games to the world utilised enough optical fibre to circle the planet 37 times.


This line-up failed to attract audiences in major Asian centres, and all are being phased out of the schedule. Up-to-the-minute drama such as the new season of MDA, Crash Burn and RPA will replace the re-runs.

Under the channel's scanner will be everything from traffic information to sales to the latest prices of household goods including commodities, vegetables and the rest with a comparison of what is selling at what price in which market across Mumbai. Sahara Samay Mumbai will feature shows that will deal with issues at a micro-level and pick up issues, identify problems and provide actual solutions on TV, says a company release.


Many studies suggest that the rate at which new information is created is accelerating. Not only are we being deluged with information, it can now be shared with anyone, anywhere in a heartbeat. Digital networking, computers and the global phenomenon called the Internet are major contributing factors behind today's digital information epidemic.

In 1996, the Measat 1 and Measat 2 satellites were launched, followed by TiungSat 1 in 2000. The country now aims to launch Measat 3 and RazakSat next year.


Eighteen months after launch, ground controllers found they couldn't untuck Galileo's umbrella-like, high-gain antenna. Without the 16-foot dish, designed to transmit pictures and data to Earth at high speed, engineers were forced to rely on a smaller and slower antenna.

DC police department hit by apparent extortion attack

On Monday, The Australian's editor, Michael Stutchbury, showed Media examples of wire service photos which he had decided were too gruesome to print in the paper. In one, a tangled pile of blackened bodies lies amid the ruins of a building. In another, a single leg protrudes brokenly from rubble. A third shows one body, so badly burned it is unidentifiable as black or white, male or female. Most shocking of all are the photos in which the charred faces would be identifiable by someone who knew them.


The federal RICO case is by far the most ambitious legal counterattack DirecTV has faced, though it is similar to a lawsuit Wilens filed last year in Los Angeles, on behalf of some of the same clients, including Sosa. A county judge dismissed that case last April under a California law aimed at discouraging lawsuits that stifle constitutionally-protected activities. The judge ruled that DirecTV's letters were sent in connection with litigation, and were therefore privileged.

The "high tech" image that Hollywood and the television industry have thrived upon is fading. Like the printing press was the enabling technology to bring literacy to the "peasants," ones, zeros and the computer technologies that use them are the enabling technology for the digital reformation we are experiencing today.


Ichigo's body almost collapsed from the release of tension. Dad held him up and guided him to a chair.

The HITS programme involves the setting up of a back office company that downloads all channels in a single location. These channels are then encrypted and beamed up to a satellite. The satellite then acts as the headend - the location of CAS - and the subscriber management system, which keeps track of the billings and other related information.


The interference has also severely damaged the reputation of the Company. AsiaSat condemns such behaviour and reserves the right to take the appropriate action under the Law.

After delays due to ISRO's 'desire to perform additional final checks on its satellite', according to the agency, the launch campaign resumed 17 September at Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. As part of the renewed activity, the European Space Agency's SMART-1 lunar exploration spacecraft was installed atop its Ariane 5 inside the final assembly building.


The satellite, weighing 2,775 kg, is the fourth in the INSAT 3 series. It will replace INSAT 2DT as well as augment India's transponder capacity.

Each of these nucleic acids is connected to the elemental substance of the planet as Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. When we pollute these four elements on the earth, we pollute the corresponding nucleic acid in our DNA.


The Fox Family purchase is being forced as News Corp is trying to raise cash to buy Hughes Electronics Corp, owner the DirecTV satellite TV service. Buying Mr Saban's stake might leave News Corp without enough cash to buy DirecTV.

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Renji tried not to look at the young captain. He wouldn't be able to hide his curiosity about what exactly the guy's relationship with the time-traveler was.


Under present rules framed by the Federal Government, networks must not only begin digital broadcasting but must keep transmitting the present analog signal until 2008. Then, assuming almost all Australians have moved over to digital technology and the country is adequately covered by broadcasters, the analog system will be shut down.

It has replaced TRT Int which was also testing here. BVN is down at the moment and ErtSat is now replaced by a view out the window at Globecast HQ?


In this Australian venture, WorldAudio has signed a memorandum of understanding with AsiaSpace Limited (WorldSpace-Asia) to begin the trial, which is the first in Australia to use a satellite based distribution platform for commercial free-to-air digital radio broadcasting. It will commence in January 2005.

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The last satellite providing this type of service ceased operating in August this year, creating a vacuum. Hamsat will be fully-functional by November. The satellite will provide low-cost, readily accessible, reliable means of communication during emergencies and calamities like floods and earthquakes. It will help create technical interest and awareness among the youth by providing them with an opportunity to develop their technical projects, including offering them a platform for testing new technology.


Sridhara Murthi, Executive Director, Antrix Corporation, ISRO's commercial wing, said revenue for the last financial year was Rs. 108 crores and the projected revenue for this year was Rs. 200 crores. The money had come from strong "servicing remote sensing data'' and from television, VSAT, and communications satellite business, Mr. Murthy said.

The Proton launch services contract was signed with Lockheed-Khrunichev-Energia International and Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services, the contracting affiliates within ILS for commercial Proton and Atlas launches. ILS is a joint venture formed in 1995.


If MTS transmits on those channels there will be howls of indignation from subscribers. Sky faces a bill of about $11 million costs for sending technicians out to retune subscribers' sets.

Many of us are at different stages of the ascension process, yet at every level with a sincere heart and conscious participation we can access exactly what we require. The first suggestion is to meditate upon the 12 Tree Grid with intention to move through each personal sphere knowing this is one's direct connection to each of the Stargates of the earth and aspects of identity.


If Prasar Bharati's assertions are to be taken on its face value, then DD Direct Plus has notched up more subscribers in about 75 days than what Dish TV has managed to do since its launch in October 2003. Dish TV's claimed present subscriber base is approximately 160,000.

Downey said he had not spoken to any of Sky's institutional holders directly. But he said Sky's newly appointed financial advisers UBS had, and that led to the announcement earlier this month that his and fellow independent Sky director John Hart's initial view was that INL's offer was too low.


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Sky's encryption system provider and the short-listed TVNZ-Telstra Saturn system providers are signatories to what is known as the DVB simulcrypt protocol. This means that it is possible to broadcast two streams in simultaneous encryption under different systems to be received freely by enabled set-top boxes.

Local uplink will reportedly result in a cost saving of Rs 10 million a year for SABTNL. But even more significant for SAB than the operational cost savings is the new government policy that allows non-exporting companies (local advertisers) to advertise on satellite channels as well. These local advertisers will improve commercial time utilisation rate and spot rates; they are also expected to drive advertisement revenues in the future. With the local market opening up, all broadcasters are aggressively wooing local advertisers.


Symantec, for instance, uses 14 global data centers to issue digital certificates to browsers. They handle and verify 4/5 billion online lookups a day. Meijer opened the doors recently to one of its four main data centers that handle its Public Key Infrastructure, which Symantec boasts has military-grade technology based on Department of Defense standards for storing classified material. As expected, the front door is locked, guarded (https://dybdoska.ru/content/uploads/files/download/unscramble-video-guard-keys-s.zip) by one of the ubiquitous cameras and requiring a PIN to enter. Benign-looking bush planters serve as a barricade to block cars from driving up into the site.

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Re the Humax IRCI 5400, this is a receiver designed specially for the european market (pal). They were primarily imported into Aust for the Aurora package. It's a far better receiver than the UEC!


These descramblers require valid subscriptions from the satellite television broadcasters

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) is working closely with MPEG to develop metadata standards and a registry for the metadata. These standards will soon allow for the capture of metadata along with audio and video information on both tape based and server-based digital media storage systems. Meanwhile, companies such as Virage are bringing digital media asset management tools to market to deal with the task of managing assets in a networked environment.

FOXTEL is owned by Telstra Corporation Ltd (50%), the News Corporation Ltd (25%), and Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd (25%). FOXTEL launched its new digital cable and satellite service in March 2004.


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John Porter and his crew have ambitious plans to roll out a broadband internet service over the microwave spectrum Austar just acquired from Mike Boulos's Television and Radio Broadcasting Services. In doing so, Austar will be taking on the broadband cable services owned by Telstra and Optus.

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As reported earlier on indiantelevision.com, also on the anvil is coverage of traditional Indian sports like kabbadi, kho-kho, wrestling and bullock cart racing. The competition will begin at the village level and then go right upto the state level with the main event being held in Mumbai.


Sun TV estimates ownership of some 10,000 hours of programming in the next five years. It now has about 4,500 hours of TV footage, 3,000 of which were acquired from China. About 40 per cent of its targeted programming will be self-produced shows. The company estimates a yearly production cost of HK$ 60 million.

The spokesman said Foxtel had said several times if it were successful in its bid for AFL rights, it would on-sell the games to Optus Television and Austar. He said he was confident Foxtel would honor those statements if Channel Seven's pay TV arm C7 lost broadcasting rights.


The first weekend in July began another evolution cycle of the Mother's frequency encoding instruction sets into the planetary magnetic field supported from the plasmic architecture of the Krystal Kaleidoscope. These magnetic properties, along with plasma conductive gases, are thrusting up from the earth core into volcanic pipes and volcanic arc chains and their many islands on our planet.

For the 800 scientists and engineers who worked on the project from conception to crash, it's a bittersweet Sunday. Many have gathered in Pasadena, Calif, home of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, to watch the spacecraft's final moments.


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Wired Country is also using all of the government-funded Project Probe money allocated to it to expand its network, Simmonds says. The government requires providers to keep the their share of the $30 million of Probe funding secret, so Wired Country can't reveal how much it will use for the expansion.

The way I see it there is every possibility that Sahara Samay Mumbai might just have as much appeal in the rest of the country as it definitely will in the Mumbai, Maharashtra and Gujarat region itself. The logic for the channel is very simple. This is because not only Mumbai but the entire country, and indeed the entire Indian diaspora in the rest of the world has this great fascination for everything and anything to do with Mumbai's rich and famous, with Bollywood, with Mumbai's fashion world, its dance bars, discos, night clubs, beach parties and the like," says Bajaj.


In respect of new customers, Optus is now unable to obtain any more V1 smart cards to supply distributors. Therefore new customers will need to obtain a new MCRYPT card in order to access Aurora services. These can be obtained from the normal distribution channels.

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The PPT card enables customers to view pay-per-view films, events or any other program and pay for it according to the actual amount of time consumed in terms of hours and minutes. This smart card benefits subscribers who want to purchase content on an ad hoc basis, manage their costs and have the freedom to view particular content with anonymity. It also benefits subscribers who do not want the responsibility of being tied to a Pay-TV contract with a particular operator.


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The satellite will orbit at distance of 20,000 kilometers and can theoretically remain in space forever. Information in the form of drawings or script can be placed on special aluminum sheets with an area of 12cm x 26cm.

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Walt Disney Television International is gearing up for the launch of Disney Channel Japan. In the run up to the channel launch in November, Disney has concluded a deal with local cable and broadband operator, Jupiter Telecommunications (J-COM). Disney Channel Japan will join J-COM Broadband's basic line-up and will broadcast a mixture of movies, animated and live action series, along with original programming produced at Disney's soon-to-close studio. Owned by Liberty Media, Microsoft and various local companies, J-COM Broadband currently reaches into 6 million Japanese households. Satellite platform Sky Perfect has already signed up to carry Disney Channel Japan. This latest launch will take the number of Disney channels on air worldwide to a total of 63.


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The Fiji government has invited tenders for the new three year Public Service Broadcast contract currently held by Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Limited (FBC), Radio Australia has reported. FBC’s current contract is due to expire in December this year and the Fiji government has called for tenders for a new term to begin on January 1 next year. The potential suppliers are expected to demonstrate a high standard of professional broadcasting and the ability to provide national coverage reaching the entire population. The ministry also says that the successful contractor will have to provide national development and leadership programmes and also focus on cultural heritage, reconciliation, social and community obligations and emergency services.

United Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), Thailand's largest pay television operator, has awarded Leitch a multi-million contract to convert its conventional tape facility into a completely digital production and transmission operation. UBC is the first major broadcaster in Southeast Asia to adopt a total tape less solution for its production and operations.


According to Shah, the initial business plan envisages an investment layout of Rs 300 million for the satellite-based yet-to-be-christened digital Gujarati news channel, which would be beamed through an Insat satellite. He added that necessary permissions have been sought from the Indian government.

The Pioneer I also can be launched from a mobile pad, the spokesman said. Regardless of whether launch vehicles are used for commercial or military purposes, experts said China’s capability in producing launch vehicles was posing competition for other space powers, such as the United States.


Dad continued to ask him an entire battery of questions as if he was a patient at the clinic. It gradually calmed and stabilized Ichigo.

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Newspapers too are forecast to lose share as other media, such as outdoor sites and the internet, grab relatively larger slices of the advertising cake. Online advertising is forecast to outstrip radio as the fourth-largest medium by the end of this year after showing annual growth of 26pc.


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Chatroom was very quiet last night. I guess not a lot to talk about lately. I asked RRSAT if they will be broadcasting the next episode of DRDISH via C1 or B1 and they said no. So unless you can get Thaicom 3 Cband you are out of luck.

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It took perhaps 12 or 13 years in the United States for color to get to 40 per cent to 50 per cent of homes. In other words, its going to be a slow uphill battle.


This next stage of the planetary restoration cycle is the continuance from late December 2021. The Mother's Cosmic Aether is returning to inspirit throughout the kingdoms of elemental matter. From deep inside the earth core moving up into the crust, collecting pieces on its pathway by returning them into reconstituted substances that may evolve into forms of wholeness or rehabilitation. These pieces encompass many levels of the earthly elemental kingdoms; microorganism, insect, mineral, plant, animal, all creatures which are a collective part of the planetary consciousness. Thus, we have begun another deeper phase of the Ascension cycle with the Sophianic Body Correction.

The other hurdle DSL faces is one of geography. While Telecom claims up to 85 per cent of the population can access its Jetstream DSL products, many users' homes are based far from Telecom's telephone exchanges, which reduces the speed and reliability at which data can be transmitted.


Orihime bit her lip and looked at Ichigo. He smiled weakly and waved her off. They probably wanted her to look at Madoka. Orihime nodded and slipped out the door.

Indonesia's state-owned telecommunications company, PT Telkomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (TELKOM) (NYSE: TLK; LSE: TKID; JSK: TLKM), has signed a contract with Orbital to manufacture one GEO communications satellite. The satellite, based on the company's state-of-the-art STAR-2 platform, will carry 24 C-band transponders and will be designed for a 15-year in-orbit life. The contract calls for a satellite delivery schedule that supports a planned launch in late 2004.


Both networks will be carried on Skylife, the country''s first direct-to- home satellite TV service. Skylife will air the MGM networks 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in Korean.

Homura had to live with it every day. So Ichigo really had no right to complain.


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The CAS regime offers less mobility because the set-top box supplied by an operator in one locality may not necessarily work in another. On the other hand, DTH services are expected to be more expensive.

Malaysian broadcast-to-events group Media Prima is negotiating to buy terrestrial broadcaster Channel 8, formerly known as Metrovision. Media Prima already owns commercial broadcaster Sistem Televisyen Malaysia, and has applied for a radio license.


Madoka was sitting on Homura's other side and her reiatsu started to. do something. Sitting so close to the two girls let him distinctly feel a subtle push and pull of reiatsu between them— like standing neck-deep in the sea and feeling water currents tug in and out in rhythm. The two girls kept leaning slightly toward each other, then slightly away from each other on some unknown cue. He had never seen anything like it. The closest thing he could think of was when Karin and Yuzu did one of their intuitive twin things, but that was never so. synchronous.

Sophianic Body of Mother

Sunday, no update actually I am going to take a break from the site, the next update will be Saturday. Chatnight on Tuesday will happen as usual. Hope you guys appreciate the amount of time it takes to update 6 days a week, I need a little break while things are quiet.


New Delhi, September 19: The Asia Cup hockey tournament from September 21-28 at Kuala Lumpur will be shown live on Doordarshan. The deal was clinched by DD officials today after several round of negotiations. Interestingly, Doordarshan has the rights for showing live all the matches for the tournament - there were apprehenisons earlier that only India’s matches would be shown.

The release adds that ESS programming has continued to rank top among cable channels in Singapore. Peoplemeter data showed a single English Premier League match on ESPN and Star Sports rating up to 10 times more than the best programme on other cable channels. It also reaches 167 per cent more viewers than all the cable news channels put together.


I posted on the site the other day that Hamara TV would be on Globecasts Adhoc service this is incorrect. I have had an email from Nikki at Hamara TV and she said all info about the service is on their website! Not good because anyone who has been there will see it doesn't even say which satellite its on or the settings for it. Do they want people to watch it or not?

As a consequence of the industrial revolution and the introduction of the military complex through Negative Alien contact, the global nitrogen cycle has been significantly altered over the past century. Although nitrogen is necessary for all known forms of life on Earth, the fossil fuel wars are intentionally enforced by the NAA to pollute the earth and damage the DNA. Nitrogen is a component in all amino acids, is incorporated into proteins and is present in the bases that make up nucleic acids in RNA and DNA. However, due to the fossil fuel wars forcing the use of combustion engines, the creation of chemical fertilizers, and the pollution emitted by vehicles and industrial plants, human beings have contributed to the severe toxicity transfer of nitrogen into biologically available formats. Nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, methane and ammonia all contribute to the soup of greenhouse gas that poisons the earth, drinking water and oceans. These pollutants also damage and mutate DNA.


I have just installed a Sat to receive Internet data via Ihug / PAS8. I am using a Telemann Skymedia 200D card which does not have on board support for MPEG or any other TV.

The channel will provide quality entertainment that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It features a wide array of animation series, sitcoms, dramas, and live action features including a favourite of New Zealand audiences, The Wonderful World of Disney.


One possible scenario would see viewers of a football match being able to go to a menu and receive extra information such as player statistics. They would also be able to change the camera angle.

MPSC provides the Asia Pacific region with direct-to-home broadcast services through Ku-band, allowing high quality transmission even in remote areas of the region. It also provide back-up systems for Asian nations' telephony network.


Zee's distribution subsidiary Siticable is marketing HITS under the brand name Galaxzee. The programme ran into trouble after Star and ESPN-Star Sports refused to join the distribution platform. The prime concern of most broadcasters over the HITS platform is related to security aspects. They fear that if their signals end up being beamed in places where they were not allowed to, they would be in the dock for piracy.

Jon Romm of Intelsat says, "This alliance presents customers with the best of both worlds - the knowledge and expertise of a broadcaster combined with the reliable and flexible network assets of a global provider - in one simple end-to-end solution. Intelsat is very committed to adding value to service offerings so that customers are deriving benefits by using our Network.


I recently became a big footy fan and my friend once told me he had sky sports (which is broadcasted on the Astra satellite but has videoguard on it) and he was watching sky sports on satellite tv not sky. He says he hasn't got sky but just has satellite and can watch sky sports. I told him how is this possible and he said that the man who installed it for him (apparenlty an irani man) said that whatever channels don't work, that he will give them a code and they just entre it in and they can watch the channel. My friend saw that SKy Sports is availabel and he asked the man for the code and it all worked.

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A feasibility study of the MCOT TV project is expected to be completed around the first quarter next year. It would be set up as a separate company, allowing strategic partners of the two companies to join in the investment, the paper said.


All DNA and RNA function upon the gender principle of base pairs that hydrogen bond together. Base pairs must bond in the sequence, which allows DNA and RNA to communicate (as per the original design of our 12 Strand DNA, the Diamond Sun Body). As well as allow the RNA to produce functioning proteins that continue to build the rungs that synthesize and correct the double helix of DNA. Human DNA has been tampered with through mutation of the base pairs and reverse bonding of the pairs or inserting editing sequences, through engineered organisms such as virus. This base pair tampering relates to the gender splitting technology of the NRG, which impacts all male and female language and their relationships. DNA copies are created by the pairing of nucleic acid sub-units to the male-female base pairs present on each strand of the original DNA molecule. This pairing always occurs in specific combinations. The reverse base pairing of DNA, as well as many levels of genetic modification and genetic control, contribute to the suppression of DNA synthesis. This is the intentional suppression of DNA activation of the 12 strand original design, the Silicate Matrix, which is assembled and built by proteins. This genetic suppression has been aggressive since the Atlantian cataclysm.

Loral Skynet and Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer of the satellite, are working to determine the cause of the problem and to restore service on the satellite, if possible. The satellite is insured for $141 million.


Thanks to those that turned up in the chat seems the chatroom dosnt fill up untill around 10pm Sydney time with it being summer. Since the MOSC chatroom dosnt want to shift off Monday nights, I thought maybe next year we can try Sunday Nights and Wednesdays? Although i don't know if its practical some people don't like to stay up as late on Sunday nights with work the next day. Comments and your thoughts to my email address.

All television networks will broadcasting digital versions of their programs, but they will be received only by the broadcasters and a handful of others. Nobody else has a suitable receiver or set-top box converter for their TV. Nor will they be able to buy one.


After selling TCI to AT&T for a top-of-the-market price of $US46 billion in 1999, Malone has spent large chunks of the summer at his US east coast holiday home. Since that deal, the share price of Liberty Media, his investment company, has languished. The holder of a doctorate in mathematical modelling has occasionally blamed investors for failing to understand his complex empire, with investments in channels such as QVC and Discovery as well as telecommunications groups.

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The licensee has to pay an annual fee equivalent to 10 per cent of its gross revenue as reflected in the audited accounts in the company for that particular financial year. The license will be valid for 10 years from the date of issue.


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Its launch comes just about a year after news of such a channel first surfaced in December 1999. The new general entertainment Kannada channel faces a stiff test from the well settled Udaya of Sun TV, as also the comparatively more recent Ushe and Suprabhat. Udaya at present hogs a whopping 70% share of the Rs850 million worth of ad spending in Karnataka.

India's cable operators are set to encounter increased competition when Essel Group's ASC Enterprises begins test runs of digital DTH satellite services in October. The company's Dish TV service, the first to be granted a DTH license by the government, will focus on rural areas not served by cable operators. An entry level set-top box will cost consumers Rs5,000 ($109), with a high end model priced at Rs12,000, while a basic subscription will cost Rs150 a month for 40-60 channels. Essel Group says it will have 200 channels available eventually, with premium packages costing Rs500 a month.


This is why moving to future digital opportunities is a survival strategy. TVNZ's launch of its nzoom.com portal represents one small way in which it is attempting to mitigate the risks of the fragmenting media world.

To satisfy India's foreign ownership regulations, Rupert Murdoch's Star Group has joined forces with a local publishing house, ABP Group, to broadcast its 24-hour Hindi news channel, Star News. Star News India was recently threatened with closure by the Indian authorities, following new rules requiring it to be majority-owned by a local company and have editorial control in Indian hands. To comply with both conditions, the new joint-venture, called Media Content & Communications Services India will now own and operate Star News India. Under the alliance, ABP will take a 74% stake in the augmented paid-up equity share capital of MCCS. Star will take a 26% stake, the maximum foreign ownership allowed under Indian law. With the foreign ownership regulations and editorial conditions satisfied, MCCS will now file a revised application with the Indian government to be able to uplink the news channel from Indian soil.


Zee Telefilms' 24-hour fashion and style channel, Trendz, has announced that it would showcase the biggest fashion events from the fashion capitals of the world - London, Paris, Milan and New York - this October. The channel has established tie-ups to telecast various prominent international fashion weeks on their programme Fashion Premiere, which airs at 10:30 pm through the week. Fashion Premierewill include the New York Fashion Week's spring/summer 2004 ready-to-wear show, London Fashion Week's spring/summer 2004, Milan Fashion Week's Moda Donna spring/summer collection 2004 and Paris Fashion Week's ready-to-wear collection.

Motion Picture Association of America President Jack Valenti plays the Pope. There is even a guild system (the Directors Guild, Writers Guild, and Screen Actors Guild, for example).


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There are two different types of satellite television signals that you are able to receive and view: free-to-air (FTA), and premium services. Free-to-air satellite broadcasts are channels that can be received by anybody with an active satellite connection, legitimate receiver, and inside the local broadcast region. A descrambler is used to receive finest transmissions, such as pay-per-view or best channels like HBO.

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The international experience is encouraging. UK pay TV group British Sky Broadcasting has almost doubled subscriber numbers to 6/8 million in the four years since digital TV, needed for interactive services, was introduced.


CCTV-12 was the first CCTV channel to separate programme production from broadcasting, buying its programming from 12 television stations in western provinces. It was also the first CCTV subsidiary to operate as a fully commercial enterprise.

Think you got your dumb ass caught in the crossfire. Dumbass, the Hollow said scathingly. Mocking applause echoed in Ichigo's head, followed by, Get out.


Ichigo thought tired was not the word Homura truly meant. It was something deeper than that, an intense grief that deadened her eyes.

SKY has 360,000 households subscribing to their basic digital service. This equates to over 800,000 potential viewers. These people don't have to do anything more than select Shine TV on their remote. They don't have to buy and install dishes and they have another option added to their existing service without further cost. SKY subscriptions are consistently increasing. This tells us that SKY is the preferred option for an increasing number of TV viewers.


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Indonesia's PT Bimantara Citra will acquire a majority stake in television broadcaster PT Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia, or TPI, as part of its efforts to boost its media business, its President Hary Tanoesoedibyo said on September 2. Hary told reporters talks with TPI started early this year, but he couldn't say when they will be completed. He declined to disclose the exact size of the TPI stake Bimantara is seeking, or the value of the planned acquisition in TPI, which is estimated to have a 17% share of TV audiences in the country. Bimantara will acquire the stake either through its media unit PT Media Nusantara Citra, or through its television flagship PT Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia. The group also owns a quarter of 24-hour news channel Metro TV.

Seems quiet today not much news around but plenty of emails from readers which is good. One thing I must comment on the Picture quality of Star Plus is very good considering the very low 1/99 Mbits its using! I also note they have the audio set at 256kbit.


We have finalised on what programmes to bring into the country. But we are still working out on the channels we would target for telecasting these shows,” said Cutting Edge Media managing director Rohinton Maloo.

The inner mitochondrial membrane is sorted into numerous cristae, which expand the surface area of the inner mitochondrial membrane, enhancing its ability to produce ATP. It is this area of the Mitochondrion, once functioning properly, that increases the ATP energy and generates light into the cells and tissues of the body. The cristae higher function in the mitochondrion is being activated in the ascending groups beginning in this cycle. Synchronically, the name "cristae" has been given through scientific discovery when its direct implication is related to the activation of the crystal gene.


Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer yesterday warned the country's nationals of the danger of terrorist attacks in Indonesia following the Oct 12 bomb attacks that killed at least 184 people. The government has urged all Australians without essential business to leave the country.

Apstar 5 will launch to 138E with Zenit/Sea Launch: November. This one will have Cband coverage to Australia and NZ. From the look of the footprints Cband to NZ 32/5dBW and higher than that in Aus.


Those are quite valid arguments. However, if information that comes through satellites hardly differs from what the Internet offers, then why continue with the ban on the dishes? After all, information is information, no matter from where it comes.

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The PPT smart card has been developed in addition to the stand alone subscription-based business model often associated with conditional access providers and Pay TV operators. Existing operators can use the PPT card to run special promotions and give customers a taste of the type of content that they can receive, therefore this card could also be ideal for a start up operation where there is not a large number of STBs deployed. The same PPT card can then be converted to a traditional subscription-based model if the subscribers like the content they've seen.


TVNZ's Sam Fairhall will administer the day-to-day operation of the business. Strategic direction will be developed further by Sam Fairhall and by Jon Romm.

A successful launch of INSAT 3E — after successive delays, the last due to a component alert — is important not in the least because its transponders will take on the traffic now being handled by 23 transponders on INSAT 2DT which is nearing the end of its life. The transfer of traffic from 2DT to 3E is expected to start in the first week of December.


Each token has a password to unlock it to gain access to the root keys (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=3911) it stores. Root keys are the master public keys for certificate authorities and companies like banks that may serve as their own certificate authorities. They are kept offline in a safe, while corporate and other clients keep their respective versions of the root keys.

CHENNAI: Splash, the Indian kids channel promoted by Intelivision, has been on air since October 2001, in a market dominated by Cartoon Network. With Intelivision unable to match investments in marketing and also content, the Indian channel failed to make a splash in kids segment so far.


The Fox Family Channel lags in the audience ratings behind Walt Disney Co's Disney Channel, Viacom Inc's Nickelodeon and Time Warner Inc's Cartoon Network. Considering its ratings, Fox Family might not be worth the $US2 billion that the Journal reported that Mr Saban wants.

News has provided witness statements from its general counsel Ian Philip and chief operating officer Peter Macourt. Foxtel chief executive Kim Williams has provided a statement and will appear, as will broadcast consultant Ian Frykberg. Former Foxtel chief Tom Mockridge, who now runs the News Corporation unit Sky Italia, has also prepared a witness statement.


Their deals and negotiations over the past 15 years have ranged from a mooted bid for CNN in 1995 to the acquisition of US satellite group DirecTV. Auletta believes Murdoch's response was a combination of disappointment "that this man he thought was his friend could act so independently without even consulting him" and anger at himself.