Here I have done a cross reference of the FB139, and it is called twice in PB3. You see that I 31/0 is passed to the TAKT-input in the first call and I 31/1 in the second call. Only the first call was tried executed and then the cpu stopped.

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Have you read my previous post that I've changed the power supply? However, I've found some interesting things. As you have said before, the first input address that CPU tried to read was I31/0. I've changed it from I31/2 to I79/0. I79/0 is located on one of the expansion cards and it isn't in the main rack. This time OP-reg have shown the next input I34/2 (C222). Again, I've changed it to I81/0 that located on that expansion card too.


A card can be jamming the bus, there could be cupper fragments in the cards or rack, there could be cold soldering. I have heard of broken backplane circuits, can happen if the rack has had tough environment (vibrations or shock). There could be an output short-circuiting the 24V and thus killing itself and the other cards enable voltage, a faulty input or sensor could do the same.

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I don't understand it very well. Should I use all these three parts together?


In the end, I think the problem is power supply as you said. I've check the BUS Test on the power supply.

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The next I/O operand in PB3 is A23/0(Q23/0). So it seems all the I/O in the main rack have problem.


Soooo, if you have logged the 24V and 5V through one or more stops without finding an error, I think it is time to start changing the rack, cpu and cards. One by one till it runs stable again.

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It is S5S7 for Windows from IBH-Softec. I only use (and have licensed) the S5 part. I like it. I tried to start the COM1430 from it, but it failed on a overlay file. I proably haven't installed the COM correctly. I'll have a look on a snowy day.


It looks to me as PB3 is the first block called from OB1 that reads an input. That means that no other inputs are read before this ADF happened and you cannot say if it is only this card, or there is something wrong with more or all cards.

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