Europa Engine projects are independently developed games using Paradox Interactive's proprietary Europa Engine, giving small development teams access to one of the best and most powerful Strategy game engines in the industry. The Europa Engine powered such internally developed titles as Europa Universalis, Europa Universalis II, Victoria II, Hearts of Iron and Hearts of Iron II, with the first independently developed external projects being For The Glory and Arsenal of Democracy. Forthcoming Europa Engine projects include Iron Cross and Darkest Hour.

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The AI does not seem to comprehend the value of turning its piles of divisions into proper units, leading to stacks of a hundred small units (frequently hodgepodged from expeditionary forces around the world) with atrocious organizational value that will get steamrolled by a player organized army with laughable ease. However, in case of countries like Nationalist China, Italy or Manchukuo this is intentional - and when player is controlling them, first few minutes are spend on re-arranging existing army into something useful out of the historical mess.


This mapmode provides a quick means of checking resource locations and industrial capacity. Provinces belonging to your nation are colour-coded in light green if they contain at least one factory, or in dark green if they belong to you but do not contribute at all to your nation’s industrial capacity. Any province that has some type of natural resource or manpower value will contain the appropriate icon to indicate its presence. You can also find this information in the Territorial Information summary in the Statistics folder.

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Nationalist China has this going for them from the start. Rare materials, industrial capacity and tech are lacking from the start, and China's general region is divided into many warlords and some opposing factions, with Japan is peeking at them from a distance and Communist China threatening to backstab them. Should they survive the first couple of years and push back against the factions and especially Communist China, as well as building up a strong enough army to deal out serious blows against both, China becomes a solid major power capable of world conquest. And if China becomes democratic, it can become one of the most powerful members of the Allies after the Chinese Civil War is finished.


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Similarly, naval bases are needed to act as home ports for your fleets. Ships are assigned to them and must return periodically to conduct minor - or not so minor - repairs. Any number of ships may use the same naval base, although a base’s size determines how rapidly it can repair those vessels, and its location will affect what seas your navies will be able to patrol. Existing naval bases can be enlarged with certain restrictions, and new ones can be built. There are also many provincial ports that your fleets may use as temporary moorings; however, those harbours lack the facilities to carry out any repairs or offer supply to your vessels.

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Spies and associated intelligence technologies also provide vital information about the other nations around the globe that would otherwise remain hidden. In order to evaluate the chances of launching a successful campaign against an enemy, you should consider it essential to first determine the capabilities of its military, technology and industry. Similarly, you should devote some resources to ferreting out your enemies’ spies to prevent any similar activities within your own nation. Success or failure could easily tip the scales in any subsequent conventional conflict.


Click on a blank team slot to display a list of the teams in your nation’s pool. Some of these may be headed by individuals, while others will be identified as companies, though there are no benefits or penalties to selecting one over the other. Each team will have a skill level and will have at least one area of expertise. The skill level is an indication of the team’s overall proficiency and will affect both the daily cost of funding the team and the overall rate at which it will be able to research a new project.

Patch 1.03 Beta - HoI2 - Iron Cross

BlackICE, a "historical immersion mod". Unlike countless other mods from this lists, its main selling point is trying to recreate as much of history and historical background as only possible, while throwing it into mix of already expanded gameplay rules and unit and technology rework. Oh, and being developed for HoI3, utilising fully its infamously layered gameplay mechanics to the fullest, so combined arms, proper division structure, logistics, production efficiency, weather, air coverage and radio range are going to haunt you if you don't take them all seriously enough. A HoI4 version exists, but it's nowhere near as polished as the one for 3, especially considering how the base game is still in active development, while 3's wrapped years ago.


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There is also the issue of transport capacity to consider. This reflects the infrastructure such as roads, railways and such that are in place to move large volumes of materials and men in a reasonable period of time.

The new tech tree is a welcome addition. It adds a nice amount of strategy as you can't research everything. Some of the new techs are a bit weird (like the economic policies), but it's a solid addition. It's needs some refinement though.


Although the Intelligence folder is the next tab on the top bar, we will discuss this a little later in the manual (after the Diplomacy section) since the concepts and functions of both are interconnected. Instead, let’s move on the Technology folder.

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If you wish to order multiple units, you may adjust the serial or parallel production run values (area 5 - which we’ll discuss in a moment). Once you’ve confirmed your order, the Production Queue will be updated to reflect this.


Difficult, but Awesome: Just like in real life, paratroopers. If used incorrectly or you don't relieve them in time, a poorly executed para-drop can cost you tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of casualites. But with proper use and a little bit of luck, you can instantly capitulate enemy countries with a single drop. In IV, by far the easiest way to capitulate the Allies before 1939 as Germany is to para-drop Britain and France before their militaries are ready for war.

A perfect example of what Paradox is becoming famous for. Release a broken product and rely on the community to try to fix it for you.


Once you have selected a country and changed whatever options you wish, click the Start button to begin the game. This button will remain greyed out until you have selected a country.

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Land Fortifications: This is a defensive structure that helps land forces repel enemy attacks that are launched from adjacent provinces. Its size determines how effective a defence it is, but the fortifications must be manned by land divisions and will not assist forces against sea invasions or paratrooper attacks.


India also uses it when they used the No. 1 Mk III* in real life. New Zealand has the No. 4 Mk I unlocked for their 1936 service rifle, yet historically they only replaced the No. 1 Mk III* in 1945. Especially odd is that their infantry sprites are correctly modeled to use the No. 1 Mk III*.

of Iron II: Armageddon

I still remember the hype for Federations DLC, how it going to overhaul diplomacy and check it out now you can build "real" federations and galactic community and blablabla. In the end what it did is that it added one useless ship type and two windows for you to click on every hour or so to pretend that you are doing "politics". Basically it was a whole lot of hype to add precisely fuckall to the game, that is when it was not actively detracting from it.


There is one tiny problem though, I keep getting destroyed. I have never played HOI or any predecessor game before. As Germany, I produce as much as I can (mostly tanks) and basically try my best to mimic the actual german strategy during the real war.

You can only review - not change - a strategic redeployment order, and the force is listed here only for your reference and convenience. Important note: Each item awaiting deployment in the force pool will tie up national transport capacity as well as consuming a daily allotment of supplies. This may hurt your ability to efficiently supply your forces that are already on the front lines. Items in the force pool will also have very poor organisation when first deployed and will not be upgraded with the most recent technological advances until they have been placed in the field.


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Rome: Due to its historical and artistic treasures, many had never thought the ancient city would be the target of such indiscriminate destruction. With the Vatican City also partially destroyed and the whereabouts of the Pope unknown, the event has horrified not only Italians, but Catholics around the world.

In addition to the special forces ratio limit added in Patch 1/7 of IV, the accompanying Man the Guns DLC also adds amphibious tractors (essentially amphibious mechanized) and amphibious tanks. They use the same special forces cap as the infantry special forces and are mechanized and armored counterparts of standard marines. Additionally, they have very high fuel use and amphibious tanks are generally inferior to conventional tanks outside of their special niche of helping establish a beachhead or break through fortified marshes and rivers.


Types and then mentally apply all of the additional modifiers that your current technology might give, detailed unit information is displayed (in area 4) when you select a name from the unit type list. The meaning of each of these is described in detail in the Combat section of the manual, so the only note I will add here is that the organisation and morale values shown are not the maximum values, but rather the initial deployment values of those items.

Tactical Withdrawal: Both on the strategic and tactical levels. Players may well choose to pull back from a section of their line in order to withdraw from an obviously lost fight towards better terrain/reinforcements or they may be pulling the attacker into an encirclement trap assisted by the rest of the front line and reserves.


High revolt risk disrupts supply, which can seriously downgrade an army's fighting capability, even when there are no active rebels. This represents sabotage and various other acts of passive resistance.

The construction of defences requires a commitment of IC until their production is complete. They can be damaged by enemy attacks, requiring further allocation of resources to repair them, and they can be captured and used against you if they fall into enemy hands. Each of these installations can be enhanced through further IC investment, thereby increasing their size, quality and effectiveness. This is a worthwhile investment and can become the difference between successfully warding off an enemy’s assault and succumbing to his advance. Land fortifications are a network of bunkers, gun emplacements and minefields that you can construct in a province to help your army repel enemy land forces. They are particularly effective in protecting your infantry from tanks, mechanized units and artillery forces where they might otherwise be overrun or destroyed. They also offer some shelter from aerial bombardment although they are not designed to actively counter such attacks. A land fortification offers no resistance by itself and must be manned to have any effect.


MacArthur in IV can lead a revived Confderate States of America. Historically, MacArthur was close to his father, Arthur MacArthur Jr, who was a decorated Union officer in the American Civil War. Sufficient to say it's pretty unlikely that he would choose to lead a government that stands for everything his father fought against.

Known Issue: Please be aware that there is also a known DirectX-related issue that may cause clients to “drop out” of a multiplayer game if both the host and a client are behind a NAT-enabled router and the game is paused for longer than 30 seconds. This issue is unresolvable through game coding, so it is recommended that another (non-NAT) host be chosen, or that any long pauses be avoided (try temporarily reducing the game speed to a crawl instead).


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Don’t be surprised to find an enemy actively engaged in disrupting your supply, particularly if he enjoys naval or aerial supremacy. Of course, you can employ similar tactics, disrupting his supply and encircling his troops to devastating effect.

Hollywood Tactics: Can be used by the player or the AI, though generally not advisable, unless you have a serious numerical advantage. Surrounding and cutting off the enemy is a good strategy, however, because it cuts them off from supplies; it's also the easiest way to take out a brigade for good, rather than just allowing them to retreat and get reinforcements.


The upper portion of the bar shows a series of icons and values to which you will frequently refer. This allows you to quickly review your reserves of energy, metal, rare materials, oil, supplies and cash. It also displays your manpower pool, national dissent level, and your transport and industrial capacities. Hovering your mouse over any of these will reveal an expanding tooltip that gives you a more detailed summary of that item, particularly your daily income and expenditures. If the daily change is a negative one, then the value will be displayed in red. Each item is described in detail in the relevant section of the manual.

Anti-Aircraft Batteries: This is a province defence that will fire upon any enemy aircraft that venture into the province and do not need to be manned to be operational. This icon will also be visible in the main map, as long as there is at least one AA battery present in the province.


Your air units will be listed immediately below their current base assignment. You will see a unit’s current mission and location (which may be different than its base if it is flying at the time that you review the information) as well as its leader, strength and organisation. This panel can also be used to quickly issue new orders to your air forces by clicking the order box in the lower right corner of the unit’s listing and issuing new orders. Click on a squadron’s name to jump to its location on the map and to review detailed information about its composition.

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Only one team may be assigned to a project at any one time. Should you so choose, you may cancel the project at any time and then assign it to a different team, or abandon it and start work on something else instead, by clicking the Cancel Project button on the project details screen. You will lose all of your progress towards this project including any components that have been completed and all cash invested, so this should only be done under dire circumstances.


If the province you are viewing is currently controlled by your nation, then several of the areas will be shaded grey and act as Quick Build buttons to allow you to initiate the construction of these items in the province. All province assets may be built using the right-click province menu as well. For province infrastructure, factories, land fortifications and naval fortifications, these are the only two ways to initiate their production. Other assets are built by placing a Production Order for them. This is described in detail in the Production Folder section.

Land forces are only slightly affected by this weather condition. Naval units will suffer somewhat greater penalties and have difficulty locating their targets, and air units will lose almost all of their effectiveness.


Bases are susceptible to bombardment and can fall into enemy hands. Enemy aircraft can be given missions to strike at your ports or crater your runways, reducing their basing capacity and forcing you to spend time and resources to repair them. If you lose control of a province that contains a base, then any forces that used it as “home” will find themselves out of supply and forced to rebase. What’s more, your foe will be able to use the captured facility as a new base for his forces, once he has effected repairs to the inevitable damage it sustains during its capture. You should pay close attention to the locations of your enemy’s bases and either render them inoperative or consider attempting their capture, while taking precautions to prevent the enemy from doing the same to yours.

The Doomsday expansion has added a further wrinkle to the game: an active spying and espionage system that will allow a nation to engage in clandestine activities to weaken an enemy, steal its technological secrets, and to provide information about its force composition, capabilities and strengths. Ignore such subversive actions at your own peril!


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You can review an order’s status by looking at its production percentage. If this value is 100%, then production is proceeding normally and you can expect it to be ready on its reported ETA date, unless something like a drop in available IC happens to affect it in the interim. If it is less than this, production is being delayed either by a lack of necessary IC or by insufficient manpower. Any order that isn’t at 100% production will be colour-coded in yellow or orange to make it easy to spot when scanning the Production Queue. Yellow means that production is only proceeding at a partial rate, while orange indicates that production has halted.

Villains Act, Heroes React: The democratic powers have far larger economies and populations than the Axis powers at the start of the game, but can't do anything about fascist aggression until 'belligerence' (in II and its derivatives), 'threat' (in III), or 'world tension' (in IV) reaches certain levels. Democracies are also limited in their ability to conscript soldiers and channel their industries into military production before the war starts.


In Hearts of Iron (next page) 4, Great Britain's military is severely underprepared early on, France, Germany, and Italy can all easily navally invade and capitulate them quickly before 1939. This gives you all of their overseas territories as well as India and Malaya, and if you play your cards right you can also get your hands on the Commonwealth nations. If you turn them into a puppet, you get access to the Royal Navy and Air Force as well.

HeartAttude hoi2 vs darkest hour Comments Feed

A series of World War II Turn-Based Strategy / Real-Time Strategy and management Simulation Games by Paradox Interactive. The games allow players to take the role of virtually any country on Earth as of the time at the beginning of the games' various scenarios.


Not only can provinces contribute vital natural resources or industrial capacity to your nation, but they can also provide additional defences or strategic assets for your military. Even a quick glance at a province on the main map will reveal important information about it, particularly in conjunction with several of the different map viewing modes. Clicking anywhere within a province’s borders will change the display in the information panel on the left side of the screen to provide all the essential details about the province. This is the Province Information Panel.

HoI2 also allows the host to set a password that guests must enter to be able to join private games

Members of the Workforce keep the buildings in the game operational and collect a wage from them in return. Those who cannot or aren’t permitted to be officially employed are considered Dependents>Laws affect who is included in each category.


Here, you may change the game speed, toggle between sprite icons and counters, change your autosave settings, and adjust your sound effects and music volumes. There is also a box at the bottom of this submenu which allows you to change your message settings.

Attack: With III's Their Finest Hour expansion, you can set a general's aggression level. At maximum, he's likely to pick extremely aggressive tactics, including "Reckless Assault" which gives the attacker a 50% bonus to damage, at the cost of taking 25% more damage from the defender. This aggression can backfire, though, if a skilled defending general picks the ideal counter-tactic, effectively blunting the entire assault and killing huge numbers of attackers.



It was only mentioned by Himmler to his Masseur. Also why would Germany construct such Fantasy states. All states that they created were based on ethnicity (created: Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, planned late in the war: Ukraine, White Ruthenia, Russia ). Maybe Himmler liked the idea but there is no real reason for this to happen. Keep in mind that the views of the German leadership changed drastically during the war. And even in an victory in the east it would have been bitterly fought, with many volunteers from across Europe (one of the main reason for the change). In Short: Early war the SS favored the centralized Germanic Reich, late war they favored some kind of European confederation. So in case of victory the leadership will have to take this into consideration, keep in mind the huge influence the SS had at the end of the war.

The Options button and then selecting the Message Settings button. This will display a scrollable list of message types that you can set to any one of the display options. You may also change the notification setting for a particular type of message in-game without entering the submenu by right-clicking on the message when it appears, even in the history log, and then selecting the new display mode from the options box.


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Captive populations (the people who live in foreign provinces that you occupy) will be much less interested in working for you and are far more likely to rebel than ones who feel that they naturally belong under your rule. Partisans (nationalists who remain loyal to their former government and oppose your occupation) will reduce a province’s industrial capacity and supply efficiency and may also become openly militant if you fail to maintain sufficient forces to keep them under control. An alternative to maintaining rigid military control is to voluntarily grant partisans their freedom, allowing them to form a new nation and establish a government of their own. You will lose the majority of the economic benefits from provinces they are granted, but they will generally be friendly towards you if you allow them their sovereignty; conversely, if they achieve freedom on their own, you will lose all economic benefits and the fledging nation will actively side with your enemies and seek to destroy you.

All three conditions are taken into consideration in Hearts of Iron II

Air and naval operations do exist, of course, but are abstracted to a large degree in Hearts of Iron (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=9426) II; otherwise, the added level of complexity would be overwhelming to most players. You will usually assign general orders to each air wing or flotilla, giving specific time period and other parameters that you would like it to follow, and you may then essentially leave it to its own devices to carry out these operations until it receives new ones or the orders expire.


This is the standard display mode, with provinces shown colour-coded by terrain type (see the Provinces section above for a description of each terrain type). Province improvement symbols are shown, but the portions of the map that are not within visual range of your alliance’s provinces or military units will be covered by the fog of war.

Domestic policies have numerous effects in the game, the most prominent of these being that they determine who will govern your nation and who will serve in your “cabinet” to attend to the myriad of little details that need taking care of on a day-to-day basis. They are not advisors in that they don’t make suggestions to you as you play, but their individual characteristics will accord bonuses or penalties to your actions. Some may be adept at foreign relations, others may provide a boost to your economy, while still others may champion military doctrines that will benefit your armed forces in certain ways. Domestic policies also have individual effects that may affect your industry, recruitment, public sentiment, intelligence activities, and foreign interactions.


Not only Fascism, but there has been no mention of Bourgeois nor Presidential Dictatorships nor modern non-Democratic MonarchiesAnon we have one Dev diary so far. We know nothing about the Governments yet. They didn't reveal everything because its still work in progress.

Once all players have selected their nations, the Start button will become active for the host. When the host clicks this, the scenario or saved game will launch on each system and when all players have finished this process, with slower systems taking longer to complete the launch, the game will begin. Another vNet custom that I recommend for any multiplayer game is for each player to use the chat feature to type “in” or “here” once the game has launched.


Defenders enjoy modest bonuses in this terrain, while attacking units are heavily penalised, particularly wheeled or tracked units. Only the special mountaineer units are exempt from penalties, and defending mountaineers have very large bonuses.

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The world is divided into more than 2500 individual provinces and sea zones. There are far too many to be displayed on the main map while still giving you any useful graphical information, so the main map area displays just one small part of the globe at a time.


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Puppet State: Present in all four games, with the Communists being particularly fond of creating them. IV adds a tiered system of levels of dependence, ranging from a Dominion (like Australia or Canada) that's largely independent except in foreign policy, to a somewhat autonomous Colony (like The Raj), to a totally subservient Integrated Puppet (like Manchuko). The tiers are indicated with chess pieces, from pawn to queen. Death or Dishonor adds a separate system for fascist nations, going (from least autonomous to most autonomous): Reichskommissariat -> Reichsprotectorate -> Satellite -> Independent. Waking the Tiger adds yet another separate system for Japan and (if it becomes independent) Manchukuo, taking precedent over the fascist system and consisting of Imperial Protectorate -> Imperial Associate -> Independent, with a special Imperial Subject tier in-between Associate and Independent that Manchukuo can become through a focus.

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Hearts of Iron II is played on a global stage over a period of years and includes accurate modelling for both local time of day and for seasonal variations in the length of a region’s daylight hours. Most units perform very poorly in the hours between dusk and dawn when visibility is poor, so you will need to take this into consideration when planning your attacks. Certain technological advances may mitigate this somewhat, but you will probably have better success if you plan your large-scale operations to begin shortly after dawn during seasons when the daylight hours are long.

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They have virtually the same stats as regular infantry, but move much faster. They also make a great tandem with heavy tanks out of all things, since they both have similar speed and are faster than foot infantry.


The Hearts of Iron II expansion Iron Cross is a digital download release only for 9.99 USD and available here

Similarly, ministers that provide discount on tanks and mobile infantry are this. If you're playing as a nation who can afford those, the -5% discout won't matter one bit. If you're playing as a nation struggling to get those into production, why are you even trying, especially if you're skipping a minister providing discount to infantry and artillery?

To be honest i would like an even deeper system for Infrastructure and supply. I would like to be able to manually create convoys do help with supply near the coast and be able to change the route. I would like to be able to create supply depots for further supply along a chain system. If they would add real railroad systems, that would be great. That they keep adding things to their games is kind of their stick.


Place the Hearts of Iron (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=73) IIDoomsday CD in your CD-ROM drive. If you have AutoPlay enabled on this drive, the installation screen will appear automatically.

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The Order Details interface for both simple and complex orders will provide you with options to increase the number of units produced in a production run (serial runs) and to place multiple identical production orders at a time (parallel runs). This is designed to make the production interface as convenient to use as possible when you want to manufacture large numbers of the same item or have ongoing, continuous production of a certain thing. If you want to order very large numbers, you may hold down the “Shift” key as you adjust the quantities, which will result in the increases being in increments of 5 units.


The host may now select the scenario or saved game to be played. If a saved game is chosen, then there will be a brief pause as the game is compressed and then the transfer process will begin to send the save game file to the other players. You will see a status indicator beside each player’s name, indicating whether the transfer is still in progress or whether it is complete. I strongly advise players to wait until everyone has completed this transfer before selecting countries, since this is a common source of subsequent problems. Most players who frequent vNet follow a protocol whereby all players wait until the host has confirmed that everyone has completed the save game download.

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The sixth hot button is used to view and deploy new units from your force pool. I will give you details of how to use this interface later in the manual so it will suffice to indicate here that if you click on the Force Pool hot button, you will be given a list of all of the available units in your force pool.


It depends if you can find enjoyment in their new front line system system, arguably the largest part in HOI. I prefer to control my spearheads directly to encircle the enemy, so i was never a fan of the new system. Other game mechanics are pretty good, like the Production and arguably the naval system. Keep in mind that you need the expansions for best experience.

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I don't even know why they bother to release games in such a state as this. This "game" is so incomplete that it would have been better to not release anything at all instead of repeatedly taking hits to your reputation.


Coastal fortifications are a similar series of trenches, gun emplacements and other devices constructed along the shoreline of a province and must also be manned by your troops if they are to have any effect. They will present a major obstacle to enemy troops attempting to land in the area. Even an elite marine unit will find it hard to break through to establish a beachhead.

Possessing nukes will not act as a deterrent to the AI, nor will using them make a country any more likely to surrender. Similarly, other countries will not care if you use nukes, regardless of who you attack or with how many.


If you use the Production Order method then the asset will be “sent” to your Force Pool to await deployment instead (see below). It will then force you to spend a bit of extra time placing them later, but it gives you an added degree of flexibility in their location and construction.

The effects and implementation of a new technology will vary depending on the type of project and are far too numerous to list here. Some effects are instantaneous and require no direct action or IC allocation since they will be implemented immediately and automatically, while other projects may have little to no immediate effects and act more as stepping-stones along the road to a major new technological breakthrough. Many military advances will be improvements to existing technology and any units you have in the field will need to be upgraded to take advantage of the new benefits. There are many unit types and province improvements that will not be available until you have researched the prerequisite technologies.


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The next two buttons will display a colour-coded map of either regions (large province groupings) or areas (somewhat smaller subdivisions of the regions, usually about 3 or 4 provinces in size). Areas and regions are used for many of the orders that you will give to your air force or navy and do not indicate ownership or control, so you may find these modes convenient when issuing such orders.

Infrastructure: The roads, railways and other infrastructure in a province. Unless this value is 33% or higher, you will not be able to construct factories here and the more infrastructure present, the faster some provincial assets may be built.


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Entrenchment bonuses are combined with land fortification bonuses, resulting in an almost insurmountable defence if a force remains stationary for long enough in a province that has been heavily fortified. A good example of this would be the French Maginot line at the onset of the war, an obstacle that the German high command wisely chose not to approach with a frontal assault. The only methods of dealing with forces that are stationed at such a defence are to bombard them over a long period of time, cut off their supply and hope to starve them into submission, or to take your admittedly poor chances with a series of massive successive assaults on their position. Should they be available to you, paratroopers will bypass defensive fortifications and may be an effective component in an assault, although they incur other penalties and are usually fairly lightly armed. Needless to say, your best bet is to use a combination of all of these strategies whenever possible.

Unlike Imperator it sold well and was well received by the Community. That being said the Imperator rework was universally very well received. We will have to see how this will affect their planing for the other games in the future.


HOI2 has a very sophisticated domestic policy and politics model, which includes

Cyanide Pill: One of the upgrade available to your intelligence agency. It increases the chance your spies die when captured (which seems counterproductive, but serves to reduce the risk of them changing their allegiance to the enemy).

If you place a serial run Production Order - one that calls for multiple units to be manufactured in a single production run - then you will be eligible to receive a gearing bonus where each successive unit that is produced will require slightly less time to manufacture. The first unit will take the usual length of time and require the full allocation of IC. The next unit will require slightly less time to produce and thus a lower total IC consumption, and the subsequent unit will require even less time. Until the order has been cancelled or completed, each unit that you manufacture will receive a gearing bonus that increases as each is produced. There is a maximum bonus level, though, beyond which there will be no further reductions in time.


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The six Main Map hot buttons provide a quick means of gaining an overview and location of your provinces and armed forces. While details about combat and armed forces will be given in the Combat section, an overview of each is given here.

Darkest Hour for HoI2 has a generic Purge-like decision. Using it gets rid of disloyal generals

Towed artillery, especially in Darkest Hour and IV, is an overkill for soft targets (like infantry) for almost no price. Compared with all other things you can research and build, those are just a handful of field guns and howitzers that punch really hard, are very cheap to produce and even easier to research. Excluding III, certain upgrades don't even require direct replacement of the already fielded pieces, making them all that cheaper to operate.


Negative impact on any air missions. Naval vessels will perform poorly as well.

Italy, under player control, is probably the most prominent example of an "empire" that ends up taking a lot of ground that's utterly worthless: namely, Sahara desert and Sahel region. AI will never manage to pull that, but under human control, Italy is still locked in fighting over utterly worthless territories, short from controlling Suez Canal and maybe taking over Iraqi oil fields. If you really stretch it, Italy can take over most of Africa and it will have close to zero value in terms of HoI mechanics, but outstretch Italian logistics to a breaking point half-way through.


Clicking on them will display only limited information, since they cannot be owned and no structures can be built in them. Note that for the purposes of HoI2, the seaway between the Great Lakes and the Gulf of St. Lawrence is considered impassable to naval and supply vessels, even though this wasn’t strictly the case historically. There are also several narrow bodies of water that may only be used by your ships if you control the adjacent provinces (see Naval Combat section).

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: In early game, submarines can operate with almost total impunity, with most of doctrines for them being ready around '40. But around '41 mark, a lot of radar technologies, new destroyer models and anti-submarine warfare doctrines are no longer penalised for research, quickly turning the table and making life for subs hard. By '43, submarines are virtually useless, as even AI controlled nations will easily hunt them down.


If you briefly hover your mouse pointer over an object, a context-sensitive tooltip will appear. If you leave the pointer there for about three seconds, it is quite probable that the tooltip will further expand to give you even more detailed information.

So building tall is the only valid strategy now, because otherwise you have a hundred planets with two people on them. Or, I suppose, feeding vassals and then gobbling them up when they're nice and plump. It really leads to the whole thing feeling extremely artificial, not like a living world, because somehow your capital being a HongKong style hellhole makes the one family of settlers on a frontier world not want to breed.


You may also chat with one another during the game by pressing the tab key, typing a message, and pressing the enter key. You have the ability to make your chats “private” by selecting the player (or players) you wish to have receive your communications. For your convenience, there are several preset chat filters that allow you to quickly address messages to the people you wish. After you press the enter key, the chat message will display on the recipient’s main game screen and be recorded in his history log.

For example, if I remember right a player managed to defeat the Soviet Union with Poland using Grand Battle plan doctrine, and divisions of cavalry with motorized rocket artillery. Similar idea but cheaper, instead of try to encircle the Red Army's frontline he just overrun the bulk made of infantry in individual battles.


The effectiveness of a force relies heavily on its combat experience and on the officers that you assign to your front-line commands. Each time a unit engages in battle, it will gain some valuable combat experience and through the course of time and repeated conflict, it will begin performing noticeably better. The resulting veteran units may become the backbone of your armed forces, but as they suffer casualties, their losses will be replenished with green recruits which, not surprisingly, dilutes their effectiveness.

According to the creators, one of the largest novelties introduced in the expansion is a completely re-built map enriched with over 4000 new provinces. Also, the historical period encompassed by the game was lengthened – Iron Cross (explanation) presents historical events that took place in the years 1933-1964. As a result, the game was extended with over 6000 new events.


The Mini Map has three primary uses: If you left click anywhere on the Mini Map then the main map will move to be centered on that location, making this a quick way to jump between theatres. The Mini Map also has a graphic representation of the approximate local time of day for any portion of the globe. A dark band will sweep across the Mini Map, indicating which global regions are currently experiencing night. The third function of the map is accessed by right-clicking on the Mini Map and selecting the type of force you would like to view. Small red dots will then appear on the Mini Map, showing you the locations of all forces of that type.

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These are the new units that you have built or recruited using the production interface which are ready for active duty and are simply waiting for you to issue them an assignment. If you have given orders for the strategic redeployment of a land unit then it will appear in this list as well, along with its intended new location.


LAN: This connection is established automatically by searching for any hosted games on your LAN. Either click “host” or select a detected game and click “join”.

For Hearts of Iron II on the PC, GameFAQs has 85 cheat codes and secrets

Development, production and beta-testing of Hearts of Iron II - Doomsday. The Exit button will quit the game and return you to your Windows desktop.


All other assets may be ordered using the right-click method or by placing a simple Production Order as described earlier in this section. The order will then be listed in the Production Queue while it is being manufactured.

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Whenever possible, try to find a team that has expertise in the fields that relate directly to the components of the project that you intend to assign them, even if they might be less skilled overall than another team that lacks this expertise. Each area of expertise that matches a component’s field requirement will give the team a research bonus when working on a project, so the more fields that match, the better. A lower skill level will also result in a reduction in the daily cost of financing the team during the course of the project. Choosing an appropriate team is most easily done by first selecting the project you intend the team to research (see next section) and then scrolling through the list of available teams. If a team has an area of expertise that matches one of the project’s requirements, the icon for that field will be highlighted in green. This will allow you to rapidly find the most suitable match.


Anti-aircraft guns offer a third possible means of defence. Unlike land and coastal fortifications, anti-aircraft guns do not need to be manned by your forces in order to operate, as their construction includes a manpower component. Their function is to provide added defence against air missions flown against targets in the province and to disrupt any enemy aircraft that pass overhead. They will not in any way help to defend you against the assault of a ground force or naval invasion. Enemy aerial attacks against factories, infrastructure, bases, other fortifications, or any forces stationed in that province will be subjected to withering return fire from your anti-aircraft batteries. This will not only hamper the inbound flight’s organization, thus reducing the impact and extent of the damage from the attack, but it will also most likely inflict a number of casualties as well. Enemy squadrons whose missions require that they fly through the region will also be subjected to fire, although to somewhat lesser effect.

When you click the Multiplayer button on the initial menu, you will be asked to specify the type of connection you wish to use (see sidebar) and to enter your name. Type your name in the space provided and then click the button that corresponds to the connection type you wish to use. Unless you are using Valkyrienet (vNet), you will then be asked whether you wish to host a game or join a game as a guest. Note that all players must be using the same version of the game, though this is checked automatically when the connection is first established in order to ensure that there are no file discrepancies. I also recommend that you disable any nonessential software that might be running in the background on your computer as this will often affect stability. The vNet connection will take you to a free service where players frequently meet to start new games. Since vNet supports all of Paradox’s games, you will need to select the HoI2 (visit this web-site) channel from the channel listing which will take you to a chat location where you can arrange a new game. Once you’ve found a few people to join, you must designate a host. Since vNet can be busy at times and some people have expressed a desire to be able to create “private” games, HoI2 (useful content) now allows the host to set a password that must be entered to join a game. Once you’re ready, the person who is hosting will click the Host button and type in a password.


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AI is capable 9 out of 10 times to conquer as Japan all of China, South-East Asia and Indonesia. Under human control, it's relatively easy to add all of India into the mix and going crazy with Australia and New Zealand, which stand no chance whatsoever when facing direct invasion. All of which can be achieved by about '41 mark with relative ease. By then, just attack Soviet Far East, as the Red Army will be too busy fighting against Germans to have there any troops beyond token garrisons to even think about stopping you.

In IV, prior to the La Résistance DLC, resistance consists in random acts of sabotage in an occupied territory (which translates ingame by factories being temporarily crippled) for as long as the current war lasts, then they completely stop when the war is finished (even in territories which are forcibly puppeted or annexed by the victor). La Résistance adds a complex overhaul of the system, notably making resistants still active in annexed areas after a conflict's official end.


A huge army might appear invincible at first glance, but it can easily succumb to a seemingly weaker force that is equipped with more modern weapons, is in better supply, or is superbly trained and led. Elite forces can tip the balance in a conflict, as can employing a strategy that uses terrain or weather to your advantage. Your ability to coordinate every element of your armed forces against your enemy will also greatly increase your chances of winning. Armies may be held in reserve or can be used to support other actions; air forces may be used to soften up an enemy’s defences, disrupt his troops’ organisation, hamper his supply, or even gut his industry; and navies can actively patrol enemy waters to embargo the import of much-needed resources or even bombard and invade his shores.

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Battle scenarios are usually more limited in scope, focusing on short, specific engagements and often restricting the nations that may be selected and even the part of the globe that can be used. Many of these scenarios disable some of the game’s more complex interfaces, providing the player with only scripted forces, replacements, and resources with which to accomplish their goals, and usually have special victory conditions. The battle scenarios are great for playing fairly short “what if” games around major offensives, or for one-time multiplayer games. For the purposes of this manual, I will assume that you have selected a grand campaign game and that all interfaces are available to you.


Hearts of Iron II Expansion, Iron Cross, Now Available for Download

Because the game mechanics of the series revolve around preparing and fighting for a major global war, this is in full effect. Even in the cases where Germany or Japan doesn't kick the war off, the British or Soviets will.

They've had two failed releases in a row, that Rome game, where you had the argument it was just some B team, and CK3, which, as the sequel to their best selling game, definitely got the deluxe treatment. CK3 is actually the very best 2021 Paradox can produce.


Research is conducted by funding teams of scientists to work on research projects. The number of projects you can conduct simultaneously will depend on your overall IC (a large nation can have as many as five projects ongoing at a time), and the nation that you select will determine the variety and calibre of your available teams.

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The Production Folder is the interface you will probably use most frequently, other than the Main Map Folder. It is used for two main purposes: issuing new requisition orders and managing your economy. It is here that you will recruit new divisions, construct new aircraft and naval vessels, and build some of your provincial assets. You will then be able to adjust the priority that each order is given by making changes to this in the production queue. It is also the folder you will use to manage your nation’s IC allocation to meet various domestic and military needs and will manage the disposition of your network of convoys. Failing to pay attention to your economy will have devastating effects that can cripple your nation, including the promotion of civic unrest and shortages in the fuel and supplies your armed forces need to operate.


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Well basically biology does not matter bigot and muh larp. Yes, this was quite literally the extend of arguments the cucked community had. Basically they were arguing that the game should remain dysfunctional so they can live out their "love knows no biology" fantasy.

When HOI2 started, It would crashed at the screen gfx / palette / tb2.bmp is missing. how to solve the problem

In IV, mechanized infantry eventually trumps everything else on land. They have infantry-level hit points, armored vehicle armor, enough antitank capability to blow through panzer armor, and speed that equals that of motorized infantry. However, they are by far one of the most expensive things to field. It takes a lot of industrial production and resources, to the point a single mechanized vehicle costs as much production as 5 trucks or most advanced model of a medium tank. And most importantly, the mechanized infantry only gets really useful with the final, third technology, set for 1944 for research, otherwise being lackluster, but still extremely expensive to make. It all makes them impractical to research and produce before the war is usually already done with and the actual benefits of deploying tier III mechanized vs. plain motorisednote are cosmetic. And having 4 division of tanks supported by motorised is always better than having one of tanks with mechanized infantry, not to mention other ways of spending all the saved production.


Paper Tiger: At first glance, France looks like it could be a first-tier power. On second glance, it's second-tier. Actually, France is a third-tier power masquerading as a second-tier: it starts with useless generals, weak tech, fractious politics, and a hostile first-tier sitting right across the border. Your primary goal playing this nation isn't so much winning as avoiding being booted off the continent entirely.

Level, the less time the team will need to complete a project, but they will have a high daily financing cost. The small colour-coded icons indicate the team’s areas of expertise, or fields of research at which the team excels. The number of available teams and their skill and areas of expertise will depend on the country you select and will rarely change during play.


The Main Map can be scrolled by moving your mouse pointer to any of the edges of your screen. Doing so will cause the map to begin scrolling in that direction until you remove the pointer from the map edge. You can also use the Mini Map to quickly jump to a different area of the world by clicking on the part of the world that you want to view. Another method is to use the Province Hot Button, the first of the six buttons, to jump to one of your nation’s provinces. Simply click on the button, which has a small graphic of a map, and a scrollable list of your provinces will appear in the information panel. Click on one of these to center the map on that province. The next four hot buttons (see below) can also be used to jump to the location of a specific land, air or naval force, or to a combat currently being fought.

The "Sunset Invasion" achievement, requiring you to invade Europe as Mexico, is a reference to Crusader Kings 2's DLC of the same name that featured an Aztec invasion of the continent. There's also "Sunrise Invasion" for invading Europe via Mexico as Japan.


The Doomsday expansion has further extended the fog of war to reduce the certainty of your knowledge of more general information, such as the total forces or technological position of any nation that is not part of the same alliance. Fortunately, your allies will share all of their intelligence and force dispositions with you as well.

Double Standard: Bizarrely, while the Rape of Nanking is an in-game event (though outside of the Japanese player's direct control) things such as The Gulag, terror bombing, or the Holocaust are officially banned. The USSR does have the choice of enacting the Great Purge though. The game gives a severe penalty if you don't do it.


If an army is presently carrying out orders that you have given it, a summary of the orders will be displayed here, and if it is involved in an attack, the combat icon will appear adjacent to its current strength. You may jump quickly to the province by clicking on the province’s name in the information panel, or you may bring up details about any army by clicking on its name in the listing, also causing the main map to jump directly to that province.

Certain types of terrain will also reduce movement speeds, hamper supply, and impose penalties to combat. The effect will vary depending on the unit type, generally impacting more severely on motorised units than on foot soldiers, and in most cases the terrain will give a defender an advantage, reflecting his ability to make strategic defensive use of the landscape.


Oil: This is the amount of oil drawn from the province on a daily basis. It may be increased by researching appropriate industrial technologies and will either be placed in the nearest resource depot or, if a land supply route can be traced from this province to your capital, in your national stockpile.

The third installment has somewhere in the region of ten thousand regions, achieved by subdividing territories and provinces into smaller areas that must be fought over individually. The fourth installment has even more, but makes the bloat less notable by making provinces nameless and relevant purely for unit movement; they're essentially somewhat irregularly shaped hexes. Everything except unit movement - production, resources, infrastructure and supply - is handled at the level of 'states', of which there are a mere few hundred.


According to wiki the next states who had a standing army were Sparta and Macedonia under Phillip II. Then Rome under Augustus. All of this were states that depended on Warfare. With Assyria and Rome as the extreme cases as they relied on Expansion plus they were in their time the dominant superpower. So it seems that a standing Army was indeed an exception for this time.

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There are many components that must fall into place for a campaign to be successful. Armed forces must have access to a continuous flow of supplies and ammunition if they are to remain in fighting form, and they will need strong and capable leaders who are able to command them effectively while maintaining an overall level of discipline and organisation. Factors such as terrain, weather, and the placement of defensive structures will greatly influence their performance, as will their previous experience in such combat situations.


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This is the area at the very top of the screen that is visible at all times and displays a quick overview of the state of your nation. It also gives you access to each of the main, vitally important, interface screens.

Paris: Any victory parades at Champs-Élysées past the remains of the Arc de Triomphe seem unlikely in the city's current state. Perhaps the coming decades will see the birth of a new Paris, but Paris in the public mind, the city built in the Belle Époque, is gone forever.


How to delete Iron Cross from your computer using Advanced Uninstaller PRO

A tiny nation located in Southern Siberia that starts in the Comintern. The Soviet Union has a focus tree to annex it, as they did historically in 1944. Being the game it is, you can still do world conquests at least in HoI4, it just takes a lot of luck and skill because you have no manpower, awful technology and the spectre of the Soviet annexation looming. You basically have to invade Sinkiang, Tibet, Nepal and then take Xibei San Ma then the People's Republic of China with all of these problems so that you will have the manpower & factories to resist the Soviets when they come wanting to annex you.

Hearts of Iron II simulates this by using a system called basing

I usually pushed onne side and then move to the other. This is to make them redeploy continously. Once you find a weakspot, start pushing there. Push continously, don't let them replenish. When their lines are broken, puff, french has fallen.


Depending on your domestic policies, your population may also play a prominent role in determining what actions you may take, even to the point of making it impossible to declare war on a nation unless public opinion is on your side. Policy settings will also influence the public’s demand for consumer goods, and failing to meet these demands will have negative consequences by increasing dissent, which represents the population’s overall level of unhappiness. Dissent has three significant impacts: it will cause your troops to fight more poorly; it will reduce your industrial capacity; and it will greatly increase the likelihood of your public rising in open rebellion against you. You can control dissent by reducing it or at least mitigating it somewhat by allocating a larger share of your IC to the manufacture of consumer goods, though this will reduce your ability to meet the production and supply demands of your military. Providing excesses of consumer goods will reduce dissent, while falling short in this area will cause dissent to increase. Dissent will also increase in response to shortfalls in military supply. You will need to maintain a careful balance between the needs of your military and the happiness of your subjects throughout the game.

Right-clicking on another nation’s province will display several context-sensitive options that you may select to quickly initiate a diplomatic or intelligence action with that nation. Each of these is described in detail in the relevant portions of the manual.


Whatever you do don't buy HoI 3 at least not until "For the Motherland" comes out. This is far superior to that game. The main turn off for me is the lack of polish. When they fix the widescreen interfaces, grammar errors, typos, polish up some of the features, and iron (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=6957) out the bugs I'll recommend it; Until then.

At the bottom of the screen (area 5) you will see three buttons. Click the Options button to change the settings to suit your preference (see sidebar).


Anarchy Is Chaos: The La Résistance expansion for IV adds the ability to play as an anarchist faction should you choose a specific focus tree path as Republican Spain. This fittingly drops your national stability to 0%, but you get several bonuses which compensate or cancel the negative effects of this; an anarchist state will never have its workers go on strike for example. The goal of the anarchists, after rebranding the nation to the "Regional Defence Council of Iberia" and later the "Global Defence Council", is to convert other nations to anarchism through both force and encouraging uprisings in other countries.

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There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to both approaches of issuing an order for multiple units, and a hidden one as well. Serial orders take much longer to fill but spread out the drain on manpower which, if required, will only be subtracted as each new unit is begun. They also require a small allocation of IC, since only one unit is being made at a time. Parallel orders will rapidly deplete your manpower, if needed, and demand much larger IC commitments, but multiple units will be available far sooner. Serial orders for military units are not updated as new technological advances are discovered, even for units whose production begins after the advance has been gained, so you may find yourself being forced to upgrade or even consider disbanding them immediately after they are deployed. Although the same is true for parallel orders, it is far less likely to happen during the shorter time period involved. There is one huge advantage, though, that applies only to serial orders: the gearing bonus.

Air Base: All air units must have a base of operations. The number of individual wings that may be stationed in a province without penalty is determined by the operational size of the base, which may be reduced as a result of enemy attack. If too many wings make simultaneous use of a base, they will experience reduced rates of repair and upgrade and will be slow to regain organisation.


The screen is divided into two sections. The left side displays the Production Orders interface and the Production Queue, while the right side shows the vitally important Industrial Capacity Allocation sliders, a summary of your national resources, trade agreements and convoy activity, and the location and size of your resource depots. We’ll look at each of these in turn.

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It is vital to understand that neither sea zones nor the air space above provinces are subject to control in the way that the provinces themselves are. There is no “ownership” of them, and neither aircraft nor naval vessels are capable of capturing a province. Most often, you will use them in support of your armies, seeking to soften up an enemy’s resistance through bombardment or to hamper or even cut off his lines of supply. Combat between them will therefore most likely be a contest to determine whether you are able to carry out these goals.


Railroading: In the third installment, the British will always declare war on Germany by 1941, even if they're allied with Poland, have the United States in their sphere, or didn't even annex Austria. If you make use of the "noneutrality" cheat, your threat will shoot through the roof very quickly, so Britain may actually declare war on you specifically for annexing Austria, the Sudetenland, or Czechoslovakia.

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Not only does terrain play a role in movement and combat, but weather and weather-related conditions can also hamper your efforts. You can check the weather conditions using the Weather mapmode, and the prevailing conditions are also indicated in the Province Details. Most of the effects will favour the defender over the attacker, although both forces are usually penalized, and the degree of the effect is determined by the severity of the conditions.


Build only military/naval favtories. You will get civ factories via focuses and conquer.

Canada uses the American M50 Reising SMGnote instead of the Stennote or the Thompson note, and the M1944 Johnson LMGnote, instead of the Sterling SMGnote. They also use the Austin K5 trucknote instead of the Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) trucknote, especially egregious since the production of the CMP and several other trucks was one of Canada's largest contributions to the war effortnote.


Shortfalls in IC allocation can be dealt with in a variety of ways. The simple one is to allocate more IC to production, but this will take that IC away from something else, so this may not necessarily be a viable solution. Building more factories in your provinces will increase the total potential IC if you are suffering from a lack of capacity and have lots of resource reserves, while finding additional sources of natural resources will increase the actual IC if you have enough factories but they aren’t operating at full capacity due to a lack of resources. Technological advances may enhance your factories’ IC or improve your resource extraction and conversion rates so you might want to look at this as an alternative. Your remaining option is to change the priority of your orders to ensure that the ones you need most are produced first, and that lower priority orders are put on the back burner until you have an excess of IC.

Darkest Hour Quickstart Guide

Hearts of Iron: 1984, a Hearts of Iron (check my source) 4 mod set in the world of 1984, making each of the three Space Filling Empires playable; the disputed areas are themselves split into five playable countries (Free Africa, Free Arabia, Free India, Free Indochina, and Free Indonesia). The starting date is 1980 and a world war erupts in 1984 thanks to a scripted event.


For example, Germany and Poland reaching a peaceful resolution over Danzig or Japan deciding to look to Siberia for expansion rather than the Pacific. Additionally, with the right ministers, you can reform Germany into a democracy.

IV's trailers occasionally venture into this. One of Waking the Tiger trailers referred to an upcoming invasion of Japan by the Soviet Union, and Battle for the Bosphorus trailer shows an aerial bombing of Istanbul happening in 1941 (historically, Turkey was neutral during World War Twonote ).


Most often, you will probably be playing a single player game, pitting your skills against the computer. Click “Single Player” on the Launch Menu and the main menu screen will appear.

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Especially the ones with DLC, minor countries are far more potent in the hands of a player than they were in HOI3. Most can field a million-man army if necessary, or can focus on fewer high quality divisions, whichever you prefer. Much of this is do to reworked laws and manpower acquisition, but also is from doctrines and the new Nation Focus system.


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Averted in Darkest Hour, where Germany actively switches the flag in 1933 start in one of the first decisions and in any later dates already has the swastika flag. However, the game started as a mere mod to II and was only later released as a separate thing. You're still required to censor it on the official Paradox forum.

It is easy to lose track of who is at war with whom and who is allied with whom, so this mapmode allows you to determine this at a glance. The map display is colour-coded and context-sensitive. Click on a province to view the world from its controlling nation’s perspective. A dark green province is currently controlled by that nation. A national province will also have a red dot in it to indicate its importance. A light green province belongs to one of that nation’s allies. A red province is currently controlled by another nation with which the nation is at war.


Jack-of-All-Trades: Tactical Bombers do a little of everything close air support, strategic bombers, and naval bombers do, but not as well as any of the more specialized air units. While they make expensive substitutes for CAS and NAV planes, their range may make them worthwhile over large or deep sea air zones.

Every game launch, and every expansion they've released in the passed few years, has been broken. I understand a few bugs in games, things are going to slip through, especially for big games like this, but this is ridiculous. This isn't unit graphics having a seizure or text displaying wrong, this is core mechanics not working.


Necessary Drawback: Throughout the series, after certain point in the tech tree, each and every unit will start to require fuel to operate. This keeps a balance against just about anyone who simply tries to tech-out, without securing oil or fuel production, while giving also a reason why not to keep advancing for better units to make your logistics easier, relying on blunt numbers rather than superior firepower.

The other major diplomatic activity you will conduct is trade. You will probably establish a number of openended trade agreements where you will exchange resources, cash or goods with other countries on a daily basis in order to meet your respective industrial needs. You can also negotiate one-time deals of this nature, or more complex trades that involve the exchange or purchase of land or even technological blueprints. You are also able to simply donate resources, land, blueprints or even equipment to another nation if you wish.


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Natural resources are either drawn from provinces that are under your nation’s control, or are acquired via trade or direct cash purchases from other nations should you lack territories where they occur naturally. Any excesses you have may be stockpiled, sold or traded to other nations who are in need. If you lack any of these, then your economy and your military will grind to a halt, most likely dooming your nation to failure.

Aside of being cautious in general, AI has a tendency to try to ignore provinces with fortification. That's all good and well, but the problem is the inability to evaluate the fortifications themselves. For AI-controlled nation, it makes no difference if it's level 1 pillbox that can be rolled over without slowing or a level 10 fortress, as both will be considered equally dangerous to engage.


Each project has one other factor that can play a role in determining how long it will take to research: the historical year that it appeared. This reflects the need for other sub-components that aren’t directly included in the technology tree’s multitude of components but nevertheless played a historical role in making scientific advances in this area possible. If you begin researching a project before its historical time period, it will take longer to complete since your team will need to spend additional time inventing those hypothetical subcomponents.

Defenders gain a small bonus, while attackers, particularly units with wheels or tracks, incur a penalty. One specialised infantry unit, the mountaineers, ignore these penalties.


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This mapmode will give you a quick indication of the risk of partisan activity in your provinces. Green shading indicates a province which has no risk of rebellion. Various shades of red indicate provinces where partisans are active, with darker shading indicating greater levels of activity; these should be carefully monitored. A tooltip details all current partisan-related conditions. Partisans are discussed in detail in the Diplomacy Section.

But i am no expert of this time frame. Considering the logistics and costs of an standing army it would have to be an sizable empire.


Almost all of the important information about your nation, armed forces, and the rest of the world. There are some very handy “redundant” interfaces on these pages that allow you to make a number of similar adjustments very rapidly, and many items are hot-linked to allow you to quickly jump to a province or unit on the Main Map without having to search for it or use one of the other methods of locating items.

Resources are consumed by factories, who in turn generate the IC you require to manufacture the various things that you will need in the game. You will often lack sufficient capacity to do everything you want to, so you must decide how to carefully allocate whatever amount you have. IC is used by the assembly lines that manufacture your tanks, warships and airplanes. It produces the ammunition and supplies needed to equip and maintain your troops. It is also used to upgrade your existing armies and to make the various consumer goods needed to keep your population happy. A country that lacks sufficient IC will soon find its forces in disarray and its population in revolt.


Similarly, once Soviets are beaten, Germany stretches from France to Urals at the very least and can go further, taking over all of the USSR. If this happens, Allied attempt to take take back Europe is doomed to fail.

Progression in advanced levels of rocketry research will be nearly impossible without the construction of appropriate test facilities to assist your scientists. If you intend to pursue this field, you should build at least one rocket test site as soon as you are able and then increase its size whenever possible. This province improvement will drastically reduce your research times of further rocketry advances. The same is also true of nuclear research projects, which will progress very slowly unless you have built a nuclear reactor in at least one of your provinces.


This mapmode displays military units and is therefore subject to the fog of war. Each province will be colourcoded to indicate whether it is currently within allied supply. If it is currently within supply, it will be shaded in green, and if it lies outside of an allied supply chain it will be red. The shading of each province indicates its approximate infrastructure level. Darker shadings indicate lower infrastructure levels and lighter shadings indicate excellent infrastructure. Note that enemy and neutral provinces that are adjacent to allied provinces will also usually be displayed in green, since a unit that moves there would remain in supply. Sea zones through which either supply convoys or resource convoys will run are also indicated on the map as a clear blue colour, rather than the standard greenish-blue tint. This only indicates that the convoy path has been created, but does not indicate that a sufficient number of vessels have been assigned to actually carry out that duty. Supply and convoys will be discussed in detail in the Production and Combat sections.

My best advice would be a mixture of “don’t panic” and “be patient”. HoI2 can seem a bit intimidating and complex at first, but once you’ve played it for a little while, you’ll find that most of its aspects are quite intuitive. Remember that a full grand campaign game is quite lengthy and that if you rush headlong into battle without proper preparation, you’re likely to be as successful as you would be if you were to try to do it in real life. If you can’t find the answer to a question you have in this manual, don’t forget that you can probably get one almost immediately on (yep, you guessed it) the Paradox public forums.


How the fuck does it make sense that the restored Roman Empire only had FIVE people in Caesar's entourage, anyway. I can understand a simple duke only having five people to help him along, but king and above should always have had a larger retinue.

Game Speed: This can be set prior to starting a game or from within the game itself using the “Ctrl” and “+” or “-” keys. In a multiplayer game, only the host may change the game speed. Share Countries: Change this to “ON” for a multiplayer game where you wish to allow more than one player to be able to select the same country. This option is disabled in single player games. Autosave: This allows you to set how often the game will automatically save, which may be changed from within the game via the options menu. In multiplayer mode, only the host computer will save the game.


An additional consideration when deciding how to allocate IC will be whether to take advantage of a possible gearing bonus. This reflects the efficiencies of scale that are achieved through the production of many identical items over a longer period of time, but it lacks some of the flexibility and easy modernisation of a more generalised approach to manufacturing.

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Province has an infrastructure level which you can increase that will limit this volume and can be damaged or otherwise diminished by enemy aerial bombardment. Sea supply demands that you devote enough convoys to the task and have an available port to offload those supplies. If those convoys are left undefended, they can quickly fall prey to enemy submarines, surface vessels and even aerial bombardment, so you will need to provide escorts or other protection for them as well. Airborne supply tends to be very tricky and not particularly efficient because the capacity of the aircraft is limited, they require fuel to operate, and unless you assign them some protection, your enemy’s fighters will probably shoot them out of the skies faster than you can replace them. Nevertheless, this is a method of keeping your troops alive until you can find an alternate means of getting resources to them.


Section of the manual and give only brief instructions here. Click on one of the Quick Build buttons to place a production order for this item to be built in this province. You will see the production order appear in your national Production Queue, which is displayed in the Production Folder, and this will also be displayed in the lower portion of the information panel for this province. You may click on the Quick Build button a number of times to order the serial production of multiple identical units.

The Soviet Union's infantry sprites are all shown using the Tokarev SVT-38/40 as their main service rifle, instead of the far more famous and common Mosin-Nagant 91/30. The SVT-38/40 was considered too complicated for normal infantry use, and was given to snipers and elite troops instead.


In the other, FDR is defeated in the 1936 elections and his opponents ally with the Silver Legion to try solidify their power via voter intimidation and other shady practices. Seeing this as a sort of "soft coup", FDR and the progressive wings of the Democratic and Republican parties, calling themselves the Constitutionalists, start a civil war, while Douglas MacArthur assumes command of the Loyalist forces. If the Loyalists are victorious, MacArthur can retain power or the Loyalists can establish a new Confederacy under the rule of William Dudley Pelley, Charles Lindburgh, or if the Kaiser has been restored in Germany, an architect named Adam Hilt, who is very definitely not an exiled Adolf Hitler in disguise. After which, the new far-right regime can attempt to leverage the vast American economy and population into world conquest.

Defenders usually enjoy a modest advantage, since it is assumed that they have had the opportunity to select the optimum defensive positions. Because of winding streets and a multitude of physical obstacles, infantry generally perform better than other unit types in an urban area.


FODD or FallOut DoomsDay mod is at this point an ancient mod for HoI2 (important source) (as the name implies, works begun around the time Doomsday expansion for HoI2 was released), eventually migrating to Darkest Hour and is still in development, with semi-regular updates. Unlike most Fallout mods, this one does its darnest to provide content for all of North America, rather than focusing on NCR or New Vegas content. Unlike most Fallout mods, it ignores entirely Fallout 3 and 4 (sans The Pitt DLC), while fully embracing Fallout Tactics, so YMMV.

New Meat: Replacements for killed soldiers decrease the experience value of the whole division. Take enough casualties and even that elite division of yours will turn into poorly trained fodder.


At first glance, an event box may look somewhat similar to a message box, but there are a couple of important distinctions. An event will always display in a box, which cannot be changed via the message settings, and will cause a single player game to pause until you have responded to it, should the event require a response; multiplayer games will not pause in this fashion. Most events include explanatory text to give you some details about their historical context. Many events will offer you more than one possible response and the effects of most events are often quite significant, although the exact implications of a choice may be hidden in a few instances. Events may also cause an additional event to trigger, possibly for you or for another nation. It is also possible that an event will result in changes that couldn’t be achieved otherwise during the normal course of a game, such as huge shifts of domestic policy or dramatic changes in public opinion. An event may also cause certain officers or cabinet members to become available, or even to be removed from the game.